修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine “Wolf-Head Thousand Monster Camp”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine – Wolf-Head Thousand Monster Camp

“I’m Fei Lei.” Fei Lei was surprised by Liang Wei’s youth but he quickly disguised the surprise in his eyes.

“I am Liang Wei.” Liang Wei could see the other’s surprise but he did not care. No matter who it was, they mostly reacted the same way when they saw his youthful face.

Fei Lei’s weathered face was filled with an experienced and steady presence. This caused Liang Wei to be filled with anticipation towards his battalion.

Fei Lei did not like to waste his words. He said directly, “Please come with me.”

The group entered a concealed mountain valley. Through the narrow mouth of the valley, the space suddenly broadened out. A wave of noise came, the shouts of youths, and Liang Wei’s heart beat uncontrollably.

Entering his view were thousands of youths furiously cultivating. The white mist from the evaporation of sweat, dirt flying into the air, angry shouts and curses, constant explosions, the activity assaulted Liang Wei’s senses.

Liang Wei entered a daze, and Fei Lei’s voice sounded distant to his ear.

“They are all individually outstanding. At the beginning, they cultivated mo skills and then changed to shen power. Each of them has a unique bloodline, and they do not have any barriers in the area of cultivation. They have progressed quickly. Up until now, they are still in the stage of rapid advancement. The length of this stage will be based on their age and talent, from about three to ten years.”

Fei Lei was completely familiar with these youths that he had travelled over mountains and oceans to find and teach.

“They are outstanding in power compared to those of their age cohort. They can even match the disciples of those large sects and the prestigious families. We have excavated the power they possess in their blood. This is also the help that I can give them. However, regretfully, they are very immature as a battalion, and can only create a basic formation.”

Liang Wei refocused and was surprised. From his observation, these youths were as Fei Lei said, outstanding individually and a match for the elite battalions that he had seen before. So many good talents, how could their higher-ups missed them? He didn’t know the power of his higher-ups but he knew that the mysterious faction would not lack for battle generals. At least Pu Pu himself was very powerful, and he would not be ignorant of the value of these strong outstanding youths.

It did not require a strong battle general to carry out normal battalion training.

However, his idleness in these years had sharpened his self-control. He asked without a change in expression, “Do they lack a battle general to guide them?”

A grimace flashed across Fei Lei’s weathered features. He shook his head, “That’s not so.”

As expected, there was a problem! Liang Wei showed an intent expression.

Fei Lei said coolly, “Their bloodlines were activated which caused their individual power to skyrocket. Their shen power cultivation benefited even more. However, the activated bloodlines caused there hidden personalities to take over, and they are very strange now.”

“Strange?” Liang Wei had a puzzled expression.

Fei Lei glanced at Liang Wei, a hint of sympathy flashing through the depths of his eyes. “Yes, very strange.”

He pointed randomly to a youth sitting in meditation in the corner. “He is Ying Rong, he will meditate for fourteen hours each day without exception. Anyone that goes within ten zhang of him would receive his unconscious and indiscriminate attack.”

“Unconscious and indiscriminate … …” Liang Wei gaped, his expression shocked.

“Yes.” Fei Lei seemed to not see Liang Wei’s expression and said, “That’s his instinct. While he will sincerely apologize to you after the matter, you may not be able to hear it then.”

“Why?” Liang Wei stilled.

“Because if you are not seriously injured and unconscious, you are likely dead,” Fei Lei said expressionlessly. “Look.”

As he spoke, he picked up a stone and threw at Ying Rong.

The rock drew out a crescent in the air and flew within ten zhang of Ying Rong.

Ying Rong who was in a meditative trance shook and then opened his eyes. Shockingly, his eyes were completely white with no pupils. He jumped up and gave a strange snarl. Midair, his body suddenly gave off countless blade-like red energies.

Hundreds of red energies headed like a storm towards the rock flying at him.


The fist-sized rock was immediately turned into powder.

Ying Rong’s body bounced and flew back to his original spot back in meditation.

The powder drifted down. Liang Wei’s mouth was open, his expression dazed.

“Ying Rong’s problem is not that bad because other than the fourteen hours in meditation, there is ten hours where he is in a normal state.” Fei Lei pointed at a half-naked large man. “He is Guang Long, he has the rare dragon bloodline that causes him to enter a berserker state. Once his battlelust is stirred, he will tear apart everything around him. It is very dangerous to spar with him.”

Guang Long’s body was like a metal tower, his muscles bulging and giving off a great pressure. His blood red eyes moved around as though he was hunting for prey to fill his stomach.

After a moment, Liang Wei said in a rusty voice, “Is … … are all of them like this?”

Fei Lei nodded. “Give or take. They are born with the power of the bloodline, and the dangers come as well. However, there is one thing you can be certain of. They listen to orders. Of course, that’s when they are normal.”

The battle generals around Liang Wei that had accompanied him had ashen expressions. In their eyes, these youths were dangerous monsters that would consume them at any time.

We wanted to be battle generals, not beast trainers … …

They cried tears inside.

They greatly regretted agreeing to taking this job. Many people had the impulse to chop off their hands. Why hadn’t they resisted the temptation of the rewards? They should have thought of this, anyone that pays a wage has a black heart … …

Liang Wei’s expression gradually recovered from being pale. Then a vicious look flashed through his eyes.

The wolf battle general who had once gone alone into the enemy released that blood-stained killing intent and determined presence once he made his decision.

A look flashed through Fei Lei’s eyes. He was shocked. It seemed this person that the higher ups sent this time was someone good.

The other battle generals were stimulated by that sharp and vicious killing intent. They finally remembered that Liang Wei was not the same as them, he was a battle general who had truly experienced the cruelest of fighting!

The youths that were training were all sensitive and immediately noticed the astounding killing intent. They stopped and looked over.

Who was this person … … he clearly looked so weak but he possessed such a murderous presence … …

Liang Wei smiled, and showed his wolf-like teeth that seemed to have blood on them.

“This battalion will be called the Wolf-head Thousand Monster Camp!”




“What’s Bie Han’s goal?” Quan Pei tried to make his voice sound normal but people familiar with him could still hear the anxiety contained within.

His second-in-command had been with him for many years and could hear this in his voice. He couldn’t help but be shocked. This was the first time he had seen Daren so unconfident. Was Bie Han so strong?

He thought and then asked, “What is Daren worried about?”

Quan Pei was tall, and his hair was white in places. He was not young, but his presence was elegant and gave people an endearing feeling.

He was not young when he became a marshal, and didn’t have the desire to compete with others. Due to this, he did not hesitate when he was invited to join the Mo Marshal Alliance. He was not outstanding among the mo marshals of the alliance but he was a steady person with a good and gentle nature. Due to his popularity, and his familiarity with the military, he was assigned to an important position.

Quan Pei knew his abilities. He knew that he wasn’t some great general and so he did not compete. Even in these turbulent times, he hoped that he could peacefully live out his remaining days and benefit his descendants.

He had never thought that there would be a day that he would be forced to face a top battle general like Bie Han.

In these past years, the mo territories had completely changed. Many of the old great names continued to disappear and many unheard of names shone and ascended in this new era.

Quan Pei knew he was old in age, and could not keep up with this changing era.

Just as he knew that nothing good would come of this mission.

Bie Han was a person that was ranked as a top ten battle general in the xiuzhe world . This showed his power. This was a true top battle general. Battle generals of this level were not ones that he could win against. In the Mo Marshal Alliance, probably only the young battle generals of the new era, like Xi, Shang Yu Sheng, and Hai Jin Yun who would match him.

Quan Pei grimaced inside. Seven years, a change in era. Marshal Di and the others were still the leaders but they all knew that with each passing day, they got closer to the passing of the torch -the death of an era. Shen power was the root cause pushing all this.

It could be seen from the inner structure of the alliance. The higher-ups started to deliberately set up a path for the new generation that cultivated shen power. More and more young people started to take up important positions.

The Mo Marshal Alliance was not the only one, most of the mo powers were doing the same, the only exception was the Mo Shen Temple.

Shang Yu Sheng Battalion, and Hai Jin Yun Battalion were racing to reinforce this area. The alliance also knew that Quan Pei alone could not stop Bie Han.

“Nothing, I am worried about nothing. have everyone stay alert and be on their guard.” Quan Pei exhaled deeply, his voice finally returning to normal. He was an experienced battle general. He knew how great the damage to the battalion’s morale was if the main commander did not appear calm.

He only needed to delay Bie Han and fight for the time needed for the reinforcements to arrive.

When he thought of this, he felt slightly more confident. Shang Yu Sheng and Hai Jin Yun were the genius battle generals that had appeared in the Mo Marshal Alliance in these past years. They were young but possessed unparalleled talent. They had proven their strength in cruel battles. If it wasn’t for them, the expansion of the Mo Shen Temple would be even more difficult to restrain.

The two of them were top battle generals as well!

If he could delay Bie Han … … two top battle generals were about to arrive. Bie Han definitely would not have it easy. Maybe, they could kill Bie Han! Quan Pei was filled with confidence in the two genius youths of the alliance.

Suddenly, Quan Pei who felt slightly more reassured looked into the distance and his pupils contracted!

An intimidating battalion had silently appeared on his right flank.

Bie Han!

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