修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Five “Shen Power Warrior”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Five – Shen Power Warrior

The Grave Ghost Mound was completely dark.

Flying down, everyone felt the air was icy. Even Zuo Mo was slightly intimidated. The thickness of the yin energy in the Grave Ghost Mountain was on a completely different level than what he had felt from when flying. It far surpassed his predictions.

“Stay guard and protect me,” Zuo Mo said, “I probably need about three days of time.”

He had already finished forging all the parts of the [King’s Forbidden Firmament]. While the setup was slightly troublesome, it would not be difficult for Zuo Mo. However, he had to first survey the land to prevent an accident from happening in the middle of setup. If any one of the eighteen thousand parts was damaged, it would damage the power of the jinzhi. Even more importantly, he did not have the time to reforge these parts.

Kuai An nodded. Ceng Lian’er and Qinghua Xue also stopped. Only A Gui followed beside Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo didn’t know what to do. Sometimes, A Gui would be very obedient, but would sometimes act in surprising ways.

It was likely that A Gui’s instincts that detected something.

Zuo Mo realized this and didn’t waste words. He pulled A Gui along as he went deeper into the Grave Ghost Mound.

His expression became increasingly grave. The yin energy was even heavier here, almost tangible. The air was a faint grey. The coldness of the surroundings bit into his skin like thorns and Zuo Mo had to channel his Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus [1] mo physique to counteract the yin energy.

A thin layer of gold quickly appeared on his skin. The sun matrix on his forehead started to slowly revolve. Threads of warmth spread through his body and removed the coldness. Zuo Mo reached out and grabbed A Gui’s hand. The warmth of his hand passed into A Gui’s body. A Gui’s body tensed and her hand gripped Zuo Mo’s hand even more tightly.

Zuo Mo turned and smiled slightly at A Gui. Then he moved his gaze to pull A Gui along deep inside.

He was on full alert. The yin energy was so heavy here, that there definitely would be many spectres and yin fiends.

Unexpectedly, after going twenty li deep, they hadn’t encountered a single yin fiend. Such an unreasonable phenomenon caused Zuo Mo’s wariness to rise.

Zuo Mo pulled A Gui to inspect a range of fifty li and hadn’t found a thing. Other than the unusually strong yin power, there was nothing suspicious or dangerous.

He did not continue to investigate. Fifty li was enough to satisfy the requirements for setting up the [King’s Forbidden Firmament]. More importantly, he didn’t have the time to investigate further.

The sky was starting to lighten.

Zuo Mo knew that those people in Bu Zhou City most likely had received the news of his escape.

He had to effectively use his time!

Zuo Mo ignored the anxiousness he felt and started to set up the [King’s Forbidden Firmament].




Zuo Mo’s guess was right. At dawn, the powerful factions at Bu Zhou City quickly received the information. Shocked, they quickly recognized the importance of this news.

Yet the two shen power warriors that were fighting outside the city blocked the route off completely.

Unless one was a marshal or general expert, they would immediately die due to the lingering shockwaves of the collision between the two shen power warriors. Many factions had already tried. However, no one had managed to get through the area where the two were fighting alive.

“So Xiao Yun Hai is Xiao Mo Ge!” The news that Lu Han wanted to send back yesterday should be this.” Hou Feng said gravely. He was a large figure, his limbs long, and there was a thick and broad sword on his back.

“Lei Yi’s team is dead, Lu Han’s team is dead.” Bei Xiang’s expression was grave and her tone low. She was Hou Feng’s second in command. The two worked together on long-term missions and had good teamwork.

“I remember that the sect has information regarding Xiao Mo Ge?” Hou Feng asked.

Bei Xiang was familiar with all kinds of intelligence. She said without a hint of hesitation, “Yes, Xiao Mo Ge is one of our primary targets and our investigation of him has never stopped. Looking from the present information, Xiao Mo Ge is very likely to be Zuo Mo.”

“Zuo Mo?” Hou Feng’s brow creased. This name was unfamiliar.

“Zuo Mo, a disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect, an orphan that their sect leader took in. He lost his memory, and his origins are unknown. He is skilled in seal formations and ling farming. He was promoted from an outer sect disciple to inner sect disciple. His talent isn’t bad. This is the earliest information we have found,” Bei Xiang said smoothly.

“Wu Kong Sword Sect?” Hou FEng’s brow creased even deeper. “I remember that all of Wu Kong Sword Sect everyone except Wei Sheng should be dead.”

“Because Zuo Mo was sent to a remote location before the invasion of the yao, he and Wu Kong Sword Sect lost contact. Together with him are Gongsun Cha and one other disciple,” Bei Xiang responded.

Hou Feng changed expression. “Gongsun Lil’ Miss?”

“Yes!” Bei Xiang nodded.

“Wu Kong Sword Sect really has many talented people. I still remember that there is a Wei Sheng, that one is also strong. Xue Dong greatly praised Gongsun Cha, I hadn’t thought that he would also be from Wu Kong Sword Sect.”

“Yes, actually, we only found Xiao Mo Ge’s true identity due to Gongsun Cha,” Bei Xiang said.

“This means that Xiao Mo Ge and Xiao Yun Hai were his fake identities?” Hou Feng’s brow was creased. “In other words, he knows mo skills, yao arts, and spells?”

“And shen power and shen techniques!” Bei Xiang added. “His origins is highly likely to be related to that storm twenty six years ago.”

Hou Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up as he murmured, “No wonder … …”

Bei Xiang’s expression suddenly changed. “Something has happened to Xia Li’s team.”

Hou Feng’s expression was slightly ugly and silent. Ever since the matter of Lin Qian fighting for the stele, managing Kun Lun’s activity in the mo territories started to become difficult. Almost all the mo were secretly fighting against Kun Lun. This time, it was also true. If they were the least bit careless and their identity as Kun Lun was leaked, they would be attacked from all sides.

They had traveled far to arrive here, and fighting on foreign territory, their losses had been heavy. The sword xiu that had been sent this time to the mo territories were all elite from the sect, almost all of them fanxu. Such losses were ones that even Kun Lun couldn’t shrug off.

At this time, an extremely thin sword light appeared in front of Hou Feng.

Hou Feng’s reaction was quick. His hand beckoned and the sword light flew into his hand. The flying sword message of the sect!

His expression showed joy. “Return to the sect!”

“Return to the sect?” Bei Xiang stilled.

“The elders have come out of seclusion.” Hou Feng’s voice was low but the joy on his face could not be suppressed.

Bei Xiang also had a joyous expression as she said excitedly, “Great! We also have shen power warriors! Now we don’t need to fear the Mo Shen Temple!”

Hou Feng said proudly, “Our Kun Lun has lead the xiuzhe world for thousands of years. Can a little temple like the Mo Shen Temple compare to the depth of our foundation?”

“Then the [Angel Device Raiment]?” Bei Xiang said hesitantly.

“It is just a pseudo-shen device,” Hou Feng said with a smile. “The sect has spent great time and energy and found some places that are possibly ancient ruins. The next step in the sect’s plan is to go to these ruins to search for true shen devices. Searching the xiuzhe world, will we need to risk so much or waste so much effort?”

“This is a good idea! I believe that there would be at least one or two shen devices in so many ancient ruins.” Bei Xiang was in agreement. Then she asked excitedly, “Then where have we been sent to?”

“Return to the sect.”

“Return to the sect?” Bei Xian was puzzled.

Hou Feng’s smile could not be suppressed. “We are in the second cohort to be taught shen power. Once we return to the sect, we will start cultivating shen power.”

“Cultivate shen power … …” Bei Xiang stilled but then her eyes were full of longing.

Hou Feng said, “The era of shen power is fated to be the era of Kun Lun!”




The retreat of Kun Lun was silent and didn’t cause any waves. Other than those with good intelligence teams and those with high perceptiveness, everyone else was ignorant.

Almost everyone’s eyes were glued to the fight between the two shen power warriors outside the city.

Personally seeing the fight between shen power users was completely different than seeing it through mirages. The power as they moved which could destroy the world, a feeling of suffocation that never seemed to end. Each person felt they were so minuscule and insignificant like ants.

Even marshal experts had to remain alert to break free of such a terrifying feeling.

There wasn’t any land left untouched within two hundred li of Bu Zhou City. The ground seemed to have been ploughed over and over. It was possible to see fissures forming webs that curved and twisted for dozens of li.

The land was completely fragmented!

No one dared to charge in. Even Marshal Di and the other three maintained their silence as the fighting between the two intensified. The astounding power turbulence was something that even they were wary of. If someone charged in now, they would most likely become the target of the two and would receive destructive attacks immediately.

The two fought for a day and night without any hint of exhaustion.

The young mo god Youxi Ya Ke was not surprising. What surprised people was that old man dressed in rags, of an unknown background, was an even match.

But no matter who, if they saw this battle, they would make one conclusion.

The power of shen power was much stronger than those top mo skills. Shen power would soon become the peak power once again. A new era had already started.

If there had been many people who had recognized this point previously, then after this public battle of the shen power experts, this point was driven deep into people’s minds.




Kuai An’s expression was wary. He was astounded by the intense fighting that was happening in the distance. For the first time, he was filled with desire towards shen power.

He had cultivated to the marshal level. It would be extremely difficult to take another step up. Other than the king level that only existed in the legends, marshal level was the highest level that all mo could reach. Ever since the first day he reached marshal level, he was filled with confidence about his power. Yet the continuous appearances of shen power warriors caused him to feel he was weak for the first time.

He did not forget his duty. His gaze suddenly focused.

Near the horizon on the opposite side of Bu Zhou City, several black dots suddenly appeared.

There were people!

Before he could give a warning, these little black dots grew large. They were so fast that they had appeared in front of him in a blink.

These people were surrounding a beautiful female!

Kuai An’s gaze met the female’s gaze. An unspeakable feeling suddenly rose. He was slightly dazed but his reaction was quick. With a shake, he immediately became clear of it.

Such a terrifying woman!

When his gaze landed on the insignias on their clothing, his pupils immediately contracted and his expression changed!

The Yao Council of Elders!


Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha will be forever known as Lil’ Miss. One day in the future, they will think that his name was actually Gongsun Xiao Niang (Lil’ Miss).


[1] Changed to Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus from Great Day. 

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