修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty One “Act”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty One – Act

The night was as dark as ink, thick clouds blocking the sun, and one couldn’t even see their fingers.

There was a blurry figure at the highest point on the main mountain peak of Xuan Kong Temple.

The mountain wind was strong, and caused Bie Han’s cape to flap loudly in the wind. His frosty and cold face held a complex expression. He was familiar with every blade of grass and every tree here. In this place, he had grown up, learned to be a battle general, was held captive, and was humiliated. He was filled with hatred for this place. Countless times in his dreams, he had personally lit a great fire and burned this damned place into ash.

But when this day truly arrived, when he stepped onto the main peak again, when the scene of his dreams was about to be realized, he didn’t feel that pleasure at getting his revenge but an indescribable mix of feelings as he stared at the dark night and this familiar place.

No one could save Xuan Kong Temple. Even if Jiang Zhe came back from the dead, he would not be able to save Xuan Kong Temple.

Bie Han and Gongsun Cha had both felt that Kun Lun would soon make their move, and a daring plan had appeared. Gongsun Cha’s sharpness and insanity combined with Bie Han’s fiery tactics caused this plan to receive full support.

Bie Han lead Sin Battalion and sneaked through the night to get close to the main peak without being detected. Almost all of the forces of Xuan Kong Temple were positioned on their borders to resist the invasion of other forces. Their center was left comparatively empty and undefended.

For Bie Han who had lived in Xuan Kong Temple since his childhood, it as was though there were no defenses at all.

Once Kun Lun entered the battle, all of Xuan Kong Temple would panick, and this was also when Xuan Kong Temple’s main peak defenses would be at its weakest. Bie Han who had been hiding nearby unhesitatingly bared his fangs!

Bie Han who was familiar with every tree and flower didn’t even give the disciples of Xuan Kong Temple any chance to send a message before taking down all of Xuan Kong Temple’s main peak.

There wasn’t anything left alive on the main peak of Xuan Kong Temple.

Bie Han’s gaze cleared quickly of its daze and became cold again. He looked up at the sky and knew he could not afford to delay. He was not the only one that was hiding in the dark.

The Sutra Pavilion and Dhyana Treasure Pavilion of Xuan Kong Temple’s main peak held the wealth of Xuan Kong Temple accumulated through thousands of years. It was the most tempting and delicious part of this feast! The situation had developed so quickly that Xuan Kong Temple hadn’t had the time to move this wealth away. All of the sects were targeting this fat piece of meat.

Among the Xuan Kong Temple disciples that he had just killed, there were six that were spies from other factions.

Soon, the elite experts of other factions would arrive and it would not be so easy to leave then.

Bie Han looked deeply at this dhyana holy ground that had stood for thousands of years. A jade box covered in seal scripts appeared on his hand. He did not hesitate and threw the jade box out.

The jade box drew out a curve as it flew through the night sky, bam, and landed halfway up the mountain.

The jade box immediately cracked.

A dot of fire lit up from the jade box. The fire quickly spread at a mad speed towards the surroundings. In a flash, the middle of the mountain was covered in flames.

The dark red flames danced furiously and consumed everything.

This was a work from the two masters of Golden Crow Camp. Samadhi Fire Box. This kind of sixth grade fire was stunningly power. Harvesting high level fires from fire formations was one of Golden Crow Camp’s best skills. The flames of the core members in Golden Crow Camp had all been upgraded a long time ago. Fourth-grade golden crow fire was too low grade for their present needs.

Many sects had Samadhi Fire and using it here would not expose their identity.

In a flash, the flames consumed the entire peak. The crimson red tongues of fire shot up and licked the sky. The entire sky was dyed red, and even the clouds were unable to the lashing tongues of flame the sky was penetrated by the hot flows of air.

Among the flames, Bie Han led the silent and puppet-like Sin Battalion to a soundless withdrawal.




The yin energy underground was thick and a passageway stretched forward. The concentration of yin energy inside the cave was multiple times that of above. Waves of yin energy came out of the deep hole.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s eyes flashed with eerie light. He banged on his chest as he comforted A Gui, shamelessly complimenting himself, “Sister A Gui, don’t worry, Lil’ Black is very strong now, and can easily capture those ghost soldiers … …”

“En.” He suddenly stopped and his eyes lit up.

A Gui silently stopped walking.

Suddenly, the Black Gold Seal Soldier gave a sly smile and his body smashed towards the right abruptly.


His smash was extremely strong and something immediately flew out!

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s hands and feet were on the ground like a wild beast as he shout out. He stretched out his neck, his face twisted as he howled at the top of his lungs, “Oh oh oh, singing to the sky with a curved neck … …” [1]

He was lightning fast and didn’t’ even leave behind an afterimage in the air.

Woosh, he appeared behind that thing. Bam, his right leg was like a whip that viciously struck the grey shadow. The great power whipped the grey shadow into the air.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s eyes were bright as he shot out again.

He suddenly appeared in the air, meeting the incoming grey shadow and struck another blow with his leg.

Bam bam bam!

There was a fast rattle of bone-aching sound that would cause people’s scalps to prickle.

Suddenly, his figure flashed again and he appeared next to the grey shadow. His right hand was like metal pincers that clasped around the thing’s neck.

The series of movements had been lightning fast. The Black Gold Seal Soldier gripped the other’s throat and pulled it in front of him. After examining it for a while, he was slightly puzzled. “This is the ghost soldier?”

The flames in the eyes of the ghost soldier were dim as though it had been greatly affected by the storm of attacks and hadn’t recovered yet. The bones of the ghost soldier were covered in cracks and it was breathing faintly.

Suddenly, the Black Gold Seal Soldier’s nose jerked and his eyes lit up. “Shen power!”

But his face quickly fell. He dragged the ghost soldier in front of A Gui and said reluctantly, “Sister A Gui, here.”

A Gui quickly sucked all of the shen power from the ghost soldier’s body.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s power had grown greatly after he swallowed two balls of light while  Zuo Mo had forged the earth mo weapons. He rampaged around underground. All of the ghost soldiers that he met were unable to fight back. The two advanced more than a dozen li and killed six ghost soldiers.

A Gui absorbed three threads of shen power and the Black Gold Seal Soldier also absorbed three.

After absorbing the threads of shen power, the Black Gold Seal Soldier became even more powerful. He was also able to automatically take in yin energy from the surroundings and could hide perfectly in it.

After absorbing shen power, the purple fire in her eyes was brighter. The yin energy in the surroundings continuously flowed into her body and then permeated out of her body. The yin energy that came out would carry away threads of black energy.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier suddenly exclaimed in shock, “Sister A Gui, you seem to have become more beautiful! That’s great! I have to ask for a reward from Big Bro! If I don’t ask for a reward for such a good thing, I really can’t live up to my name… …”

The scars on A Gui’s face were much fainter and her exposed skin much smoother.

What was most attractive was still her perfect pair of feet. Her bare feet at present had an additional lustre like that of jade or porcelain. They were untouched by dust despite stepping on the ground.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier touched his face and then his head. He muttered, “Why didn’t I become more handsome? It’s not fair, this really isn’t fair! Ahahah, I want to become handsome! I want to become the handsomest seal soldier, and then pursue the tastiest ling beasts … …”

The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s wails echoed underground.

The purple fire in A Gui’s eyes became less heated and more gentle.

“I really lost out, lost out! I have to get something out of Big Bro to comfort my wounded soul!” The Black Gold Seal Soldier’s mouth constantly ran. Suddenly, his gaze met his own hand and he stilled. “En?”

The script on his hand was peerlessly clear.

This pattern was very powerful. It was not like a seal script, nor a mo matrix, it seemed extremely old. Even Big Brother was unable to tell what it was. In the past, it had been very blurry, but now it was extremely clear. Each stroke was clear.

However … …

He clearly remembered that this pattern didn’t have any black parts!

One line of the pattern on his hand had turned black. He inspected it a few times and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. He could only give up. However, he immediately became excited. This hand’s pattern had always been his strongest killing move. While he didn’t understand what pattern this was, he could feel the great power contained in the hand pattern.

Have a strong one come! Have a strong one come!

Let ge try this out!

The Black Gold Seal Soldier yearned to try.

At this time, deep in the cavern, a deep growl came.

The yin energy in the cave suddenly became ferocious and turbulent as it twisted and headed at the duo.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier was aching for a fight and was overjoyed. He changed forward into the furious wave, heading in headfirst like an arrow! The purple fire in A Gui’s eyes suddenly lit up. The wave of air blew away the sand and rocks around her yet A Gui didn’t move at all.

A Gui’s bare feet lightly danced on the ground before she disappeared.

Bam bam bam!

Loud sounds of collisions entered A Gui’s ears. When A Gui arrived, she only saw the Black Gold Seal Soldier fighting intensely against a skeleton covered in flames.

The air vibrated with the exclamations of the Black Gold Seal Soldier and the angry howls of the fire skeleton.

If Zuo Mo was here, he would definitely recognize that it was a sacrificial altar under the Black Gold Seal Soldier and the fire skeleton. At the edge of the sacrificial altar, there were ten totem pillars carved with ghosts and monsters. They were continuously spouting pure and thick yin energy out.

The yin energy followed the passages of the sacrificial altar to gather at a bulge at the center. The yin energy climbed up the steps.

There were four stone statues with grotesque fasts and fangs guarding the four corners of the platform. The statue on the west was already shattered to leave behind a pile of rubble. From the fragments, it was possible to see that this was a statue of a skeleton.

At the center of the statues where the yin energy gathered, a grey set of armor stood silently. The feet of the armor continuously absorbed yin energy that was then spat out through its mouth.

All of the yin energy underground came from here.

The bone armor was like jade. After being permeated for countless years by the yin energy, it was astoundingly fine to touch. Small pieces of bones were layered together and held an unique beauty.

The empty eyes of the bone armor carried the weight of the ages as they soundlessly stared at A Gui.

[1] The Black Gold Seal Soldier mangled the poem the “Song of the Goose.” The proper translation is more along the lines of “Goose, goose, goose, she is singing towards the sky, with her neck bending in such a lovely curve” from http://completechinese.blogspot.ca/2014/02/classic-tang-poem.html


Translator Ramblings: Bie Han finally burns down Xuan Kong Temple. Revenge is served burning hot in this case.

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