修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy “Green Silk”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy – Green Silk

“They’ve come.” Nian Lu said with a depressed expression, “Two mo marshals, a great army. Aiya, I suddenly feel the pressure is great!”

Laying on his back, head cushioned on his arms, Ma Fan chewed on a stalk of grass as he stared in a daze at the sky. He seemed to not hear what Nian Lu had said.

Lei Peng rumbled out, “Do you know why you feel like this?”

Nian Lu stilled and asked curiously, “Why?”

Lei Peng used his large fists to beat his steel-like chest and said proudly, “Because you are too small! Only a man of steel like myself can remain composed even if Mount Tai collapses!”

“So we can use the words big-chested and brainless to describe you!” Nian Lu retaliated.

Lei Peng said proudly, “The greatest tragedy is to look like a female but be flat-chested.”

Nian Lu was furious. “You look like a female! I am handsome! You have no taste and accuse others, I think that you don’t want to leave!”

Lei Peng curled his pinky and said with a snicker, “Come! Let’s fight! If you don’t, you’re a girl!”

The furious Nian Lu howled, “You’re a girl!”

The two started to fight without another word.

Ma Fan chewed his grass and ignored the two fighting furiously around him. He looked idly at the sky with an expression of pleasure.

Moments later, he stood up and spat out the grass in his mouth. He dusted off his clothes and said lazily, “Let’s go, stop playing around, we need to work. Two mo marshals have come a long way, we need to give them some face, we cannot let them leave disappointed!”

The surrounding battalion members puffed out their chests. Each of them had excited expressions.

There were many people among them that had followed Ma Fan to fight Xu Kong Temple, but Ma Fan Battalion was much stronger than they were in the past.

Looking at his members, Ma Fan smiled freely. He was full of confidence.

Brring, brring, brring!

Sharp alarms constantly started to sound. This meant that the enemy were within three hundred li of them. In the sky, scouts were flying at high speed, some of them landing and others taking off.

The defense line made from seal formations started to light up and the battalion members started to move at high speed

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

The battle was about to start at any moment!




The roiling black sea was endless

The inky black sea water gave off an unique odor that was noxious. Even weirder was that the odor was extremely permeable. Even though they stayed inside the transportation ships, that faint odor could not be avoided.

The black sea moved relentlessly as though there were monsters moving beneath. The strong wind on the surface was as sharp as blades. Those that were slightly weaker could not leave the ship’s cabin.

Zuo Mo and the others stood at the front of the boat, ignoring the howling wind.

“Such a strong wind!” Ceng Lian’er sighed in surprise. Her long hair danced in the wind like black snakes. Her floor-length red dress did not move at all and made her seem weirdly beautiful.

“It really is rare.” Wei Sheng nodded. When the wind came near him, it would silently disappear.

Zuo Mo rubbed his chin and looked around. He murmured to himself, “If we can find astral fiends in here, they would be high grade!”

He motioned towards the sea, and a dragon of water rose out. It flew in front of Zuo Mo and turned into a black ball of water.

After inspecting the black ball of water, Zuo Mo said thoughtfully, “This black water is very strange and is full of yin energy. There is nothing in the water, but why is it black?”

He handed the water ball to Lil’ Pagoda. Lil’ Pagoda’s head shook like a rattledrum. It clearly disliked the black water. Zuo Mo was even more puzzled. Lil’ Pagoda had digest yinyang and the five elements, meaning it could digest almost everything. Theoretically, no matter what kind of water it was and because water was within the five element,s it should be within the boundaries of what Lil’ Pagoda could absorb.

But Lil’ Pagoda expressed a rare repulsion.

This guy was not a picky eater. Something that even a glutton who ate everything did not like, this was interesting!

Suddenly, Zong Ru opened his eyes, his dried-out finger pointing in a direction. “What is that?”

Everyone looked along Zong Ru’s finger and all showed surprise.

Not far away in the sky, a thin green strand floating in the air. This green strand was extremely thin and difficult to detect if one did not look closely. The strong wind did not damage it at all. The green strand moved along the wind.

No one could name it. Even a fanatic about treasure like Zuo Mo could not recognize what that green strand really was.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo felt a slight pain on his hand. He looked down and saw Lil’ Black on his hand furiously waving its antennae.

Zuo Mo stilled and then had an expression of ecstasy.


It definitely was some treasure!

“Fly in that direction!” Zuo Mo promptly shouted at the top of his lungs.

Hearing his command, the transportation ship immediately turned and flew in the direction of the green strand. Wei Sheng and the others knew Little Mo Ge well. Something that could make Little Mo Ge this excited was definitely outstanding. Anticipation flashed across their faces.

It did not seem far yet the ship flew for a full two hours.

When they flew closer, everyone found that the green strand was even longer than they had imagined, about seven or eight li long. It waved in the air like a stalk of seagrass.

Just as they were about to go near, the green strand seemed to feel danger. Its slowly swaying body suddenly shook.

Everyone felt a green light crescent suddenly released by the green strand and flash towards the ship.

Wei Sheng’s eyes lit up from where he was at the front of the ship. The God-Killing Blood Sword appeared in his hand.

“Great attack!”

The God-Killing Blood Sword shook and a red sword energy charged towards the green light crescent at an even faster speed!

The green and red energies accurately collided.


It was like the roar of thunder, and a great gust of air spread. The ship shook and was pushed multiple zhang back.

“Hm!” Wei Sheng showed slight surprise. He knew just how powerful his sword strike was. That green energy rivalled it.

The green string trembled fiercely. Green energies rained down!

Wei Sheng’s eyes suddenly became the color of blood. Marks of blood formed on the surface of the God-Killing Blood Sword. He raised his face to look at the storm of green energies and howled!

A dot of red light expanded, and the sword energy came out of nowhere!

The red light was like the leader of a flock of birds. Threads of blood red sword essence came behind it like a cloud of red birds. In a blink, the pitch of the howl suddenly increased, the flocks of birds turning into an angry tide. The hissing turned into a scalp-numbing roar!

The red and the green tides collided!

In the sky, countless blinding dots of light lit up like stars shining.

It was a beautiful and spectacular scene that made people unconsciously hold their breath. It was even more beautiful in this deathly serenity!

A breath later, the enormous wave of sound and air finally swallowed the group.

The deck under Wei Sheng’s feet turned into powder but he did not move at all. He seemed to be fixed in the air. On his upraised face, that pair of glowing blood red eyes were so sharp they seemed to stab through the sky!

Zong Ru’s palms were pressed together. A soft Dhyana chant sounded in everyone’s minds.

The fleet that had been swaying in the angry black waves seemed to be paralyzed and then became motionless. What was weirdest was that the roiling black water seemed to have been softly flattened by an invisible hand.

The surface of the sea that had been full of furious waves was now as flat as a mirror.

Eldest Shixiong’s strike caused Zuo Mo’s blood to heat up. He had a desire to fight. Seeing Zong Ru also attack, he was not willing to fall behind. Just as he was about to act, he suddenly saw a blurry figure appear next to the green stand and was astounded.

A Gui!

Unusually, A Gui was completely armored with the [Undying Ghost]. The grey crystal bone armor covered all of her body and made her seem like a grey shadow.

She appeared like a ghost near the green strand. Yet what she did next made Zuo Mo jump in fight. She reached towards the green strand!

“Careful!” Zuo Mo’s expression changed drastically. While he did not know what the green strand was, but its malevolent nature had already been displayed.

This was something that could rival Eldest Shixiong.They had only gone one round, it was still extremely dangerous!

A Gui’s action was too rash!

In a panic, Zuo Mo shot towards the green strand and A Gui in the sky!

The green strand seemed to also detect danger, and trembled fiercely. Several green lights shot towards A Gui.

A Gui’s body disappeared again and all of the green energies missed.

Immediately after, A Gui’s hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grasped the green thread.

The green strand froze!

Grey mist flowed out of A Gui’s hand and the grey color quickly spread along the green strand at a visible rate towards both ends.

In a blink, the green strand became half green, half grey!

The presence of death seemed to have leaked out of hell. Even from far away, everyone still felt as though they were in a graveyard. The grey energy of death caused everything living in the surroundings to quickly wither.

“This is … …” Zuo Mo was astounded. It was the first time that he had seen this attack from A Gui.

The Undying Shen Power should not have such a thick grey and corroding presence, it was A Gui’s [Undying Ghost]! Zuo Mo had studied the [Undying Ghost] for a long time, but it was difficult for him to understand many parts. He had never found this death energy before.

Grey, death, dissipating, void … …

The feelings that this presence gave Zuo Mo caused his heart to beat wildly.

He was an experienced person. There had been countless fiend souls on the Sealed Extinction Battlefield but they did not give such a strong feeling of danger like this grey death energy. Zuo Mo believed that even if it was just a brush of the grey mist, everything below eighth grade would immediately turn to dust and completely dissipate.

At this time, a grieving consciousness begging for mercy suddenly appeared in everyone’s minds.

Everyone was surprised.

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly expanded!


Translator Ramblings: The strongest of the group – A Gui.

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