修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Six “[Bird Mission]”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Six – [Bird] Mission

[Snapped Red Silk] had been uprooted!

This stunning news spread in the yao underground world like a plague.

The underground world was not as large as people imagined. While the influence of the underground had silently grown in recent years, every leader with a clear head knew that this golden age of prosperity was a temporary by-product of the inner conflict in the council of elders.

But the collapse of [Snapped Red Silk] still caused an earthquake in the underground world.

In truth, [Snapped Red Silk] did not have large territories, but their skilled management made the faction a firmly established one. Their feelers reached into every corner of their territory.

Unless it was a matter of life and death, there were not many factions that would touch them.

They were strong for their size, and one would have to pay a significant price to defeat them. Also, [Snapped Red Silk]’s base was like an impenetrable barrel of metal. Even if one won, it was a complex and troublesome matter to digest a territory.

[Snapped Red Silk] was strong because they were wealthy. The reason that they were wealthy was because they had a monopoly over the local low level materials business.

The profit in low material business was not high. But because the majority of powerful factions were not willing to waste manpower on controlling this business it was left to the underground factions. [Snapped Red Silk] was like all other underground powers. They usually were greatly connected to the lowest rungs of society. They had abundant manpower and no competition from large factions. [Snapped Red Silk] had quickly taken over almost seven tenths of the low level materials business in their territory.

Any business if it was a monopoly would gain great profits even if the profit margin was slim. Low level materials were not eye-catching but they were traded in great volume.

The [Snapped Red Silk] that had a monopoly over the market started to manipulate the market to obtain even more profit.

They were skilled and the prices they gave the large factions were far lower than market price. With this method, they hadn’t affected the benefits of the major factions, and even built a terrifying web of connections.

Yet a faction like this had been exterminated.

The faction that had destroyed it was called [Black Fire]

[Black Fire] was a relatively unknown name in the underground world but this unknown little faction had defeated [Snapped Red Silk] that everyone had been unable to deal with. It really was fantastical.

The tentacles of the underground factions were like an invisible spider-web. Any gust of wind or movement would be felt. Soon, all kinds of intelligence about [Black Fire] ended up on the desks of leaders everywhere.




Youqin Lie’s recent days were extremely comfortable, and there was a joyful expression on his dark face that could not be disguised.

He had a few more powerful fighters under his command. The struggles of [Snapped Red Silk] were like that of a wild beast at the end of its life. After their last struggle had been blocked, they completely fell apart.

Compared to the difficulty of the battles before, the battles after the added personnel were so easy it was like sightseeing.

However, eliminating the remaining of [Snapped Red Silk]’s power was slightly troublesome. While Youqin Lie was young, he was skilled and cunning. The secret pieces that he had set up before were now coming into use.

“Many thanks everyone.” Youqin Lie expressionlessly stated his thanks. Next to him, Tao Wei and the others looked with complicated expressions as Nan Yue and the others.

The underground world did not lack for experts like Wu Ying who were strong. But the people in front of them were so strong they felt fear and awe. Experts of this level could only be supported by those large factions.

Boss’ support was really unfathomable!

Tao Wei and the others could see that while Nan Yue’s group was strong, they were definitely not people that worked in the shadows. They did not have any presence of darkness, and their personalities were honest and straightforward like their way of fighting.

“No problem.” Wariness flashed across Nan Yue’s eyes. She had an instinctive wariness of these people of the shadows. If she did not see it with her own eyes, she would not believe that Daren would have this kind of faction that worked in the shadows.

She asked directly, “What do we need to do next? If possible, we hope to finish as soon as possible.”

The gazes of everyone behind her gathered on Youqin Lie. They were extremely wary of this young but extremely vicious and cunning youth. They had watched as Youqin Lie expressionlessly executed more than thirty people. This guy was a demon. They only hoped now to finish their mission as soon as possible and then leave this place.

They liked sunlight and not darkness.

Youqin Lie jerked the corners of his lips. It could have been in mirth or disdain.

But he turned and nodded at Tao Wei. Tao Wei understood and took out a jade scroll to hand to Nan Yue. Nan Yue took the jade scroll with some puzzlement and then started to read

“This person is one of Daren’s targets.”

Youqin Lie’s voice carried a darkness that would make people feel cold.

Nan Yue finished reading and handed the jade scroll to others. She raised her head, “I cannot see what is special about this person.:

Tao Wei smiled slightly. Her lips moved and an enchanting voice spread. “Cang Ling Xue, female, twenty six, a member of the Grey Family.”

“Grey Family?” Cang Ze couldn’t help but say. He was curious at encountering someone with the same surname as him.

Tao Wei did not know why Cang Ze was shocked. She continued to give a detailed explanation, “The Cang Family of Nu Flat Jie. It is a local faction. Her parents passed away when she was eleven and she became the family head, the youngest family head in the history of the Grey Family.”

Nan Yue immediately had a feeling of empathy. This was a situation similar to the one she experienced in the past. She knew just how difficult it was for a child of eleven to become the family head.

“Nu Flat Jie’s other factions all assumed that the Grey Family’s decline was certain, and this included factions that were enemies of the Grey Family. Therefore, three local factions allied together and attacked the Grey Family. Yet no one expected was that the Grey Family defeated the three families under the leadership of Cang Ling Xue. This battle made the Grey Family and Cang Ling Xue famous in the Nu Flat Jie.”

Everyone listened, enchanted. Many people had astonished expressions. This would have been so difficult for an eleven year old girl.

“After that, the Grey Family quickly grew in power under the leadership of Cang Ling Xue. Three years later, the Grey Family became one of the five biggest factions in Nu Flat Jie. Under her initiative, the five strongest families of Nu Flat formed the Nu Flat Merchant Association. The chair was Cang Ling Xue. That year, she was fifteen.”

Everone gaped as they heard this.

“The Nu Flat Merchant Association developed quickly and in the following years, their business expanded to more than thirty of the surrounding jie. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone, Cang Ling Xue is seventeen this year.”

“So there are really geniuses in the world!” Nan Yue couldn’t help but sigh in astonishment.

The orange haired yao crowded over and said shamelessly, “Is Sister Nan talking about me?”

A Wen coldly said, “Idiot!”

Nan Yue’s eyebrow twitched. These two were starting again! She brought out her killing move. “Shut up! Don’t forget what Boss said before you left.”

The orange haired yao shrunk his head back, and said, “Good brothers are loyal, I am peerlessly loyal!”

A Wen was silent.

A look flashed through Tao Wei’s eyes. She looked at Boss. Boss’ eyes were closed.

“Please continue,” Nan Yue said.

“Cang Ling Xue is skilled in management. Under her reins, the Cang Family is not just organized, it has quickly grown. Her talent and skill also aroused the attention of many factions. The Nu Flat Merchant Association has some power, but compared to the larger factions, it isn’t worth a mention. I heard that even the Council of Elders is interested in her.”

Tao Wei’s eyes moved. “Do you know what is the best way to recruit a young female?”

Nan Yue said coolly, “Force a marriage!”

Tao Wei laughed lightly. “Miss Nan Yue is really smart. There are many ways of dealing with Cang Ling Xue. Cang Ling Xue does not have much to bargain with. The most effective method is a marriage proposal. Cang Ling Xue is beautiful, she is rich, and skilled in management. It will be greatly profitable if one could marry this kind of woman! Up until now, Cang Ling Xue has received over ten marriage proposals. None of these factions are ones that she, or the Nu Flat Merchant Association can afford to offend.”

“These people should be killed!” A Wen who hated being forced to do anything said in fury.

The orange haired yao said righteously, “Only a genius can save a beautiful maiden … …”

Nan Yue ignored the two of them. “What does she have to do with us.”

Youqin Lie who had been resting with his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes. “This is one of the targets from the higher ups. Do not ask me the reason. You only need to know that she is your target and I will help you complete the mission.”

“What do we have to do?” Ming Jue Zi asked. Of the group, he had the most ideas.

“I lean towards kidnapping her.” Youqin Lie shrugged and seemed cunning like a fox. “However, this is your mission. You will decide how to carry out your mission. The higher-ups want to recruit a talent that is skilled at internal management. Of course, if you accidentally damage her, we have other targets.”

Such a cold and emotionless person. Nan Yue’s dislike increased. However, Ming Jue Zi answered before she did, “You mean that after completing this, we have other targets to reach?”

“Yes.” Youqin Lie said coolly, “The preliminary list to investigate was one hundred and three people. After investigation and selection based on the higher up’s criteria, there are sixteen in left.”

“Sixteen people!”

Nan Yue and the others gaped. This number surprised their imagination.

“These sixteen are all talented, each of them is not from strong faction and are easy to get to.” Youqin Lie looked at the group and jerked the corners of his mouth. “You should thank me, I helped you finish a ;large part of the work. There are eight that are already taken care of through terror, kidnapping and bribery, and another one we just got from [Snapped Red Silk].”

“You mean we have seven left?” Ming Jue Zi immediately caught the point.

“Yes,” Youqin Lie said expressionlessly, “I suggest you first go after Cang Ling Xue. In the ranking from the higher-ups, she has the highest score. While the final result will only be known after they fight it out, I favor her. Also, the level of this mission is [Bird]. I believe that you know what this means.”

Nan Yue and the others were shocked.


Translator Ramblings: Despite the same name, Cang Ling Xue is of no relationship to Ze.

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