修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Six “The Entrance of the Yin Energy Cave”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Six The Entrance of the Yin Energy Cave

“This one is Ming Yue Ye, is Grandmaster Xiao Yun Hai here?” The divinely beautiful female said with a small smile. While her attitude was friendly, it was filled with great presence, and was difficult for people to resist.

A serene voice seemed to come out of the black night. “Grandmaster doesn’t have the time, how about coming back after three days?”

Light rose at the horizon and the black of night was pushed back as dawn neared. However, Ceng Lian’er was in a place that seemed to be a bottomless void. She stood with her long red dress touching the ground. Her presence was different from Ming Yue Ye’s strong presence, ethereal and hard to grasp.

Kuai An’s face was slightly burning. He was a marshal yet at just first contact, he was intimidated by the other’s presence. He felt embarrassed.

“I have heard long ago that Miss Ceng is a lady of a famous family. You are just as the rumors say.” Ming Yue Ye smiled. Her eyes and teeth were bright and she was stunning.

Ceng Lian’er smiled. “I cannot compare to Elder Sister, below one person and above hundreds of thousands, power in your hands. With just a word, there are countless heroes willing to do your bidding.”

Ming Yue Ye smiled. She turned and examined Qinghua Xue. A look flashed through her eyes. “Are you Qinghua Xue?”

“Qinghua Xue greets Elder Ming.” Qinghua Xue bobbed slightly.

“The Blue Flower family did not have eyes, it is a pity.” Ming Yue Ye sighed lightly before staring at Qinghua Xue. “I coincidentally lack an assistant. If you are willing, you can follow and work for me in the future.”

Qinghua Xue said composedly, “Elder, many thanks for your attention. Qinghua Xue is of low ability and cannot accept such a great duty.”

“Hm! You do not have good judgement!” An old person of proud attitude said from beside Ming Yue Ye. “No wonder that the Blue Flower Family has declined, you deserve it!”

Qinghua Xue smiled gently as though she did not hear this.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed through the air!

That old person felt his vision blur. Something suddenly appeared in front of him. Startled, he shouted angrily, “You dare!”

The old man’s hair spread in anger, the fingers on his right hand flickering. Numerous green lights shot out! At the same time, a glass-like layer of light protected him.


When the green light hit the shadow, it immediately turned into fragments.

The old person’s expression changed drastically. Just as he wanted to move again, the shadow suddenly disappeared. He couldn’t help but still. The next moment, the shadow suddenly came out of the air right in front of the green light shield.

Before he could react, he had to watch as the shadow hit the light shield.


A crisp cracking sound was like thunder in his ears. Power came at him like a mountain and he was sent flying dozens of zhang like a kite with its strings cut!

Ceng Lian’er’s wrist turned and she withdrew her sleeve as though nothing had happened. She said serenely, “Grandmaster is in seclusion, everyone, please be quieter.”

Kuai An’s eyes widened disbelievingly!

She actually darted to directly attack an elder of the yao … …

Qinghua Xue stilled slightly. However, her expression remained the same and her mind was undisturbed.

A deathly silence!

Shen power!” another yao elder’s voice was deep and hoarse. He gazed hard at Ceng Lian’er. “The rumors say that Miss Ceng cultivates moon shen power which is hard to predict. You have broadened my view today. However, it is unexpected to us that Miss Ceng is so hostile to us.”

Ceng Lian’er’s smile bloomed like a flower. “Have you come to drink tea?”

This yao elder suddenly stopped breathing. Kuai An seemed to wake up from his dream, his expression serious. He slowly took out his mo weapon, the [Blue Horsefly] that Zuo Mo had just forged!

Ming Yue Ye ignored the faceoff and said meaningfully, “No matter if it is Xiao Yun Hai or Xiao Mo Ge, our goal is the [Angel Device Raiment]. According to what I know, many people are also scheming for your shen power inheritances.”

Ceng Lian’er smiled serenely and said, “It will depend on whether they have the ability.”

“That’s true.” Ming Yue Ye did not argue. She suddenly reached out a hand. Several rays of light that appeared like seagrass suddenly grew from her palm and moved.

Ceng Lian’er’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears. “I understand, you have already mastered shen power.”

“If Grandmaster is willing to sell [Angel Device Raiment], we will guarantee Grandmaster’s safety. We only need the [Angel Device Raiment].” Ming Yue Ye glanced at her.

Ceng Lian’er brushed her bangs in front of her forehead and said softly. “It probably isn’t enough just based on the few of you.”

“I dare to say this because I have some confidence.” Ming Yue Ye did not avoid Ceng Lian’er’s doubtful gaze. Her tone was not spirited but it was filled with strong confidence that made people feel that she would be able to do it.

“Who can we not sell to?” Ceng Lian’er smiled. “However, with Grandmaster’s temper, the pseudo-shen device will not be cheap.”

Pseudo-shen weapon!

These three words clearly touched the nerves of the yao elders. Their expressions were normal but the changes in their gazes could not escape Ceng Lian’er’s gaze.

“Pseudo-shen device, shen device, there has to be a price.” Ming Yue Ye’s expression was normal. “Are you able to give a price on behalf of Grandmaster?”

“No.” Ceng LIan’er smiled serenely.

“Then let Grandmaster give a price,” Ming Yue Ye said directly.

“Apologies, Grandmaster is in seclusion, and will take three days. Everyone, please come back after three days,” Ceng Lian’er said.

“Three days?” Ming Yue Ye shook her head. “We cannot wait so long.”

“Then there is no other option.” Ceng Lian’er shook her head.

A smile blossomed on Ming Yue Ye’s face. “Then let us experience Miss Ceng’s moon shen power. Elder Xu, please.”

The deep-voiced elder nodded and slowly came out of the ranks. He said seriously, “The Moon Tribe was a famed tribe even in the ancient era, and the moon shen power they used stood at the peak. It is an honor to experience it today.”

Ceng Lian’er was about to speak when a voice suddenly sounded, “There is no need to trouble Miss Ceng, I will start.”

Kuai An held [Blue Horsefly]. His cool face had a murderous expression.




Zuo Mo’s movements were fast and he was but a shadow as he flew around. Rays of dazzling light flowed from his hands shooting into the ground.

There were great demands for setting up such a complex jinzhi. There were numerous seal scripts and mo matrices. Even Zuo Mo had to focus all of his attention.

If other people saw him now, they would be dumbstruck and gaping in shock.

The ground was completely transformed and covered in seal scripts and mo matrices all over. The yin energy in the surroundings was starting to be affected, and occasionally would form small twisters.

Zuo Mo’s expression was focused and he didn’t dare to split his attention. He knew time was precious. The [King’s Forbidden Firmament] was their greatest ace against those experts. The faster he could finish preparing this ace, the better it was.

[King’s Forbidden Firmament] was five hundred li in diameter in the original design but Zuo Mo had compressed it to fifty li. This way, it would greatly increase its power, but the difficulty of setting it up would also increase dramatically.

A fine sweat covered Zuo Mo’s forehead.

But he didn’t feel tired at all. His eyes flashed with a stunning light. The great pressure made him unprecedentedly focused. He was completely immersed, filled with bravery. He was in a trance.

His thoughts were livelier than ever before, and his mind was clear as it never had been.

His hand movements started to change, and the jinzhi he set up gradually started to change.

Too absorbed in his work, Zuo Mo did not realize this. His hand movements were almost the same speed as his thoughts and like instinct.

The jinzhi started to form a preliminary shape.

The yin energy was affected even more. Large amounts of yin energy flooded out from the deeper parts of the Grave Ghost Mound and filled the area where Zuo Mo was setting up the jinzhi.

Zuo Mo perceptively noticed this, but at this time, all of his attention was on the jinzhi. The first reaction in his mind was how to use the stunningly dense yin energy.

His hand movement instinctively changed.

More and more yin energy flooded out of the Grave Ghost Mound. They came in a flow, one wave after another as though there was no end.

The drastic increase in yin energy made Zuo Mo even more excited.

The thick yin energy was a power that could be used, and yin energy of such concentration was usually difficult to find.

An imperceptible ripple formed deep in the Grave Ghost Mound.

Zuo Mo did not detect it. A Gui suddenly raised her head, purple energy flashed in her eyes as she silently disappeared into the yin energy.




A Gui flew about twenty li before stopping.

There was a deep hole in the ground near her. The thick yin energy was pouring out from that place. The yin energy at this entrance was so thick it was almost inky black.

The trembling of the ground was even more evident here.

The shaking would coming in bursts every ten breaths or so.

A Gui’s eyes suddenly flashed with purple energy as she threw herself forward.

A malicious ghost came out of the hole. Its body was shrouded in black smoke and was extremely difficult to detect in the thick yin energy. A Gui suddenly appeared behind it. Her hand covered in purple energy entered the body of the malicious ghost.

The inky black yin energy did not affect A Gui at all.

The malicious ghost froze where it was. The purple energy was like a fire that spread quickly along its body. In a flash, the malicious ghost was covered in the purple fire.

The purple was ferocious and the malicious ghost wasn’t even able to wail before it turned to ash.

After being burned up, it left behind only an extremely pure strand of yin energy. A Gui opened her mouth and inhaled. The yin energy burrowed into her body. Moments later, A Gui opened her eyes, and the purple energy in her eyes was slightly brighter.

Another malicious ghost came out of the yin energy.

A Gui repeated the process.

A Gui was like a ghost, her movements lightning fast. She wasn’t affected by the yin energy at all. Usually, before the malicious ghosts detected anything, they would be attacked.

Each malicious ghost would be burned by the Undying Shen power to leave behind that thread of pure yin energy. A Gui would absorb it. After consuming dozens of threads, the purple energy on A Gui’s hand gradually turned into purple flames.

Just like before, A Gui’s body once again disappeared, and her hand covered in purple fire entered the yin energy.

Yet the next moment, the purple fire in A Gui’s eyes flashed.


A great power came from her hand. A Gui’s figure flashed, and she moved backward. Her eyes that flashed with purple fire was locked on the entrance.

A burst of air swept away the yin energy at the entrance to reveal the true appearance of the incomer.

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