修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight “Auction”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight – Auction

Every person that entered King’s Forbidden City was filled with shock and amazement, especially since this city had appeared in such an implausible fashion in front of them. Many people’s opinion of Zuo Mo’s power increased.

It was not news that Xiao Mo Ge was strong, but for these experts that had their eyes on the top of their head, they were filled with confidence in themselves. Defeating a marshal might be a great matter in the eyes of the average person, but what was that to these people?

They stood at the top of the mo territories, marshal level was just the basic requirement to be on their level. Some people had even started to reach shen power.

They were more wary of Zuo Mo’s jinzhi.

The defeat of the Mo Shen Temple proved the power of the jinzhi. Otherwise, with Xiao Mo Ge’s power, he definitely could not have faced the two mo gods alone and even wounded the chief mo god.

King’s Forbidden City presence was stronger than the dots of light they had seen before. There were many places that people could not understand. However, most of the people had come here to see the [Angel Device Raiment] and controlled their curiosity.

The old man stood in front of the city. His face was upraised as he look at the tall green city walls with a complex expression.

Yi An was the first to recover from his shock. The Rare Artifacts Hall managers that had been waiting outside hurriedly entered the palace with dishes, dried fruit, and other things to set up the auction.

The auction would be occurring in the central palace in King’s Forbidden City.

The managers of Rare Artifact Hall were quick in their movements and the location was soon prepared.

The experts that entered the auction all had wary gazes. Even the most confident person would not dare to relax when there were so many experts in the surroundings. The yao council elders silently stayed in a corner.

“What do you see?” Ming Yue Ye asked in a small voice.

A grey-robed elder beside her had an astounded gaze. He said in a low voice, “There are mo matrices, seal scripts, and some others I do not understand, they seem to be ancient totem glyphs.”

“Ancient totem glyphs?” Feng Xin Zi on the other side of Ming Yue Ye stilled when he heard this.

Shen glyphs,” the grey-robed elder explained. He lowered his voice, “I hear that Tian Huan has already created a complete shen glyph but they are on a different path, and not the original totem glyphs. Their totem glyphs here are not complete.”

“How is their power?” Ming Yue Ye asked.

The grey-robed elder grimaced. “Very strong, may be even stronger than we imagine. See the water in the lakes? That is composed of yin energy. If I am not wrong, there must be a yin vein of extremely high grade under here, he really found a good place!”

“It seems that we will have to bleed a bit.” Ming Yue Ye laughed lightly and her tone was not dispirited.

The surrounding elders all had matter-of-fact expressions on Ming Yue Ye’s confidence. In this world, there were not many factions that were richer than the Yao Council of Elders. The Council of Elders had already passed a resolution on the [Angel Device Raiment] and their order to Ming Yue Ye was to pay any price.

When Zuo Mo appeared, all of the discussion immediately disappeared. Every person’s gaze gathered on Zuo Mo.

“Everyone, welcome. If there is anything lacking, please have forgiveness!” Zuo Mo smiled slightly and greeted the people. He ignored the wariness on their faces. In his eyes, they were all customers!

“Don’t waste words, ye is tight on time!”

Someone in the crowd muttered.

Zuo Mo smiled and said with a nod, “Then, skipping pleasantries, I will move directly to the main topic!”

His hand turned slightly, and then, suddenly, a rainbow-colored light carried a blue set of armor to slowly descend next to Zuo Mo.

[Angel Device Raiment]!

Sighs of shock immediately sounded inside the place. Many people couldn’t help but stand up with excited expressions.

In the corner, the grey-robed elder was excited and kept on exclaiming, “Too beautiful! It really is too beautiful! It is the work of a genius, so beautiful … …”

“Is it a pseudo-shen device?” Ming Yue Ye interrupted him to ask. She was deeply attracted to this beautiful raiment.

“Definitely!” The grey-robed elder’s response was certain. His gaze didn’t bear to move away an inch as he murmured, “I smell the presence of shen power … …”

Ming Yue Ye did not speak, but her gaze locked  onto the Angel Device Raiment was unusually hot.

Zuo Mo could feel the passion, greed, and desire in the eyes of the people. This caused Little Mo Ge to be excited because it meant that the Angel Device Raiment did not lack for buyers.

This was good for increasing the price!

However, Zuo Mo decided to add more fire.

“I believe that everyone has knowledge about the Angel Device Raiment. I won’t waste words and will demonstrate its use for everyone.”

There was a faint smile on Zuo Mo’s face as though he was a polite gentleman. His hand was placed lightly on the Angel Device Raiment.

As he finished speaking, a blue light rapidly coiled around his hand and covered his entire body.

When the light dissipated, Zuo Mo appeared in in front of the crowd fully covered in the Angel Device Raiment.

The icy blue battle armor, the dark red mask. An icy killing energy suddenly filled the entire venue. Gasps immediately rang out in the crowd, many people unconsciously got on their guard.

The icy blue scaled armor was covered in exquisite and complex patterns layered together beautifully. The pure white pair of wings on the back added some holiness to the presence.

Suddenly, a layer of dense blue flame floated on the surface of the Angel Device Raiment and burned silently. The flames quickly surrounded the wings on the back, and dots of blue energy started to fall.

The moment the blue flames appeared, everyone’s expressions changed slightly. An extremely dangerous presence was faintly detectable, but hard to capture! What shocked them even more was that Xiao Mo Ge was standing in front of them but they were unable to detect his presence.

Rumble, many people unconsciously stood up and stared hard at Xiao Mo Ge in front of them.

They were unable to detect Xiao Mo Ge!

It was like there was no one where he was standing!

Those that were in marshal level were all people that had fought hundreds of times. They knew very well what it meant if one could completely hide their presence like this.

Yet Xiao Mo Ge gave them even more surprises.

The snowy-white wings lightly trembled.

His body suddenly disappeared from his spot.

So fast!

Many people’s pupils suddenly contracted. They were unable to capture Xiao Mo Ge’s figure. Such speed was astounding!


One person shouted, and everyone suddenly raised their heads.

A blue figure stood in the sky above their heads. The two white wings were upraised, and formed a scissor shape. Zuo Mo’s body curved at a strange angle like an eagle waiting to dive.

The wings trembled, and Zuo Mo’s figure disappeared again.


When the blue figure once again appeared in people’s vision, the blue flames that covered his body suddenly grew. He was like a meteor that was falling down!

In a moment, the blurry figure that was shrouded in blue flames took over their vision! In that moment, their extremities felt cold, and they felt as though he was unstoppable.

Shocked, some experts instinctively prepared to resist.

The blue figure suddenly disappeared again.

Clap clap clap, the light sound of clapping caused the people with their tense nervous to suddenly wake up.

“Good thing! Good thing!” The old man clapped, his expression praising and intoxicated.

Xiao Mo Ge had returned to his original spot. Beside his hand, the icy blue Angel Device Raiment had resumed its original state and gave off an indescribably beauty.

Everyone immediately recognized the old man. This old man had shaken the world in his fight with Youxi Ya Ke. This old man of unknown origins had become one of the main targets that all the major factions paid attention to.

Zuo Mo felt irritated. This damned old man ruined the mood he had worked to create.

The old man’s origins was a mystery. No one was able to find him, even Zuo Mo didn’t see any sign of the old man in the memories he had gotten back. But from all the signs, the old man had a very close connection to his family.

Refocusing, no one spoke, the venue was deathly silent.

Zuo Mo’s gaze stabbed towards the old man as though he wanted to create countless holes in the damned old man. The old man met Zuo Mo’s gaze, grinning and showing his yellow and missing teeth.

A moment later, there still wasn’t a sound.

Had his act been bad?

Zuo Mo muttered inside. He could only force himself to say, “Everyone, what do you feel?”

No one spoke.

Zuo Mo was really stunned this time. Ge had worked so hard, shouldn’t these people be showing hungry expressions? Why weren’t they reacting at all?

Deathly silence.

Suddenly, someone muttered, “Name your price.”

“How many mobei? Give a number! I’ll take it!” A large man stood up.

“You’ll take it? Your tone is really presumptuous! Mobei?! Is a shen device like this something that can be bought with mobei?” Someone said sarcastically from the crowd.

Another middle aged person stood up. “I will use a jie to trade. You can pick any jie under my command.”

“What the good is jie, resources are the most valuable,” another said coolly. “I will give ten ore veins, large ones, that produce sixth grade or above.”

“When does Grandmaster have the time to waste on mining?” A female spoke, “I will offer one tenth-grade material, and ten ninth-grade materials.”

This caused the place to quiet.

Even Zuo Mo was shocked by this price. This price was definitely a high one. Each ninth-grade material was a great price, and it was the first time Zuo Mo heard someone offer a two-digit number for ninth-grade materials. Even after Rare Artifact Hall’s accumulation over thousands of years, they only had three ninth-grade materials, and not even one tenth-grade.

Zuo Mo had never seen a tenth-grade material. Ten-grade, that was the highest grade for materials!

But Zuo Mo reacted quickly. He recalled the old man’s warning and hurriedly said, “I need things that will nurture souls. Treasures of this kind will be given priority, and don’t offer anything average.”

The female hurriedly said, “These materials are enough for Grandmaster to trade for many treasures that can nurture the soul!”

Zuo Mo shook his head, his expression determined.

“I have Living Soul Lure!” A person stood up with an excited expression. Many people had expressions of envy. A lot of auctions were like this, only trading and not selling. This depended on luck. This person clearly had good luck. The Living Soul Lure was a rare treasure that could nurture the soul.

Zuo Mo continued to shake his head, “Not high grade enough.”

Many people inhaled in sharply. Even the Living Soul Lure wasn’t high grade enough!

Ming Yue Ye showed a confidence expression. Ever since Xiao Mo Ge used mo weapons to trade for Reverse Shadow Soul Silkgrass, she guessed that Xiao Mo Ge required treasures of this kind and had prepared a few.

Her gamble was right.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded, “Xi Xuan’s [Five Element Soul Dan]!

Ming Yue Ye’s expression froze on her face.


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