傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C03 “Too Shameless”

Recap: Aofeng decides to leave the Qin Family due to Qin Lian wanting to expel her.


Chapter Three Too Shameless

Qin Wu and Qin Aoluo’s minds were blank. They had never dreamt that Aofeng would see through them, and attack before they spoke. Their mouths felt bitter. If Qin Lian was removed from the position of enforcer, the two of them would not end well.

“Damned good-for-nothing, when did his mind become so clever? Even when he was in the right before, he didn’t dare to speak!” Qin Aoluo furiously cursed.

Aofeng completely changed after being beat up. The good-for-nothing who hadn’t dared to speak in a loud voice dared to offend the family enforcer publicly without regard for the consequences. It was a difference of heaven and earth! If it wasn’t for that familiar face, Qin Aoluo would almost assumed that the person wasn’t Qin Aofeng.

“Boy, wait to regret it! You will definitely regret it! You have insulted the authority of the four great magister families, the Qin Family will not spare you. From now on, you will have a difficult time on this continent with each step!” Qin Lian glared at Aofeng with a vicious expression. He only felt slightly more comfortable when he thought of the other’s difficult days up ahead.

The had retaliated against him, but this was harming the enemy but not benefiting oneself. The other had won verbally but had left the protection of the family. This was the reality. A normal swordsman was too common. Once the Qin Family sent out a notice, Qin Lian didn’t think that a little six-star swordsman could live well.

Aofeng shrugged noncommittally and smiled unconcernedly.

If this had been a few days ago and she was expelled from the family when she did not know anything about the continent, maybe Aofeng would have a small headache. However, right now, she had the Crimson Forge Token that Rong Luo had given her, and Jun Luoyu was gently protecting her. At worst, she could kill magic beasts in the forest to sell crystal cores. She wouldn’t starve to death. The large amounts of crystal cores she had gotten in the magic beast tide was enough for her to use for a time. Leaving the Qin Family was painless for her.

Light flashing once again through her eyes, Aofeng changed direction. “Your Excellency is also here for the divine beast?”

Qin Lian stilled again. He finally recalled his goal and mission this time.

As though she had confirmed something, Aofeng shook her head in regret and puzzlement and sighed seriously, “This is slightly troublesome. Holy Emperor Daren‘s goal is also the divine beast. There is only one divine beast, what to do?”

Pausing, Aofeng smiled and showed her white teeth, “Should it be as Enforcer says, determine victory by influence and power?”

Seeing the seemingly unintentional expression of realization on that cool face from a close distance, Jun Luoyu who was holding Aofeng almost choked on his spit. He almost laughed out loud. He knew before that the other was not as docile as they appeared, and when they were bad, they were like a demon.

Ever since their conversation in the forest that day, Jun Luoyu and Aofeng grew closer. Seeing this, the soft part of his heart seemed to be lightly struck by her arrogant and interesting expression. He couldn’t help but follow her and said, “En, since that’s the case, then Your Excellencies, Auditors, under the gaze of my god, please help His Excellency the enforcer of the Qin Family leave.”

When the words came out, the atmosphere in the surroundings changed drastically. People couldn’t help but tighten their hands, their eyes wide. Even their breathing became nervous.

Qin Lian’s face turned from red to black and then to white. The changing palette was spectacular. The two auditors also had expressions as though they had eaten a fl. They were very depressed. They finally understood the meaning of a person being different on the inside and outside, and finally knew what was the highest level of being devious and deplorable.

Shameless! Really too shameless!

That boy looked like a cold icicle without any cunning. But under that fake illusion that would confuse people, the cold words contained at least a dozen traps and hidden daggers. One would be struck if they were the least bit careless. Qin Lian was an enforcer of the family and had used machinations in the shadows. He had thought that he was already shameless and despotic to expel Aofeng from the family without a reason, but compared to the other, he was too kind!

Stirring conflict, attacking using the strength of others!

Unless there was a real need, Aofeng did not like to speak too much. But her brief words could successfully arouse people’s emotions and reach her goal.

Even though Qin Lian, the two auditors, and the sword master of the empire know her goal, they could not escape her scheming. Everything was in her control, and the script she had written was being played out.

The two auditors felt the gaze of Jun Luoyu behind them like a dagger on their backs. In other to get the divine beast, how did they dare to retreat in front of the Holy Emperor? Even though they knew they were being used, they could only summon their magus beasts and immediately had then transform into armor. They shouted at Qin Lian, “We, the Radiance Magus Church, want the divine beast, everyone else, leave immediately!”

Shamanic power erupting around him and the blue energy flashing, Qin Lian warily tensed every part of his body. He caused Aofeng, the bastard that was exploiting another’s power, as he shouted, “The Qin Family also wants the divine beast as well. Other people fear the Radiance Magus Church, we, the Qin Family, do not! Roth, we all come from the imperial capital. You will only have a chance to get the divine beast if you fight the two auditors with me!”

Screw? [1]

Aofeng sweated for this name and then followed Qin Lian’s gaze to look at the sword master flowing in the air.

Facing a strong enemy, Qin Lian hoped that he could recruit an expert to his camp. The sword mater who had come for the same goal was the best ally at this moment.

Roth carried a large sword on his back and his clothing flapped elegantly in the wind. However, he showed no signs of acting. He only smiled disdainfully. “The imperial warriors of the Kaya Empire is never under the command of others. There are three sky magisters. There is nothing wrong with my brain, will I compete with them?”

The meaning was that there was something wrong with you that you would fight!

Qin Lian was furious. Today was a calamitous day for him. It seemed that everyone was opposing him.

The imperial warriors made a living by the sword and were not interested in magus beasts to start with. He had only come here for the mission. Facing the three magisters of the Radiance Magus Church, Roth knew at a glance that their mission would not be a success. The higher-ups could not blame him when faced with this enemy. He would not be like Qin Lian, forcing himself to endure hardship just because he wanted face.

Aofeng was slightly surprised. She had originally wanted to use Roth and Qin Lian to give a lesson to the two auditors and watch as these four sky magisters fought. However, Roth clearly was calmer than other people, and her plan failed this time.

The two auditors had bellies bursting with fire due to Aofeng in these past three days. Now that she was using them, they were so unhappy they wanted to bite people. Their anger towards Aofeng immediately moved to the Qin Family. In their view, the Qin Family didn’t know what was good for them, and didn’t have many good people. The two were like sharp lights that furiously charged at Qin Lian!

The damned Qin Family had raised this little bastard and then it had affected them, the family should be punished!

Qin Lian received the anger that the two felt towards Aofeng and felt it was a great miscarriage of justice. With a shout, a layer of light blue shamanic power rose quickly in front of him. He flew backwards in hopes that the layer could stop the attacks of the two auditors.

At this time, something suddenly happened!

The Green-Winged Grey Wolf who had been silently guarding the mouth of the cavern suddenly stroked his wings hard, and appeared like lightning beside Qin Lian. Taking advantage of Qin Lian’s exposed back, his sharp claws swiped down.

“Ah!” Qin Lian screamed in terror and was so depressed he wanted to buy a piece of tofu to smash his head against. How come all the people and beasts he encountered today were so devious and low! This wolf was a natural match with Qin Aofeng!

With a wolf at his back, and tigers in front of him, Qian Lian could not stop the barrage from two sides. He forced his body to shift position in the air. The collision caused a boom and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew out. Three bloody claw marks from the Green-Winged Grey Wolf were left on his back. His organs were almost flipped up-side down by the strong attacks of the two auditors. In a moment, a sky magister was almost crippled!

[1] Roth, or 罗思 in Chinese is a homonym for 螺丝 or screw.


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