修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty One “Fire Battle”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty One Fire Battle

The hundreds of yin fire shen beads came like a rainstorm, with a rumble, turning into a black cloud that flew at the elders.

The yao elders trapped in the rainbow mists were immediately alarmed but they could not break free of the cloud mist. All kinds of complex powers formed a field that was hard to break free of. No matter how hard they fought, they could not break away from this terrifying invisible net.

Yet the yin fire shen beads that flew through the air were not affected by the strange restrictive power at all.

The yin fire shen beads grew closer, and all the yao elders felt their hairs stand on end. Just now, they had clearly seen the power of the yin fire shen beads.

There was an immediate panic as all kinds of defensive yao arts were released.

Light shields, banana leaves, wheels of flowers … ..

All kinds of colors and lights that layered together to completely surround them.

The golden yin fire shen bead hit the defensive yao arts.

Boom boom boom!

As hundreds of yin fire shen beads exploded simultaneously, golden flames shot out and covered the figures of the yao elders.

The yao eldest felt their vision turn bright, their ears ringing. A tsunami of power crashed into their defensive yao art. Many people seemed to be hit by something large, their body shaking, and their faces slightly pale.

The Council of Elders had only recently solved shen power and they had only created a few shen techniques, and defensive shen techniques made up a rather small portion of this. What the yao elders used in their panic were mostly defensive yao arts.

Defensive yao arts that encountered the yin fire shen beads forged in sun shen fire immediately wavered.

Zuo Mo did not care about that. The supply of yin beads was endless here. He could use the jinzhi here as easily as he could think. Here, he had the advantage of home territory. Even he did not understand that these people who clearly knew that they were within his jinzhi still dared to challenge him. How idiotic were they!

“You dare to be so arrogant on ge’s territory? You don’t want to live! Let me tell you, on ge’s territory, if you are a dragon, coil up, if you are a tiger, stay on the ground!”

Zuo Mo’s furious and aggressive shouts echoed in the King’s Forbidden City. Everyone else watching perceptively closed their mouths. They had heard of Xiao Mo Ge’s reputation before but they hadn’t ever thought the rumored hero was really just a gangster.

Anyone present would not easily dare offend the Yao Council of Elders, much less fight them.

That was the Yao Council of Elders!

They ruled all of the yao, they had numerous battalions under their command. Countless prestigious families worked for them. All of the manpower and resources of the yao were in their hands.

This was a terrifying titan!

But … … but … …

Seeing their faces become covered in ash from the yin fire shen beads, and unable to keep their faces up, everyone felt as though this was an illusion. They could not imagine just how rash a person needed to be to act this way!

None of them would chose to do such a thing. They would even feel that Xiao Mo Ge was an idiot. However, they all admired Xiao Mo Ge’s bravery. Those experts that had been restless were now silent. They were all intelligent people, and knew that they could not easily provoke a rash person like Xiao Mo Ge.

He was someone that would beat and kill yao elders, and he didn’t have any qualms … …

The yao elders were furious when they heard this, but when they looked at the hundreds of yin fire shen beads behind a snarling Zuo Mo’s body, their faces turned green!

“Die! Idiots!”

Zuo Mo’s hands moved, and a new batch of yin fire shen beads headed for the yao elders like a fatal black cloud.

A hint of irrepressible anger flashed through Ming Yue Ye’s eyes. She suddenly bowed towards a green-robed elder beside her and said respectfully, “Elder Ye, please!”

The green-robed elder was thin and tall, his expression was indifferent. He seemed to not see Ming Yue Ye’s respectful bow and just responded with a light, “Oh.”

He was extremely eye-catching among the disheveled yao elders. There wasn’t any speck of dust on him, and his expression seemed to be unaffected by everything that was happening around him.

He slowly walked towards the front of the group. The rainbow mists did not seem to affect him at all. Deep respect and awe flashed across the eyes of the other yao elders. They perceptively made a path and each of them seemed relieved of a burden.

Zuo Mo had noticed this person with the cool expression a long time ago.

Usually, a person with this kind of expression was usually a true expert.


A hint of excitement flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes, and his fighting spirit rose!

Elder Ye looked indifferently at the yin fire shen beads that flew towards him. He raised his right hand and grabbed at the yin fire shen beads in the air.

A scene that was almost difficult to imagine occurred.

The yin fire shen beads seemed to lose control and flew towards him like birds returning to the nest. When they flew to within arms-length of him, they stopped in the air.

Gasps rang out among the crowd. No one understood this move.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed.

Elder Ye casually picked up a yin fire shen bead. He examined it and then slowly said, “It is slightly interesting. Yin fire bead forged with shen fire. I hadn’t thought that someone still knew such an ancient skill.”

“Idiot!” Zuo Mo squeezed out between his teeth with a cunning smile on his face.

Elder Ye’s eye suddenly twitched and his expression changed slightly. Before he could react, boom, the yin fire shen bead on his fingers suddenly exploded and his figure was enveloped in golden flames.

Boom boom boom!

The scene of hundreds of yin fire shen beads exploding in such a narrow area was spectacular.

Within the golden flames were even spots of white flame, the terrifying power pushing the golden and white flames up dozens of zhang. The terrifying wave of heat swept outwards in all directions.

The defensive yao arts of the other yao elders collapsed under this great wave of air. Some of the weaker yao arts were thrown about as though they were struck with a hammer.

All of the King’s Forbidden City shook. The people watching the battle were almost unable to stay standing as they stared in shock at the pillar of fire that shot into the sky!

Experts such as Shuang Yu who were at the edge of shen power changed expression. The shen power dense vibrations so  roared within that pillar of fire, and he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

So there really was a freak in the world that had cultivated shen power to such a level … …

The pride hidden deep in Shuang Yu’s heart couldn’t help but waver at this time.

Feng Xin Zi looked dazedly and wordlessly at the pillar of fire. If this was him … …

This thought could not be excised from his mind. His extremities grew cold and his heart continued to sink.

Ming Yue Ye’s expression changed drastically and she could not maintain her calmness. Elder Ye was the strongest person of this group! If even he wasn’t a match, then the result would be terrible … …

Zuo Mo’s expression was smug. Yin fire beads were hard to control, but these yin fire shen beads were forged in his sun shen power. He could make simple manipulations of the sun shen fire inside the yin fire shen beads.

“You should die!”

A deep roar like that of a wounded animal came out of the pillar of fire.

In the corner, the old man who had been idling away relaxedly suddenly opened his eyes, a sharp cold light flashing through them.


The pressuring flames extinguished without warning. A figure with an astounding presence slowly walked out of the remnants of the pillar of fire.

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

How was it possible … … how was it possible that someone could survive that kind of explosion … … that was shen power … …

Zuo Mo was also stunned. Even he would not survive the power of the hundreds of yin fire shen beads exploding together. But the other was still alive!

But when he saw Elder Ye’s appearance, after blinking, he suddenly fell over on the ground and roared with laughter. “Hahaha, you look too … … so special!”

The people who had been stunned speechless by Elder Ye’s terrifying power were startled awake by Zuo Mo’s sudden laughter. When they looked at Elder Ye, muffled laughter rang through the entire venue. They did not dare to be as careless as Zuo Mo. They hurriedly covered their mouths to stop the sound of laughter from coming out. But their expressions became strange.

Elder Ye’s hair was a mess as it gave off smoke. His eyes were two black circles like that of a panda. But what really set them off was that his almost naked body had been scorched and looked  like that of a zebra. It was unknown what method he had used in the end to block the pillar of fire but his body was scorched black in regularly spaced streaks. The black and white parts made him look like a zebra.

A zebra panda … …

“You should die!”

Elder Ye was murderous, his eyes filled with blood. That pair of eyes were ravenous. Vast shen power was like a monster that was twisting its enormous body. With every movement, it let people feel the great power it contained.

The expression of the old man in the corner became serious. A hint of surprised flashed through his eyes. This person’s shen power … …

An almost tangible pressure filled every corner and made people unable to breathe. Even those marshal experts changed expression now. In their eyes, Elder Ye that was slowly walking out of the aftermath was like a hope-robbing figure of legend. He only needed to reach out with a hand to crush them into powder.

Shock flashed through Shuang Yu’s eyes.

Zuo Mo snorted, stopped his jovial attitude and stood up. Facing Elder Ye, he raised his head and stared rebelliously at Elder Ye. “Still not admitting defeat? Then I will beat you until you accept it!”

He almost spat out the last sentence, pausing between each word. His presence reached another level.

Each word was like a hammer hitting people in their minds.

As his presence increased, the rainbow mists floating in the air seeming to receive a summons to gather rapidly where Zuo Mo was. Inside the underground cavern, the yin energy that had been slowly flowing was being drained out of the yin vein at an astounding rate, and taken up by the King’s Forbidden City.

The earth started to tremble.

In this moment, almost everyone had a feeling that the King’s Forbidden City was waking up.


Translator Ramblings: This reminds me a lot of Zuo Mo when he was facing the Clear Sky Forefather. Something about cities and home territory advantage … …

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