修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty “Rage”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty – Rage

Ming Yue Ye was of high status, and had entered the Genius Alliance from a young age. Then she had become the youngest elder, and now she was the most likely candidate to become the next head of the Yao Council of Elders. No matter at what time in her life, she had numerous protectors. She was like the bright moon in the sky. When she appeared, her radiance would cause everyone else around her to lose color.

When had she ever been called “Little Girl”?

When Ming Yue Ye heard the worlds, she stilled. Even the other people around her didn’t immediately react.

The first one to react was Feng Xin Zi!

Feng Xin Zi was infuriated. In his mind, Miss Ming Yue Ye was the goddess of his heart with an unrivaled position. Xiao Mo Ge dared to call her “Little Girl.” This was clearly blaspheming and insulting Miss Ming Yue Ye!

He could not endure this!

Even if he had some positive feelings about Xiao Mo Ge previously, all of the good feelings dissipated in this moment. What replaced it was deep hate and dislike.

He looked at Xiao Mo Ge unflinchingly and said coldly, “Mister Xiao, do not speak rashly and cause a calamity to come to you!”

“A calamity?” Zuo Mo grinned and showed two rows of snowy white teeth.

Before he finished speaking, a rainbow coloured cloud suddenly came out of the ground and wrapped around Feng Xin Zi’s legs.

Everyone’s understanding of Feng Xin Zi was limited to him completing a prison-breaking battle. Even among the Yao Council of Elders, there was only a rare few that knew that Feng Xin Zi had been one of the major players in solving shen power!

There was also no one that knew that Feng Xin Zi was the second member of this core group that was not a sky yao. However, he was an intellectual at heart, and did not show off so no one had discovered it.

Feng Xin Zi huffed. Pop pop pop, snowy white flowers suddenly bloomed around him.

The fragile flowers contained astounding power, pushing away the rainbow mist cloud that had wrapped around his feet. He was just about to take the opportunity to retreat when the rainbow clouds suddenly appeared around him.

He felt his body tighten and a strange field surrounded him.

Feng Xin Zi’s eyes suddenly lit up. With a clear shout, the snowy white hyacinths suddenly exploded. Countless snowy white flower petals shrouded his figure.

These hyacinth flower petals composed of shen power froze in the air as though a paralyzing spell had been cast.

In the midst of it all, Feng Xin Zi felt the pressure on him decrease. These hyacinth petals seemed to form an enormous net. This was a field of power that belonged to Feng Xin Zi!

Because he was being suppressed by the rainbow mist, the area covered by Feng Xin Zi’s field of power was compressed to its limits but this also made it as strong as possible!

The strange rainbow mist was blocked off by these tender snow white petals.

Zuo Mo had not expected Feng Xin Zi’s strength but he did not care. In the King’s Forbidden City, in this city, he was the true king!

They did not understand this, but Zuo Mo decided to make them understand.

Just how great the difference between them was in this city!

The palace disappeared like mist. In a flash, everyone seemed to be situation on a vast wildness. The endless rainbow colored mist caused fear.

Feng Xin Zi’s expression changed slightly. The pressure from the rainbow mists multiplied.

The outermost layer of white flowers could not tolerate such great power, pop pop pop, they exploded into pieces!

The elders around Ming Yue Ye saw this and their expressions changed slightly. As they began to move forward. A cold smile appeared at the corner of Zuo Mo’s mouth, his left hand moving slightly. The rainbow mists around the yao elders suddenly grew. The mists that were like specks of dust became seal scripts and mo matrices of various sizes that covered the space around them.

In front of the tsunami of power, the yao elders all changed expression and frantically reacted!

Looking at the panicked elders, Zuo Mo’s expression was vicious, tendons bulging as he swore, “You little people, just you bunch of failures dare to throw a tantrum on ge’s territory? You don’t want to live? So what if I called her Little Girl? Let me tell you, in front of ge, all of you are little girls! Ah-ha? You disagree? You bunch of little girls! Ah-ha, a calamity? Have a taste of a true calamity!”

The experts that were watching the battle gaped at what they heard. Even a hero such as Gu Liang Dao that did not care for courtesy had a gaping mouth as he looked, in shock, at the raging Zuo Mo. Shuang Yu, like an innocent boy, was so scared by Zuo Mo acting like a street hoodlum that his body was froze in fear.

At some time, water drops containing yin energy rose from the lakes and floated in the air.

Zuo Mo’s grin showed two rows of white teeth that appeared like two rows of fangs.

The water drops made from pure yin energy might be something that other mo only used in medicine pools or to forge mo weapons, but for Zuo Mo, it was a terrifying killing weapon!

Yin fire beads!

The killing move that Zuo Mo had first used when he stepped into the wider world. While it had been some time since he used it, but he had memorized the entire [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]! Additionally, the fire seed he had now was the Sun Shen Fire.

His arms spread out, Zuo Mo made a grabbing motion, and dozens of pure yin beads flew towards him. Golden fire suddenly came out of his hand, erupting and wrapping around the pure yin fire beads that came.

When the flames dissipated, dozens of round balls with  golden patterns appeared in Zuo Mo’s hand.

These round balls could not be called yin fire beads, but were yin fire shen beads!

Zuo Mo snickered coldly and threw the yin fire shen beads at Feng Xin Zi!

The moment the yin fire shen beads met with Feng Xin Zi’s white flower petals, a golden light flashed and suddenly exploded! The unparalleled and domineering power of the sun shen power spread, carrying golden flames. Once the white flower petals were touched by the golden shen fire, they would be cleanly burned away.

Feng Xin Zi seemed to be struck by lightning and his body shook!

The dozens of yin fire shen beads immediately exploded in the area.

With the explosion of each one, Feng Xin Zi’s body shook. Moments later, his complexion was pale white, and flower petals around him were scattered and had almost all vanished.

Under the domineering and ferocious attack of the yin fire shen beads, Feng Xin Zi was heavily injured.

Even the chief mo god had been defeated by the [King’s Forbidden Firmament], much less the weaker Feng Xin Zi.

Everyone else was shocked. The power of the golden yin fire shen beads surpassed their imagination. The mo prided themselves in their physical abilities, yet what Zuo Mo used was definitely not a mo move.

But it really was powerful … …

The explosion of each yin fire shen bead was like thunder and lightning. People’s hearts trembled. Many people thought ‘what if it was them that was being bombed?’ After thinking for a while, they found that there was no other solution than dodging. If they tried to fight back, there was no survival. Their expressions became ugly.

Zuo Mo also jumped in fright at the power of the yin fire shen beads but he quickly hid his reaction. The yin energy here was extremely thick and pure, and the yin fire shen beads he forged would be even stronger.

Having thought it through, Zuo Mo was even more excited.

He knew that such a fortuitous event such as this was a matter of luck. He could take the King’s Forbidden City with him, but not this yin vien. Zuo Mo immediately decided that he had to enjoy himself to the fullest.

His hands beckoned. Woosh, another hundred pure yin beads appeared.

The yin fire shen beads were powerful but they did have weaknesses. If this was a normal battle, which user of shen power was not as fast as lightning? Before the yin fire shen bead could come into contact, the opponent would have disappeared.

But in the King’s Forbidden City, this was the best killing move. The rainbow mist made from seal scripts and mo matrices were like a bog. They trapped Feng Xin Zi inside and he was unable to escape. From that, the yin fire shen beads could be used to maximum effect.

To use their physical body to stand up to the yin fire shen beads was not something even the mo famed for their powerful bodies could do, much less Feng Xin Zi, a yao.

“You’re shameless!” Feng Xin Zi howled angrily, the tendons in his face showing. He also saw through Zuo Mo’s move but the mist in the surroundings were like strong chains that wrapped around him to stop him from moving.

“Haha, you are right!” Zuo Mo was smug and did not disguise the savagery on his face. He said hatefully, “If I am not more shameless than you, how can ge sort you out?”

As he spoke, he forged yin fire shen beads. In the blink of an eyes, a few dozen yin fire shen beads took form.

Feng Xin Zi’s face turned ashen.

He had received some serious internal injuries from the last attack. More importantly, his hyacinth flower net had already been destroyed.

“Xiao Mo Ge! Do you really want to become enemies against the Yao Council of Elders?” Ming Yue Ye could not attend to anything else and shouted harshly.

Zuo Mo was infuriated. “Ge will spit on you. Little Girl, from the start, it was you making trouble for ge, ah-ha, now that you see you aren’t a match for ge, you say that ge will become enemies with your council of elders?”

Ming Yue Ye was stuck for words.

Zuo Mo said dismissively. ”Ge is attacking your council of elders, so what? You don’t agree? If you don’t agree, bite me? Come on!”

At the side, Shuang Yu was dumbstruck. He weakly poked Gu Liang Dao, “Big Brother, this is the Xiao Mo Ge you said was peerless in heroism … …”

Gu Liang Dao could not keep his expression. He coughed and weakly defended, “Even a rabbit will bite when cornered… … also, one has to be ruthless like the autumn wind to the tree’s leaves when facing the enemy … … heroism, oh, let us not discuss this now … …”

Shuang Yu swallowed and clearly had received a bit of a fright.

He was of common birth but had never worried about clothing or food. From a young age, he had entered Xi Xuan and worked hard on his cultivation without pay attention to matters of the world. The education he received taught him to first offer diplomacy before war, maintain rationality, and to not lose his poise. When had he ever seen someone like Zuo Mo that was so unreasonable and didn’t care about poise at all?

But this guy was astounding powerful … …

Zuo Mo’s words angered the yao elders to howl.

“Xiao Mo Ge, you go too far!”

“I will kill you!”

“Xiao Mo Ge, you are dead, you will not be able to escape no matter where you go!”

“Curse, keep on cursing!” Zuo Mo’s teeth were like two rows of knives. He snarled, “You guys, you think you will be able to escape? Ge wanted to sort you out a long time ago!”

Without another words, the hundred yin fire shen beads on his hands were thrown in a ferocious barrage at the yao elders!


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