修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Four “Encountering Tian Huan”

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Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Four – Encountering Tian Huan.

Wind Hall

Ruan You Xian looked on at the battle occurring without a word.

Long Yan held the advantage, even while fighting one against three, but Ruan You Xian didn’t have any happiness in his expression.

His gaze landed on the three that were struggling to survive.

Mo Cloud Sea!

These three were from Mo Cloud Sea!

Ruan You Xian recognized the identities of the three at first glance and they were Mo Cloud Sea’s elite. Mo Cloud Sea was Tian Huan’s enemy, and Ruan You Xian wanted to test them to see what was the strength of Mo Cloud Sea’s elite forces. He had Long Yan attack.

Long Yan quickly gained the advantage. This was not a surprise to Ruan You Xian. Yet the following fighting caused Ruan You Xian to become serious.

The three from Mo Cloud Sea were at a disadvantage but they were hardy. Even now, they were not defeated. The trio’s battle formation was practiced, and they were in sync. Even if they were at a disadvantage, they were resilient. Long Yan was not using his full power, but Ruan You Xian was still surprised by the three’s strength.

If Mo Cloud Sea’s elite were all of such a skill level, then it would be terrifying!

Ruan You Xian could see a lot of things. These three were average in strength, they had not cultivated shen power for long, their talent was average, and they wore Mo Cloud Sea’s shen equipment. From every perspective, they did not have any outstanding traits. However, the trio used the power of the battle formations, shen equipment, and their skills to their limits.

This was what truly shocked Ruan You Xian.

For any faction, individual strength was not scary. Up until now, no one had appeared who had the power to destroy a sect on their own. No one knew how powerful the top level experts really were, their offensive power, and their influence on the state of the conflict. Ever since they entered the era of shen power, there had not been one battle between battalions that top level experts had participated in.

There were many factors that determined the war, such as the battle generals, the collective skill of the battalion, equipment and others.

What these three showed were the crucial aspects.

Mo Cloud Sea had experts!

Mo Cloud Sea was not weak, and the Mo Cloud shen equipment was one of the strongest shen equipment. Compared to Kun Lun and Tian Huan, Mo Cloud Sea’s greatest weakness was their battalion. There was still a gap between their soldiers compared to Kun Lun and Tian Huan. This difference was a difference accumulated through thousands of years. It could not be made up in a few short years.

Before today, Ruan You Xian firmly believed that Mo Cloud Sea’s abilities could not compare to Tian Huan. While Mo Cloud Sea had Gongsun Cha and Bie Han, Tian Huan definitely led Mo Cloud Sea by a large margin. However, he did not think that now.

These three were definitely not the exception.

Mo Cloud Sea likely knew their weaknesses and due to this, they carved their own path. They used battle formations and shen equipment to unearth every thread of potential in their battalion.

These things were not in the open, they could not be seen or held, but they could truly increase the collective strength of the battalion!

Ruan You Xian noted it down. When he returned, he would definitely report this to the sect leader. Tian Huan’s shen equipment was comparable to Mo Cloud Sea, and their battalions were higher in quality. However, they had not completely uncovered all of the advantages.

If the two sides met, Ruan You Xian was not sure how much of an advantage the battalions on his side would have.

“Finish this. Do not waste too much time on these pawns.” Ruan You Xian felt as though he had understood the mysteries and did not need to waste too much time on this.

Long Yan’s attacks grew in power as he heard this. The trio that had been in danger seemed as though they would be killed.

Suddenly, a thick and gentle voice came, “Wouldn’t it be a pity if you leave now!”

The trio suddenly became alert and managed to stop Long Yan’s attack.

Among the furious winds, a withered body slowly walked out. His steps were slow yet his movement was fast. While his voice sounded as though he was coming from far away, he had already reached them.

“Yes, when did it become that anyone could bully Mo Cloud Sea?”

A lazy voice carried soul-stealing seductiveness. A female like a rose elegantly came. The furiously wind did not cause any ripples on her dark red dress.

Zong Ru! Ceng Lian’er!

Ruan You Xian’s pupils suddenly contracted. Long Yan retreated from the fight and moved back to Ruan You Xian’s side.

It was no wonder that the two were wary. The experts of Mo Cloud Sea were people that all the major sects had investigated. Nothing more need to be said of Ceng Lian’er. This female that cultivated moon shen power had mysteriously appeared around Zuo Mo. Just as everyone was searching for shen power, she had already made small accomplishments in shen power. No one knew how strong she was now.

In the past, Zong Ru was an unknown name. Yet when Zong Ru came out of his death seclusion, the worldly apparition shook all of Mo Cloud Sea. The news was naturally passed back to the sects by the scouts. When the sects put more effort into the investigation, the information on Zong Ru was filled in and everyone marveled.

Zong Ru was from low birth, and was an unorthodox xiu. He followed Zuo Mo from very early on and was extremely loyal to him. In order to help Zuo Mo, he swore the Buddha Abandonment Death Wish, and obtained wish power. Then he entered death seclusion, and he actually came out! Due to this, he immediately became known as one of the shen power experts under Zuo Mo’s command.

When Ruan You Xian saw Zong Ru, he knew the rumors had not exaggerated. The methods that Dhyana xiu used to cultivate were different, and so the signs when they had reached each higher level varied. However, while Zong Ru had an emaciated body, his eyes were clear and penetrating. Ruan You Xian felt even more fearful.

While Dhyana methods paid great attention to tempering the body, there were also dhyana xiu that focused on the mind. Those methods thought of the body as a shell that was an obstacle to transcend.

Zong Ru was probably on that path.

Daren said before that we will encounter Tian Huan experts here. I hadn’t through it would be so soon,” Ceng Lian’er said serenely.

Ruan You Xian’s heart shook. The other recognized them? He forced a smile, “Tian Huan? Miss Ceng, you think we are Tian Huan? Tian Huan is a great sect, it is not something that roaming xiu like us can claim connections with.”

Ceng Lian’er looked amusedly at Ruan You Xian. She did not speak but caused Ruan You Xian to become anxious.

“We’ll know after fighting.” Zong Ru’s tone was still gentle and ethereal.

The trio that had almost lost their lives became excited. These people had followed Zuo Mo for a long time, and could not avoid being infected with some of Little Mo Ge’s poisonous tongue.

One of them muttered, “Ho, they are terrified already?”

Another person followed, “Of course, Tian Huan is nothing. If they encounter Grandmaster and Big Sister, they will be beaten like a dog!”

The third person coldly said, “We are cursing Tian Huan, please do not put yourselves in.”

Ruan You Xian felt anger rise in his throat. It was the first time in his life he had such a strong impulse. He wanted to tear apart the mouths of the trio.

Long Yan was provoked, and his figure flashed as he shot towards the three!

The killing energy was tangible and like a wind that swept towards the three!

This time, he did not keep anything back in his attack.

Suddenly, a thin hand appeared in front of him.

So fast!

Long Yan’s eyes narrowed, and his fighting spirit grew. He continued forward rather than retreating. His presence increased again. With an angry shout, a bright shen glyph suddenly lit up from his fist and reached his forearm.

Shen power wildly circulated in the shen glyph. Threads of light formed from the shen glyph and rapidly gathered towards his fist.

Long Yan’s fist transformed into a manifestation that seemed similar to a dragon. It roared suddenly and everyone’s minds shook.

Zong Ru’s expression did not change. The thin hand waved slightly and formed a patch of void.

Long Yan’s ferocious punch seemed to attack empty space and didn’t make a sound.

In the eyes of everyone else, it seemed as though Long Yan’s punch was swallowed by Zong Ru’s hand. The raging power, and the tangible killing intent immediately disappeared.

Just now, it had been furious waves, and now the ocean was calm in a blink.

Even more eerie was that Long Yan’s fist and Zong Ru’s thin palm seemed to be stuck together.




The ghost mist child had never thought that there would be day he would also become a captive. This day had also come so quickly he hadn’t prepared mentally at all. And the first time he tripped up in over ten thousand years was on such a malicious and cunning person.

Listening to the names of those cruel tortures, the ghost mist child felt a chill just hearing the names. There was only one thought left in his mind. How could there be such devious and evil people in the world!

The pitiful guy’s last bit of hope finally disappeared under Zuo Mo’s endless threats.

He was obedient. He answered whatever Zuo Mo asked.

Zuo Mo finally learned many things. The ghost mist child had been a strong person in the past, the strongest of that generation in the Ghost Mist Tribe. He had been a powerful and influential person. However, people would encounter unpredicted fortune and misfortune. When he had been refining the Mist Eye Tablet, he had been careless and his soul was sucked in.

Losing his physical body, he comprehended the mist sea method. From then on, he was immortal.

The Mist Eye Tablet naturally grew in power. He was furious and sorrowful. He was not willing to accept a master. Any person that wanted to take the Mist Eye Tablet would be heavily wounded by him.

Yet he hadn’t thought that he ended up in the hands of the person who created the Totem Coliseum. That time, it had been he himself that had been beaten into submission.

In the end, his master had assigned him to guard the mist hall.

After his master died, and the Totem Coliseum was closed, he was locked in the Totem Coliseum, unable to see the light of the day. He finally saw people come in, he immediately became alert. In the past, the mist hall had always been thought as the hardest first hall to pass.

He hadn’t thought that he would end up in the hands of scoundrels … …

He was sad and indignant.

Zuo Mo was overjoyed. He finally learned the origins of the green strand from the ghost mist child. Green Pulse String, an unique item from the ancient era. It was formed by the universe, and no one knew of its origins or what it was. They only knew that it could grow. Every thousand years, it would grow half a li. This seven li long Green Pulse String had grown for at least fourteen thousand years.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo caressed the item.

Good treasure!


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