修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Three “Battlefield!”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Three – Battlefield!

In the middle of the night, the sky above the Grave Ghost Mound was illuminated by a deluge of light. Zuo Mo’s figure with his arms spread wide seemed to be a ruler looking down at his realm. The pride and an ease in his manner spoke of absolute control was clear to all those below him in that frozen moment.

Even the bright lights could not mask his grandeur.

When time seemed to freeze, a blood colored handprint was frozen soundlessly in the air.

Even while it was bound motionlessly in the air, that bright red handprint would still make people feel the powerful, vicious, and brutal presence!

[Mo God’s Brute Hand]!

No one had thought that the [Mo God’s Brute Hand] that had drew at the energies of the universe and overwhelmed the world and caused a tsunami of ferocious power was a bright red handprint no larger than their own!

When the mo matrices below lit up, the rhinoceros mo god felt danger. Yet everything that happened next surpassed his imagination.

The destructive power, the furious wave of power he had released, stopped without any delay.

Seeing the [Mo God’s Brute Hand] silently stopped in the air, he even stilled.

How was it possible?

Even if his [Mo God’s Brute Hand] was stopped, even if the [Mo God’s Brute Hand] was destroyed by the other’s shen technique, he would not be so surprised. But this strange stillness in front of him surpassed the bounds of his knowledge.

Arms spread, Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up.

His right arm swayed slightly as his hand swept out. He shouted clearly, “Turn.”

The surrounding crowds woke up as Zuo Mo’s voice seemed to reverberate inside their minds.

The bright rain of light above the Grave Ghost Mound slowly revolved with Zuo Mo as the center. The seal scripts and mo matrices floating in the air woke up and moved around.

When hundreds of thousands of bright patterns moved, everyone changed expressions. Streaks of light formed and were destroyed. Even those that were skilled in mo matrices could not identify any pattern!

It was too complex!

Yet at this time, no one was able to shout in time, and those that were stronger found a faintly discernable figure within the vortex of light.

The chief mo god!

Even the stupidest person could guess this person’s identity at this time.

The chief mo god was in a dilemma. The jinzhi in front of him was eerie and strange. The seal scripts and mo matrices around him each gave off different kinds of power. When these powers mixed together, it was like a power bog. He wasn’t able to move!

No matter what shen technique he used, it would be consumed and merge with this strange power bog!

Damn it!

The sickle mo matrix on the chief mo god’s face was bright and clear, showing the fury he felt at this moment. However, he was a decisive person, and knew that he could not succeed even with the help of the others. It was more important to save himself in this moment. He immediately channeled shen power through his entire body to protect it.

At this time, the surrounding mo matrices and seal scripts suddenly spun. His felt his breathing choke off and his body was restrained.

Innumerable power flows spun around him, cutting, twisting, and grinding at him. This caused the shen power inside him to be quickly expended. No matter how he struggled, he could not break free of the restraint!

Only now did he understand the true meaning of this jinzhi.

It used an abnormal amount of turbulent power flows to turn the entire jinzhi area into a power graveyard. Any kind of power when put in this power graveyard would be broken up and assimilated.

Just as though it was trying to prove his prediction, the blood colored fingerprint that was motionless above his head quickly melted, grew smaller, and then disappeared.

Which monster thought of such a monstrous method!

The fury in the chief mo god’s eyes disappeared and a thread of terror replaced it. He knew the true meaning of the jinzhi but he still did not know how Xiao Mo Ge controlled the astounding number of power flows.

The pressure of the jinzhi against him grew even greater, and his shen power was used up at an even faster rate. The chief mo god knew that if he did not make a decision now, he would most likely be forever restrained in this freakish jinzhi.

Viciousness flashed through his eyes. He suddenly bit his tongue. The sickle mo matrix on his face turned from bright red to grey-white. His full face thinned eerily.

He stared viciously at Zuo Mo and gritted out, “Xiao Mo Ge, either you will die or I will die!”

Before he finished, his figure slowly faded at a visible rate until he disappeared.

The rhinoceros mo god detected the chief mo god going all in immediately. Shocked, he also reacted quickly. He knew that the mission had failed this time.

Xiao Mo Ge was stronger than they had imagined!

He looked with lingering fear at the youth in the middle of the bright glittering rain. A hint of relief rose. Fortunately, he had not been trapped in that fatal jinzhi.

Taking advantage of the other people not having recovered from the shock, he suddenly appeared behind to Youxi Ya Ke and grabbed him. His left hand suddenly exploded into a bloody mist and covered the pair.

When the bloody mist dissipated, the figure of the two were gone.




The fighting on the ground did not affect what occurred underground.

The fighting underground was similarly intense. The Black Gold Seal Soldier and the fire skeleton were fighting intensely. His strength having grown, the Black Gold Seal Soldier had the upper hand yet the fire skeleton had the advantage of home territory and used special abilities that forced the battle into a stalemate.

This displeased the Black Gold Seal Soldier. The screams and nattering of the Black Gold Seal Soldier echoed over the entire sacrificial altar.

“You trash bones, ye can smell the rot coming off you. You still can’t give up after being buried for so many years? Be obedient and let ye help you move on, you can earn some good karma. It is your greatest fortune to come to ye’s stomach. So many beautiful beasts beg for it but cannot get it, come come come … …”

In his eyes, the fire skeleton that possessed pure shen power was like an extremely high quality slab of braised ribs. Interspersed among the endless nattering was the sound of slurping and swallowing.

The fire skeleton was not of low intelligence and would occasionally give out furious howls.

Suddenly, the fire skeleton froze. A hand covered in purple energy passed through its forehead. All of the flames suddenly disappeared. The bones immediately lost their light.


The skeleton immediately turned to bone powder and landed on the ground.

The purple fire in A Gui’s eyes were shockingly bright now and seemed to want to emerge from her body. The death shen power inside the fire skeleton was multiple times stronger and purer than the ghost soldier they encountered outside. The shen power of the ghost soldier was like a thin stream, and the fire skeleton’s shen power was a raging river.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier was about to cry.

The braised ribs had flown away!

“Ahahaha! All of you come, ye wants you to come out … …” The grieving Black Gold Seal Soldier shouted as he charged to the highest level of the sacrificial altar.

Snap snap snap!

The other three status immediately shattered. Three monsters appeared in front of him. One was a monster with a sheep head, one had a bullhead, and one with a hawk head.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier wasn’t afraid. His eyes bright as he shouted, “Mine, mine, all mine!”

Hearing this Zuo Mo who had just arrived at the entrance almost tripped. He sweated inside, why does this sound slightly like ge?

Having eliminated the threat of the Mo Shen Temple, Zuo Mo’s mind relaxed. He was confident in the power of the [King’s Forbidden Firmament]. Only just now had he found that A Gui was missing, his face paled, and then hurriedly came in search of her.

Seeing A Gui safe and unharmed, a rock in his mind landed.

When his gaze turned towards the highest level of the sacrificial altar, his body shook, and his eyes gave off light!




The shadow of the fight that had occurred a few days ago faded from people’s memories. One side of the fight had been proven to be Kun Lun sword xiu, and had cultivations near fanxu level. This new cast a shadow over this peaceful city.

Kun Lun!

Even in the mo territories, all knew of them. No matter how the mo disliked Kun Lun, they could not refute its great power. In these chaotic times, Kun Lun had become even more powerful unlike Xuan Kong Temple who had collapsed, and Xi Xuan who was declining, and Kun Lun’s name caused even more fear in their enemies.

Lin Qian had astounding talent and was an outstanding successor. The sect’s inner circle was unusually closeknit. When compared to other sects, this made Kun Lun even more terrifying.

Even the mo that were far from the front lines had expressions of anxiety and fear when they discussed Kun Lun.

Yet there were many pieces of popular news recently that attracted people’s attention. The Mo Shen Temple had been defeated at the Grave Ghost Mound, this was the hottest topic of the moment. The Mo Shen Temple had once been thought of one of the factions most likely to unite all of the mo.

However, no one paid attention to the losers.

All of the mo territories were discussing one name, Xiao Mo Ge!

Xiao Yun Hai was Xiao Mo Ge. Even though the major factions had remained silent on this topic in an unspoken agreement, the angry shout of the chief mo god had informed everyone when he retreated. If Xiao Mo Ge in the past was thought of one of the strongest in the younger generation and an upcoming talent, then no one thought that now.

No one paid any more attention to the fight that had occurred a few days ago.

But what no one knew was that there was a great battle occurring deep underground outside the city.

Thirty li under the ground, there was a cocoon of blood about the height of a person.

Blood seeped out from the God-Killing Blood Sword and flowed towards the blood cocoon. It flowed along the passages of the blood cocoon and entered Wei Sheng’s body. Wei Sheng’s own blood flowed out through another passage and permeated the God-Killing Blood Sword.

There wasn’t even one drop of Wei Sheng’s own blood in his body.

Every droplet of blood was replaced by the blood of the warriors and great fighters that the God-Killing Blood Sword had drank as it had killed them. Through the ages, it had drank the blood of countless warriors.

The blood was truly the blood of heroes. It contained the power, belief, and hate of these warriors before death, and also pure and stunning power.

Each droplet was like a great poison.

If this was any other person, each and every droplet would be fatal. These warrior’s belief were so strong that any normal soul would be rendered into dust. In the end, there would only be one result, the destruction of the body.

Wei Sheng did not die even though all of his blood had been exchanged for this poisonous heroes’ blood.

Because he was Wei Sheng. His power might not be strong enough, but his resolve was not lacking compared to any other person!

His body became a battlefield

A battlefield where intense fighting was occurring on every inch, a battlefield where he either would either win or die.


Translator Ramblings: Maybe blood is just a manifestation of power and there aren’t any antibodies … … the blood most likely is a mix of blood from many races as well.

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