修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty “Trembling In Fear”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty – Trembling In Fear

[King’s Forbidden Firmament]!

Zuo Mo was astounded when he received it. He was skilled and was immediately sucked into the unique framework. His skill was far beyond those of Golden Crow Camp and he quickly concluded that constructing this jinzhi was plausible and extremely powerful.

Even he didn’t know how strong it would be!

Zuo Mo swept across, reading multiple lines at once. Just at a glance, he could know where there were mistakes in the details. Other than several extremely small flaws, there were actually no major mistakes in such a complex jinzhi. This astounded Zuo Mo.

It had to be said that even those famous jinzhi would usually have several weaknesses, but these weaknesses were just unknown.

From Zuo Mo’s perspective, [King’s Forbidden Firmament] was a super jinzhi that was almost close to perfect. However, he could only know how powerful this novel structure that merged seal scripts and mo matrices together once he made the jinzhi.

An obstacle that was unsurpassable to Golden Crow Camp was not a problem at all for Zuo Mo who had the Sun Shen Fire.

The [King’s Forbidden Firmament] deeply attracted him. He was extremely curious about its power.

Without almost any hesitation, Zuo Mo started to forge. After making the [Angel Device Raiment] and the four earth mo weapons, Zuo Mo’s skill had almost reached the point of perfection. Not just in the mo territories, even in the xiuzhe realms, his forging skill would not be lacking in comparison to those forging masters.

He had enough materials and countless treasures.

The strong feeling of danger caused Zuo Mo to forget to rest and eat.




Yi An felt his heart beat wildly.

Grandmaster Xiao Yun Hai suddenly requested a terrifying list of materials. The types of materials on it were ten times greater than last time!

What did Grandmaster want to do?

Did he want to forge earth mo weapons again?

Even a person as experienced as Yi An couldn’t help but inhale when he thought of this. When the four earth mo weapons had appeared, Yi An had been extremely excited. The amount of attention from all of the mo territories had caused him to see the glorious future of Rare Artifacts Hall. However, he smelt strong danger from the undercurrents caused by the [Angel Device Raiment].

As more and more people came to Bu Zhou City, he became even more anxious. Even the arrogant Tang Family was docilely curled up by the side. Their battalion was stationed outside the city, but they didn’t dare to send them inside.

Even he knew that there were at least three marshal levels in the city, and this number was increasing.

Any marshal would be enough to wipe all of Bu Zhou City from the map. In a fight between two marshals, everything within a thousand li would be flattened.

If marshals were in melee battle … …

Yi An shook!

He had put away [Blue Horsefly] a long time ago. Right now, he only hoped to get Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass from the two mo weapons and have the gradually uncontrollably situation cool down.

Worried that the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass would excite Grandmaster, he had concealed the news that they had gotten one Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass. He was waiting for the last two earth mo weapons to be exchanged before he presented them to Grandmaster together.

If Grandmaster saw the Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass, was excited, and started to forge earth mo weapons again … …

When the worried Yi An saw the materials list that Zuo Mo had handed, his expression changed!

Ten times the previous amount of materials!

With Grandmaster’s skill, how many earth mo weapons would it be? Was Grandmaster Crazy? Did he want to become a wholesale supplier of earth mo weapons?

Yi An who had hurried to persuade Zuo Mo to do otherwise was stopped by Ceng LIan’er. Zuo Mo was forging the core parts of the [King’s Forbidden Firmament] and could not be disturbed.

Yi An immediately felt his head swell and didn’t know whether to advance or flee. If he did not see Grandmaster, he could not persuade him otherwise. Also, Grandmaster had told him to prepare the materials at the fastest possible speed.

If Grandmaster came out, and saw that the materials were not be prepared, it would be terrible!

No matter what, Yi An did not dare to offend Zuo Mo now.

Yi An decided to not care. If the sky fell, it would crush the tallest first. It was correct to first pander to Grandmaster. Returning to Rare Artifacts Hall, he had his subordinates start to prepare materials.

There were no walls without holes in the world. Rare Artifacts Hall was the focus of attention by many and the movement of so much materials could not be concealed.

Grandmaster was going to forge earth mo weapons again!

The news quickly spread as though it had wings.




After flying for three days and nights, the sky shark finally stopped. It needed to rest for an entire day. The passengers who had been suffocated inside the sky shark charged out like a flood and breathed in the fresh air outside.

The merchants that had been waiting by the side immediately came over and warmly called at the customers.

Wei Sheng unnoticeably moved away from the merchants. He carefully followed behind that group of people along with the flow of people moving. There was no expression on his face, and there was only an occasional flash of cold that would flash through his eyes.

Kun Lun sword xiu!

Those people were Kun Lun sword xiu!

Wei Sheng was almost unusually sensitive to sword essence. While the others were disguised, there wasn’t any slip-up, and their presences were concealed, they would not expect someone would be able to see sword essence so clearly.

Detecting the unique Kun Lun sword essence on their bodies, Wei Sheng’s murderousness rose.

The individuals were strong, and should be inner sect members of Kun Lun. Kun Lun inner sect members on this sky shark that was only going to Bu Zhou City. Then their target was definitely Zuo Mo Shidi.

Wei Sheng suppressed the murderousness he felt and decided to first investigate thoroughly.

Kun Lun definitely wouldn’t make such a major move for a few earth mo weapons, they definitely had a goal unknown to others.




“They really are country bumpkins, just a few earth mo weapons is enough to excite them to this!” Hua Shan couldn’t resist complaining. “There are too many people inside, it is smelly and stuffy, so irritating!”

Jin Ran comforted her, “Shimei, hold on for a few more days, when we meet up with Xu Shishu at Bu Zhou City, it will not be so difficult.”

“Why didn’t Eldest Shixiong come this time?” When Hua Shan mentioned Lin Qian, her eyes became full of admiration. “If Eldest Shixiong had come, that would be great, it has been so long since we saw Eldest Shixiong!”

Jin Ran grimaced inside. He liked Hua Shan but Hua Shan admired Eldest Shixiong Lin Qian. It was difficult to feel jealous of Eldest Shixiong who was also his idol. In the sect, the great majority of female xiu admired Eldest Shixiong.

The heavily bearded middle-aged person who had been silent all this time suddenly spoke, “Your Eldest Shixiong has other duties, he is working much harder.”

The two immediately closed their mouths. The middle-aged person was their shishu Lei Yi. Lei Yi Shishu was one step into fanxu. And if it wasn’t that the mission this time was too important, the sect definitely would not have sent Lei Yi Shishu.

While Jin Ran and Hua Shan also had yunaying cultivation, Lei Yi Shishu was multiple times stronger than them.

“More important than our mission this time?” Hua Shan couldn’t resist asking.

Jin Ran was also curious. He knew that for this mission, the sect had sent out two fanxu shishu, and seven shishu that were close to fanxu.

However, the death of the Xuan Kong Temple Elder Corps meant that Kun Lun did not dare to slack off in this mission.

Lei Yi glanced at her and said coldly, “You have forgotten the sect rules? What you can ask, and what you cannot ask, don’t you know?”

Hua Shan’s face immediately paled and she trembled.

Jin Ran at the side also felt intimidated.

Suddenly, Lei Yi’s eyes widened. “Friend, stop sneaking and introduce yourself.”

Wei Sheng who was in the shadows grimaced inside. He was devout towards the sword and the sword oath he had taken was deeply engraved into his mind. When he saw the sword xiu of Kun Lun, the sword oath would appear in his mind and his murderousness would unconsciously leak out.

However, since the other had found him, he would not hide. He held the blood sword as he walked out of the shadows.

“Wei Sheng!”

Jin Ran’s expression changed dramatically as he exclaimed. Hua Shan heard this and paled. Among those wanted by Kun Lun, Wei Sheng was among the top. His name among the younger generation was extremely well-known as Eldest Shixiong Lin Qian praised him. Many disciples did not accept this.

Wu Kong Sword Sect?

That obscure primitive sect? They had never even heard of it!

But no matter if it was out of wariness or competitiveness, Wei Sheng’s reputation was known among the younger Kun Lun disciples.

Lei Yi slowly said, “So you are Wei Sheng?”

His expression was cold. As though he was looking down at an ant, he said indifferently, “Since we encountered you, today is the day you die.”

Hearing this, Wei Sheng raised the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand and bared his teeth. He said loudly, “This is what I want to say to you! All of you, come at me together!”

Jin Ran and Hua Shan stilled. They hadn’t thought that Wei Sheng would be so arrogant!

Lei Yi’s murderousness burned in his eyes. He snorted coldly, “You don’t know your limits!”

He didn’t take out his sword and just pointed his fingers at Wei Sheng.


In a flash, countless dancing electrical snakes erupted from his hands. The blinding light caused one’s vision to turn white for a moment. Almost in a blink, the lightning reached a terrifying level. The ground underneath his feet silently turned to dust.


A shout with a unique rhythm, the light suddenly exploded. The silver bright light caused Wei Sheng’s vision to turn white.

An irregularly shaped lightning bolt that was the thickness of an arm suddenly shot out of his finger, tore apart the air, and headed straight at Wei Sheng!


The deep thunder spread.

The air between the two was taken over by the lightning in that moment.

There was nothing faster than lightning!

Before Wei Sheng could block, the curving lightning was almost a hand length from his hand. He could clearly feel the destructive power contained in this lightning sword energy.

If he was struck, he would immediately turn to dust.

At this moment of life and death, Wei Sheng’s mind was unusually clear. The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand felt a threat and the blood light erupted!

Wei Sheng swung it almost without any thought!

The small amount of shen power that he had managed to form inside his body furiously flooded towards the God-Killing Blood Sword with all of his ling power.


Editor’s Note: In Chapter 674, Wei Shen swears a sword oath to kill all Kun Lun Sword Sect disciples.


Translator Ramblings: The thing I really want to find out is how much pollution do they save on with using living animals rather than buses.

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