傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C02 “Drive Them Mad”

Recap: Aofeng and Jun Luoyu have a heart-to-heart about Jun Luoyu’s motivations. The Qin Family members are poisoning the Qin Family enforcer against Aofeng.

Chapter Two Drive Them Mad

They finally got specific information on finding the divine beast three days after entering the Xiangnan Forest.

In these three days, Aofeng saw the wonders of the world of Luska. There were numerous kinds of magic beasts in the forest. However, she did not encounter any danger by Jun Luoyu’s side. As long as it was not the deepest part of the forest, sky magisters did not have anything to fear.

When they received the message, Jun Luoyu did not hesitate. Just as usual, he carried her as he flew forward, the two auditors following behind and still cursing Aofeng hatefully as usual.

Aofeng’s slightly cold gaze swept across the two auditors and noted it in her mind. What she disliked the most were these people that always talked about status, not to mention their rootless enmity towards her.

There was a nervous atmosphere. From far away, Aofeng saw that Green-Winged Grey Wolf in the sky. It was a small mountain surrounded by dense forest. There

The three sides that were competing for the divine beast gathered together.

The Green-Winged Grey Wolf clearly felt the pressure of the powerful people in the air. It gave a great howl but it was not wiling to leave, adamantly guarding the mouth of the cavern behind it.

“The divine beast is in the cavern behind it!” The same thought rose in everyone’s minds as they stopped in the air in unison. They warily examined the other two sides. The rest of their forces would arrive soon and no one wanted to be the first. The Green-Winged Grey Wolf was strong enough to rival sky magisters, and there were also two other factions looking on from the side.

Aofeng’s pitch black eyes were half-lidded as she swept the other two groups of people. The enforcer of the Qin Family, and the Court Protector-Warrior of the Kaya Empire, a sword master.

“Qin Lian Daren, this is Qin Aofeng!” A great shout broke the suffocating silence. Even Aofeng stilled. She hadn’t through that she would become the focal point again.

Aofeng’s brow furrowed slightly. The Qin Family! As expected, the source of trouble!

“You are Qin Aofeng?” Qin Lian looked in the direction that Qin Aoluo pointed at, his brow raising. He saw an extremely handsome man holding an outstandingly beautiful young male floating in the air. The young male was dressed in an exquisite black robe and did not look very strong but a light that made people’s heart shake peered out from the youth’s black eyes.

This was that good-for-nothing?

Qin Lian felt doubtful inside. This person who had never seen anything important was able to remain unaffected under the pressure of the strong sky magisters without even a hint of fear. This was a shock. He would have never dreamt that this Aofeng was not Aofeng. As a good mercenary, she had experienced many events. It was difficult to frighten her with just presence!

But thinking about Qin Aoxin’s irreversible injury, he still felt the burn of anger. He shouted at Aofeng from afar, “I am the enforcer of the Qin Family!”

Aofeng glanced at him, and then looked at Qin Wu and his son below who were full of schadenfreude. She realized what had happened. Facing Qin Lian’s imperious air, she was expressionless. She only nodded faintly and made an “oh” sound.

Qin Lian’s eyes couldn’t help but widen and he almost suspected he was having a delusion.

Was … … the other mentally impaired?

Facing the family’s enforcer, even if it was a member of the main branch, shouldn’t they respectfully bow to him and call him elder? He had told the other that he was the enforcer, and what came back was only a “oh?”

As though she didn’t bear for this enforcer to glare until he died, Aofeng solicitously reminded him, “If there is no matter, Enforcer of the Qin Family, you do not have to stare at me.”

The speech was clear and orderly. It proved that the other was not born impaired but of clear mind. The other knew that he was the enforcer of the family.

They knew, but still didn’t think highly of him!

Looking down! Completely looking down at him! So arrogant to a level that he thought of everyone else as nothing!

Even the most well-mannered person would be angered if they were an expert of the family but was dismissed so by one younger. Also, Qin Lian could not be said to be a refined person. At this time, his face was flushed red, his eyes about to pop out, and breathing heavily.

“Qin Aofeng! I will let you know the price of angering a family enforcer!”

The members of the Qin Family behind Qin Lian stopped breathing in fright at Qin Aofeng’s arrogance. No one had expected that the matter would develop so in the span of moments. Other than Qin Wu, his son and Aofeng, the other people didn’t know of the previous events. They did not know why Seventh Young Master and the enforcer of the family were having a conflict.

Was Seventh Young Master crazy? The other had just left behind the name of good-for-nothing, did the other want to ruin their own future? Everyone’s hearts trembled as they watched, even the matter of the divine beast ignored temporarily.

“My apologies, I do not think that I need to pay a price, you do not qualify to make me pay!”

Aofeng’s eyes narrowed into slits as she said in a cool voice, “Starting from today, I, Qin Aofeng, of my own will, leave the Qin Family, will not be a member of the Qin Family. No matter if you are the enforcer or the head of the Qin Family, I have nothing to do with you. You do not need to expend effort on me.”

The words shook the world!

The Seventh Young Master of Qin City, three days after leaving behind the name of good-for-nothing, announced that they were leaving the Qin Family of their own accord! So fantastical, so unbelievable!

Qin Lian’s blood rushed up, his face flushing with blood. Even his ears turned the color of liver. If such a dramatic scene was heard by the elders of the family, his role as the enforcer would be immediately taken by someone else. On his hand, a boy that wasn’t even a magister grandly announced they left the Qin Family. This, this was … …

Humiliation! A great humiliation!

The disdain in Aofeng’s eyes made him feel that he was greatly slighted. Qin Lian forced down his impulse and said heavily through his teeth, “You have truly decided? Do you know the consequences of leaving the four great magister families?”

“What do you think I should do?” Aofeng snorted coldly and said with a disdainful smile. “You listened to Qin Wu and the others. You’ve already decided to expel me from the family, isn’t that so? Should I hug your leg and beg for mercy, complain about the unfairness of the world? And then you can posture as the elder of the family, enumerate my great crime of injuring a member of the main branch, and then expel me from the family. The lightest punishment would be to take away my status in the main branch to be a cadet branch with nothing left, and then even pursue my big brother for guilt by association. The world is never absolutely fair. Since the matter is already so, no matter what I do, I cannot satisfy you. It is better to leave the family, damage the honor of the Qin Family and repay you, Elder, don’t you think so?”

“You … … you dare!” Qin Lian was mad in anger, truly driven insane. He had not thought that Aofeng dared to do this to him, checkmating him using retreat to advance.

“I dare, and I will not be willing to be bullied by others! I leave the family, and you have no cause to pursue my brother, or use your identity as an enforcer of the family to suppress me. For a normal person, my attitude towards someone that wishes ill on me is not daring!” Aofeng waved her hand, her eyes sharp as she looked on directly. The pressure she gave off was slightly greater than Qin Lian.

“I, Qin Aofeng, is not a little lamb that will allow others to slaughter me! If you want to bully me, you need to realize that you may be bitten back! Even if I die, I will bite you before death!”

Qin Lian’s entire body was shaking, his face black in anger, but he could not find any weakness to attack. His original plan had completely collapsed. The other hadn’t just avoided punishment, he himself was now in trouble. But the other was under the protection of the Holy Emperor, and there wasn’t any possibility that he could attack the other!

“Tsk tsk, attack first to gain initiative, decisive, and daring!” The sword master that carried a great sword on his back showed an amused smile as he watched from the side. He looked towards Aofeng with some admiration. “Such an interesting little guy, he looks cold, but he is terrifyingly cunning. Qin Lian, that dumb pig, deserves to die from anger.”

Translator Ramblings: Being rational is a good way to anger unreasonable people … …


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