傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C04 “Hopeless Situation, Never Leave Behind”

Recap: Aofeng humiliated Qin Lian, the family enforcer. He was then ambushed by the Green-Winged Grey Wolf.


Chapter Four Hopeless Situation, Never Leave Behind

After the successful attack, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf quickly returned to guard the mouth of the cavern.

“Go! Quick, go!” Qin Lian spat out blood as he smashed into the Qin Family camp. Heavily wounded, he knew they had lost the ability to compete. Under the help of a frightened Qin Wu and his son, he quickly retreated. The other people of the Qin Family immediately retreated like the tide.

Before leaving, Qin Lian still didn’t forget to glare hatefully at Aofeng. This boy’s shamelessness had successfully left behind a deep impression on him. He swore he would make the other regret it one day!

Aofeng elegantly rubbed her nose and felt very sorry that this person had not been killed on the spot. However, since she had done the act, she did not fear the consequences.

The two sky magister auditors flew back and glared at Roth who was watching from a distance. The latter waved his hand and laughed out loud. “There’s no need to drive us away. We will leave now!” After seeing the three sky magisters, Roth did not have any more illusions. He left with the discontent nobility of the Kaya Emperor like a wind. They came quickly and left quickly. In a flash, there were only the people from Radiance Magus Church left.

Jun Luoyu carried Aofeng to land on the ground. The two auditors immediately changed their target and locked gazes murderously on the Green-Winged Grey Wolf. Almost a hundred of the Radiance Magus Church magisters surrounded the cavern. They seemed to be facing a great enemy. Only when they kill the guardian beast of the divine beast could they enter the cavern to search for the divine beast.

This time, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf was not the first to attack. It went low on his forelimbs, its enormous head slowly swaying. Its humanized eyes swept the crowd and paused on Aofeng. Suddenly, it turned its body and shook, its enormous body drastically shrinking. Under everyone’s shocked gaze, he turned into a grey wolf that was only half the height of an adult human, whined a few times, and then burrowed into the black cavern!

“What is going on?” Everyone stared at each other. Even Jun Luoyu and the two auditors did not understand.

Guardian beasts would not easily betray, and the Green-Winged Grey Wolf would not retreat out of fear. Aofeng was puzzled. That strange feeling appeared again as though there was something in that cavern which was calling to her.

“Go down and explore, be careful.” If one did not risk, one would not gain. Jun Luoyu waved his hand and ordered for a few people to test the road. After receiving a response of safe, then he held Aofeng’s hand and stepped in.

There was almost no light, and the world dimmed.

Aofeng narrowed her eyes and gradually adjusted to the surrounding darkness. The cavern was extremely deep, and she could not see the end. There was a faint cold wind blowing in from somewhere. This seemed to be an underground cavern.

After looking around in amazement, the group quickly made a decision. The people in the front held magic crystals that could give off light to lead the way. Aofeng and the group followed the lack little path downwards. The deeper they went, the darker it was. The surrounding air started to become turbid. Aofeng felt her heart beat faster and faster, and that feeling of being summon grew even stronger.

“Don’t be nervous, even if something happens, I will still protect you. I took you here, I will be responsible to the end.” Jun Luoyu’s gentle voice came from above her head. His warm hand tightly held her, and made her feel reassured.

Aofeng finally detected that her hand had unconsciously tightened around his and smiled apologetically. But the smile immediately froze when it appeared.

“What is that?”

Accompanied by a startled yell, a blinding red energy suddenly erupted out of the black cavern up ahead that was so hot it was suffocation! A feeling of danger formed!

Fire, burning hot dark red fire, furiously swept towards them under everyone’s shocked and terrified gazes!

Wails suddenly sounded! The two magisters at the very front were swallowed by the flames in an instant and turned to steam. Not even dust was left. Seeing such a scene, even the composed Aofeng couldn’t help but feel her scalp prickle. The burning tongues of flame did not stop and continued to rampage in the surroundings. In a blink, a few more magisters wailed as they were burned into air by the fires.

“Damn it, it is Heaven Fire! This isn’t a divine beast! Retreat!” Jun Luoyu’s black pupils contracted, and his usually gentle voice held a rare panic. He grabbed Aofeng and quickly flew up with the two auditors who also had shocked expressions. They flew urgently along the path that they had came from, and could not spare any attention for the people behind them.

The hundred or so magisters shouted in shock as they sprint towards the outside but they could not compare to the speed of the flames. They were swallowed alive in a flash by the burning tongues of flame!

So terrifying!

Aofeng inhaled coldly. If they were a step slower, they would have also ended up being burned until nothing was left!

Yet the danger had not left. They had gone quite a while deep into the ground and there was still a long way to the entrance. The flames behind them were coming closer. Jun Luoyu had just reached sky level and his speed when carrying her would go down another level. The dark red flames came closer and closer to them. The high temperature caused her skin to feel burning.

Seeing the tongues of fire coming closer, and the two auditors in the front who only know to save themselves, Aofeng’s gaze flashed and she turned to look at Jun Luoyu who was carrying her to fly.

Jun Luoyu’s exquisite and handsome features were slightly furrowed. This proved that he did feel the burning tide coming closer behind them. Yet the red lips were slightly pressed, the arms around her firm and he didn’t have any thoughts of letting go and fleeing by himself.

“Jun Luoyu, put me down, you might be able to leave.” Aofeng reminded him. Since continuing this would only lead to death, she did not want to drag him down.

“You said you will never abandon those that you leave your back to.” Stubbornly shaking his head, that enlarged handsome face smiled at her, as bright as the sun. “That day, you already gave your back to me, is it not so?”

The determined expression passed on an unwavering belief.

Not leaving behind, never!

Aofeng’s eyes teared up, and a certain part of her heart that had been sealed seemed to be ignited. It was the first time it was lit up in this world, it burned fiercely as though it was even hotter than the Heaven Fire behind them! In this moment, she seemed to return to the time right before her previous life’s death, to the time that she and Yun Shitian were advancing and retreating together

She said silently in her head, Jun Luoyu, just for these words, if we can leave here alive, I, Qin Aofeng, will do anything for you!

Just as she was thinking, a strange burning swept from behind her! They were surrounded on all sides by the dark red flames. Jun Luoyu had to stop flying forward. He tightly held her and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here, I will not let you be alone.”

Aofeng coolly closed her eyes in his arms. She felt a wave of peaceful warmth. So, in this life, I’m not alone any longer.

Just as the two thought that they would die, Aofeng suddenly felt pain from the part of her leg that was brushed by the flames. It felt as though some animal took a bite of her. Then a powerful gust of energy and flows of heat burrowed into her body through that place. Enormous power shot into every part of her body, every inch of her felt as though it was being burned. Her head, under the blow of that hot flow, felt as though it was being pierced by needles. She couldn’t help but give a shout of pain, and with strength that she didn’t know where it came from, she forcefully pushed Jun Luoyu!

“Aofeng!” Jun Luoyu’s panicked shout came but Aofeng was unable to respond. The entire world was surrounded by flames. The channels in her body were being burned by the strong flame, but then healed inch by inch in the flames. It was so painful one wanted to faint, but for some unknown reason, her consciousness was terrifyingly clear.

From far off, Aofeng seems to hear the crisp voice of a male.

“With thou’s fire to swear at this moment, the covenant is made, inseparable in this life, live and die together, from now, you are I, Chi Xue’s lifebond covenantor.”

A black shadow seemed to flash across her vision full of red light. The flames in the surrounding suddenly erupted, the entire underground cavern completely blown open by a pillar of fire red light! That red energy penetrated through the ground above and shot into the clouds!

The world shook and cracked!

Translator Ramblings: Chi Xue is 赤血 meaning crimson blood.


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