傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S02-C01 “Dignity is Priceless”

Recap: Qin Aofeng is threatened with expulsion from the Qin Family and challenged to a fight by her cousin and bully, Qin Aoxin.

Chapter One Dignity Is Priceless (V1-S02-C01)

Seeing Aofeng slowly walk back and say this with a cold face, the spectators entered a short daze and their minds froze for a few seconds.

“Oh, Heavens, is this Qin Aofeng crazy?”

“A good-for-nothing challenging a five sword magister, he’s seeking death! He’s definitely seeking death!”

“Ah, he probably cannot accept being expelled from the Qin Family? But if he leaves like this, he can at least live. Fighting against a five sword magister, there isn’t even one sliver of hope at all. He really is a pitiful person to be born in a prestigious family like the Qin Family.”

Discussion and exclamations rang out in the surroundings. Some people shook their head. Being a good-for-nothing was not a crime, the crime was that he was born in the Qin Family, and also part of the main bloodline.

“Aofeng! What are you doing, do not mess around!” Jun Luoyu was also stunned. After he recovered, he went forward to grab Aofeng’s arm and said without any regard for his own position. He hadn’t thought that the other would turn back to taunt, was a challenge like this something to be accepted!

As he finished speaking, Jun Luoyu’s panicked voice sounded again in Aofeng’s mind. “The Qin Family is powerful on the continent, but I have ways of dealing with this. If you leave the Qin Family, I will not have to consider going into conflict with other families. I am able to protect you, believe me!”

The soul sound transmit of the sky level was only targeted towards Aofeng. No one else could hear.

“No matter the reason, thank you for your good intentions. I also believe that you have this kind of ability.” Aofeng raised her gaze to look at his sincere and clear eyes. Her heart felt soft, waves of warmth coming from her arm that was being held. Only at this moment was she sure that this man was sincerely good to her. Maybe there were still other intentions, but they were good ones.

Hearing her say this, Jun Luoyu’s relaxed but suddenly felt a grip around his wrist. A strong force that was slightly alarming pulled out of his grip, and he couldn’t help but look in shock at the person in front of him. Then he saw a pair of eyes that would be unforgettable in this lifetime.

What kinds of eyes those were!

So bright, so astounding! They flashed, resilient, unyielding, so proud. They showed her deepest emotions at this time. They were complex and deep, like stars in the night. Even in the darkest place, they would be noticed first!

Even if a pearl was covered in dust, its light could not be disguised Even if she was called the good-for-nothing of Qin City, the useless Seventh Young Master,  when she showed this expression, the charisma rising in her eyes, all the light and eyes would gather on her!

Aofeng released his hand that had grabbed her and said, enunciating each word clearly, “However, dignity is priceless! I, Qin Aofeng, would rather die standing than live kneeling!”

Jun Luoyu’s heart suddenly shook and he inhaled unconsciously. It was like a blow hammered to his head. He felt as htough he was conquered, unable to resist the other’s actions.

He was not the only one to feel like this.

The surrounding mercenaries couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Numerous females covered their mouths. The noisy crowds were completely silent!

Dignity is priceless. These three words caused people to feel strong empathy. No matter if they were mercenaries or members of the empire’s prestigious families, each person’s eyes changed when they looked at Aofeng. Even the people that had come from the Qin Family were no exception.

The endless charisma that was exuded from that already handsome face deeply attracted people’s gazes!

A country that admired martial power admired warriors with integrity. No matter if she was a strong warrior or not, in this moment, she used her words and actions to win people’s respect. Under the protection of the Holy Emperor, she still chose the fight which could end her life. It was so astounding and moving at this moment.

“I, Rong Luo, son of Crimson Forge Company Leader, present my respect to Seventh Young Master. Please forgive my past transgressions, warriors that are brave can create miracles!” A loud voice disrupted the deep silence. A handsome man that was dressed in light armor suddenly walked out of the group of leaders who had been watching. Rong Luo was about twenty seven or so, tall enough that even the people on the outskirts could see him.

Many people started to exclaim, “Heavens! It’s the young captain of the first mercenary company on the continent, spirit magister Rong Luo!”

“The Wolf Pack Mercenary Company’s vice captain, Qiu Ran, also presents my sincere apologies for slandering a warrior.” A middle-aged and sturdy man walked out and bowed deeply towards Aofeng. There was a large blade at his waist, his face was covered in a short beard, and three deep claw marks on the right side of his face. At a glance, it could be seen that he was someone that lived on a blade’s edge.

“Ba Tuke of the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company also apologizes to Seventh Young Master.” Seeing the other two already having came out, the captain of the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company, the third of the three big mercenary companies could not sit still any longer. He knew that mercenaries thought highly of comradeship. If he could not hold people’s hearts, then the mercenary company would decline.

The three biggest mercenary companies of Radiance Continent were collectively giving their solemn apologies to Qin City’s good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master!

While they had intentions of gaining favor with Jun Luoyu,  unless they really felt admiration, these high up mercenary company leaders would not bow to a normal member of a prestigious family like Aofeng!

Compared to the nobility of the empire, the mercenaries were courageous and upright. They were also the ones that were easiest to work up. The mercenaries in the surroundings started to shout after the captains and young captain spoke. They raised the weapons in their hands and shouted loudly and emotionally.

“Die standing rather than live kneeling! The pretty boy is nothing, kill him!

“Yes, yes! A five sword magister dares to be arrogant here. Seventh Young Master, kill him!”

“The Qin Family doesn’t have eyes. A fighter with this kind of mind is said to be a timid good-for-nothing, this is a joke! I think it is these people who are throwing stones at a person who is down!”

More and more people sympathized with Aofeng. Sounds of encouragement came like a wave from all directions. Qin Wu’s expression became humiliated. Qin Aoluo was both angry and irritated while Qin Aoxin who had never seen anything like this before was so scared his face was white.

Those vicious mercenaries stared at him as though they wanted to tear him into pieces. From their gazes, Qin Aoxin knew that even if he won this fight, he wouldn’t have very good days in the future.

Aofeng’s original intention had been to guide everyone to have negative feelings about Qin Aoluo but was surprised at having created this effect. She sighed inside at the enthusiasm that this world had for fighting spirit. The three big mercenary companies had publicly apologized. While the other three families sent by the empire had not apologized, they did not dare to use that kind of gaze to look at her any longer.

This was also good. In any case, starting from today, Qin Aofeng was reborn!

The surrounding people stepped back, leaving only Qin Aoxin and Aofeng. There were about a dozen paces separating the two that stared at each other. White and red mixed on Qin Aoxin’s face as he gritted his teeth. Aofeng was still wrapped in the loose back robe as she stood coldly.

Jun Luoyu grabbed his wrist that was still aching painfully from Aofeng’s grip. He was thoughtful and didn’t try to stop this battle any longer.

“You’re worthy of dignity? You will pay for your rashness!” Qin Aoxin had a dark face as he focused. The other was just a good-for-nothing that didn’t even have a thread of magic. So what if he had popular support. If he accidentally “killed” the other, who could stir up those stupid mercenaries?

He secretly pulled out a sharp dagger to hide in his sleeve. Qin Aoxin’s eyes were vicious as he shot forward!

Five sword magisters could not manipulate magic beasts but they had a higher amount of magic inside their bodies. They were able to match five star swordsmen that were frequently seen on the continent. Seven sword and under, there were no major differences between magisters and swordsmen.

The strong wind gusted in front of her. Aofeng felt an invisible force just like the inner skill she had encountered from the people at Mount. Tai’s ancient sect. She smiled faintly. With her experience, this kind of attack wasn’t much.

She quickly pushed off her heel, her body ducking. The dozen meters of distance rapidly disappeared under the rapid charge and her exquisite fighting skill was displayed!

“Hm, what is this! This … … how is this possible!” Facing Aofeng who was coming with a presence above that of him, a five sword magister, Qin Aoxin’s expression changed. He wanted to dodge, but was he able to?

It was a pity that this was not Earth. No one could tell him the consequences of being targeted by a top grappler.

Aofeng used her sprinting speed, her lower half swaying , as she used a dazzling set of steps to avoid the short dagger that Qin Aoxin tried to attack her with. She struck his chest with a quck blow of her elbow. As Qin Aoxin breathed out in pain, her other hand easily grabbed the wrist of his hand that was holding the dagger and waving it madly.

Under Qin Aoxin’s terrified gaze, Aofeng smiled coldly. Her leg swept and then hooked expertly. Qin Aoxin’s feet left the ground, his center of gravity lost as he fell backwards!

“Qin Aoxin, remember this day forever!” A cold low voice sounded by Qin Aoxin’s ear. The cold smile of this person in front of him made him have goosebumps. Mind completely blank, he watched as Qin Aofeng moved up, the arm gripping his hand that held the dagger to move downards … …

“No … … ah!!!!” Qin Aoxin’s hairs stood on end as he realized what was about to happen. There wasn’t even time to beg for mercy.

With a sharp wail, there was a loud “boom!” The earth seemed to shake as the two fell down.

Aofeng had a knee pressed at Qin Aoxin’s waist, his arm unable to move. Using the power of the fall, in the moment they crashed into the ground, she had cut something off completely in that time!

Aofeng coolly stood up as though she did not see the red on her knee.

On the ground, Qin Aoxin’s eyes rolled back into his head. The enormous pain almost drowned out his consciousness. A puddle of red slowly spread from between his legs. Everyone gaped and felt their scalp prickle.

Qin Aoxin … … had been … … cut … …

Everyone shook … …

Translator Ramblings: Possibly a fate worse than death … …

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