修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Two “Intensify”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Two – Intensify

Zuo Mo completely entered a rage. Ceng Lian’er and the people familiar with him automatically moved far away. They had seen how terrifying and vicious a berserk Zuo Mo was. The only one that did not move was A Gui. Dressed in the bone armor, A Gui stood there motionlessly like a statue.

Ming Yue Ye had never expected that the event would proceed like this.

Xiao Mo Ge would definitely become a great threat to the Council of Elders. When this thought popped out, she jumped in fright at her own thought. Gu Liang Dao should be a bigger threat. Gu Liang Dao who came from Xi Xuan and had the aid of a top expert like Shuang Yu was very likely to take control of Xi Xuan.

But Xiao Mo Ge?

A few battalions, a few small territories, he was individually brave, but in front of the Council of Elders, this was a joke. Then look at Xiao Mo Ge’s actions, rash, idiotic, without any intelligence. How could such a person threaten the Council of Elders?

But this thought was so strong that Ming Yue Ye could not dismiss it.

However, the present situation did not allow her to think carefully why she would have such an absurd thought. The two sides would go off at any moment, and she was worried that Elder Ye could not win.

She suddenly asked the grey-robed elder in a low voice, “Is there any method that can affect the jinzhi?”

The grey-robed elder was called Elder Lin and was one of the rare elders among the council skilled in jinzhi. The reason that Ming Yue Ye had brought him along this time was for him to evaluate whether the [Angel Device Raiment] was real or not.

Elder Lin also knew the situation right now was urgent. That wave of yin fire shen beads had been stopped, but all of the people on their side had been affected. His scalp prickled at the thought of another wave.

“It is possible to affect it. But it will be very short, only about twenty breaths.”

“That’s enough.” Ming Yue Ye said decisively. At this time, she didn’t care about fairness or dueling decorum.

Elder Lin understood and a black yao core appeared on his hand. His expression was pained, but he didn’t hesitate to throw the black core out.

When the black core landed on the ground, it turned into a ball of black mist.

The black mist quickly spread and dyed the seal scripts and mo matrices floating in the air like a great toxin. The black energy then flowed along the seal scripts and mo matrices to spread quickly.

In a flash, the rainbow mist made out of seal scripts and mo matrices became inky black.

Several black threads had even appeared on the yin beads in the air. They were frozen in the air, unable to move.

A hint of joy appeared on Ming Yue Ye’s eyes, and her tone was slightly reproachful. “What is this? Why didn’t you take out something like this before?”

Elder Lin grimaced. “This is [Black Blunting Smoke], a kind of yao core. It can slow jinzhi, but its effects are limited, only twenty breaths of time. Once it is used, it needs to be soaked in special medicinal liquid for a month before it can be used again.”

“Twenty breaths is enough!” Ming Yue Ye’s words were filled with confidence in Elder Ye.

The other elders had overjoyed expressions as though they had already won the battle.




Zuo Mo immediately detected the effects of the [Black Blunting Smoke]. The King’s Forbidden City seemed to be a machine that suddenly rusted, and felt difficult to use.

There was something this strange? A hint of astonishment flashed across his mind.

“Haha, how’s that? You can’t do a thing! Boy, you cannot escape, I will kill you!”

Elder Ye immediately detected the change in the King’s Forbidden City. His voice was filled with murderousness and savagery. He walked slowly towards Zuo Mo. With each step, his presence rose and became stronger like a fire!

Zuo Mo did not have the time to get rid of this strange black energy as Elder Ye was walking towards him with a snarl.

He did not panic. A cold smirk appeared on his face as he spat out, “Idiot!”

With a wave of his hand, a strange talisman appeared, it was the Little Mo Treasure Cup.

This was the only top talisman Zuo Mo had. The seven turtle-patterned treasure coins spun rapidly on the surface of the water and sparked occasionally.

The Little Mo Treasure Cup was slightly less powerful compared to the [Angel Device Raiment] but that was only a difference in how they were forged. The quality of Little Mo Treasure Cup’s materials were actually better.

The Little Mo Treasure Cup’s materials could rival the Anti Dragon Claw and the Three Thousand Threads of Worry now.

When the Little Mo Treasure Cup appeared in Zuo Mo’s hand, Elder Ye suddenly felt a great sense of danger. His expression changed, and he shot backwards. At the same time, he pointed with his fingers which lit up with a bright light.

He rapidly drew out a triangle in the air, shen technique!

At this time, a lightning-like light suddenly flew out of Zuo Mo’s hands.

The Little Mo Treasure Cup that had consumed an astonishing amount of lightning and now contained that terrifying lightning. With Zuo Mo using its full power and not keeping anything back, all of the lightning and thunder that the Little Mo Treasure Cup had absorbed on the day of its creation blasted out with his shen power!

The treasure coin that was covered with lightning and shen power could not endure such terrifying power and was reduced into a liquid ball of metal.

The silver energy was bright and burning as it charged straight into Elder Ye’s triangle.


The silver light was so blinding that no one could keep their eyes open.

Shen power turbulence were like little razors that scattered about. Everyone was shocked and threw up their defenses. However, any mo skill or yao art was unimaginably fragile in front of this shock wave, they all shattered.

In that moment, almost every person had small wounds on their body.

Many people changed expression immediately. When was the last time they had been wounded? Many people couldn’t even remember. There was nothing better than this experience to let them understand the greatness of shen power!

Shen power era!

A person that did not cultivate shen power would be abandoned by this era. Even if they once stood at the top, it was the same for them.

Zuo Mo and Elder Ye would not have thought that the fight between them would strengthen the determination of all those present to find shen power. The pride of the experts at the peak of this era did not allow them to tolerate being killed in the future and be left unable to fight back like insects.

The light dissipated and the two figures once again appeared.

Elder Ye’s left arm was limply hanging, a burnt black hole penetrating his right arm. Zuo Mo was not much better. The Little Mo Treasure Cup in his hand was completely dim, covered in cracks, and his expression was slightly pale.

In order to use the strongest attack, Zuo Mo had furiously channeled shen power into the Little Mo Treasure Cup. This attack was powerful, but Little Mo Treasure Cup had been overloaded with shen power and damaged irreparably.

Most importantly, Zuo Mo had used a great amount of shen power.

Elder Ye gazed at Zuo Mo poisonously as though he wanted to consume the other alive. He was filled with fury. His shen power was stronger than Xiao Mo Ge’s, but he had been suppressed by Xiao Mo Ge. The other’s moves were endless and hard to predict. The more he fought, the worse he felt.

Ming Yue Ye’s face was ashen. She looked in shock at Xiao Mo Ge.

All of the Yao Council elders looked at Xiao Mo Ge as though they were looking at a ghost.

Elder Ye was one of the Ten Yao of the Council of Elders!

Unlike what normal people understood, the Yao Council of Elders was an extremely large organization with all elders each having their own roles. But the Ten Yao were the special existence in the council because they were the strongest ten yao of the council! They were given prestigious positions, yet they did not have to work. However, all the elders were in awe of and respected them. The power of the ten elders determined the status of the ten yao. Even someone with power in the council like Ming Yue Ye was respectful to them.

Elder Ye was the tenth yao of the Council of Elders!

How could someone like this be wounded?

“Haha, come ! Let’s see what else you have!” Elder Ye roared with laughter.

Before he finished, a suddenly presence suddenly exploded nearby.

“No!” A wild howl carried out with the burst of air.

Elder Yao’s smile suddenly froze. Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed coldly. They turned their face and their eyes widened.

A strange and borderless field of power was released within a figure covered in white flames at the center.

Feng Xin Zi!




Feng Xin Zi felt the restrictions on him were much weaker. The Black Blunting Smoke was like a great toxin that infected all of the mo matrices and seal scripts. The rainbow mist around him were dyed black.

Feng Xin Zi felt joy. This was the best chance to break free!

If he could break free … …

He raised his head and accidentally saw Ming Yue Ye’s pale face and that flash of fear in her eyes. In that moment, he seemed to be struck by lightning, his mind completely blank.

She had always been so calm and at ease, she had always been determined, she had always been so proud … …

Recovering from his daze, Feng Xin Zi felt as though his heart was being cut by a knife. There seemed to be a knife stabbing again and again at his heart as it bled.

Feng Xin Zi bit down on his lips. The crimson blood dripped off the corner of his mouth yet he did not feel it.

That ashen and scared face entered his vision, and stabbed his eyes to the point he couldn’t keep them open. That helpless and frightened figure was the person he had sworn to protect!

Feng Xin ZI’s handsome and sunny face twisted suddenly. He lowered his eyes filled with pain and deep self-blame.

He really was useless … …


He was filled with fury, fury at his own uselessness. His halo as a genius was completely torn off. The tendons in his face bulged, his body uncontrollably trembling due to fury.

He had never hated himself so much, never!

Suddenly, something seemed to be ignited inside his body. Boom, a strong burning feeling filled his body, his blood seemed to be boiling, he felt as though he was burning!

Before his consciousness blanked out, he instinctively shouted out, “No … …”

The white and tender hyacinths that surrounded him were swallowed by the white flames that erupted.


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