傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S02-C04 “Tide”

Recap: Aofeng makes friends with Rong Luo and other mercenaries.

Chapter Four Tide

Under the vast starry sky, the hearts beat anxiously. Deep ferocious howls of wild beasts from the depths of the vast forest caused people’s faces to pale in fright. The ground rumbled, dust rising in the distance. Aofeng instinctively felt danger.

“Not goo! It is a magic beast tide!” Rong Luo’s expression changed and he quickly stood up as he rapidly ordered, “All from the Crimson Forge Mercenary Company, listen, assemble in ranks, prepare to be attacked, quick!”

“Magic beasts! The magic beasts are coming!”

“Quick! Set up the defense line, summon the magus beasts, quick!”

The other two mercenary companies and the camps of the other families also reacted immediately. At this time, the quality of the prestigious families showed. The small mercenary companies were panicked as they fled in all directions. AS the shadows of the large herd of magic beasts grew closer, the scattered forces in the distance were attacked. Many people that were unable to flee in time were torn to pieces by the frenzy of magic beasts! Some were even crushed to paste, their bodies gone!

Thousands of them galloped!

The mix of the tang of blood and the smell of the magic beasts were carried to their nose by the cold wind. Aofeng shook as she looked in shock at everything in front of her.

The magic beast tide was just like the name, magic beasts continuing to rise out of the endless forest in one wave after another, one bigger than the last. The magic beasts that charged out of the forest were packed together, primarily cows, wild boars, mountain spiders and vicious wolves. They seemed to be endless. The magic beasts were lightning fast, and the noise they caused with their charge rivalled any battlefield!

The mercenaries held their weapons as they met the magic beasts, the magisters summoning their magus beasts. In this time, the snarls of the magic beasts and the shouts of the humans were mixed together in a soul-frightening way.

The killing started in a blink!

“Aofeng, don’t leave my side.” Seeing the magic beasts ahead breaking through the defense line that had been thrown together, Rong Luo pulled out the long sword at his waist. He grabbed Aofeng’s arm and said gravely, “Magic beast tides are unusually of magic beasts five stars or under, but there are always many and they are mad. You must be careful. Damn it, why are we encountering a magic beast tide at the border of the forest, and the Holy Emperor isn’t here … …”

“Rather than ask others for help, its better to rely on oneself. Five stars, that’s nothing to me.” Aofeng smiled and asked for a long and curved blade from Rong Luo to be her weapon as she stood calmly by his side.

“Aofeng, you are really arrogant, but your words always seem to touch my heart. You are right, I have to rely on myself for matters.” Rong Luo stilled and then gave a pleased smile. Then he raised his right hand, a pressure slowly spreading from his body.

“Hm.” Aofeng stared closely at Rong Luo, her heart jumping. A white light suddenly enveloped him, the blinding silver diagram appearing under the tall man’s feet. It was a rhombus composed of four exquisitely patterned triangle shapes. There were nine small silver swords within each triangle but the last one only had seven silver swords.

In the world of Luska, this kind of pattern would appear under a magister when they were summoning magus beasts. The diagram under Rong Luo’s feet was called a fourth spirit star. It represented Rong Luo’s magister level, seven sword spirit magister.

“As expected of Young Captain, he is already a seven-sword spirit magister.”

“Ah, Heavens! Spirit magus beasts! That’s a spirit magus beast!”

“The young captain of the best mercenary company on the continent, he really is extraordinary!”

Sighs of shock and admiration rang out in the surroundings. Under Aofeng’s gaze, the white energy left, and a magnificent magus beast that was the height of three adults appeared beside Rong Luo, Golden Marked Lion

This was a spirit magus beast!?

Magnificent, filled with wildness, there were three golden marks on the top of its head. With a roar, it flew out like a moving mountain! With a few leaps, everywhere its sharp claws passed, low star magus beasts wailed. The casualties were high, and the magus beasts summoned by normal magisters could not compare! Under the pressure of the spirit magus beast, some magic beasts collapsed to their knees before they even started to fight.

Aofeng stared at the lion whose golden fur was dancing in the wind. Shock climbed onto her face. Her hands balled and a great desire rose inside of her.

I will become a strong magister, I will!

Aofeng licked her lips. The bloodthirst of the underground mercenary in her was woken by the noise of the battlefield. Her clear eyes slowly rose and she said to Rong Luo, “Big Brother Rong, let’s go to the front!”

“Oh … … you are really a battle-hungry little guy. Alright, I will take you there, but don’t go far from me.” Rong Luo liked that beautiful pair of eyes even more and could not refuse the other’s request. He gripped the other’s waist with one arm, the other beckoning lightly. The Golden Marked Lion immediately flew leapt over. Rong Luo jumped over three meters into the air with a tap of his foot, and landed on the back of the Golden Marked Lion with Aofeng.

It was as though she was flying in the clouds and mist. Her body flew up with the Golden Marked Lion and in a flash, they reached the front line! The Golden Marked Lion was several times bigger than normal magus beasts. With a leap, the magic beasts in front of its claws were slapped away, and even the earth trembled!

So enjoyable! Even better than bungee jumping!

Once they landed, the excited Aofeng shot out, and moved between the magic beasts and the mercenaries. In terms of battle experience, technique, and movement, she would not lose to anyone here. It was much easier to kill these beasts than that xx head of state who had crowds of bodyguards.

Her tightly held curved blade stabbed into a weak point, then sliced at the head of the magic beast to cut out the crystal inside. Aofeng then immediately charged towards another one. These crystal cores were materials that crafters used. If they were sold at auction, they would sell for at least a few hundred gem coins. This kind of wealth was the kind that militia liked. Even the major mercenary companies would not forget to gather these, and she naturally would not pass on them. In less than fifteen minutes, more than ten magic beasts died by her hand.

“Aofeng! Don’t be rash!” Rong Luo first shouted behind her, but then his eyes showed shock. Even though he had known before that Aofeng was not a good-for-nothing, he was still startled when he saw her skillfully and unhesitatingly wielding a blade.

He had originally assumed that Aofeng had just wanted to watch the spectacle and hadn’t expected her to be so strong in combat. As a new fighter, she did not fear the sprays of blood, and she possessed the crisp movements of an experienced mercenary. Rong Luo suspected that there was something wrong with the minds of the people of Qin City. Even if the other could not become a magister, if this kind of combat genius could have a good teacher, they might even become a sword master! The other was wasted like this!

The magic beasts were mostly five stars and under, but the mercenaries were mostly swordsmen and magisters five star and under. High sword level magisters and high star level swordsmen were rare, less than one in a few hundred. Therefore, the whirlwind that Aofeng created was immediately noticed by those in the surroundings.

The fighters at the front were motivated by Rong Luo’s arrival and Aofeng’s display, raising their weapons high and charging forward.

“Kill! Together with Young Captain, kill them!”

“Seventh Young Master, good kill!”

The female mercenaries were even more excited. Seeing the danger ease slightly, they were reassured. Some even screamed, “Ah … … Seventh Young Master, Young Captain, so handsome!”

The magic beast charge in this area stilled, and then it delayed the charge from the next wave. The magic beast tide relied on the power of the charge. Once it was halted, half of the danger was gone.

Just as Aofeng was killing madly, crystal cores filling her purse, and happy at getting rich, a strong wind suddenly swept down towards her head!

“Green-Winged Grey Wolf! It’s that Green-Winged Grey Wolf!” Many people changed expression. The enormous magic beast that was flying towards Aofeng like a black cloud was the Green-Winged Grey Wolf that was called the assassin of the offensive-type beasts.

“Seventh Young Master!” Many of the mercenaries that had been saved by Aofeng in the fighting just now shouted in shock.

“Aofeng!” Rong Luo’s expression changed dramatically. Because Aofeng had already gone out a distance, and was being ambushed by a spirit beast, he wouldn’t get there in time to save her!

Facing the sharp claws of the Green-Winged Grey Wolf, Aofeng’s expression didn’t change. However, her heart beat frantically.

“Bastard! You dare!”

At this moment of life and death, a clear authoritative shout broke the shadow!


Translator Ramblings:I almost called it a stampede except that stampedes are usually to run away from something, not to attack other people.


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