修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Four “An Unexpected Occurrence”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Four – An Unexpected Occurrence

Zuo Mo’s murderous intent was great but he forced it down. It was not a good time to enter the fray now.

Yet at this moment, a grey shadow suddenly flashed across his vision, and Zuo Mo’s expression changed dramatically!

A Gui!

A Gui seemed to appear out of thin air behind Lu Han. Her hand that flashed with purple energy soundlessly pressed against Lu Han’s back.

Lu Han did not seem to detect it and continued to sprint forward. The purple handprint on his back created an eerie purple streak of light in the night.

He went just three more zhang and the purple light continued to corrode Lu Han’s body. But Lu Han didn’t seem to detect it and flew forward. Patches of purple energy disappeared in the air like leaves swept up by the wind. What disappeared with them was Lu Han’s body.

Everyone who saw this felt as though an icy wind swept across their hearts and their hairs stood up.

The stony-faced Rare Artifact Hall head guard’s expression changed.

Zuo Mo also changed expression at the same time. He thought, this was bad. He didn’t know why A Gui suddenly attacked Lu Han. A Gui was functioning on pure instinct, and she definitely had felt something! Had Lu Han in the past  … …

Zuo Mo shook his head. This was not the time to think about this. It definitely wasn’t possible to conceal A Gui’s unexpected attack. There were two more people hiding in the shadows that would have seen her.

Their identities would be soon exposed.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath and calmed the shock inside. His mind was peerlessly calm. There wasn’t much time left to him. He needed to finish the setup before these people managed to react.

Right now, there wasn’t enough time to run away. Those that were gathering were the strongest experts in the world. The probability of running away from these people was almost zero. Also, the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass was almost here. If he ran away now, all of his efforts would have been for waste.

Zuo Mo said gravely, “Go, hurry to Grave Ghost Mound!”

At this time, he did not hide his strength and flew with all his power.

A Gui, Ceng Lian’er and Qinghua Xue heard this, didn’t hesitate and flew at full power.

A hint of shock flashed across the face of the Rare Artifact Hall head guard before his expression became indifferent again. “All of you, return first.”

Daren!” The other guards said panickedly.

“You will not be able to participate in the upcoming battles.” Then he leapt off the mo steed to chase after Zuo Mo and the others.

The other guards looked at each other. One person quickly said, “We need to hurry back to report to Boss!”

The group did not hesitate and hurriedly returned.




Zuo Mo looked at the head guard that had caught up to them. He was slightly surprised and said, “You don’t have to enter this mess!”

“I will naturally finish what Boss has ordered,” the head guard said gravely.

A hint of admiration flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. “What is Sir’s name?”

“Kuai An,” the head guard said coolly.

Zuo Mo nodded and didn’t speak further. The group focused on travelling.




Flying at top speed, they managed to cover seven hundred li in less than two hours.

“This is the Grave Ghost Mound,” Kuai An said.

Without Kuai An’s words, Zuo Mo would still know they reached their destination. This place was so heavy with yin energy that he could feel it from far away. Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. Such thick yin energy would not have naturally formed. He could feel the thick death energy mixed within it.

He couldn’t help but ask, “What is the history of this place?”

“Supposedly, during the ancient era, a great battle of over ten tribes occurred here. Countless warriors fell on this place, and their ghosts were difficult to dissipate and turned into spectres and yin fiends. However, that is just a rumor, and there is no evidence,” Kuai An said expressionlessly.

Zuo Mo looked down and murmured to himself, “It probably isn’t just a rumor.”

Kuai An’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Zuo Mo did not look at Kuai An. His gaze swept across the Grave Ghost Mound. This place fulfilled all of his needs. It had mountains, water, and there was the smell of sulphur in the air which meant that this place had earth fire. The yin river here had been corroded by the yin energy for a lengthy amount of time and really was a river of yin energy now.

Speaking just in terms of environment, this place was very suited to setting up the [King’s Forbidden Firmament]. The yin river was an unexpected surprise and could greatly increase the power of the jinzhi.

But for some reason, Zuo Mo felt a thread of anxiousness.

Zuo Mo shook his head and threw the thread of uncertainly behind him. Even if there was something strange here, it could not compare to the immediate and apparent threat from the experts that would soon arrive.

Mo Shen Temple, Kun Lun, all the mo marshals, the Yao Council of Elders … …

There was no need to count all of them, just these few was enough to rob people of courage.

Zuo Mo did not feel any fear at all. Even though A Gui’s sudden attack had messed up all of his preparations, he felt relieved of a heavy burden. He no longer needed to be careful, did not need to conceal himself. It was as though he had thrown away all of the chains and qualms weighing him down, and he felt unspeakably relaxed.

Thinking about how he was about to fight against the top experts famed in the world, fighting spirit filled his heart and his body with endless strength.

To contend against the heroes of the world with just his own power!

Just thinking about it caused his blood to boil!




“So Elder, you knew that Xiao Yun Hai was Xiao Mo Ge already.” The young mo god had an enchanting smile on his face. He stood there lazily as though he was about to lay down and sleep.

The old man that was in front of him grinned to show his missing and yellow teeth. “I would never admit that.”

“I’m really curious, Elder, what is the relationship between you and Xiao Mo Ge? Relatives?” the young mo god asked with a smile.

The old man shook his head, “You are wrong, I don’t have a good relation with him.”

“Then you are enemies?” the young mo god shook his head. “It doesn’t appear so!”

“Ha, stop guessing, you won’t be able to get it right,” the old man said unconcernedly.

“The Scab Fragrance isn’t something normal. While I don’t hope that you will return it to me, but, Elder, you have to give an explanation. Otherwise, it will be a great embarrassment to me.” The young mo god spread his hands.

The old man grinned and said, “This old man didn’t break any promise. I said that he was able to forge shen devices. While the [Angel Device Raiment] isn’t a true shen device, if you get it and study a bit, you may possibly be able to forge your own shen device.”

The young mo god sighed and said, “It seems that we will have to fight today.”

The old man urged, “Why? Everyone knows each other’s power. You alone cannot beat me, if there are two of you, then I definitely cannot win. But only if there are three of you would I  be unable to escape.”

“That’s true. It seems that I can only bear the humiliation until they come,” the young mo god tiled his head and said.

“But we will have to fight no matter what.” The old man smiled.

“You want me to help you delay. While I am very lazy, what can I do? What I won’t be able to get, I’m displeased that the turtles behind me still aim for them.” The young mo god’s expression was pained.

“Yes, yes.” The old man nodded repeatedly with agreement on his face.

“Also, you say that I cannot defeat you, I’m also displeased by this!” The young mo god raised his face and looked directly at the old man.

His shen power rippled. The usual laziness on the handsome face had disappeared and what replaced it was unusual focus. This cased his face to have a light that was eerie and almost something that people could not directly look at. The stone around him seemed to be attracted by an invisible force and slowly floated upwards.


A strong shen pressure spun around him, and grew stronger as it revolved. It pulled all of the power within dozens of li!

It was like a twister that reached directly into the sky.

His smile was still enchanting but unusually sharp.

“There’s no way about it. There are many matters in the world that are displeasing,” the old man grinned and said.

He shook his head and stepped forward.

His steps were not heavy, but in the moment he stepped onto the ground, boom, a deep rumble like that of a drum sounded. The ground within a hundred li seemed to be stuck, and shook once!

A spiderweb of cracks spread more than seven li with his right foot as the center.

The cracks that appeared seemed to reach into the underworld, deep and bottomless.

The young mo god’s twister shook. The top part of it suddenly lost control, turned into chaotic turbulence and scattered.

The young mo god’s eyes narrowed slightly. The light that came from his narrowed eyes were sharp as blades.

A smile spread on his mouth. “There are many people that have come!”

The old man sighed. “It seems that we need to show some actual skill. Otherwise, we aren’t able to intimidate these people.”

“I dislike doing hard labor.” The young mo god seemed to say to himself. His eyes lit up with a burning light.

The gazes of the two collided in the air and sparks flew.




The strength of the power vibrations produced by the fighting of two shen power experts was like the sun in the dark of the night. Not just the nearby Bu Zhou City, even Zuo Mo a few hundred li away clearly felt it.

Everyone in Bu Zhou City was startled away.

In this period of time, the undercurrents and the continuously intensifying conflicts had been detected by many of the locals who left Bu Zhou City long ago.

Right now, the majority of people in Bu Zhou City were outsiders. The remaining were large families such as the Tang Family who thought they had the ability to protect themselves. But at such a time, the Tang Family were on full guard.

How could they not have detected such a great ruckus.

Tang Chen’s face was pale. The vibrations from the collision outside the city made even he, a marshal, feel his heart jump. Beside him was another middle-aged male. Beside the male was Qin Ming, Zhong Wen Tian, and Gongzi Xi who were all standing solemnly. He was Marshal Di who had secretly arrived this night!

Marshal Di’s expression was grave, “Both are using shen power.”

The shock on Qin Ming’s face was difficult to disguise. All of them were marshal experts. Even though they had earth mo weapons, they would have to use their full power to reach such a level.

Yet the two seemed to be strolling in the park. The power ripples given off as they moved were able to upend an ocean!

“The youth is one of the three great mo gods of the Mo Shen Temple, he is called Youxi Ya Ke, the old man’s origins are unknown,” Qin Ming said gravely.

Marshal Di’s gaze swept across the people. Seeing the expression on their faces and how they were clearly intimidated, he suddenly smield and said, “Wen Tian, if you and Old Qin work together, do you have the confidence to fight Youxi Ya Ke?”

Zhong Wen Tian’s eyes lit up as he rumbled, “We can fight!”

The other two people’s expressions eased.

“Yes!” Marshal Di’s voice was strong and powerful, “Adding on Old Tang and I, we have four marshals, and four earth mo weapons. If we count this way, that will be two mo gods. We just have one less than the Mo Shen Temple. In this chaotic situation, we may have a chance!”

Everyone’s confidence increased greatly.

“Then what do we do now?” Tang Chen asked.

“Wait!” Marshal Di’s expression was at ease. “We are not the strongest, and the timing of our action is most crucial. We must be successful on our first attempt! Old Tang, investigate and see what really happened when Xiao Yun Hai left the city at night before the shen power expert conflict. We need to keep our eye on Xiao Yun Hai, he’s the crux of this.”

Tang Chen did not hesitate. He nodded and said, “Alright!”

Translator Ramblings: Everyone wants to get Zuo Mo. He needs to clone himself. “Your very own Zuo Mo, comes with a ghost, one ancient gravestone and a yao in spirit form. The sword fanatic shixiong, battle maniac shidi, pets, and other accessories are sold separately. ”


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