修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty “Confidence”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty – Confidence

The dense ranks of the battalion were like a silent black cloud that pressed forward with great pressure. It was the first time Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng saw this famous battalion. They were silent. The battalion in front of them was like a group of lifeless killing machines. A deathly silence that was filled with indescribable murderousness.

“Top battle general, just as the rumors say!” Hai Jin Yun couldn’t help but praise. His heart trembled. Sin Battalion, this was the legendary Sin Battalion, one of Mo Cloud Sea’s two strongest battalions. The most famous battalion left behind by the fallen titan Xuan Kong Temple. Who would have thought that Jiang Zhe who had appeared on the world stage and astounded the world would have died, yet Bie Han who had been guarded against became one of the greatest and top battle generals of all of the xiuzhe world.

There were no signs of life to be seen from the organized ranks. The almost mechanical meticulousness was expressed in every detail. The ghost-like seal scripts on the faces of the Sin battalion members as well as the indifference on their faces made people’s hearts feel cold.

The advance of the battalion was like ghosts travelling silently in the night.

They could not see Bie Han. Bie Han was hiding within Sin Battalion. From the information they had, Bie Han’s fighting method still followed Xuan Kong Temple’s style. He was also a rare battle general that used xiuzhe methods while being a mo.

Shang Yu Sheng also had a serious solemn expression. He felt unprecedented pressure from Bie Han.

But there seemed to be a fire burning in his heart. His voice was as slow as usual but filled with spirit, “We defeat him we will become top battle generals!”

Hai Jin Yun laughed. His faint golden face also flashed with fighting spirit. “Yes, we defeat him and we will become top battle generals! Hmph, Bie Han is too arrogant! In a frontal battle, power is everything! Kill him!”

He was filled with confidence in his battalion, and also in Shang Yu Sheng beside him.

They would definitely win this battle!




Bie Han looked indifferently at the two battalions in front of him. The two battalions were well-organized and it could be seen they were well trained. The mo soldiers also gazed over at his side with spirit and no fear. Some even licked their lips with anticipation on their faces. Bie Han was experienced in war. This kind of soldier were battle-hardened elites.

The expense to recruit and train this kind of elite was astounding. Also, there was no fear or caution on the faces of these soldiers. This proved that they were filled with confidence towards their leader.

Bie Han’s heart was not stirred at all.

Everyone thought Bie Han was mad and extreme, but no one knew was that under his madness was an icy cold resolve.

That fire at Xuan Kong Temple had swept away all of Bie Han’s savagery and hatred. He had buried that sect thousands of years old with his own hands, stolen its treasure. His last mental barrier had been overcome.

Without his demons, Bie Han was still mad, extreme, proud and hard to approach. He still attacked like a raging fire, still was stronger offensively than defensively yet what no one knew was that he was silently changing.

His changes were like Sin battalion, forever silent.

When one reached his level, they could only rely on themselves to advance. Without hatred, his excitement towards battle came from his own affection for it as well as some emotions he could not verbalize. He liked his present life, he liked Mo Cloud Sea, he did not want this to be disrupted by others.

At first no one knew of his improvement. Only Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha detected something.

Without hatred, Bie Han whose mind had been freed threw himself into thinking and studying. He was more terrifying than a hateful Bie Han. He was a recluse, an outsider, he did not like to converse with others, he was stoic and spoke few words, he was like his Sin Battalion, unable to merge with the world, but he was a genius!

He was a genius that grew up under the suppression of Xuan Kong Temple. While he was twisted, he was still a genius, a genius that was not any less that Jiang Zhe who had shone so brightly!

The first to notice his change was Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo stared to help improve and change Bie Han’s Sin Battalion to strengthen them. The first strengthening at Great Peace City had improved Sin Battalion’s fighting abilities. After that, Sin Battalion, this nightmarish name, finally became a nightmare battalion!

The modifications this time were greater than last time. The present Zuo Mo was much stronger in all aspects compared to that time.

Zuo Mo might not know as much as Gongsun Cha and Bie Han about tactics, but his sense in strategy was admirable. It was under his efforts that Sin Battalion became the first true shen power battalion of Mo Cloud Sea.

In Zuo Mo’s view, the shen power era would become the era of shen power battalions.

Sin Battalion’s mo puppets that were like seal soldiers gave Zuo Mo enormous room to work. He was the creator of the first pseudo-shen device. Zuo Mo’s skill in this area might not be the best in the world, but he was among the best.

The completely new Sin Battalion excited Bie Han.

The second to notice Bie Han’s change was Lil’ Miss. As a top battle general himself, Lil’ Miss perceptively detected Bie Han’s transformation. In order to help Bie Han go a step further, he quietly invited Bie Han to temporarily take his duties as the principal of the battle general house.

As expected by Gongsun Cha, Bie Han as the principal was crude in his methods. He practiced battle through battle, using real combat rather than lecturing. He beat the young battle generals of the battle general school until they spat blood.

Yet in this kind of combat simulation, Bie Han’s new fighting method gradually formed, and details were perfected.

Bie Han was slightly strange in personality, but he was not one that did not know good and bad. He remembered Gongsun Cha’s care.

Until [Arsonist]!

He had never thought that he would possess a shen device raiment so quickly. Even Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng , Zong Ru, and Ceng Lian’er didn’t have their own. The first and second shen device raiments of Mo Cloud Sea were both battle general types.

And one of them was his [Arsonist].

When he learned that [Arsonist] was his, Bie Han who was not skilled in using his speech to express his emotions became even quieter. No one could say anything about Gongsun Cha recieving [City Destroyer]. He was Zuo Mo’s shidi, Zuo Mo’s first and most loyal follower. Yet him and outsider, he had been conned by Zuo Mo over to Mo Cloud Sea when he didn’t have anywhere else to go. In terms of closeness, he definitely ranked very low.

He had been restrained in Xuan Kong Temple, suppressed, disowned by his father and brother, and then exiled. Bie Han had tasted all the warmth and coldness life had to offer.

The [Arsonist] was the first time he felt that if he was to die for Daren, to die for Mo Cloud Sea, it would be worth it!

So when Zuo Mo gave him the important duty of taking down Hundred Energy Jie, he set down this seemingly mad target.

The Nine Great Dhyana Sects could not be attacked, it was not the time to attack the yao. The most likely route of expansion was the Mo Marshal Alliance. It was not hard to conquer Hundred Energy Jie, but after doing so, the Mo Marshal Alliance would be extremely wary of Mo Cloud Sea, and would be prepared to resist when further expansion occurred later.

Bie Han’s true goal was, at the same time as conquering Hundred Energy Jie, he would try to decrease Mo Marshal Alliance’s strength as much as possible.

The mad plan had formed like that.

Right now, it was the most crucial battle!

If he won this battle, killed Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng, the Mo Marshal Alliance’s strength would be greatly hampered. The weakened Mo Marshal Alliance would cause the factions around it to stir. This was even more beneficial for Mo Cloud Sea.

No matter what, he had to win this battle!

He touched the shen device raiment he wore, [Arsonist]. A cold feeling came from his fingertip. Bie Han’s eyes were icy and murderousness.

Sin Battalion advanced.

The Bright Mountain Jie battle that was being watched by the world entered its climax.




“That person is investigating our origins.” Chai Shan Qing laughed softly. The other, the Cang Family’s Uncle Yan, had clearly left the world of darkness for a long time, and many of his moves were now rusty and unpractised. Usually, this would not attract attention, but for people like Chai Shan Qing, experts that lived all this time in the world of the darkness, this bit of shortcoming immediately attracted their attention.

“Oh, it seems that Cang Ling Xue still hasn’t given up.” Youqin Lie had a cruel smile. While he said that these were missions for Nan Yue and the others, he still followed and aided them.

He felt exasperated. He wondered why the higher-ups had sent a bunch of greenhorns on such a mission of high difficulty. While Nan Yue and the others were strong, they were clearly not experienced enough and beginners in all areas.

After thinking about the importance of a [Bird] level mission, Youqin Lie followed them for good measure.

Youqin Lie knew that the value of all of [Black Fire] could not compare to this mission. For the higher-ups, supporting a underground faction like [Black Fire] was nothing. The reason that he had been chosen most likely was related to his family.

The Youqin Family … …

The first time they met, that person had mentioned this family name that had almost faded in his memory and would occasionally cause a ripple in his heart.

That person had given him great care in these past years. But after living for these years in the underground, he knew that the so-called friendships of the ancestors was never more useful than at present.

Nan Yue and the others sighed in relief at the presence of Youqin Lie. They knew themselves. They could manage to do things like kill people and set fires, but in terms of scheming, they were incompetent.

Youqin Lie immediately became the core of this mission. As he took command, all of [Black Fire] started to turn around him. The core members of [Black Fire] all knew that the support behind Boss was very strong, and the faithfulness of the entire group increased greatly. Most of the people that lived in the underground world always had reasons that they had to do so.

There were rarely people that choose to live the darkness, most were forced into this life due to various circumstances. Darkness mean falling and light meant a future.

They had families, they hoped to have a bright future. This was a trait of all people. They bet on this opportunity.

“Why don’t we give them a warning?” Tao Wei smiled, sharpness flashing through her eyes.

A cruel smile rose on Youqin Lie’s lips that did not match his age. “Go, let her understand that she is just a lamb. Lambs do not qualify to negotiate with wolves.”


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