傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S02-C03 “Starry Night”

Recap: Aofeng takes revenge on cousin and deals with the attention that follows her show of strength.


Chapter Three Starry Night

“It is a sacred beast in its infant stage.” A light flashed through Jun Luoyu’s eyes as he slowly said, “This magus beast is still weak and not scary, but there is an adult spirit beast Green-Winged Grey Wolf with him. They are also hiding deep within the Xiangnan Forest which has greatly increased the difficulty of the search. What we need is the people from the major mercenary companies and the nearby powers.”

Pausing, Jun Luoyu said, “The Radiance Magus Church only needs that infant stage magus beast which has some special abilities. The Green-Winged Grey Wolf goes to whoever captures it. However, everyone should know the depths of the Xiangnan forest are dangerous. There is still time to leave if you want to.”

While he did say this, after the explanation, the breathing of the leaders in the tent deepened. Ambitious light flashed across each person’s eyes.

Of those that come, other than the Radiance Magus Church behind Jun Luoyu, there were seven other factions. The three big mercenary companies of the continent, the nobilities of the Kaya Empire, the Mo, Su, and Xu Families, and the Qin Clan of the Qin City which Qin Wu was leader of. However, Qin Wu could not represent the main Qin Family. This could only be said to be a private mission for a cadet branch. Therefore, he could not rely on the power of the Qin Family and he feared Jun Luoyu.

“Holy Emperor Daren, it is our honor to serve the Radiance Magus Church!” The people didn’t even think before they expressed their decision.

Aofeng silently listened as she stood behind Jun Luoyu. She was also astounded. According to Aofeng’s memories, the value of a sacred beast could not be measured using wealth. If it was sent to some underground auctions in the empire, it could be sold for millions of obsidians! And there would be a great market with no supply!

In the currency of this world, obsidian was at the top of the pyramid. 100 gold coins could be traded to one gem coin. 100 gem coins could be traded for one obsidian. If this amount was turned into gold coins, how many buildings would it fill?

Adult spirit beasts were what people wanted but could not get. Infant magus beasts usually did not have any offensive abilities and, in normal circumstances, one would need to wait five to ten years to nurture and train them. Adult magic beasts could be used immediately by magisters after being tamed. The Green-Winged Grey Wolf belonged to the Tungsten Wolf Family. They were strong offensive fighters, their shape claws and fangs able to tear apart the battle armor of sacred swordsmen. They could also fly in the air using their wings.

So what if it was dangerous. Who would retreat with such great rewards?

A few hints of anticipation flashed through Aofeng’s eyes. If she could have a flying magus beast like this to ride and fly everywhere, that would probably be more enjoyable than flying on an airplane? As she was thinking, that warm and clear soul sound transmission came to her ear.

“If you want the Green-Winged Grey Wolf, I’ll capture it for you.”

Raising her eyes, she saw Jun Luoyu looking at her with a smile as though he saw her thought. His expression was thoughtful but serious. Even busy in such a high-level meeting, he had been paying attention to her and not forgotten her.

He spoke so lightly of something that other people treated like treasure, saying that he would give it. His attitude was so relaxed it was frightening. If someone else present heard this, they would spit up blood in anger.

Smiling slightly, Aofeng shook her head.

It was not that she was generous or that Jun Luoyu was joking. If it was possible, of course she did not want to refuse. However, she did not have the ability at present. Not just spirit beasts, she was unable to control even an one-star magus beast. Even though she had shed the label of good-for-nothing, due to Qin Aofeng’s strange body, she was still unable to gather magic and could not become a magister. If the Green-Winged Grey Wolf was tamed and given to her, she could only stare at it.

As though he understood something, Jun Luoyu did not force her. After looking around, his handsome face had a satisfied smile. With authority, as though he was commander-in-chief, he nodded and said, “Then everyone shall rest and organize the troops. We will depart tomorrow morning. Do not pay attention to the other small mercenary companies and explorer, they just plan on following us to get some benefits.”

This A-level mission had attracted many small mercenary companies. They usually did not dare to go into the dangerous Xiangnan Forest to capture magic beasts. Now that they had a chance to take advantage of the chaos, no one was willing to pass it.

The vice captain of the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company, Qiu Ran, glanced outside and said with slightly disdain, “Soon, the Xiangnan forest will tell them what is terror.”

After finalizing the time of departure, all of them left to return to their own tents to rest while sending their subordinates to search for the location of the infant sacred beast and the Green-Winged Grey Wolf. Without realizing it, darkness had come.

Under the starry sky, the red light of the fires reflected across the lively faces of the mercenaries and turned them red. The mercenaries that traveled all over the place had hunted and killed some game in the surrounding forest and were roasting them where they were. The entire camp was busy.

Jun Luoyu went out alone in the evening. Aofeng was bored inside the tent alone and came out to get some air.

“Seventh Young Master! You’re out, have a drink!”

“Seventh Young Master, let’s eat the roast together!”

Just as Aofeng reached the periphery of the camp, she heard loud shouts from a nearby fire. Two large men were carrying a keg of liquor that was larger than their heads as they smiled dumbly at her.

The vast and endless forest, the black starry sky, the friendly mercenaries … …

Under the starry sky, within this wilderness, a feeling of boldness slowly rose uncontrollably inside.

Aofeng shrugged and smiled. If it wasn’t for the cold wind causing pain on her face, she might think that this was a dream. Today, she had completely digested all of Qin Aofeng’s memories and became familiar with everything here. She was not afraid of her transmigration to such a magical world and was filled with anticipation.

She had not died. Then it was possible that Yun Shitian who had been with her might not have died. Her soul might have also come to this world called Luska.

They had promised to be comrades-in-arms in their next life. If Shitian was on this continent, as long as she continued to become strong and get famous, this promise would one day be realized.

She walked confidently towards that group of mercenaries. Aofeng found that this place was the resting area of the Crimson Forge Mercenary Company. The handsome young captain of the mercenary company was skillfully roasting a whole lamb. The wondrous smell caused people to feel energized and hungry. Seeing Aofeng, he smiled at her and beckoned for her to go over.

“It’s just done, have a taste.” Rong Luo used a dagger to cut off a piece of the meat that was hissing with golden oil and moved it in front of Aofeng. The young man gave off an indescribable warmth. This was the feeling of an elder brother. He did not have an aura innate nobility and elegance like Jun Luoyu, but had the honesty unique to mercenaries and was a sincere person.

Aofeng had good feelings about this man that had twice been the first one to stand up and apologize sincerely to her. She did not remain courteous and sat down beside him. She shoved the roasted meat into her mouth and chewed. Then she gulped down some rum before praising without reservation, “Delicious!”

She had been a mercenary in her previous life and had that bold spirit in her bones. She felt a special kind of closeness to mercenaries.

“Ha-ha, great! As expected, I was not wrong in my judgment. Little Brother Aofeng, your performance today was worthy of admiration. If Holy Emperor had not gotten there first, I really want to recruit you to our mercenary company.” Aofeng’s actions quickly won the good feelings of the mercenaries. Rong Luo patted Aofeng warmly on the arm as he spoke.

The surrounding female mercenaries had bright eyes as they stared at the handsome young captain and the elegant youth. Both would cause their hearts to jump fast. Their faces became even more flushed under the reflected red glow of the flames. They thought that they were blessed today. Some daring ones even threw over flirtatious glances.

However, Rong Luo and Aofeng were talking happily and did not have the attention to spare for them. The female mercenaries were disappointed.

After biting off another mouthful of mutton, Aofeng shook her head, “Big Brother Rong Luo, do not mock me. I know myself, I’m just a small six-star swordsman, I’m not worthy of being recruited into the first mercenary company on the continent.”

There was faint worry on her mind. Aofeng knew the reason that the people of the big factions had congratulated her was mostly because they feared Jun Luoyu. Otherwise, with her six-star swordsman level, she was not qualified for any of them to look properly at her. Which of those leaders were not senior magister rank or above? In this world, most of the strong were magisters. It was very difficult for those not magisters to be truly respected by others.

She did not regret injuring Qin Aoxin but that definitely aroused the enmity of Qin Wu and his son as well as endless trouble. Just like now, some of the members of the Qin Family were looking coldly at her. The trouble was not yet finished.

Not just Qin Wu, she wasn’t even a match for the seven-sword magister Qin Aoluo right now.

Jun Luoyu was protecting her all this time but Aofeng did not want to be protected by Jun Luoyu her entire life. She was never willing to be the woman that was always protected by other people. However, at this time, she could not think of any ways to get herself out of this situation.

“Ah, what are you saying.” Rong Luo waved his hand and said emotionally as he looked at her. “I truly like your personality. Today, when you said dignity was priceless, I was shocked. No one had ever given me this kind of feeling before. If that was not so, even if with the Holy Emperor being a sky magister, I will not have apologized to you. I always though that strength is secondary. Even if a person with a determined personality cannot achieve great things in their cultivation, they can achieve success in other fields. So, Little Brother Aofeng, I think highly of you.”

Rong Luo, the young captain of the strongest mercenary company on the continent, a genius magister. While he was not as terrifying a monster as Jun Luoyu, he was still a person known in every household on the continent of Luska. Hearing him say such worlds, Aofeng increasingly felt that this man’s accomplishments were not due to luck.

“Big Brother Luo, just call me Aofeng. You really are a good person.” This conversation pulled them closer, and Aofeng was very moved.

“So what if I’m good, Holy Emperor stolen you.” Rong Luo was unusually pleased by this “Big Brother” and he joked in response, not realizing how ambiguous the words were.

Aofeng shook her head and said, “I didn’t sign a contract to sell myself to Jun Luoyu, I’m only acting as his bodyguard for this mission. Even though the question of whether it’s me protecting him or him protecting me is still very complex … …”

“Oh? So it’s like that … …” Rong Luo glanced at Qin Aoluo who would sweep a cold glance over occasionally. He took out a red token and shoved it into Aofeng’s hand. He said gravely, “Aofeng, the Holy Emperor will leave sooner or later, if there is a day that you cannot stay here, take this and come to the Crimson Forge Mercenary Company to find me. No matter how it is with me, it will be better than being annoyed and frustrated in Qin City.”

“Hm, Crimson Fire Token, Young Captain … … you … …” A mercenary who was half-drunk saw this scene and almost lost his drunkenness in fright. He hadn’t thought that the young captain would casually give the Crimson Fire Token to a youth he just met.

Rong Luo glanced at the mercenary authoritatively and scared the other’s words back.

Just looking at the mercenary’s expression, Aofeng knew that this little Crimson Flame Token was valuable. Facing Rong Luo’s great kindness, she did not pretend and put it away close to her body. Jun Luoyu was going to leave sooner or later. The Radiance Magus Church was a religion and she was not suited to a place like that. With this, she would have an extra path. Being polite was being insincere when she had such difficulties lying ahead.

“Big Brother Rong, thank you.” Aofeng gave a bright smile, and stunned the surrounding males and females. Such a handsome young male showing such a dazzling simile for the first time caused the female mercenaries, and even the men, to feel the world turn brighter.

“Cough cough … … no need, no need … …” Rong Luo who had almost been struck dizzy finally managed to focus and coughed awkwardly to disguise his loss of composure.

“Big Brother Rong, speaking of the mission, is the Xiangnan Forest really so scary?” Aofeng changed topics.

The smile on Rong Luo’s handsome face receded slightly and he nodded with solemnity. He said, “While the Xiangnan Forest is not as large as a forest that stretches for tens of thousands of miles like the Forest of the Neversetting Sun, this is a place with large numbers of magic beasts. Even sky magisters do not casually go into there, much less normal magisters. The number of magic beasts in there is endless, and once a terrifying magic beast frenzy occurs, it is impossible to stop it except through sheer numbers of people. Otherwise, Holy Emperor along could go to pursue that sacred beast, why would he summon us?”

Just as he finished speaking, a cold and harsh howl came from deep within the Xiangnan Forest. It was long and loud that caused people’s hearts to beat rapidly. The mercenaries stood up with panicked expressions and looked over. A bad feeling immediately shrouded the world. Even the fires of the camp started to feel cold.

Translator Ramblings: Aofeng has confidence but also knows her present limits well.

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