修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Three “A Snowy Blue Flower”

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Chapter  Seven Hundred and Twenty Three – A Snowy Blue Flower

Taking advantage of the cover of darkness, under the protection of the Rare Artifacts Hall Guards, the group secretly left the city that night.

A journey of seven hundred li was not far for them. Out of consideration for safety, when they left the city, they suddenly sped up. They did not spare the endurance of their mo steeds and flew at top speed.

The moon and stars were bright, the night wind howled, and the group all had extremely grave expressions.

If one had to say who was under the most surveillance in Bu Zhou City, it was undoubtedly Zuo Mo. While there was a blood pool deep in the compound that led out the city, this did not guarantee that they would not attract any attention.

As expected, when they were just thirty li outside of the city, they noticed people trailing them.

The guard leader of Rare Artifacts Hall’s expression did not change as he said coldly, “Team Two, stop them!”

Seven guards quickly left the ranks and charged towards the enemies following them. Their mission was not to kill the enemy but delay them.

The guard leader glanced at Zuo Mo. Seeing Zuo Mo’s calm expression, a hint of praise flashed through his eyes. He moved his gaze away and ordered, “Burning Fire Medicine.”

The other guards heard this and each took out a bright red medicinal pellet then shoved it into the mouths of the mo steeds under them.

The eyes of the mo steeds immediately filled with blood and their speed doubled.

Faint sorrow flashed through the eyes of many guards. These mo steeds had mostly followed them for many years, and were their companions. The Burning Blood Medicine could activate their greatest potential, but when the effects passed, they would die.

The effects of the Burning Blood Medicine was clear. The mo steeds were of extraordinary quality to start, and fast. Now that their speed doubled, they instantly left the people behind in the dust.

Some guards released a breath. The pressure of the mission this time surpassed any of their previous missions.

Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian’er exchanged a look of seriousness. Even with their increased speed they had not managed to throw everyone off. There were at least three people still following closely behind!

Qinghua Xue seemed to detect it as well. She looked at Zuo Mo. Other people thought that Xiao Yun Hai was just a mo weapon master but she knew that Xiao Yun Hai was Xiao Mo Ge. She knew Xiao Mo Ge was strong.

Detecting Qinghua Xue’s gaze, Zuo Mo’s mouth did not move but his voice passed clearly into her mind.

[Mind Speech Art]!

Qinghua Xue was slightly shocked. She hadn’t thought that Xiao Mo Ge would even know such an obscure yao art.

“There are three behind us, and when something happens, you will be the first to attack. Pay attention and try to lead them to a place without people.”

Qinghua Xue imperceptibly nodded. She was intelligent and immediately understood what Zuo Mo intended. Of all of them, only she could fight without any reservations, so she naturally became the main fighting force.

Her mind was calm and restful. She was not excited at all about the battle about to come. If this was any other person, and their power had just skyrocketed, their fighting spirit would most likely be high now.

Suddenly, a dangerous shadow appeared in the calm lake of her mind.

Qinghua Xue’s expression was calm as the fingers on her right hand pointed behind her. The yao art that had been prepared left her hand was revealed. A blue ray of light flew out of her hand and, like a soft ribbon, circled around and then shot behind her!

[Blue Flower Fulfillment Wrapping Technique]!

If the Blue Family patriarch was here, he would be greatly surprised. The [Blue Flower Fulfillment Wrapping Technique] was a secret of the Blue Family that only the main branch could learn. Even in the present family, there were less than five members that could use this technique, and all of them were elders older than forty years!

Qinghua Xue had a clear understanding of her power and her position. With Zuo Mo and the others as support behind her, she did not need to hold anything back. At the same time, her left hand rose. There was a blue bat on her wrist. This blue bat looked adorable without any hint of killing energy like a pet.

[Blue Flower Bat]!

The blue bat opened its mouth and gave off a few squeaks.

A faint handful of blue light shot out of the blue bat’s mouth. Within the area covered by the blue light, a figure appeared.

The other hadn’t thought that Qinghua Xue’s yao art was so strong. Caught off-guard, he was struck. When the blue light touched the body, it turned into a dense blue fire that clung onto the person’s body and burned.

The other’s disguise immediately disappeared and revealed  his true appearance.

A bright red ling armor with many places covered in a layer of blue flowers. He looked disheveled.


The other guards were astounded. While they knew that xiuzhe had managed to sneak into the mo territories for the [Angel Device Raiment], they hadn’t thought that the xiuzhe would be so daring.

Between experts, a misstep in one moment would mean losing the advantage. Just as this xiuzhe was forced to show himself by the blue light, the [Blue Flower Fulfillment Wrapping Technique] silently wrapped onto the other’s legs. The thin blue ribbon was unusually strong. Pia, the other’s ling armor at his legs immediately shattered!

A furious howl.

A blue sword light shot into the sky like a hailstorm. Countless shards of ice spread. The blue light of the blue bat was actually blocked by these shards of ice.

The blue flower fulfillment technique that had wrapped around the other was cut into multiple lengths by the sword energy.

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly shrank, and a strong murderousness spread!

Kun Lun sword xiu!

What the other cultivated was Kun Lun’s famous [Glacier Sword]. It used the ancient and ever frozen glacier as sword essence, and could freeze all!

This person’s cultivation was close to fanxu and extremely powerful. While he had lost the advantage at the start, when he attacked, the presence was as different as expected!

Qinghua Xue did not think that much. She was not so innocent to think that her two yao arts just now were enough to kill the other. After her two yao arts left her hand, she had begun preparing new yao arts.

Her wrist turned, the blue bat spread its wings and flew into the sky. Countless rays of blue light fell from the body of the blue bat. In the next moment, these thin rays of light formed a blue tower. The blue tower was covered in exquisite patterns. A blue bat stood guard at the top of the tower.

[Bat Tower]!

The blue tower moved quickly. Like an enormous metal cage, it even enveloped the shards of ice.

The iciness immediately dissipated, and the ice shards inside the tower disappeared at an astounding rate.

Lu Han was both shocked and angry. He hadn’t though a single moment of inattention would cause him to end up in such a disadvantageous state. He usually was proud, when had he been left so disheveled before? Also, the enemy was just a little girl. If news of this spread, wouldn’t his reputation fall to the floor?

For the mission this time, the sect had really bled and sent out numerous experts.

When the [Angel Device Raiment] had appeared in the mo territories, it meant that Kun Lun would not be able to obtain it through conventional methods. If they couldn’t trade for it, they could only steal it. In order to not attract attention, the sword xiu of Kun Lun split into groups to sneak into the mo territories.

Lu Han’s group arrived the earliest and had been hidden near Bu Zhou City all this time to search for an opportunity. Out of wariness, he had set up several secret scouting bases outside the city. Tonight, these secret scouts finally became useful.

However, he wasn’t the only one to set up secret scouts outside of the city.

During the pursuit, they had encountered many factions with the same goal. A melee battle had started, a short yet intense one.

In the span of a few dozen breaths, almost all of the elite sword xiu around him had died. In the mo territories, Kun Lun didn’t just lack advantages they also were in enemy territory. If their identities were exposed, they would be surrounded and attacked by other mo factions.

Lu Han was powerful and didn’t lose the target.

There were also two people who didn’t get left behind like himself. His original intentions had been to sneak close to Xiao Yun Hai, capture him, and then use him to control the situation.

He hadn’t expected that he would be found by Qinghua Xue just as he neared.

In the intelligence he received, Qinghua Xue was an insignificant person. While she had fought against the head of the Tang Family guards, but in the eyes of pseudo-fanxu level xiuzhe, strength of that level wasn’t worth a mention. Yet they quickly found the details on Qinghua Xue.

Qinghua Xue was born from a branch family of the Blue Flower Family. The fact that she had been sent to join the envoy proved that the Blue Flower did not place any importance on her. Everyone had thought that she had appeared by Xiao Yun Hai’s side because Feng Xin Zi had gifted her as a maid to Xiao Yun Hai. This speculation was appropriate to her status and identity.

However, this woman that was thought to be a maid had put him in a sorry state.

His first conclusion was that she was a secret piece that Feng Xin Zi had set down!

Yet the time did not allow him to think on this further. The other’s yao arts came constantly like a  noose continuously tightening around his neck.

The blue light inside the blue tower was multiple times thicker than before. He seemed to have fallen into a bog. Each movement was difficult. Even stranger was that the speed of his ling power circulation inside his body had started to slow as well.

At this time, Lu Han didn’t dare to underestimate Qinghua Xue at all. He moved all the ling power in his body and shouted. The Ice Soul Sword in his body was suddenly thrust into the ground!

Snowy white icy frost quickly spread into the surroundings.

Then immediately after, the ground around Lu Han started to tremble violently as though something was about to break out.

Crack crack!

Cracks appeared on the ground. Countless snowy white and icy sword essences flooded out of the ice cracks.

[Ten Thousand Sword Glacier]!

The ice swords that erupted from the ground could be counted in the tens of thousands. It was like a ferocious flood of ice swords. The cold edges almost tore the exquisite blue tower to pieces in the blink of an eye!

The guard leader’s expression changed slightly. Even he couldn’t help but reach for his mo weapon at such a vast and furious sword essence.

As expected of a Kun Lun sword xiu!

Yet Qinghua Xue reacted a step ahead of him. She seemed to have expected that the blue tower would not be able to stop the enemy. The blue flowers that were torn up in the ice sword flood suddenly lit up faintly.

It was like a group of fireflies flying in the night. The dots were beautiful mixed in the enemy’s ice sword flood.

[Blue Firefly Pounce]!

Lu Han suddenly found that the ice sword flood was raging out of his control. He was stunned. There were dots of blue light within the ice sword flood. No matter what method he used, he was unable to remove them.

It was these dots of blue light that caused his control of sword essence to falter.

He had never seen such a strange yao art before.

He had never heard of the Blue Flower Family having such a move before. Lu Han was astounded. The Blue Flower had some fame among the yao, and Kun Lun had relatively detailed records of the [Blue Flower] technique.

After being defeated continuously, Lu Han felt fear. Then he looked at the Rare Artifacts Hall guard leader waiting at the side. He knew that his plan had failed. If they continued to fight, the ambush would become a frontal assault that would not be advantageous to him.

He was decisive and did not hesitate to move away and retreat.

Qinghua Xue’s inexperience in battle showed at this time. She hadn’t expected that Lu Han would retreat without any warning. She was a step late in reacting.

Just at this time, something suddenly happened!


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