修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Five “Lil’ Black’s Achievement”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Five – Lil’ Black ‘s Achievement

“Let them inspect.” Zuo Mo said baldly.

For one, he was curious about the goal of these Thunder Sound Temple disciples. They had been targeted from the start, and it did not appear to be a coincidence. Secondly, Zuo Mo also wanted to see if their disguise could pass the test. If they could not even work on some Thunder Sound Temple disciples, it would be embarrassing if they went to Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect and were discovered.

Little Mo Ge wanted face. Since he decided to go the devious way, they naturally could not show any slip-ups.

Tian Huan had heavily infiltrated Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect and there definitely were experts that Tian Huan had sent hiding among them. Zuo Mo had made a decision to declaw Heart Leaf Dhyana Set. These Tian Huan xiuzhe in hiding were on Zuo Mo’s black list.

It had to be said that the disguises of Zuo Mo’s group were very good.

They were dressed plainly without any decoration. Other than Zuo Mo who was dressed slightly better due to acting as the boss of the merchant group, the other people were attired normally. Their shen equipment and other things were stored in their rings, and their rings were also disguised to appear like normal rings.

The ling steeds that they rode were also appropriate to their identity, all of them ling horned horses. They were cheap, had high endurance, and were easy to feed. Any inn could supply the appropriate ling grasses to feed them. For merchant groups who cared about overhead costs, they liked the ling horned horses.

Several Thunder Sound Temple disciples immediately encircled them, and there were some other disciples that were warily staring at them.

Zuo Mo and the others were experienced fighters and unaffected by these Thunder Sound Temple disciples.

The Thunder Sound Temple disciple who had gone in to inspect quickly came out and shook his head.

The disciple leader hadn’t expected that they wouldn’t find anything at all. He hesitated and then said as though nothing has happened, “Great apologies for the disturbance, you may go.”

Just as the steward was about to say thanks and leave, Zuo Mo suddenly spoke, “Are you looking for something?”

The leading disciple stilled. He clearly had not been prepared for Zuo Mo’s question. He probably had not thought that someone would ask in a situation like this. However, the other’s expression was normal and there was nothing fishy.

He hesitated before nodding and saying, “Yes! A treasure of our sect was stolen, and we are looking for it.” Thinking about how the mission was incomplete, his mood immediately became terrible. He waved his hand impatiently. “You may go!”

The other merchant groups immediately started as though they had been pardoned.

Seeing the merchant groups hurriedly leaving, the leading disciple had a thoughtful expression. He quickly realized what had been wrong. The other had been too calm, and didn’t show any reverence because of his identity.

“That group is suspicious.” A tall disciple came over and said in a low voice, “Lao Jiu said that he felt unusual vibrations coming from them.”

“Unusual vibrations?” The leading disciple frowned.

“Yes, it was short, but Lao Jiu said that it definitely isn’t an illusion.”

“Unusual vibrations does not mean they are hiding the thing.” The leading disciple shook his head.

“But it is very likely. You know that Lao Jiu’s sense is unusual.”

“Then what do you think we should do?” The leading disciple was persuaded.

“Looking at their direction, it seems that they are heading towards Lotus Sutra Temple. Let’s first close the transportation formation towards Lotus Sutra Temple,” the tall disciple said coldly, “then they will only have one path.”

The leading disciple’s expression changed slightly. “Black Sea Flying Route!”




Zuo Mo was extremely bored. Everyone around him was a cultivation maniac. Other than the stewards that could chat with him, the other people either cultivated, or cultivated.

Wei Sheng’s eyes were closed and he was in meditation, Zong Ru was in meditation, Luo Li was in meditation, even the ones he picked out were in meditation. A Gui’s eyes were not closed, but Zuo Mo knew that she did not need to meditate. She could cultivate like this.

The boring long journey was just like normal.

The only one that did not cultivate was Ceng Lian’er but this horrid person made tea, and idly enjoyed the scenery. She didn’t show any intentions of sharing a cup with Zuo Mo.

Who really was the boss!

Zuo Mo was furious but he had to admit that some people’s presences could not be copied. Zuo Mo tried Ceng Lian’er’s idle and serene style but it was not right when he did it.

The strength of the stewards could not compare to Zuo Mo. They were tired by the long travel and didn’t have much energy to speak.

The Zuo Mo, bored, could only let the Little Ones out and started to play with them. Silly Bird naturally ignored him. She was usually proud, and now that her strength had grown immensely, she became even prouder. That imperious gaze was still so domineering.

Tenth Grade was a cultivation fanatic, Sunshine was slightly bashful, Lil’ Pagoda, Lil’ Fire, and Lil’ Black were the best at flattering him. They flew in circles around Zuo Mo and fawned over him. Zuo Mo was very comforted.

Zuo Mo’s hand felt a point of pain. He bent down and saw that it was Lil’ Black on his hand using its short legs to pull Zuo Mo, its antennae furiously waving.

Seeing Lil’ black like this, Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up, the bored expression on his face sweeping away.

Lil’ Black had been a good treasure-hunter in the past, and after spending some time on Cheng Shidi’s hands, it should have improved. Thinking about the valuable materials and jingshi that Cheng Shidi had exploited out of him, Zuo Mo felt his heart ache.

“Lil’ Black. Good Lil’ Black, you have to make me proud. If you can find some great treasure trove for your old man, your old man will give you some meat to eat! What? You don’t want meat? That’s alright, your old man will eat meat, you can drink soup!”

Did the Heavens see the ge was in poverty now, and wanted to make it up to ge?

Zuo Mo put down Lil’ Black from his hand with anticipation.

Lil’ Black climbed off Zuo Mo’s hand and flew towards the rear of the convoy. Zuo Mo’s mind became alert and he followed closely.

Lil’ Black landed on the last transport boat. Zuo Mo stilled and then had a suspicious expression. This transportation boat carried wares that were used as part of their identities. They were items from Mo Cloud Sea that were very welcome. If they were sold to Heart Leaf Dhyana Sect and the surroundings, they could make a significant profit. The journey was relatively hard but there were many people that this alone  would arouse suspicion.

This ship had come with them from Mo Cloud Sea, there shouldn’t be a problem!

Zuo Mo’s pupil suddenly contracted.

Had someone sneaked onto the ship?

The guards on the ship saw Zuo Mo arrive and were startled awake. When they saw Zuo Mo’s hand move to signal to be on their guard, their expressions changed. The other must be powerful to have managed to sneak onto the ship under such a heavy guard.

Noticing Zuo Mo’s unusual actions, all of the merchant group were alerted.

They were all experienced and worked well together. They didn’t make a sound at all. They soundlessly flowed and spread into a net that had no weakness.

Lil’ Black stopped outside the storage deck, its antennae waving furiously. But in the next moment, its body suddenly streaked back rapidly, and hid behind Silly Bird’s back.

When he got to hear, Zuo Mo finally discovered an almost imperceptible presence.

He was shocked, his body trembling. This presence was extremely weak. Even though he was so close, if it wasn’t for Lil’ Black’s warning, he may have missed it.

Someone had really sneaked onto the ship!

Zuo Mo felt a chill but he was also angry. They had just entered the Nine Great Dhyana Sects and such a great oversight had been made. Zuo Mo felt he was embarrassed, especially when there were so many experts around.

“The friend inside, do not hide! Come out!” Zuo Mo’s tone was icy, the shen technique on his hand ready to be cast.

The entire net gave off a suffocating presence.

There wasn’t any movement inside. That almost intangible presence became even weaker as though it almost disappeared. Zuo Mo was shocked. The other seemed to disappear into thin air.

But he knew that the other had not truly disappeared but had just hid away all of their presence to become one with the surroundings. This caused the illusion that the other had disappeared.

An expert!

Zuo Mo quickly made his decision, his tone even icier. “If Sir does not come out by the count of three, then be crushed with this ship!”

“Three … … “

Just as Zuo Mo shouted this, a grey shadow suddenly charged in front of him.

Zuo Mo was astounded but he reacted quickly. The shen technique that he had prepared accurately hit the grey shadow. Zuo Mo did not keep anything back with this attack and the grey shadow crumpled!

At the same time, he heard Wei Sheng Shixiong shout, “Go back!”

A dazzling red sword light broke through the air.

A faint, almost intangible presence, twisted strangely in the air, and suddenly appeared in another corner.

“Return!” Ceng Lian’Er’s expression turned dark. Her afternoon tea had been interrupted and she was not in a good mood. Dozens of moon crescents appeared around her, the sharp edges criss-crossing as though she wanted to dismember the shadow.

The almost intangible shadow took a turn again.

He charged directly towards A Gui.

Everyone else had expressions as they did not bear to look.

A Gui’s figure flashed as though she disappeared in the air. The shadow felt the surrounding net open and was overjoyed. They gathered all the strength in their body in an attempt to charge through the opening.

Yet before he could act, he felt a grip around his neck. He lost control of his body, and the world around him spun.


Holding his neck, A Gui swung her arm as though she was swinging a great hammer to hit the ship.

The strong force caused the boards on the ship that were as hard as rock and covered in seal scripts to crack. The fragments shot into the surroundings.

The shadow felt a great pain, and then fell unconscious.

Before he lost consciousness, he saw blurry faces. The expressions on the faces of these people were really strange… …

It seems to be sympathy, or pity, or seemed to say: just as expected … …


Translator Ramblings: Someone sneaked onto a ship sneaking into a territory that had sneaked through transportation formations … … I’m not sure how to finish the sentence.

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