傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S02-C02 “Emancipation”

Recap: Qin Aofeng won her fight against Qin Aoxin, and made a devastating cut to his lower half.


Chapter Two Emancipation

“Ao … … Aoxin!”

“Younger Brother!”

After a short pause, Qin Wu and Qin Aoluo reacted. They shouted and had red eyes as they furiously moved. His son, his younger brother had received such an irreversible injury. The two men almost went mad on the spot!

Such an unexpected turn! It really was too unexpected!

They had never dreamed that Aofeng had such terrifying and eerie skills. His movements were so crisp and clean that they were unable to stop him. With one cut, that place had been completely cut off, and didn’t even leave a stump.

In reality, there were people that were able to stop this. Senior magisters above seven swords, spirit magisters, especially sky magisters like Jun Luoyu. If they just moved their finger, they would have been able to save the person. However, they looked down at what Qin Aoxin did, and it had already been fortunate that they hadn’t helped Aofeng to fight. Who would save him?

“Bastard! I will kill you!” After inspecting Qin Aoxin’s body, Qin Aoluo suddenly jumped up. His anger increased, and he seemed like an enraged lion. The fire that erupted from his eyes as though he wanted to leap and tear Aofeng into pieces.

Other than fury, there was also shock in his eyes. He really could not believe a good-for-nothing they had easily beat up a few days ago and couldn’t fight back had turned into someone that was able to take down his five sword magister younger brother. This timid boy who had been afraid of blood had cut down Qin Aoxin’s family jewels without even blinking! If a man lost this, could he still be a man? The other was too malicious, this was really too malicious!

The people from Qin City who had seen Aofeng before stared at each other. They could only accept this truth. Qin Aofeng had changed, and even his presence had changed!

“The one who made the challenge was him, the one that egged him on, was you.” Glancing coldly at Qin Aoluo, Aofeng was fearless, and only said this with a faint curl of her lips.

Disdainful gazes immediately came from all directions. The mercenaries discussed in small voices. Aofeng’s words were not many, but they would always arouse sympathy in the crowd.

“Yes, do you only permit you hitting other people, and not other people hitting you?”

“If you made the challenge, you should act according to the rules of the challenge. You deserve it if you lose, who made you force other people!”

Qin Aoluo’s body shook and he unconsciously shrank his head back. Even Qin Wu could not help but feel moved by Qin Aofeng’s words. He glared at Qin Aoluo. If it wasn’t for him, Qin Aoxin would not have challenged Aofeng.

The crowd discussed, and as they asked questions of the Qin Family, they threw even more respectful looks towards aofeng. In the eyes of true experts, five sword magisters were not anything, but for the mercenaries that were mostly normal, five star magisters and five star swordmen were very strong people. In the big mercenary companies, they could take the position of a team captain.

“But you were too vicious, he is your cousin!” Qin Aluo saw the surrounding mercenaries look even more disdainfully at him and his group. Even the Qin Family members from the main family lowered their heads dispiritedly and didn’t dare to speak. He couldn’t help but become even more furious.

It was rare for a gathering of major powers such as the three big mercenary companies and the nobility of the three big empires like the one this time at Xiangnan Forest. Who would be able to keep their composure at being humiliated at this time? Their family reputation was damaged, and they might even receive criticism from the main family. The resources they would receive in the future would be lessened.

“Cousin? When you dragged me into the corner with your gang and beat me up a few days ago, did you think that I was your cousin? Also, I didn’t expect this to happen. This is only an accident.” Aofeng smirked coldly. They wanted to play black-hearted? Then everyone will play! She wanted to see who would receive more disdain!

“You … … you … …” Qin Aoluo trembled in anger. He pointed at Aofeng, gritting his teeth but unable to say anything for a long time. Accident? After creating this, he actually had the face to say without a blush that this was an accident! He was shameless!

Aofeng knew exactly what he was thinking. She idly patted the dust on her clothing and walked towards Jun Luoyu. When she brushed past Qin Aoluo, she glanced at him disdainfully and her cold voice passed back from ahead.

“Don’t forget the dagger that caused this bloody incident is not mine!”

The simple words once again forced Qin Aoluo’s curses back. Everyone stilled and then nodded. Yes, if Qin Aoxin hadn’t hid the dagger in his sleeve, how would this have happened. If they were barehanded, the wounds would not be so serious. Before knowing Qin Aofeng’s true skill, Qin Aoluo had hidden a weapon to ambush a “good-for-nothing.” He was the one greatly at fault.

The calamities of heaven could be avoided, the calamities that are caused by oneself cannot be escaped.

Jun Luoyu who had been watching silently from the side shook his head inside and laughed. This Aofeng looked cold and stony-faced but was very devious. Her words were not many, but each phrase had a point that struck the target. She could play someone to day with her schemes. The Qin Wu family wasn’t a match for the other.

“Congratulations, Seventh Young Master, for passing the family examinations. Starting from today, I believe that you will not be thought of as a good-for-nothing by those blind people.” The young and handsome Rong Luo was still the first to walk up to give his congratulations.

“Seventh Young Master is as strong as expected, congratulations, congratulations.” The other people also hurriedly walked over. Even the people who hadn’t apologized to Aofeng before said their congratulations. Since Qin Aofeng was not a good-for-nothing, they did not have to worry about their face. Of course, among the congratulations, it was necessary to look disdainfully at Qin Wu and Qin Aoluo.

The mercenaries that liked a lively atmosphere started to fuss, each of them praising Aofeng in turn. Some of the female mercenaries, after seeing this battle, was enchanted with the viciousness and dominance that Aofeng gave off in the moment. Adding on her handsome outer appearance and that coolness, many young females felt their hearts beat faster.

“Good fight! Seventh Young Master, good fight!”

“Six star swordsman, such a young six star swordsman has an unlimited future!”

“Seventh Young Master isn’t a good-for-nothing at all! Those that have no eyes, get out!”

People looked excitedly at Aofeng and then disdainfully at the Qin Family.

Qin Wu and his son flushed purple and then green as they were stared at. They could not say a thing. They had to accept this loss, and swallow what they had bled into their bellies.

“Alright, since Aofeng has passed the family examinations, should we put the Qin Family matter to the side? If this delays our radiance Magus Church’s mission, I will not object to having a discussion with you all.” Jun Luoyu saw Aofeng was safe and sighed in relief inside. He immediately went forward to go in front of her, and said with warning in his voice.

“Holy Emperor Daren is too serious. The priority is the mission.” The thick-faced Qin Wu finally managed to recover. He knew that Jun Luoyu was discontent with them and hurriedly ordered Qin Aoluo to carry his younger brother off to be treated. If he was sent away, it would prevent him from having another conflict with Aofeng.

Jun Luoyu nodded and ordered people to guard outside. He and the leaders walked into the large tent that had been already set up. Aofeng followed him in.

“An A rank mission is very dangerous. I think that all of the mercenary companies and the elders of the families understand this. I thank everyone on behalf of the Radiance Magus Church. After the mission is completed, Radiance Magus Church will pay a corresponding reward, and will also send senior beast tamers to help with the magic beasts that everyone will receive.” Entering the tent, Jun Luoyu’s expression became serious. His face naturally gave off the authority of those in high status as he looked at the people.

Senior beast tamers! Everyone was astounded, and then showed joyful expressions. Even Qin Wu of the Qin Family was not an exception!

Aofeng’s brow imperceptibly twitched asshe found some memories. The beast tamers were a special class of professionals on the continent that could tame wild magic beasts to become magus beasts. They were like the crafters, a rare kind of people. Only high level beast tamers could train high level magic beasts. Unless it was a magic beast still in its egg, they had to pass through the beast tamers to obtain a magic beast that would recognize its owner.

Most wild magic beasts could not be controlled directly by magisters. The major power would rarely be able to recruit beast tamers. This was why the Radiance Magus Church which possessed great numbers of high level beast tamers and crafters had such enormous power.

The church even used senior beast tamers this time. The enormity of the mission surpassed the imagination of the major parties present! After learning of the great reward, they quickly calmed down. Everyone knew that the higher the reward, the more danger there was. In the Xiangnan Forest, the smallest mistake could cause one to lose their life. Even though they had gathered so many mercenaries, it was still difficult if they wanted to go deep into the forest.

“Holy Emperor Daren, what kind of magic beast is the one that we are pursuing?” Rong Luo, the calm and reliable young captain of the first mercenary company on the continent asked.


Translator Ramblings: Essentially, beast tamers are a short cut to getting a beast to fight for you.

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