修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Seven “Bronze Hoop Remnant”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Seven – Bronze Hoop Remnant

[Bird] was the highest level of mission for Mo Cloud Sea.

Zuo Mo had set up Mo Cloud Sea’s mission structure using the Lil’ Ones rankings. From highest to lowest, it was [Bird], [Pagoda], [Butterfly], [Fire] and [Worm]. [Bird] level missions were the highest priority and most important missions of Mo Cloud Sea. It meant that this mission was a crucial mission that would determine life and death for Mo Cloud Sea.

[Bird] level missions were not easily announced but once they were, every person of Mo Cloud Sea had a duty and responsibility to serve for the [Bird] level mission. For any [Bird] level mission, if it was necessary, all the power of Mo Cloud Sea could be mobilized to complete it and they were obligated to do so.

There were not many that knew of this compulsory rule. Normal citizens would almost never encounter missions above [Fire] level. But Nan Yue and the others had followed Zuo Mo for many years and knew about the inner workings. So when Youqin Lie stated the mission ranking, they could not keep their composure.

“What do we need to do?” Nan Yue asked gravely. Her expression was stern and focused. Everyone else, even the orange haired yao, put away their cheer and became focused.

The temperature of the conference room suddenly dipped, the atmosphere becoming heavy and solemn.

Tao Wei and the others felt slightly uneasy. They felt surprised at this suddenly transformation, but more of what they felt was shock. They were experienced, and they could see the great importance that Nan Yue and the others placed on this mission. It came from their hearts. The level of the mission changed their attitude. A scene like this would only appear if the other had strict organization and they strongly identified with the organization.

This was a strict, regulated, and united organization.

They could not see the organization behind Boss but this was the tip of the iceberg and made them feel great awe and terror.

Youqin Lie seemed to not feel the suddenly murderous atmosphere. He was still expressionless. “This is a problem you will need to consider. From my position, using tactics like kidnapping and such is the most convenient. But considering that they will become your co-workers in the future, I suggest using gentler tactics.”

“For example?” Nan Yue found that she could not treat this lord of the darkness using a normal view. The other was not as strong as them, but in terms of viciousness, and cunning, all of them added up were not a match for him.

“No matter how strong a seventeen year old female is, she is still seventeen.” Youqin Lie glanced at Nan Yue. “There is a common saying. You give her what she needs.”

Ming Jue Zi had a thoughtful expression.

Nan Yue was even more direct. “What does she need?”

While she had never seen Youqin Lie, and the aura of darkness on the other made her uncomfortable. But since the higher-ups had given the [Bird] level mission to him, it showed that this youth of the underground was trustworthy. Youqin Lie had clearly been investigating and working on this for a long time, and he definitely knew more than they did as well as being more experienced. In this kind of situation, it was more reliable to listen to the suggestions of a professional.

A look flashed across Youqin Lie’s expressionless face but then it disappeared. He turned to Chai Shan Qing, “Speak.”

Chai Shan Qing was not surprised. He elegantly nodded at each person. His voice was clear as though it contained a power that would make people unconsciously trust him. “First, we will analyze Cang Ling Xue’s personality. She was able to save the Grey Family from a dangerous situation, and created the Nu Flat Business Association. Other than her outstanding abilities, she has unique personality traits. She is determined to the point of stubbornness, decisive, and filled with confidence and a strong sense of responsibility.”

Everyone felt this was reasonable and nodded.

Chai Shan Qing smiled elegantly. At this time, he was like a wise and educated teacher without any aura of darkness.

“She is extremely confident. This kind of confidence has helped her overcome many obstacles. Due to this, even though she seems surrounded on all sides, her stubbornness and confidence keep her believing that she can find a way out. This will make her try all kinds of methods to resolve the danger present. Even though all the factions are pressuring her, she will not surrender immediately. She will struggle for a time.”

“But let us first analyze her situation. We will find that the probability that she can break free of the situation is low. The enemies can obtain both the person and wealth, who would let her go? Those greedy people would not do so. According to our investigation, the ones behind those acting now are mighty. So mighty that even Ming Yue Ye is wary.”

“Ming Yue Ye is Cang Ling Xue’s best person to side with, but Ming Yue Ye is busy consolidating her power and obtaining the support of other elders. She would only interfere with the plans of other elders in one situation, when the benefits surpasses her losses. But it is clear that the current seventeen year old Cang Ling Xue and the Nu Flat Merchant Association do not possess such high value.”

Nan Yue and the others unconsciously stopped breathing. They listened, entranced. In a few words, the complex situation became clear.

“Consequently, in my predictions, the possibility that Cang Ling Xue can break free is very low. What determines this is her other trait, her strong sense of responsibility. It is not good to act against Cang Ling Xue openly, but there are many ways to deal with the Grey Family and the Nu Flat Merchant Association. For the future of the Grey Family, I think the probability that Cang Ling Xue will make a compromise is high. Of course, I have to admit that Cang Ling Xue may be able to get out due to her great talents. Therefore, we need to work in the shadows to stop any chance that she can get out.”

“Why?” Nan Yue frowned. She innately did not like these machinations in the shadows.

Chai Shan Qing smiled as though he was not discussing a conspiracy but a theoretical problem. “No matter how hardy, how determined she is, do not forget her age. A hopeless situation, the feeling of defeat and hopelessness created by failure of her struggles, that is enough to take her to her most fragile state. She will struggle in a darkness where she cannot see any hope. At this time, we only need to give her one thread of hope and we can recruit her. This is our only chance.”

Nan Yue and the others shuddered, their bodies cold.

Cang Ze couldn’t help saying, “Why don’t we find her now? If we offer her enough, we may be able to persuade her.”

Chai Shan Qing laughed lightly, “We will never be able to offer as much as the others. Once we appear, Cang Lin Xue will not give up on the chance to use us to strengthen her bargaining position. She will then sell us off to the highest bidder and together they will become enemy. Then they will use all kinds of schemes to push us out of the game. We can only hide in the darkness, but they can work in the light. This means that what we can give cannot be more than what they can. Do not ever underestimate the cunning and greed of these families. They are blood-suckers. What they are most skilled in is using their background and power to push others out of business.”

He then smiled coldly and said, “Cang Ling Xue is still waiting for a better offer yet she does not understand these people well enough. They will not give her a chance. They are a like a pack of wolves, cunning and cooperative. They can compromise among themselves, but they cannot accept prey bargaining with them. This is an advantage that their power gives them. They have used this advantage for thousands of years. They are familiar with everything that can be used, and are used to using it to get the most benefits.”

Everyone was silent.

Youqin Lie’s cool voice interrupted their thoughts. “He is an expert in this field. If you are willing to listen to his opinion, he will become your helper.”

A long time later, Nan Yue spoke, “Many thanks, Mister Chai!”

Chai Shan Qing elegantly bowed, “It is my honor to work for you.”




Zuo Mo examined this guy who had been stripped until he only had one piece of cloth left and was locked up by numerous jinzhi. The people around him looked predatorily at this tender-looking person with unfriendliness. Someone had managed to get onto the ship without being detected, and this happened in front of Daren. All of them felt ashamed and were not in good moods.

The captive was short and the disguise on his face had been cleaned off to show an ordinary face. But there were many faint scripts carved on his body that seemed like the mo matrices that Mo Cloud Sea carved.

It was the first time Zuo Mo had seen similar things in other places. After inspecting them, Zuo Mo found that what was inscribed on the person were not mo matrices but a kind of unique seal script.

This kind of seal script already had some of the traits of shen glyphs. It was these seal scripts that were close shen glyphs which allowed his presence to be hidden to such an astounding degree that none of the numerous experts present detected him. The effects of these seal scripts broadened Zuo Mo’s view.

After making a copy of all the seal scripts on this guy’s body, Zuo Mo’s attention moved onto another item.

A half section of a bronze hoop.

Zuo Mo knew with a glance that this bronze hoop was the remnant of an ancient shen device. The simple and almost crude patterns on the bronze hoop were the signature of that era. Also, there was a very faint yet unique shen power vibration from the bronze hoop.

This was probably what Thunder Sound Temple had been searching for. Zuo Mo played with it before handing it off to the others.

This thing probably wasn’t simple as it appeared, being the remnant of a shen device and to cause Thunder Sound Temple to make such a great fuss over it. He motioned to the guard next to him. The guard kicked the unconscious captive.

The captive slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he looked dazedly at the unfamiliar faces. When his gaze encountered A Gui, he shook and immediately woke up. Some terrifying memories flashed through his mind, and his body unconsciously shook.

At this time, he heard someone speak.

“Speak, who are you?”


Translator Ramblings: The sneaker’s identity reveal is delayed. Cliffhanger that lasts more than one chapter. Lil’ Cliffy’s evolving.

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    2. 1st, seriously? I even came over from nu…

      The f5 sect is decaying, tsk tsk, they are following on the steps of the thieving baldies sect, i see…

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