修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty “[Black Fire]”

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Chapter Seven Fifty – [Black Fire]

“Boss,  they’ve arrived,” the subordinate respectfully reported. He licked his lips. His gaze when he looked towards the shadow was full of respect and awe.

“Has everything been arranged?” A deep voiced came from within the shadow.

“All arranged,” the subordinate hurriedly responded.

“See them to the evening banquet hall.”

The subordinate was slightly shocked. Boss almost never met other people and the number of people that saw Boss’ true appearance could be counted on the fingers. He now found that he underestimated the importance Boss placed on these guests.

He hurriedly lowered his head and said, “I will go arrange it immediately.”

“En, go.” An indifferent voice came out of the shadow.

The subordinate turned and left.

A red-haired youth stepped out of the shadows. His long and narrow eyes were deep and dark. The blue crystal at his brow occasionally flashed with light. He seemed to be one with the shadow and darkness. He had a thoughtful expression on his face.

The present Youqin Lie was far too changed from that rebellious youth of the past. He was now a famed person in the underworld. He had countless able people under his command and he had amassed great power. Even the local factions had to give him some face. The name of [Black Fire] had some reputation in the underworld.

As his influence increased, Youqin Lie began to hide himself in the shadows and rarely made appearances.

So when Youqin Lie decided to hold a banquet for the guests, his subordinates were all astonished. However, these people were the most skilled at concealment and control. While they were extremely curious they maintained their professionalism and did not show it on their face.

In their eyes, Boss was unfathomable. This unfathomable was not referring to his individual fighting ability. Among [Black Fire], Youqin Lie rarely fought. No one knew how strong he truly was. However, every person was filled with respect and awe towards Boss.

In the underworld, things like betrayal, assassination, and conspiracy would never end. However, no matter how carefully planned or well hidden the other’s plan was, Boss had never failed to counteract it. Even facing a terrifying existence like the Council of Elders, he was still able to organize a withdrawal with all of them remaining unharmed, and without leaving any trace.

Everyone in [Black Fire] was filled with respect and awe towards Boss. His unfathomable and skilled way of acting, his vicious and ruthless style, his fairness to his subordinates and the strictness of the organization. None of their missions had ever failed. Boss had a maturity and viciousness in his command that was beyond his years. In the eyes of the subordinates, Boss was born a king of the underworld.




In a hidden estate that was heavily guarded. All the important people in [Black Fire] arrived.

Chai Shan Qing was scholarly in appearance with a faint smile hanging on his face. He wore green robes as though he was a teacher in a yao art house. In actual truth, he taught music in a famed yao art house and was well respected by his students. Who would have those this elegant middle-aged person was the famed and vicious [Black Fire]’s third in command.

“It seems that Boss is going to show himself.” Chai Shan Qing laughed lightly.

The male beside him was completely wrapped up in a black robe. Only a pair of grey eyes showed. If one didn’t see him with their own eyes, normal people would definitely not detect a person was there.

The fourth in command of [Black Fire], Wu Ying. He was skilled in sneaking and assassination. As a testament to his skill, innumerable powerful people had died by his hand.

Wu Ying was silent as though he hadn’t heard these words.

Chai Shan Qing was used to the other being so and said to himself with a laugh, “I’m very curious about Boss’ origins.”

Before he finished saying this, the feeling of cold metal rose against his throat. A sharp murderousness intent reached his neck like an extended dagger. He said with slight helplessness, “Hey hey hey, I’m just talking, aren’t you also curious?”

The murderousness disappeared as though nothing had occurred.

Chai Shan Qing had an expression of helplessness. He knew that Wu Ying was faithfully loyal to Boss. Wu Ying would unhesitatingly kill anyone that would threaten Boss.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “You are so ruthless to treat me so.”

Wu Ying seemed to not hear it.

A wondrous voice came from behind them. “Stop fooling around, the guests are about to arrive.”

Chai Shan Qing heard this voice and shuddered. Even Wu Ying’s body imperceptibly tensed. An astoundingly beautiful woman walked over with a smile.

The tight black evening dress emphasized her hot body, her arms bare, and the snowy dip causing people’s blood to burn. She had curly blond hair and a seductive presence.

Chai Shan Qing and Wu Xing feared her like she was a snake. She was the second in command of [Black Fire], Tao Wei.

Tao Wei threw a flirtatious look at the two before striding next to Youqin Lie and docilely standing to one side.

Youqin Lie’s narrow eyes were deep and his emotions hidden. He seemed to be the same as usual but everyone present had a strong feeling that today was definitely an important day.

Soon, a group of people were lead over under the guidance of a subordinate.

Yet what shocked Tao Wei, Chai Qing Shan and the others was that Boss walked down from the stairs and moved to greet them.

Even though they had been prepared mentally, they were still stunned when they saw this.

“I am Youqin Lie,” A cool voice that one could not hear any emotion from.

“I am Liang Wei.” Liang Wei looked at the other warily. The other was not old, about the same age as him. The feeling of darkness on the other caused him to frown slightly.

As a battle general, Liang Wei lacked any good feelings about people that moved in the shadows.

“A banquet has been prepared, please come with me,” Youqin Lie said coolly. Finishing, he turned and walked away.

Liang Wei hesitated slightly and then followed closely, saying “You are too polite!” The idleness of these past years had caused his interpersonal skills to improve.

Walking into the yard, what he saw was simple and not luxurious as he had imagined. This caused Liang Wei to hold a slightly better opinion of the other. In his impressions, those factions of the darkness usually were usually ostentatious and lived luxurious lives.

If the power he was serving was faction of the dark, Liang Wei would be slightly disappointed. He had always speculated which faction Pu Pu belonged to but had always thought of the major factions. In his view, a small faction could not possess or support such a strong battle general.

Everyone sat in their seats. The other people did not think as much as Liang Wei. Pu Pu had recruited and persuaded them with simple conditions, a generous salary and money to establish a home. For these people, they were satisfied with being able to do what they liked and receiving rich rewards.

Also, they had stayed for a long time at Pu Pu’s Home for Battle Generals and trusted it’s owner.

Liang Wei was observing Youqin Lie, while Youqin Lie and his group were also observing the guests. Especially, Chai Shan Qing. He was elegant, and his words made people feel comfortable. While Liang Wei was wary, the other people with him quickly spilled the beans.

Battle generals!

These people were all battle generals!

Chai Shan Qing and the others were greatly shocked. In the world of darkness, there was no place for battle generals to exist. The world of darkness was a word filled with deceit, conspiracy and assassination. The battles of the underworld was silent, and the people that lived in the same city as them would not detect anything.

The factions of the dark that possessed battalions died out the fastest. The darkness was their best protection. Enormous battalions would cause them to lose the protection of the darkness and move the organization towards death.

Only those truly public factions could possess battalions, would need battalions!

Boss did have a background!

At this time, the perceptive Chai Shan Qing immediately recalled where he had heard the name Liang Wei before. The dismissal in his eyes disappeared.

This young battle general that had been famed for a time had been recruited by the faction behind boss.

“The higher-ups have a few things they wanted me to tell you,” Youqin Lie said coolly.

Liang Wei unconsciously sat up and said solemnly, “Please speak.”

The other people stopped conversing and perked up their ears. Liang Wei’s commanders showed intent expressions. This was related to their future.

“The base has been prepared. You will go and take the position of the highest commander of the battalion. All of the resources have been transported to the base. You need to finish selection and organization before the twelfth month of this year. In other words, you have six months to build the battalion. At the six month of next year, you need to finish basic training, and find the battle style suited to you. The higher-ups will forge shen equipment according to your selected battle style.”

Liang Wei’s heart shook slightly. The faction was able to forge shen equipment!

As expected, a big faction!

Those that could forge shen equipment right now were definitely big factions!

The other people present inhaled sharply, especially Youqin Lie’s subordinates. They had guessed long ago that Boss had a background but they hadn’t thought that it would be so great.

“The delivery of  equipment is temporarily set at three months. They hope that you can become battle ready as soon as possible. When you are all outfitted, you may be sent out on campaigns.”

Liang Wei frowned. “The time is too tight, a battalion is not so easy to build. The deaths will be great when a new battalions goes to fight.”

Youqin Lie said coolly, “Then this is something you have to consider and prepare for.”

Liang Wei calculated inside. He did not argue. He had been prepared mentally. If the faction did have power and still used him, then the missions he received would not be a normal or easy one.

He had prepared fully to the difficulties he was going to encounter. However, when he thought that this was the only way he could lead a battalion onto the battlefield again, he felt as though he was filled with endless energy.

“How long is the trip to the base?” he asked.

“Thirteen days.”

“Time is tight, let’s move now.” Liang Wei pushed away from the table and stood. They had all heard what Youqin Lie had just said.

“Let’s eat before leaving,” Youqin Lie said.

“We can eat rations on the road,” Liang Wei insisted.

“Alright.” Youqin Lie did not try to keep them.

Quickly, under the ushering of the subordinates, Liang Wei’s group hurriedly left.

Tao Wei and the others stared at each other. They hadn’t expected Liang Wei and the others to leave so quickly.

Youqin Lie sat down again. The other people saw this and knew that Boss definitely had other things to say to them. They hurriedly sat down as well.

“Everyone, prepare, we are going to go to war against [Snapped Red Silk]”

Youqin Lie’s words were like a huge bomb. Tao Wei and the others changed expression. [Snapped Red Silk] was not a small faction. [Black Fire] controlled only thirteen yao jies, and adding on the ones they had infiltrated, they only had twenty six. Yet [Snapped Red Silk] directly controlled over eighteen yao jies.

[Snapped Red Silk] was stronger than they were.

“Boss … …” Tao Wei couldn’t help but say. She knew that this definitely was a mission that Boss’ higher-ups had ordered them to carry out, but in her view, this kind of mission could not be completed.

“Do not worry, we are not fighting alone,” Youqin Lie said coolly.

Everyone else couldn’t help but shake.


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