修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Six “The Uninhibited Chao Xin”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Six – The Uninhibited Chao Xin

Zuo Mo looked at the strange thing in front of him and was greatly interested.

The forked tree branch part of the devices was now pointed downwards and the main trunk was connected to the back of the helmet.

It looked … …

Zuo Mo examined it for a while and found it increasingly familiar. He thought hard before he finally recalled what this was like. If the helmet was a person’s head, then the main branch that led down from the back of the head, wasn’t it a person’s spine? And the forked branches that split off, weren’t they like the small blood vessels and channels?

The more Zuo Mo looked, the more he felt it was like that.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo was extremely curious about his father. This kind of design was definitely unique. Even in this era where shen devices were constantly appearing, it still was unique. He was even more curious what the other two parts looked like.

What would the complete shen weapon look like?

What kind of power would the complete shen weapon have?

Zuo Mo suddenly had a feeling that his father was a great person. This shen device was too unique. Even though Zuo Mo had forged the [Angle Device Raiment], a pseudo-shen device, he still felt stunned by the incomplete two-part product in front of him.

There were no indications of how it was forged on its body. There were no shen glyphs or seal scripts. The tree like structure seemed to have grown naturally. The helmet was tightly melded and didn’t show any signs of being forged. Those long strange antennae-like things were something that Zuo Mo still didn’t know the use of.

He tried to pick up the newly merged shen weapon. It was unexpectedly light as though there was nothing.

A ball of light suddenly lit up at the end of the antenna. The light flashed to a certain rhythm that was hard to understand. The level of this shen weapon far surpassed the level of the present shen weapons that had appeared.

To an innocent man, wealth is a crime!

How could the Zuo Family which possessed such a shen device not be targeted by other people?

Zuo Mo sighed. He focused on the half shen weapon in front of him. After the two parts merged together, they seemed to come alive, and occasionally released light.

Zuo Mo tried to channel in shen power.


He felt the surrounding scenery change. Information flooded into his mind.

Off guard, Zuo Mo’s body froze, his vision turning black. He only recovered after an unknown length of time.


He tasted sweetness and then spat out a mouthful of blood before his chest felt less congested.

He couldn’t help but show a shocked expression.

In Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, Wei would had been motionless all this time suddenly opened his eyes. Pu Yao also felt something and suddenly stood up.

“Don’t try that again!”

Wei’s words stopped Zuo Mo.

With the warning, Zuo Mo put the incomplete shen weapon down with lingering fear. He didn’t dare to try again. With his previous attempt, he had been lightly wounded, and almost seven-tenths of his shen power had been used up. His scalp pricked at this result. He hadn’t even detected the loss of his shen power at all, and it was seven-tenths.

There was too much information inside the shen device, so much that it surpassed his tolerance and injured him. But no matter how he thought back, he could not remember a word.

This thing … …

However, Zuo Mo quickly noticed that Wei had woken up. He entered the sea of consciousness with a grimace, “Wei, you finally woke up.”

When Wei opened his mouth,and started nagging. “A Zuo, I said that you have to be careful, why don’t you listen? You’re a leader now, how can you be so rash? You have to know, if your shen power was just a little bit weaker, you would have been sucked dry, your life would be finished … …”

Listening to Wei’s nattering, Zuo Mo felt warm and a smile came onto his face.

Pu Yao impatiently interrupted him. “Enough, how come I didn’t feel that you were an old woman before? You are the great gravestone armor, you have dignity, show your presence, don’t be like an old woman!”

Wei stilled and then instinctively nodded. “That seems right.” But he quickly reacted, “What about an aura like yours that isn’t male or female?”

Pu Yao was furious. “Who are you saying isn’t male or female?”

Wei said deviously, “Not me.”

“I’ll kill you!” Pu Yao smiled in anger, the black flames on his body shooting into the air. The black flames in the sea of consciousness exploded as well, Pu Yao rampaging in the sky.

Wei didn’t have any fear at all, his expression was sunny but his mouth poisonous. “If you can’t kill me, you are a renyao.”

Zuo Mo almost fell onto his face. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. As expected, Wei was the more devious one.

Two tigers fighting would affect the bystander!

Without a second word, Zuo Mo silently slipped away.

Not long after he came out of the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo received Gu Liang Dao’s letter. After reading it, he guessed what the issue was but it was not for him to express opinions on this matter. Also, the favor Gu Liang Dao requested of him was a simple matter for him.

Gu Liang Dao wasn’t willing to return to Xi Xuan and this was most likely because he saw that Xi Xuan was in difficult straits, the situation was not something that one person could change.

He shook his head and his attention turned back to Mo Cloud Sea.

The present situation was also a great pressure on Mo Cloud Sea.

With Xi Xuan’s massive order, Mo Cloud Sea could enter a time of fast development. As long as they overcame the obstacle of materials, the powerful production abilities of Mo Cloud Sea would be able to be expressed.

For the present Mo Cloud Sea, if they worked steadily, if they finished accumulating in this time, their power would change.

While Zuo Mo had a good plan, other people would likely hamper is efforts.




“Xi Xuan and Mo Cloud Sea have established an alliance.”

The report of the subordinate caused Lin Qian to raise his head. His expression was normal. “Is the information true?”

“This is intelligence from the spy inside Xi Xuan,” the subordinate said respectfully. “We cannot get close to Zhong De and does not have direct evidence of this, but Zhong De took out the Zuo Family shen device part from Xi Xuan’s stores. We detected traces of its movement.”

“They are willing to pay a great price.” The one that spoke was an elegant youth with red lips, white teeth, and ethereal long robes. His voice when he spoke carried an unique slowness. He was called Chao Xin and one of the members of Lin Qian’s inner Sword Pavilion.

In the Sword Pavilion that Lin Qian had built, every position was coveted. Countless elders used their connections in hopes that they could arrange for their disciples to enter. Everyone knew that the Sword Pavilion would become the true core of power in Kun Lun’s future. If they could enter, they would undoubtedly enter the true core of Kun Lun.

Yet Lin Qian had resisted the suggestions of the masses and picked an unknown disciple, Chao Xin. Chao Xin was born into poverty. While his parents were Kun Lun disciples, they were outer disciples. He appeared very poor in the eyes of the public. Also, Chao Xin’s individual cultivation was stunningly weak. He entered the Sword Pavilion with zhuji cultivation. This was the first in Kun Lun’s history.

What was also unexpected was that Chao XIn’s ranking was high. The first person that Lin Qian picked was Xue Dong, the second was Chao XIn.

This unknown outer sect disciple immediately multiplied in value and was watched by countless.

Rather than shining like people had expected, Chao Xin gradually faded out of view and didn’t seem to have any existence to speak off. Only the true higher levels of Kun Lun knew the great power this youth controlled.

“Yes,” the subordinate hurriedly said, “this time, the envoy was Jian Jun. This person is not strong but skilled in diplomacy. He was promoted by Zhong De. It was the people from Abyss Jail that protected him on his journey. We could not discover what they discussed.”

Chao Xin said casually, “Pay attention to the movement of their resources. Zhong De is careful, but he just came out of seclusion, and the power he wields in the sect is limited. These tasks are ones that he has to rely on the people below to do.”

“Yes!” the subordinate acknowledged and then left.

Lin Qian didn’t feel any displeasure at Chao Xin giving orders. He frowned and said, “If Xi Xuan and Mo Cloud Sea have allied together, it will affect us greatly.”

Chao Xin took a sip of wine, and savoured it for a moment before speaking. “The most correct move that Xi Xuan has made up until now was to get Zhong De to come out. However, one cannot stand alone. Zhong De is strong but he is just a battle general. Our entry point should be Xi Xuan’s sect leader. I looked at the reports on him. He became sect leader at a young age, but Xi Xuan has been controlled by the elders. One can imagine just how discontent he felt. A person like this will desire power far more than other people. Look at this move, he almost cleaned out all of the elders.”

Lin Qian listened carefully. As he listened, he poured wine for Chao Xin. His movements were practiced. This was clearly not the first time he was doing so.

Chao Xin sipped happily, his expression uninhibited as he drawled, “Right now, Xi Xuan’s power is concentrated in Zhong De’s hands. He can tolerate this because the situation is severe. Only Zhong De can control the situation. He needs this knife. This is the common speculation. However, I feel that it is not so simple. It is not possible that Zhong De would not have thought of this. I investigated this person especially.”

“This person is very interesting. On one hand, he values promises and friendship, on the other, he can do anything, be cruel and kill easily. Fifty years ago, his woman was pulled into an incident and died. He lost his passion and asked to guard the Abyss Jail. He grew up in Xi Xuan from a young age and owed the past sect leader. However, the past sect leader of Xi Xuan did not help him with that case. Therefore, Zhong De’s emotions about the sect leader are slightly complex. However, no matter what, the matter of his woman is still something he thinks about. This can be seen from him immediately building a tomb after coming out. He cannot be loyal to the present sect leader but he still decided to come out, still helped the Xi Xuan sect leader finish the purging, this caused me to come up with a new theory.”

“What theory?” Lin Qian was interested.

“He knows what the present sect leader is like, yet he still helped the other complete the purge, still came out of isolation, still had himself become a blade for the other, and take full control without any qualms. There are two possibilities. One, he wants to kill the sect leader and become the ruler of Xi Xuan. Or, he knows that he will not be a threat to the sect leader even if he does this.”

Chao Xin’s eyes were bright, his tone slightly excited. “If he wants to kill the sect leader, the best time would have been when purging the upper ranks, with the loss of half of the sect leader’s personal guard. The counterattack from the elders was enough for the sect leader, lacking protection, to die. And it would be something accepted and his reputation would not be stained. But he didn’t do that. This is matching to his personality, while bloodthirsty, he has his bottom line. The other possibility is something worthy of discussing. He has such great power yet he is not a threat to the sect leader. That only occurs in one possibility, he knows he won’t live long! A dead person will be of no threat to anyone.”

Lin Qian changed expression.


Translator Ramblings: The Zuo Family, a simple case of having a powerful item and not being able to protect it.

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