修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Six “Won’t Forget, Even In Death”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Six – Won’t Forget Even In Death

Zuo Mo opened the box and was slightly surprised. “Why are there five Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses?”

Yi An said carefully and respectfully, “The two extra are a gift, Rare Artifacts Hall hopes to receive Daren’s protection.”

“Protection?” Zuo Mo immediately react and said after a moment of thought. “You do not have to do this, Kuai An killed the yao elder to help me, I will not stand by and ignore the consequences.”

Yi An grimaced. “There naturally will not be any problems while Daren is here. If Daren leaves, then Rare Artifact Hall will  immediately face a calamity.”

Zuo Mo thought and found that Yi An’s analysis was correct. The Yao Council of Elders was a great power. If they wanted to do something from the shadows, then Rare Artifact Hall would be unable to stop them. He would also not stay for a long time at Bu Zhou City.

“You may say what you think,” Zuo Mo asked.

Yi An said in a respectful voice that was filled with confidence. “Daren is must deal with many great matters, and does not have the time for minor matters. While Rare Artifact Hall is not one of the biggest businesses in the mo territories, we have a stable foundation. We can become Daren’s hand in gathering and distributing materials, transporting resources and selling items.”

Zuo Mo was truly surprised now. He hadn’t thought that Yi An’s plan was to fully submit to him. Deeply established family businesses like Rare Artifacts Hall were factions in their own right and would not easily submit to other factions.

“I will agree this to this.” Zuo Mo thought and then said, “But you need to think it through. Once you pick a side, you will not be as idle and free as you are now.”

Yi An’s expression was joyful as he unhesitatingly bowed. “This subordinate has thought this through and this is not an impulse.”

Zuo Mo was very satisfied. Yi An’s Rare Artifacts Hall was an unexpected hall. No matter if it was Yi An’s great experience in managing a business, or Rare Artifacts Hall’s enormous mercantile network, they were all things that the present Mo Cloud Sea desperately needed now.

This was free food dropping down from the sky!

“Do not spread the news right now.” Zuo Mo paused and thought.

Yi An immediately understood. “Yes!”

Zuo Mo said, “It is too dangerous outside. Stay here now, and prepare an auction for the [Angel Device Raiment].”

Daren is planning to sell the [Angel Device Raiment]?” Yi An was stunned.

“Yes, sell it, it is just a pseudo-shen device.” Zuo Mo nodded and did not expand further. He said casually, “Just some simple preparations.”

Finishing, he disappeared.

He left behind a shocked Yi An. Only now did Yi An realize why even the Yao Council of Elders had come to participate in this event. Pseudo-shen device, the [Angel Device Raiment] was a pseudo-shen device.

Yi An had never seen a shen device and could not make a professional evaluation but just the name was enough to make countless people crazy.

‘Just a pseudo-shen device.’

Daren was probably the only one that dared to say it like that. The shock on Yi An’s face turned into a grimace.




Staring at the five Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses in the box.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but become excited. For this he had almost traversed through the greater portion of Hundred Savage Realm. In order to not be disturbed, Zuo Mo came to the underground sacrificial altar.

A Gui and the Black Gold Seal Solder were both standing guard underground. The yin energy was of benefit to A Gui, and the Black Gold Seal Soldier liked yin energy. He copied the bone armor, swallowing yin energy and then spitting it out. He played about happily.

Staring at the Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrasses in the box, for some reason, Zuo Mo’s heartbeat suddenly sped up.

Strangely, he was slightly nervous.

Those riddles that circled his mind, the voice that repeatedly appeared in his dreams, they would all be answered soon. His birth, his previous memories … …

Zuo Mo stared dazedly at the Reverse Shadow Soul SIlkgrass. He didn’t move at all.

A moment later, his body trembled. His dazed eyes finally recovered a thread of clarity. His practiced wooden face became alive and his eyes focused.

He exhaled deeply and turned to look at A Gui who was stand guard silently. For some reason, the bewilderment and nervousness he felt immediately disappeared.

He laughed mockingly at his own weakness. Determination and bravery returned to his eyes.

He threw a Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass into his mouth.

Something seemed to explode in his mind. Countless streaks of light and sound came at him from all directions.


Zuo Mo’s mind was completely bland and he was in a daze.

There seemed to be countless people speaking at his ear. He couldn’t make out what they were saying. Countless scenes flashed across his eyes but he could not see anything clearly.

Too much information suddenly sprouted out of his memories and surrounded him.

Even with such a strong consciousness, Zuo Mo could not tolerate so many scenes and voices.

The blurry scenes and the noisy sounds seemed to drift far away.

Zuo Mo’s world became calm again.




Hiding in a corner filled with rubble, a boy trembled.

“We definitely have to get it!” On the other side of the damaged wall, the boy could hear the viciousness in the man’s voice.

“Really?”A woman’s light laugh sounded. “Kun Lun is really Kun Lun, this present, tsk tsk, different from everyone else! However, before the old woman died, why didn’t I hear Kun Lun act so domineering?”

“Hmph! Go to the side, I feel irritated when I see your Xuan Kong Temple’s falseness!” the man said disdainfully.

“You really wound me, I want to ally with you. If that thing ends up in the hands of Tian Huan and Xi Xian … …” The woman pretended to be wounded and said.

“No need,” the man said proudly, “We, Kun Lun, never need to ally with anyone.”




“Don’t waste effort, it cannot be used, the jinzhi cannot be opened.”

“Motherf***er, we spent so much energy to get this pile of scrap metal?”

“They may have detected something. However, they would not bear for it to become scrap metal, they would definitely have something else up their sleeve.”

“Did someone manage to escape?”

“There seems to be one child that we have not found.”

“Dumbass! How can such a mistake happen?”

“He is trash. He doesn’t like cultivating, and I heard that the old woman did not like him … …”

“Who is he to the old woman?”

“The old woman’s grandson … …”

“You idiot! Go find him! No matter what, find him! I want to see him alive or dead!”




In a dark and damp secret room, the small boy looked with intoxication at the mysterious patterns in front of him. For some reason he felt strangely close to these mysterious patterns. Especially those from the many jade scrolls, these would cause him to feel intimacy and warmth.

“Who let you in?” A cold and shrill voice suddenly came from behind him.

The young boy’s hand shook and the jade scroll dropped to the ground. He turned around. An old woman with an icy expression was looking at him expressionlessly.

“I … … I … …” The young boy’s face was ashen white.

“Speak!” the old woman shouted harshly.

“I, I solved, I solved the jinzhi … …” Terror filled the young boy’s mind and he stammered.

The old woman was silent.

“You like these things very much?”

A moment later, the old woman suddenly spoke. Her expression was still cold but for some reason, she did not seem to be as intimidating as before.

“Yes.” The young boy’s terror decreased greatly as he bowed his head and spoke.

The old woman’s gaze was piercing and the young boy didn’t dare to raise his head.

“These are the things that your father left you. I do not agree, but you have still found your way in. Starting from today, this place belongs to you.”

The old woman finished speaking expressionlessly and turned to leave.




“Starting today, she is your ghost.”

There was a young girl with a timid expression dressed in white robes standing next to the old woman.

“What is a Ghost?” The little boy asked fearfully.

“A person to protect you.” The old woman was expressionlessly.

“A person to protect me?” The young boy didn’t seem to understand. “Why does she have to protect me?”

“Because I will die,” the old woman said coldly.




“Gui Gui, this name is not pleasing to hear,” the young boy muttered. His hands didn’t slow at all.

The young girl tilted her head. “Gui Gui feels it is very good!”

“How come you work so hard at such a boring thing like cultivating?” The young boy was puzzled as he carefully treated the wounds on the young girl’s feet.

The young girl was teary due to the pain and her voice contained a sob. However, it was unusually determined. “Because only when I become strong will I be able to protect Young Master.”

“It is very safe here. There is no need to protect me. I don’t like to go outside.” The little boy’s head shook like a rattledrum.

“What happens if that day comes?” The young girl tilted her head.

“You are thinking too much!” The little boy pretended to be an adult and tapped the young girl’s head.

“Ah!” The young girl covered her head.

“What is the old woman teaching you? Why are you wounded every time?” the little boy said furiously, “Is she beating you?”

“Don’t talk about Grandma like that!” The young girl pushed out her cheeks in anger.

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything. She doesn’t like me anyways.” The little boy was slightly dispirited.

“Grandma is very concerned about you,” the little girl hurriedly comforted.

“No, I know, she doesn’t like me,” the little boy’s voice was low, “because she doesn’t like my mother, I know.”

“You are right.” A cold voice came from behind him. The old woman was expressionless but hate flashed across her eyes.




The tree branches whipped painfully against his face but the little boy gritted his teeth. A Gui had carried him and ran for many days, so many that he had lost count.

A Gui’s steps faltered.


He fell off her back, hitting the ground he became dizzy.

A stream of blood spilled out the corner of A Gui’s mouth. She crawled next to him and said with a sob, “Young Master, Young Master, are you hurt?”

He tried to make his smile easy. “No, I’m fine!”

“Young Master, I really am useless!” A Gui bit her lips, tears in her eyes.

“It’s Young Master who is useless.” He reached out and rubbed A Gui’s hair like usual. “Gui Gui, run.”

“No!” A Gui shook her head stubbornly/

He sighed. “They used a secret spell and left behind a mark in my consciousness. No matter how we run, we will not be able to escape.”

“No!” A Gui stilled and then screamed heartbreakingly, her tears spilling out.

He smiled and rubbed A Gui’s head. “Run, Gui Gui, and live for me as well.”

A Gui reached out her dirty hand and wiped away her tears. She suddenly picked him up and put him on his back and started to run frantically without a word.

“Gui Gui, it is useless. Put me down.” He urged many times on the road.

After running for an unknown number of days, the last bit of A Gui’s energy ran out. The two of them fell to the ground. A Gui’s face was ashen. Her power had been used up.

She struggled and crawled next to him. A Gui’s face was as white as paper. She touched his face and murmured, “Young Master, will you forget A Gui?”

“Of course not.” He smiled weakly. He was also at the end of his energy.

“Young Master, you definitely cannot forget A Gui!” A Gui’s face was suddenly covered in tears.

The hot tears fell on his face. His consciousness started to fade as he murmured.

“Yes, even in death, I won’t forget … …”


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