傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S02-C05 “Divine Beast”

Recap: Aofeng goes with Rong Luo to fight the magic beasts in the middle of a frenzy.


Chapter Five Divine Beast

The silver energy was like lightning, arriving before the sound, and got to Aofeng before the Green-Winged Grey Wolf. That ray of light viciously struck the body of the Green-Winged Grey Wolf!

The Green-Winged Grey Wolf’s enormous gold pupils contracted and it wailed in pain. It was pushed back hundreds of meters by this silver energy and smashed into the Xiangnan Forest. When it managed to once again fly into the sky, its human-like eyes flashed with shock and fear as it looked at the silver figure.

The incomer quickly flew close after sending out the silver energy. He stopped in the sky above Aofeng, his expression cold, his clothes flying in the wind like a god.

Jun Luoyu!

Aofeng’s eyes widened and she inhaled in shock! This was not just because of Jun Luoyu’s power, but also his appearance at this time.

Exquisite silver armor wrapped around every part of his body. It reflected the light of the moon and made him seem even more holy and untouchable. What shocked Aofeng was that his black hair had become silver hair that reached his feet. Even his eyes had become silver!

The pure silver color was like a bright star in the dark night, intimidating and dazzling.

“Colored battle armor!” Rong Luo who had hurried to Aofeng’s side was also shocked and he gasped, “Divine magus beast! I hadn’t thought that the Holy Emperor possesses a legendary divine magus beast. The Radiance Magus Church is immense in power.”

Qin Aofeng’s memories had some knowledge that spirit magisters and above could turn their magus beasts into armor, but did not have the concept of a divine beast. That was something that the weak her could never imagine. After hearing Rong Luo’s explanation, she finally understood. So the legendary divine magus beasts were different from normal magus beasts. Consequently, the armor was colored and they could influence the magister.

This was why Jun Luoyu had silver hair and eyes.

“We have not come to find you, and you dare to come to us! You want to die!” Unlike his usual gentleness, danger flashed through Jun Luoyu’s cold and emotionless silver eyes! Only the heavens knew how much of a fright he had just received right now. If he had come a moment late, Aofeng might have died under the claws of this animal!

When he thought of this, Jun Luoyu’s anger burned uncontrollably. A shadow of an unicorn appeared behind him. Light gathered on the horn, and a sharp ray of light was released once again. It was the divine beast technique that he had just used. But this Green-Winged Grey Wolf was a nine-star spirit magus beast, just a bit weaker than Jun Luoyu. It was prepared and dodged to one side!

Jun Luoyu was also surprised. He hadn’t expected this spirit magus beast was so hard to deal with. Its speed could match the holy light the unicorn released!

The Grey-Winged Grey Wolf’s human-like eyes glanced at Aofeng. It moved to go forward but it feared Jun Luoyu. While it was called the best killer among the strong offensive types, he could not be able to win against a sky magister who possessed a divine beast, even if Jun Luoyu had just entered sky level.

Two other figures flew out of the distant sky. The Green-Winged Grey Wolf’s pupils contracted. It did not linger, its enormous green wings creating two gusts of wind as it flew far away. It fled quickly. Large numbers of flying magic beasts from the magic beast tide blocked Jun Luoyu and used their great numbers to stop him from pursuing.

As the Green-Winged Grey Wolf left, the magic beast tide gradually dissipated. The frenzied magic beasts were forced back by the mercenaries and they returned to the forest.

That last glance of the Green-Winged Grey Wolf before it left caused Aofeng’s heart to shake. She had a feeling that the Green-Winged Grey Wolf’s target seemed to be her. Even the eruption of the magic beast tide this time was related to her … …

Jun Luoyu frowned slightly and did not leave in pursuit. As other people cleaned up the battlefield, he removed his armored state and walked next to Aofeng. He asked nervously, “Aofeng, are you alright?”

“Fine, but I owe you another favor.” Aofeng shook her head. It seemed that she was owing Jun Luoyu more and more. She didn’t know when she would be able to pay him back. Since she could not pay him back now, she would remember it.

“No, it should be two.” Jun Luoyu recovered his gentleness and teased as he blinked his eyes.

Aofeng said with bewilderment, “Two?”

Jun Luoyu smiled mysteriously and reached out a hand to pull Aofeng’s hand. A while later, a tiny adorable fur ball climbed out of his white sleeve. The little being was scared, moving forward timidly before showing its little head. When it saw Aofeng’s white finger, its black eyes immediately lit up. It hurriedly climbed up and only sat down when it reached Aofeng’s arm to pant.

Aofeng gaped at this little thing and then looked at Jun Luoyu. Did he think of her as the kind of girl that liked pets?

“Nine-star magus beast infant ice mouse, an unique kind of magic beast. It will recognize the first person it sees as its master. This little think doesn’t just appear beautiful, it will be able to blow out strong and cold ice after growing a few more months. Its strong attacks can be used to defend. It is the magus beast that the noblewomen and the princess of the empire like the most. It is worth cities. Holy Emperor, where did you find this?” Aofeng did not recognize this, but it did not mean that others did not. At the side, Rong Luo gasped in shock but he tried to keep his voice down so no one other than Aofeng and Jun Luoyu heard him.

Even if others did, it was useless. The ice mouse would only recognize its first owner. Now that it recognized Aofeng, it naturally would not recognize others, not even Jun Luoyu who had captured it in the darkness.

Jun Luoyu glanced at him and said with a smile, “It isn’t found in other places, but there are some in the Xiangnan Forest. I went to investigate the location of the sacred magus beast, and coincidentally encountered it.”

Rong Luo speechlessly shoo his head. “The caves of ice mice are deep in Xiangnan Forest, and it is not easy to find one that is just born. Holy Emperor really has good luck.”

Aofeng’s heart moved and she understood. He had gone out this afternoon to find this. In the tent, he had said that he would catch the Green-Winged Grey Wolf for her, but she had not paid attention because of the problem of magic. She didn’t care, and she had thought that Jun Luoyu would not care. She hadn’t thought that he would go out to catch such a valuable magus beast that didn’t need magic to tame to give to her.

Experiencing his care, Aofeng felt indescribably moved.

Some men would only exaggerate and promise great things, but when the time came, they would not act. Some men would not say anything, and would only laugh and brush off even the most difficult of matters, but this kind of unconcern was the thing that moved Aofeng the most.

The two figures flying towards them once again received everyone’s attention. Those that could fly were sky magisters or higher, sky level!

“Your excellencies, has something happened?” Jun Luoyu saw the two auditors and his expression grew solemn.

The two middle-aged men with sharp features and grave expressions strode next to Jun Luoyu and said urgently, “Holy Emperor Daren, there has been a change in the situation. The Divine Bishop has sent up to aid you, we cannot wait. We have determined that the magus beast is not a sacred magus beast, but a divine beast. Right now, the main Qin Family and the empire have sent sky magisters to compete for it, we must move fast!”

Divine beast! It was a legendary divine beast!

The astounding new spread, and the surrounding mercenaries and small companies were all shocked. Countless adventurers immediately charged into the forest with red eyes, greedy manipulated people to move in. They completely forgot about the endless magic beasts in Xiangnan Forest and the terrifying magic beast tide that had just occurred.

Faint disdain flashed through the eyes of the two auditors. These reckless people, were divine beasts so easy to obtain, was the Xiangnan Forest so easy to pass through?

As expected, it wasn’t even then breaths when waves of hair-raising screams came out of the forest.

“Crimson Forge, return to the camp and do not participate. Any offenders will be exiled from the company! They will be forever banned from being mercenaries!” Rong Luo gave a harsh order after the initial shock.

Divine beast! The news was too shocking.

But Rong Luo who was usually calm also knew that as the reinforcements from the various sides came, the fighting over the divine beast would go up another level. It was not something that they could participate in. He knew that just looking at the three sky magisters of Radiance Magus Church. If they went in this situation where they didn’t have a sky magister, they would just be cannon fodder.

“As expected of the young captain of the best mercenary company on the continent, you know your limits. Do not worry, we will still give you the reward.” The two auditors nodded in satisfaction but that proud attitude was unsightly.

“Aofeng, you are also going? How about staying behind with me,” Rong Luo said to Aofeng. While he knew that the other was Jun Luoyu’s “bodyguard” at his invitation, this course of action was too dangerous. From the bottom of his head, Rong Luo did not want Aofeng to go into danger. They had not interacted for a long time but he liked this little brother very much.

“No. I will accomplish what I have promised. Also, I wanted to see what a divine beast looks like.” Aofeng thanked him for his good intentions and refused him. Her tone was firm. Since she decided to become a strong magister, of course she would not easily retreat. A legendary divine beast. It would be good to have a look!

Rong Luo knew Aofeng’s stubbornness and wanted to go. However, the mercenary company did not have anyone else in charge. He could only sigh lightly. “Alright, remember to be careful. Holy Emperor, please take care of Aofeng.”

One of the auditors heard this and shouted in surprise, “What? Take such a good-for-nothing along? How can we do that, he will be a burden when the time comes!”

“Yes, Holy Emperor Daren, he is not fit to be together with those of use from the Radiance Magus Church!” The other auditor said proudly. The group of a hundred people behind him that came from Radiance Magus Church also had dismissive expressions after understanding the situation.

Aofeng’s brow furrowed. Her impression of Radiance Magus Church dropped a few fractions. She said with a cold smile, “No one told you to protect me. Even if I am a burden, I am not a burden to you!”

Her hands under her black robe unconsciously fisted together. Aofeng disliked this feeling of helplessness, disliked the feeling of being weak. She swore she would do all she could to become strong. When she became strong, no one would be able to look down on her like this!

The two auditors immediately were furious. It had been decades since a normal person dared to talk to them like this. Who was this boy? Did he want to die?

“If you still want the divine beast, stop wasting words. I will look after Aofeng, you do not need to worry.” Turning and glaring coldly, Jun Luoyu forced back the objections of the auditors. With a move of his hand, he carried Aofeng and flew into the Xiangnan Forest, his determination clear without saying.

“Holy Emperor Daren!” The two auditors stamped their feet and chased after him. They couldn’t help but feel puzzled inside.

Was something wrong with Holy Emperor Daren? He was protecting a person like this. Usually, his attitude towards normal people was about the same as theirs!

On the other side, in the Qin Family camp, the enforcer that had come from the main Qin Family saw Qin Aoxin who was bedridden and breathing faintly under the guidance of Qin Wu and his son. After he heard Qin Wu and his son’s tear-filled version of events, he was so angry he smashed a chair.

“Bastard! He dares to give such a serious injury, is he fit to be a member of the Qin Family? Expel from the family! Expel him from the family!”


Translator Ramblings: The stamping of the feet makes me feel the auditors are children … … but the author wrote it that way so there it is.

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