修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Four “Trump Card”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Four – Trump Card

Shang Yu Sheng’s battalion was like a sharp dagger that cut through the night sky. Shang Yu Sheng’s strategic ability was on full display. He cut in through Sin Battalion at a good angle and immediately cut a great wound in Bie Han’s Sin Battalion.

Sin Battalion which had been fighting for a long time was not able to hold up against Shang Yu Sheng Battalion who were well-rested.

Shang Yu Sheng’s battle style was unlike Hai Jin Yun’s ferociousness. His style was more detailed. He was a rare mo battle general that was a control-type.

He led the battalion with ease. His body brimmed with power yet he never attacked with great momentum but used small moves that did not seem to be strong. Yet these seemingly weak moves were unique in that they came rapidly and endlessly like the rain.

These sustained attacks were more troublesome than Hai Jin Yun’s attacks.

Shang Yu Sheng’s exceptional foresight and sense of strategy always allowed him to find the greatest weakness in the enemy formation. He seemed to be leading a group of ants that constantly chewed. If one was the least bit careless, they would find that, without realizing it, Shang Yu Sheng had destroyed a large portion of their forces.

Bie Han naturally was not a weak person. Now that Shang Yu Sheng joined the battle it decreased his advantage greatly but he immediately adjusted.

Sin Battalion’s movements became even harder to predict, and the rate that the battle formation changed was shocking. Shang Yu Sheng immediately felt pressure.

As expected of Bie Han!

Shang Yu Sheng was shocked inside. He was not a beginner at battle, but it was the first time he felt such a great pressure. What roused his admiration was that Bie Han was fighting one against two!

In this kind of situation, Bie Han was still able to give him such great pressure. This meant that Bie Han’s control of battle was great.

Shang Yu Sheng’s spirit rose. What an honor it was to fight such a powerful opponent!

His gaze became even more determined, his steps more graceful. He felt that he had never been in such a great state. The entire battlefield appeared in his mind in every detail. The attacks that left his hand increased in rate. The attacks that had been like a rainstorm before were now a flood that sprouted from his hand.

With the support of his entire battalion, Shang Yu Sheng didn’t feel any tiredness.

Hai Jin Yun would occasionally give a shuddering howl. He was in a frenzy, the remainders of his battalion was also fighting in a frenzy. They were fearless and seemed mad.

With the two battle generals working together, the pressure on Bie Han increased drastically.

Bie Han’s cold face seemed to be carved from granite. He seemed to not notice the sudden increase in pressure and the increasing rate of battle.

The remaining two-thirds of Sin battalion managed to hold off the furious attack of the two large battalions.




The battle became unprecedentedly horrific.

The two sides were fighting for control over the rhythm of the battle.

The rhythm of the battle could not be seen or touched but both sides knew that the side which controlled the rhythm of the battle would be closest to victory.

The attacks from the two sides constantly changed. In the sky, the multi-colored lights criss-crossed like rain.

The scouts spying on this battle were stunned. They unconsciously held their breath, spells such as mirage formations sending back this scene to every corner of the xiuzhe world.

This was the first significant conflict after several years of peace. It naturally attracted the eyes of the world. After the two sides started to fight, all the factions sent out strong scouts to infiltrate this area in order to see and understand this battle better.

The amount of manpower the two sides, Mo Cloud Sea and the Mo Marshal Alliance, had was limited. They could block out large battalions but could not stop these small scout teams. Due to this, as the state of the conflict grew clearer, the location of the final battle was gradually discovered. The scouts of almost every power in the world gathered around Bright Mountain Jie. These outstanding scouts hid in the darkness and used methods such as mirage formations and thousand li water mirrors to send recordings of the battle to their territories.

Innumerable eyes were watching this important battle.

When the battle reached this state, everyone unconsciously held their breath. The two side’s were at a rhythm that was astounding. The battle generals that were watching all had grave expressions and were silent as their eyes were locked onto the images.

“The situation is disadvantageous to Bie Han,” Xue Dong said in a deep voice. However, he was already stunned that Bie Han had managed to draw out the battle until now.

Mo Cloud Sea was Kun Lun’s greatest worry. The two were sworn enemies so Kun Lun paid more attention to this fight. However, up until now, what shocked Xue Dong the most was Shang Yu Sheng and Hai Jin Yun’s strength. They were stronger than he predicted.

He suddenly turned his head and ordered, “Send someone to investigate Hai Jin Yun and Shang Yu Sheng, especially Shang Yu Sheng.”

In his eyes, Shang Yu Sheng was undoubtedly a bigger threat and had more potential. Shang Yu Sheng’s strategic vision was outstanding, and he was experienced in focused attacks. He had more room to grow.

Lin Qian’s gaze did not move away from the screen. He said softly, “Bie Han still has other moves.”

Before he finished, the situation on the battlefield changed again.




At this time, only half of Bie Han’s Sin Battalion was left. His fatality rate was fifty percent and the situation was greatly disadvantageous to Bie Han. Hai Jin Yun at this time did not care about fatalities, his intentions were clear, a life for a life!

Shang Yu Sheng’s constant barrage quickly showed their result. As Sin Battalion’s fatalities increased, Shang Yu Sheng and Hai Jin Yun’s advantage in manpower became even more evident.

Bie Han’s Sin Battalion was outnumbered by the two other battalions to start with. If he wanted to win, he had to preserve his forces and reduce the number of losses. Shang Yu Sheng and Hai Jin Yun both knew this. Hai Jin Yun was using a suicidal method to increase Bie Han’s Sin Battalion losses.

Up until now, their goal had been realized well.

A fatality rate of fifty percent was the highest fatality rate in the history of Sin Battalion. The remaining Sin Battalion soldiers were not completely uninjured. Most of their shen equipment was in pieces. This mean that they could be more easily wounded, and killed.

Yet Bie Han’s expression was still cold and immovable.

Just as many people thought that Bie Han’s defeat was certain, a dark light suddenly came from the bodies of the remaining Sin Battalion members. Countless dark red seal scripts were like a crowd of earthworms that swam around their body.

The grey-white eyes of Sin Battalion soldiers were still empty and grey, yet their presence exploded.

“It’s here!” Gongye Xiao Rong who had been silent all this time couldn’t help but say.

Li Xian Er turned around and looked with surprise at Xiao Rong Shixiong. It seemed that Shixiong cared very much about Mo Cloud Sea!

The bodies of the Sin Battalion soldiers inflated like balloons. Their muscles became thick and strong at a stunning rate, their bodies multiplying in size, their shen equipment broken apart. Scales grew out of their hands, some had horns growing out of their heads, some had sickled tails, some had spines growing from their backs… …

Everyone who saw this inhaled in shock.

Mo physique!

Each member of Sin Battalion had a mo physique!

Only now did people remember Sin Battalion’s origins. They had been mo hostages that Xuan Kong Temple had captured from all places and made from the elite among them.

The blow of this scene was even greater to mo battle generals. This was the first time they saw everyone in a battalion have mo physiques.

Seeing the flowing light on the bodies of Sin Battalion, they were stunned.

While they had entered the era of shen power and a mo physique was not as valuable as in the past, it was still a shock when every person in a battalion had a mo physique.

Those smarter found that the mo physiques of Sin Battalion soldiers clearly had traces of shen power. The inscription skill of Mo Cloud Sea was famed in the world. Adding on Mo Cloud Sea’s study of shen power, this was actually normal.


This was a trap!

The personages that watched this fight felt cold creep up their backs. Bie Han was so devious! So cold blooded!




To lure Shang Yu Sheng into the battle, he had sacrificed half of Sin Battalion. This was a person who could do anything for victory, this was a terrifying battle general that was cold and ruthless.

The strong pressure came like a mountain to cover the entire battlefield.

The balance immediately had tilted to Bie Han’s side.

Sin Battalion’s mo physiques were not just mo physique. Their attacks became even stronger. The battle formation with shen power added was unstoppable. The Sin Battalion soldiers started to fight head on. In their attacks became ferocious. In a blink, almost all of Hai Jin Yun’s battalion was gone.

Is this your trump card?

Shang Yu Sheng’s eyes flashed and a cold smile floated at the corner of his lips. He had expected long ago that Bie Han definitely had other cards up his sleeve. Otherwise, planning to fight one against two was a joke.

Looking at Sin Battalion that had immediately multiplied in their ferocity, Shang Yu Sheng’s gaze was admiring. Mo Cloud Sea’s inscription skill lived up to the rumors!

However, this stopped here!

Shang Yu Sheng’s gaze locked onto Bie Han that flickered in and out of view among the Sin Battalion fighters. He was like an experienced hunter that stared at his prey that was about to fall into the trap.

He had always felt great confidence in this battle because he found long ago that Bie Han’s Sin Battalion that caused people to lose their guts at the name had a nondescript weakness.

This nondescript weakness would not show up usually, but in battles of this level, it was enough to be fatal.

–Sin Battalion did not have a top level fighter!

Usually, the powerful Sin Battalion was enough to protect Bie Han. Yet now, Sin Battalion only had half of its members left. The strong defensive net was filled with holes even though the Sin Battalion soldiers had become more powerful.

Shang Yu Sheng had been constantly searching for a time to give a fatal blow. When Bie Han’s last trump card was revealed, he didn’t hesitate any longer.

With a long roar, the space around him suddenly boiled, his hair dancing like a swarm of snakes!

Power gathered towards him like a tide. The boiling space around him was like a bottomless monster that greedily sucked in the flood of power the battalion channeled towards him.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden change. Even Hai Jin Yun who had been fighting hard was stunned.

Almost everyone thought that Shang Yu Sheng was a rare control-type mo battle general. Even Hai Jin Yun thought this. Who would have thought that Shang Yu Sheng had hid his strength. He was also a classical mo battle general with outstanding individual strength!

Shang Yu Sheng’s face flashed with eerie light, his eyes flashing. He found a hidden pathway criss-crossing through Sin Battalion’s ranks.

His presence reached a peak. With a roar of laughter, he headed straight towards Bie Han like a blade!

Sin Battalion members along the way leapt at Shang Yu Sheng. Yet before they could go near, they were thrown back out into the air!

Everyone knew. Bie Han was finished!

At this time, a red colored raiment appeared on Bie Han’s body. He turned his face as though he felt it. In the grey-white eyes of every Sin Battalion member, a thread of furious dark red flame jumped at the same time!


Translator Ramblings: Still fighting, three chapters now? I think this might be the longest fight described for someone other than Zuo Mo.

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