修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Three “Enemy Encounter”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Three – Enemy Encounter

After flying for a while, sounds of intense fighting could be heard from in front of them. Everyone was experienced in battle and could clearly recognize the sound of talisman attacks within. The entire fleet went on their guard.

Were other people like them, coming to explore this treasure trove?

From the distance of the sound, the other was hundreds of li away. If it wasn’t for the vast and open sea surface, the direction of the wind, and their sensitive hearing, they might not have detected it.

The fleet was fast and the hundreds of li would be travelled in a few moments.

The guards in the fleet were on their high alert and prepared to fight.

When Zuo Mo and the others arrived and saw the situation, they were astonished.

An mountainous one-eyed octopus was half exposed in the water. Several xiuzhe were furiously attacking the octopus.

“Is this really an octopus?” Zuo Mo waved at the enormous body of the octopus and swallowed. Just the portion of the octopus that was out of the water was over two hundred zhang. Those xiuzhe around it were small like flies in comparison.

Just the part of the body that was exposed to the air was already so large. The enormity of its entire body could be imagined.

Anyone who faced such an enormous monster couldn’t help but inhale and feel as though it was an unwinnable battle.

“How long has it lived to grow so large?” Ceng Lian’er had an expression of awe. Having growing up in the mo territories, she had seen countless dangerous beings, but it was the first time she was seeing one so large.

“A Zuo, be careful, this octopus is at least tens of thousand years old!” Wei’s warning caused Zuo Mo’s to shudder.

“Tens of thousands years old? Thousand year tortoises, ten thousand year old turtles. How come it is older than a turtle?” Zuo Mo’s little heart shook. Any kind of being, if they lived for thousands of years, would become powerful. Those that lived for tens of thousands of years, and in such a terrible environment like the Black Sea, this guy’s strength … …

“Leave before it takes notice of you. Any being that has survived for tens of thousands of years will match you in intelligence.” Pu Yao also warned.

Pu and Wei’s opinions were in rare agreement and Zuo Mo immediately felt the urge to retreat. He liked treasure, but he would not gamble with his life.

Also, the chances of victory appeared pitiful.

The attacks of the xiuzhe did not cause any reaction when they landed on the octopus. The octopus had a layer of gleaming sticky fluid. When talismans hit it, they were deflected or they would glance off. Some would even be destroyed against it.

Such a dangerous being should not be provoked!

Suddenly, Wei Sheng lowered his voice and said murderously, “Shidi, those seem like Kun Lun sword xiu.”

“Kun Lun!” Zuo Mo’s body shook. His attention had all been on the octopus and, upon close inspection, he found that those people were Kun Lun sword xiui!

Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly became tinged with blood. Their grudge with Kun Lun was irreconcilable!




Shixiong, this octopus is too strong! We cannot do anything to it!” He Zi’s voice was panicked. They had attacked this octopus for a full two hours and just left a few minor wounds on its body.

Xiao Ru Jian was also slightly panicked inside but he knew that he could not panic. He forced his expression to remain calm. “Everyone, do not panic, let’s try other things. This is Soul Luring Fragrance, a treasure that I begged Master for a long time in order to obtain. Even the strongest monster, if it is afflicted with the Soul Luring Fragrance, will not recover its senses for six hours.”

Yu Ming said helplessly, “I tried everything that could be done, they are useless!”

Xiao Ru Jian gritted his teeth. He turned to say to another shi, “An Hai, didn’t your master leave you a Hundred Fiend Soul Destroying Sword Pill, use that!”

An Hai had a pained expression. However, he had already done everything else that he could. Xiao Shixiong’s Soul Luring Fragrance was extremely valuable, and if they wasted this opportunity, they would definitely regret it. This octopus was at least ten thousand years old, and its entire body was treasure!

“Alright!” Once An Hai made a decision, he did not hesitate. A yellow bead the size of a bean appeared on his hand. The bead flashed with color, and a faint layer of mist surrounded it when it was taken out. Xiao Ru Hai and the others became alert. They were knowledgeable. The Hundred Fiend Soul Destroying Sword Pill of their sect was a secret method. The number of elders with the power to forge this could be counted using the fingers. That faint layer of mist was actually the movement of countless ice cold sword essences.

An Hai’s face flushed, the spell on his hand changing. He shouted clearly, “Go!”

The sword pill turned into an imperceptible light that entered the body of the octopus.

The octopus who had remained unresponsive until now finally reacted. It furiously twisted its body, shaking the water. Its enormous body contained endless power.

Xiao Ru Jian and the other had expressions of joy. They knew that this was the Hundred Fiend Soul Destroying Sword Pill destroying the life inside the octopus. The forging process of the Hundred Fiend Soul Destroying Sword Pill was extremely cruel. It needed to take the savage and hateful thoughts of ling beasts raised, then using an yin method it was forged into sword essence and sealed within the pill.

It would destroy the soul of the enemy when used, a terrifying weapon.

Xiao Ru Jian and the others hurriedly flew away to avoid being struck by the octopus. If they were whipped by such a large body, their bones might be crushed.

After a whole hour, the octopus’s thrashing quieted.

Xiao Ru Hai and the others had joyful expressions. Then they quickly found that they were still unable to cut open the body of the octopus. Also, the attacks they had used previously had used up much of their power.

“That sticky fluid on it is strange!” He Zi warned.

At this time, An Hai suddenly noticed the fleet in the distance. His expression changed slightly and he said, “Shixiong! Other people have come!”

Xiao Ru Jian and the others stilled. The dangerous reputation of the Black Sea Flight Route was known far and wide that there was basically none who dared to come. If it was not for their wealth of talismans, and the increase in their strength in the last recent while, Xiao Ru Jian and the others would not dare to rashly go into the Black Sea.

Xiao Ru Jian was the leader and organizer of this Black Sea Trip. He had read in the memoirs of a Kun Lun elder about the dangers in the Black Sea Flight Route. It had mentioned that the other had encountered an octopus that had survived for at least tens of thousands of years.

Xiao Ru Jian was a smart and attentive person. He noted down the information and then started to gather and investigate the materials available on the Black Sea Flight Route.

When he started to cultivate shen power, and thought back to the records, he had a daring idea. That octopus might be a being from the ancient era! Ancient and dangerous beings cultivated shen power which was so powerful it was not something that ling power and sword xiu could defeat.

He continued to research which seemed to support his finding.

There were some dangerous beings with shen power which lived in the Black Sea.

As his shen power increased, Xiao Ru Jian realized that the chance of this was great. For sword xiu that cultivated ling power, it was a place of certain death, but for the present group that cultivated shen power, it was a land of treasure!

He slowly prepared, found fellow disciples with the same intentions as him, and arranged the trip as well as the supplies they needed to advance another level in power.

After preparing all of this, Xiao Ru Jian finally embarked on the trip to the Black Sea.

According to information in the memoirs of the elder, Xiao Ru Jian’s group quickly found that terrifying octopus tens of thousands of years. Everything after had proceeded smoothly and Xiao Ru Jian’s Soul Luring Fragrance was especially effective

Yet what happened next was like throwing a bucket of cold water on the happy faces of everyone there. They were unable to do anything against this octopus that had stopped fighting back. They could not do anything to it or fatally injure it.

The Soul Luring Crystal was only effective for six hours. After the six hours passed, they could only flee.

The Fiend Soul Destroying Sword Pill made them happy for a moment but then they found that they were no better off than before.

At this time, they found Zuo Mo’s group.

Xiao Ru Jian’s mind moved. He lowered his voice. “This is an opportunity. We will trick them into helping us deal with the octopus.”

He then asked in a low voice, “Is Shimei’s Circular Fiend Sword Formation still here?”

He Zi imperceptibly nodded. “Here.”

“Later, pay attention to my finger. If my pinky curls, Shimei, immediately activate the Circular Fiend Sword Formation to trap them. The Circular Fiend Sword Formation is the masterpiece of He Shishu, ha!”

That last “ha” came from Xiao Ru Jian’s mouth murderously.

An Wei said after a moment of silent. “That is not very good.”

Xiao Ru Jian knew if he could not persuade everyone, this would fail. He thought and then said, “Then let’s trap them first. After we finish, we will let them out and give them something in return.”

The other people’s expressions eased and they nodded in agreement.

“Everyone knows the state of our Kun Lun right now, this octopus is of crucial importance to the sect, do not be soft-hearted at this time! Do not underestimate them, to be able to travel the Black Sea Flight Route they must be capable.” Xiao Ru Jian warned them.

Shixiong is right!”

“We will listen to Shixiong!”

Everyone thought of the recent sacrifices that countless elders had made with their lives, and felt ashamed. They had been soft-hearted about such an important matter.

Seeing everyone in consensus, Xiao Ru Jian sighed in relief. He turned around, and there was a friendly smile on his face. He raised his voice to shout, “Friend, where are you from? Kun Lun disciple Xiao Ru Jian greets you! This one has encountered some trouble here, will you be able to help? Kun Lun will give you great thanks!”

Xiao Ru Jian was friendly but not servile. He believed that most people would give him some face based on the name of Kun Lun.

They also believed that anyone that dared to go against Kun Lun had not been born yet!

As expected, the other immediately responded. “We have admired Kun Lun for many years! Seeing everyone today, you really have the mannerisms of a famed sect. It is our honor to make your acquaintance. You are too polite, do not mention any thanks!”

As they spoke, the fleet flew near Xiao Ru Jian’s group.

Xiao Ru Jian’s gaze swept the people on the ships and found that there was a heterogeneous group of people. He relaxed slightly and his smile grew.


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