修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty “Silent Arrival”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty – Silent Arrival

Zuo Mo furiously continued to set down the jinzhi, the light of spells on his hands flooding downwards. The complex mo matrices and seal formations appeared on the ground with intimidating glows, blossoming and spread!

In a trance, Zuo Mo threw everything happening on the outside to the back of his mind. His eyes were focused, and his mind was clear.

All kinds of seal scripts, and mo matrices flashed across his mind, and then flew out of his fingers.

The geography of the land, the river flows, the earth fire, the movement of the yin energy, everything with fifty li was within his fingertips.

Ceng Lian’er woke up from her recovery meditation. While she had the sun seeds that Zuo Mo had given her, she couldn’t bear to use them. Things that could be used to replenish shen power were treasures among treasures right now.

She raised her head to look at Zuo Mo in the sky with a serene expression.

That figure gave off strong confidence. There was no pause or hesitation as he threw down the lights. Without realizing it, Ceng Lian’er’s gaze became even deeper. There seemed to be mist overlaid over her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking inside.

Qinghua Xue’s gaze was much simpler. Reverence and shock, but these feelings did not make her gaze heat up. It was still as serene as water.

Kuai An’s face was pale. He was the most shocked of the group. Xiao Mo Ge, Xiao Yun Hai, these two identities were not secrets now. But even if he was seeing the spectacular scene in front of him with his own eyes, he could not reconcile the two completely different personages and identities as the same person.

Suddenly, he shook from a chill.

It was slightly cold.

This unfamiliar feeling stunned him. Moments later, he reacted. He was heavily wounded, and his mo physique was weak.

He couldn’t help but glance behind him out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes suddenly widened.

At some unknown time, it had started to snow. Grey snowflakes fell and the world was completely grey.

This was … …

He opened his hand and a grey snowflake landed in his hand. The bone-aching cold caused him to shudder, but then the grey snowflake quickly melted on his palm. A pure strand of yin energy dissipated in the air.

Yin energy!

Kuai An’s gaze turned shocked as he suddenly turned his head to look closely at the figure in the sky, that person that was in his own world.

He, he was able to make yin energy into snowflakes!

Kuai An tried to quickly calm himself down. More puzzlement surged. It started to snow within a fifty li area, large patches of feathery grey snowflakes slowly fell down.

These snowflakes … … what was their use?




Just as everyone was shocked by Zuo Mo’s uncanny moves, no one noticed that A Gui had disappeared.

A Gui appeared at the entrance to the yin energy cave, where the ghost soldier had appeared at. Beside her was the Black Gold Seal Soldier that had come out at an unknown time. He was using his metal fists to bang on his metal chest.

The black Gold Seal Soldier had an expression of bravery. “A Gui, don’t worry about those ghost soldiers, if one comes, I’ll kill one, and then eat it!”

Noticing A Gui turning to look at him, his tone changed and he said fawningly, “I mean I will kill one, and have A Gui eat one! After A Gui is full, I will just take some.” When he finished, he hugged his stomach with a grieved expression. He looked pitifully at A Gui, tears welling up, “Sister A Gui, Lil’ Black is so hungry … …”

A Gui turned around, unaffected, and completely ignored him.

Seeing that trying to be adorable was ineffective, the Black Gold Seal Soldier could only turn to face the cave entrance. He immediately became murderous, and hungry. “The cowardly will die from hunger, the brave will die from overeating, in order to die from overeating … …”

Pia, a bare foot stepped onto his back, throwing him off balance. The Black Gold Seal Soldier fell face first into the cave, and a string of wails came from the cavern.

A Gui jumped down.




Experts gathered on a cloud outside the Grave Ghost Mound.

Marshal Di looked at the Grave Ghost Mound in the distance and said emotionally, “This Xiao Mo Ge is really an influential person. No matter where he goes, he creates a storm.”

Qin Ming nodded and said, “Yes, but it is unwise to become known everywhere. A hero would not stand under a collapsing wall. The situation right now is not a dead end, but it is a closed one. It is difficult to resolve.”

Tang Chen grimaced hearing this, “You really are all idle. Let’s first think about how to obtain shen power.”

The smile on the others’ faces faded, and their expressions became serious.

They had received news that the other two mo gods of the Mo Shen Temple were rushing over at full speed and would arrive tomorrow at the earliest. The Yao Council of Elders was another mountain in front of them, and this mountain was even bigger than the Mo Shen Temple.

They looked at the yao elders, each of them didn’t bear to tear their gazes away from the ruler-straight line of fire. Ming Yue Ye’s public announcement had revealed their aims for Xiao Mo Ge’s shen power inheritance.

“What is Xiao Mo Ge doing inside the Grave Ghost Mound?” Zhong Wen Tian asked.

Qin Ming was thoughtful. “Yes, what is he doing inside? Old Tang, what do you you know about the Grave Ghost Mound?”

Tang Chen shook his head. “Not much.”

Qin Ming was slightly surprised. Everyone had fought together once and were familiar with each other’s personalities. Tang Chen had left their group and returned to his family for familial reasons, but Qin Ming thought Tang Chen was a detail-minded and cautious person. This Grave Ghost Mound was just a few hundred li from Bu Zhou City. It was so close that he was shocked that Tang Chen did not know it well!

Tang Chen grimaced. “It is not that I do not want to know, but this place is slightly strange.”

“Strange?” Everyone’s attention was attracted. A place that a marshal called strange was most likely a bit strange.

“I’ve sent many people to explore the area, but not many have returned. I eventually made a trip personally.” Tang Chen’s expression was grave. “The yin energy inside is extremely dense with soul fiends and malicious ghosts. As I went deeper, the yin energy increased in concentration, and would suddenly boil. If one doesn’t personally experience it, it is difficult to imagine the scene. All the yin energy in the surroundings would boil at the same time. If you use mo skills in the slightest, it would cause the yin energy to explode. I almost didn’t make out that time.”

When he spoke of this, Tang Chen had an expression of fear.

Everyone looked at each other with shocked expressions.

“Is there someone else powerful living in hiding here?” Qin Ming couldn’t resist asking.

Tang Chen shook his head. “I don’t know, but ever since that time, I never went there again. I didn’t expect that Xiao Mo Ge would run in, and I don’t know what he is doing inside.”

At this time, a strong wave of vibrations came from the Grave Ghost Mound.

Everyone was startled and hurriedly turned.

The Grave Ghost Mound seemed to turn alive, the mountains and rivers moving. The rumbling could be heard from a distance, and the dark red earth fire formed pillars of fire.

Even stranger was that the sky above the Grave Ghost Mound was filled with grey snowflakes.

A vibration that was hard to describe flashed across everyone’s minds.




The main peak of Xuan Kong Temple looked the same as before, but the fear and alarm on the faces of the disciples could not be disguised. The complete destruction of the elder corps was a fatal blow to Xuan Kong temple.

If the world was not in chaos, they could in act a policy of isolation for decades, and Xuan Kong Temple might be able to recover. But right now, the world was in turmoil, and the balance between factions was changing. People saw the weakness of Xuan Kong Temple. There were continuous skirmishes at the borders of Xuan Kong temple and all kinds of conflicts were escalating in intensity. Those factions were like cunning wolves that were tearing off flesh from the enormous body of Xuan Kong Temple.

All of the Xuan Kong Temple disciples realized that the sect was at the time of life and death!

“Kun Lun has entered the fight!”

When the news came back, all of them had ashen expression. They all knew what this meant. The participation of Kun Lun would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, figuratively speaking. In reality,  Kun Lun was not a straw but a great mountain.

As expected, on the afternoon of that day, Tian Huan who had maintained their control took over four jie of Xuan Kong Temple at lightning speed!

Kun Lun, Tian Huan, these two former allies of Xuan Kong Temple showed their bright butcher knives.

All of the factions understood that the climax of the feast was about to arrive! Almost all the factions moved at the same time, their eyes red as they furiously attacked.

The fighting was intense and ferocious.

At the moment of life and death, many of the Xuan Kong Temple battalions had the thought of dragging their enemies into death with them. There were battles to the death everywhere. Their fierce and hopeless counterattack exploded. It displayed Xuan Kong Temple’s thousands of years worth of foundation and bravery, but also showed its weakness and lack of future.

At the main peak right now, there were only the disciples that were in charge of chores. Any disciple with fighting ability had been sent to the front lines to stop the attacks of the enemy.

People were afraid. Any disciple with any knowledge knew that the present dilemma of Xuan Kong Temple would not be resolved even if there were a few more fanxu experts.

When the entire world came to divide Xuan Kong Temple, it was fated for this sect that was thousands of year old to die.

No one could stop the entire world, not even Kun Lun.

Once the situation formed, the momentum had given their fate a life of its own!

The participation of Kun Lun and Tian Huan extinguished the last bit of hope in the hearts of the Xuan Kong Temple disciples. What was most fatal was that they hadn’t thought that Kun Lun and Tian Huan would be so impatient!

These two fatal butcher knives came so quickly!

Ming Xin’s mood was terrible. He did not want to die with the sect. The best choice right now was to follow another leader. Other than Xuan Kong Temple, Xuan Kong Realm had nine other great temples, and they were all good choices.

However, it was not possible to go throw himself with another sect with empty hands at this time.

He thought of the Sutra Pavilion and the Dhyana Treasure Pavilion. A daring idea was unable to be suppressed. A harsh look flashed through his eyes. He needed to be fast. There probably were many that had the same idea. If he could get one or two treasures, he would naturally have a place to live in the future.

After arriving at the decision, Ming Xin did not hesitate. Taking advantage of the dark, he sneaked to the Sutra Pavilion.

The Sutra Pavilion was unusually silent today.

A hint of anxiousness flashed across Ming Xin’s mind. But he gritted his teeth and sneaked in.  Usually, the shishu would guard this place but they had all been summoned away. There were only jinzhi left but he was familiar with them.

Carefully avoiding the jinzhi, he finally entered the Sutra Pavilion and was extremely excited.

But when he saw what was in front of him, he was struck dumb.


Translator Ramblings: Xuan Kong Temple lost its strongest individual fighters, its best war general and its strongest fighting force in pursuit of Zuo Mo. The boy’s a calamity.

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