修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty One “Opportunity”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty One – Opportunity

“Xiao Ru Jian, He Zi, and An Hai are dead, killed by others.” Tan Xu’s voice was indifferent as though he was speaking about a matter not related to him at all.

“What happened? They seemed to have been planning something, did something happen?” Nie Chen frowned.

“They had been scheming about an ancient octopus on the Black Sea Flight Route.” The female xiu who spoke had a beautiful appearance, but her expression was frosty. She was the famous ice queen of Kun Lun, Zhen Meng Ling. Many of Kun Lun’s male disciples were in love with her. She wasn’t just an outstanding beauty, she was exceptionally talented, and hardworking on her cultivation. Her progress was so rapid it caused countless males to feel ashamed, and no one dared to confess to her.

Tan Xu’s brow didn’t even flicker. He said coolly, “They died on the hands of others, hmph, they did not have enough skill. Die if they want to, but do not shame Kun Lun!”

Nie Cheng frowned slightly. He was displeased with Tan Xu’s attitude, but he also knew Tan Xu’s personality.

Tan Xu was reclusive and strange, not welcomed among the disciples. Nie Cheng was the opposite. His appearance could not be said to be handsome, yet he had a lively presence. While he was strong, he was friendly towards the other disciples and deeply popular with them. Also, he was on good terms with Lin Qian. As Lin Qian was in charge of Kun Lun at present, his status had risen as well.

He said, “Ru Jian Shidi is not bad in strength, and has a cautious personality. If he acts, he most likely has properly prepared. He Zi and An Hai are average in strength, but they are definitely experts in the outside world. He Shimei also has the Circular Fiend Sword Formation from Xu Shishu. An Hai has Wu Shishu’s Hundred Yin Soul Destroying Sword Pill. Unless the enemy is too strong, how can they die at the hands of others?”

He saw that Zhen Ling Ming and Tan Xu were not interested in this matter and did not bring it up again. Their mission this time was difficult, and everyone was under great pressure.

They had to obtain the shen device nucleus of the ancient ruins. Kun Lun had many eyes and ears everywhere. When the ruins were just discovered, Kun Lun received the news. After that, Kun Lun started to use its power to divine, and search for clues.

When other people were still uncertain about what was inside the ruins, Kun Lun had already divined that there was a shen device nucleus there. All kinds of high level forces continued to infiltrate the Nine Great Dhyana Sect territories. Their intelligence network was also activated, and they schemed to obtain a token.

Nie Chen and the other two were some of the most accomplished disciples of the newest generation of Kun Lun. They had not been talented before, but after cultivating shen power, they had risen up and became stronger by the day.

In the last few years, as they cultivated the new shen power, under the full support of the older generation, Kun Lun had a wave of disciples that were outstandingly talented and had strong shen power. This batch of disciples were all talented. In order to create a wave of experts, Kun Lun had invested greatly in them. They were also hardworking and determined, not failing to live up to Kun Lun’s hopes and grew up quickly.

This group of disciples had a name inside of Kun Lun, they were called the Children of Kun Lun.

Each Child of Kun Lun had unique power within Kun Lun. They had the best support, the best treatment, they were directly under Kun Lun’s command.

Every Child of Kun Lun had unfathomable power.

Outstanding power and great resources combined with Kun Lun’s determined and persistent attitude had created this new wave of powerful disciples. Child of Kun Lun was synonymous with strength. They were the top fighting force in all of Kun Lun. They were unquestionably loyal to Kun Lun. They had self-control and worked hard, they were emotionless and cold. They appeared at the most dangerous missions. They were the idols that all Kun Lun disciples revered.

Ever since the Children of Kun Lun were founded, this mission was the first time three Children of Kun Lun were sent out together. From this, Kun Lun’s desire for the shen device nucleus could be seen.

“I’m going to cultivate.” Tan Xu threw down before leaving.

Zhen Ling Meng also left without a word. Nie Chen was left alone to grimace helplessly to himself.




“Lotus Sutra Temple is up ahead.” The steward had an expression of joy. It really was a blessing from the heavens that they had safely survived the Black Sea Flight Route.

The Lotus Sutra Temple honored the lotus flower and all kinds of lotus flowers could be seen all along the route. They were exquisite and elegant. However, other than Zong Ru who would admire them, the other people didn’t even look at them. Everyone looked warily at the surroundings.

They had already detected several groups of dangerous presences, they were brushing shoulders with powerful enemies.

To make them feel danger like this meant they were strong.

At the beginning of any new era, there were always many geniuses. Mo Cloud Sea improved by the day, and the others were not willing to fall behind. Even Wei Sheng felt slightly wary of the power of the people just now.

It seemed that the temptation of the shen device nucleus surpassed his imagination.

Zuo Mo stood at the front of the ship as his heart trembled. His eyes were experienced. Just now, he even saw mo and yao. This surprised him.

However, when he thought about it, he understood. The shen device raiment was a great weapon of strategic value to any power. If there was even the slightest chance, no one would be willing to give it up.

Suddenly, a Dhyana xiu dressed in white robes with lotus flowers on the sleeve flew towards them.

The entire fleet went on guard.

The other seemed to not see their wary gazes and bowed. Then he said, “Guest from Mo Cloud Sea, my master invites you.”

Zuo Mo’s eyelid flickered. The other knew their origins!

He did not admit or refute it. He examined the other for a while before speaking, “You are from Lotus Sutra Temple?”

The other smiled. “This one is the White Lotus Reverend of Lotus Sutra Temple.”

The steward’s expression changed. Lao De Guang’s face turned ashen. He carefully made his way beside Zuo Mo and said in a low voice, “There are four reverends in Lotus Sutra Temple: Blue, Red, White, Black. The four lotus reverends have a high position in the sect just below the sect leader.”

The master of the White Lotus Reverend? Then that referred to the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple.

Zuo Mo immediately realized that his journey had been exposed. He did not try to hide it and said with a smile, “Please lead the way.”

Under the guidance of the White Lotus Reverend, they came to a non-descript place.

As expected, it was the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple!

The Nine Great Dhyana Sect had always been targets that Mo Cloud Sea paid attention to. Zuo Mo could recognize the sect leaders of all of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects.

When Zuo Mo’s gaze landed on a young person next to the sect leader of Lotus Sutra Temple, his gaze suddenly focused.

Yang Yuan Hao!

The best battle general of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects, Yang Yuan Hao!

What was he doing here?

Zuo Mo’s expression was calm, but his mind was a storm. He suddenly realized the meeting this time was probably an opportunity.




Boom boom boom!

Ear-splitting explosions occurred constantly. The lights flashed across the sky like rain and illuminated Bie Han’s cold and emotionless features.

The battalions from both sides were tangled into a ball, truly mixed together.

Bie Han abandoning technique to charge had been unexpected to Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng. They hadn’t thought that Bie Han would dare to make a full frontal assault when he did not have the advantage of numbers.

But the two were not ordinary people and quickly responded.

A charge against a charge!

Hai Jin Yun’s battalion was like a roaring lion that welcomed Sin Battalion that came at them, and collided head on. Shang Yu Sheng’s battalion maintained their distance from Hai Jin Yun. He was like a dagger hidden in the shadows waiting for a chance to land a fatal blow!

The two flows smashed together, creating dazzling sparks!

“Kill!” Hai Jin Yun charged at the very front, his faint golden face twisted and ferocious. He gave off golden light like a sun that could not be directly looked at. He was the most eye-catching existence on the battlefield!

He felt no fear. He held the large black blade in front of him horizontally. The mo steed under him roared and he was like a god of war.

Elite guards kept close to him in order to prevent Hai Jin Yun from being trapped. Hai Jin Yun remained fixed. The mo steed under him suddenly jumped forward, the large black blade in his hand suddenly lighting up with a blinding golden light as he cut down!

A golden blade energy dozens of zhang wide came with a destructive and unstoppable presence forward!

The golden energy flashed and reflected on the faces of the Sin Battalion soldiers, dimming and brightening. They still had cold expressions that did not change at all at this sight of this astounding blade energy.

The grey-white eyes were lifeless, their cold faces expressionless. They seemed to come from another world.

Just as the blade energy was about to hit their bodies, the shen equipment of the Sin Battalion soldiers suddenly lit up with marks of light. These marks of light that were like seal scripts caused a thread of pain to appear on the expressionless faces of the Sin Battalion members.

They seemed to be enduring a pain. Yet in reverse to the pain on their faces, their grey-white and lifeless eyes suddenly became as clear and bright as though they were eyes of a baby.

They seemed to open their eyes for the first time to see the world.

Facing the astounding blade energy, fifty Sin battalion soldiers moved at once. Countless energies flew out from their hands. In this moment, the rays of light formed a net in the air.

Zzt zzt zzt!

Every energy that hit the blade energy would give off a soul-shaking explosion. The explosions continued at a rapid rate that caused people’s scalps to go numb. The Sin Battalion soldiers were unaffected. Their movements were lightning fast and their attacks were constant.

The lights were like a rainstorm that hit the blade energy.

With every hit from the light energies, the blade energy would shake.

In an instant, thousands of light energies hit the blade energy like thousands of spiderwebs entangling the blade energy. After being hit thousands of times, the astounding blade energy dozens of zhang long collapsed!

As expected of Sin Battalion!

Just a few dozen members of Sin Battalion were able to block Hai Jin Yun’s full-on attack. Elite! Before the era of shen power had arrived, Hai Jin Yun had just been a normal mo general. However, after cultivating shen power, he had became a powerful battle general that surpassed mo marshals!

The blade energy being destroyed simulated Hai Jin Yun’s fighting spirit. With an angry shout, the golden light on his body intensified.

His presence suddenly exploded and increased. Hai Jin Yun was like a golden ball of fire that burned brightly, giving off so much light people were unable to look directly at him!

Hearing the angry shout of their commander, the surrounding mo soldiers also shouted in unision. Which of them were not proud? When had they ever had such a setback? The presence of the battalion rose, and the morale rose rather than be impacted!


Thousands of mo soldier shouted at the same time, golden and angry flames erupting from their bodies. They were like thousands of fires that burned fiercely.

The entire mo battalion was like one being.  They could communicate with each other, and their presence seemed to be one without any weakness.

The golden light seemed to be alive. It gathered towards Hai Jin Yun at an astounding rate.

The golden light on Hai Jin Yun increased by more than ten times!

He was like a blinding sun that people could not look at!

An angry shout came from the ball of light and rang out over the entire battlefield.

Hundreds of long golden blade energies exploded from within the sun. Each blade energy was several li long and came at Sin Battalion like a storm!


Translator Ramblings: I guess it’s good I used “arsonist” based on the response from last chapter. Can you imagine the energy we would get if we set up solar panels around someone having an energy explosion?

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