修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred “Sneak Attack”

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Chapter Eight Hundred “Sneak Attack”

Tan Xu and the other two had joyful expressions. That peerless sword essence just now astounded them, and what made them even happier was that the sword essence contained that familiar Kun Lun presence!

Everyone knew what that mean. No matter if it was a shixiong had achieved a supreme level, or the appearance of the shen sword, the powerful sword essence represented great power. This was definitely a good matter for Kun Lun.

The trio were all Children of Kun Lun, the true backbone of Kun Lun. They were connected to the wellbeing of the sect.

“We will definitely obtain the shen device nucleus,” Nie Chen said with a steely resolve. Unusual determination flashed through his eyes, and his usually calm expression was excited.

The other two people nodded at the same time with fanatical expressions.

This peerless sword essence seemed to rule over the world. Even the strongest expert was like an ant in front of such powerful sword essence.

The title of the strongest in the world once again returned to Kun Lun.

Kun Lun had always been thought of the sect strongest in battle. Yet in these past years, they were not as they once were. Even a Mo Cloud Sea dared to fight them.

This was hard for the proud Kun Lun disciples to tolerate.

Now that Kun Lun once again demonstrated its unparalleled power, how could Tan Xu and the others not be excited?

“Everyone, be careful.” Nie Chen did not let the victory go to his head. He was even more careful. He knew that if the other people were only fifty percent sincere in their desire to get the shen device nucleus, now it would be one hundred percent.

The shen device nucleus was not able to match that sword essence right now, but an extra shen device raiment meant that the other factions would have that much more power to fight Kun Lun.

However, Nie Chen did not worry. The three of them were all Children of Kun Lun, true experts picked carefully out of numerous disciples.

There were only fifty of them in all of Kun Lun.

If it was just one person Nie Chen would reconsider, but with the three of them combined with their preparations and knowledge about the Totem Coliseum, Nie Chen was confident in obtaining the nucleus.

Zhen Ling Meng played with the Rain Commanding Banner in her hand and then suddenly said, “The Rain Banner is a good treasure. But if we want to activate it, it needs to be refined using shen power.”

Tan Xu glanced over and shook his head. “I’m not interested in such a soft thing.”

Nie Chen did not compete. “My sword essence leans yang and masculine, it is not suitable. Shimei, use it.”

Zhen Ling Meng did not refuse and nodded. “Alright.”

The Rain Commander Banner was suited to her. Her sword essence was a completely yin. She started to consider the Rain Commanding Banner into a shen sword. She liked the name “Rain Commander.”

With the help of this item, her strength would go up another level.

Right now, not just shen device raiments, they would be even jealous of a shen sword. A shen sword did not refer to how great a sword was, but if it could tolerate shen power or not. Compared to ling power, shen power was multiple times more domineering. Normal flying swords could not withstand the stress of channeling it.

In reality, this situation was not just occurring at Kun Lun but also other sects.

Kun Lun’s thousand years of accumulation was all based on the ling power system. They did not have many advantages with the present shen power. They might have some wealth, but there were too many people. The wealth was only enough to create one or two shen devices. Other people could only look on.

In the last few years, several materials that were suitable for shen power had appeared. These materials were not high in grade, but even so, their prices skyrocketed, and were extremely valuable.

This was also why shen equipment was so expensive.

The lagging development of shen materials caused people to have to endure the limitations caused by the low level weapons they wielded.

Therefore, while Tan Xu and Nie Chen generously passed on the Rain Commanding Banner, they could not help but feel slight jealously. It was possible to forge a shen sword using the Rain Commanding Banner as the primary body. Obtaining an appropriate shen sword was something to be admired.

Looking at Zhen Ming Ling unable to let go of the article, Nie Chen smiled. “Shimei, you can study this after we return. Let’s first complete the mission.”

Zhen Ling Meng’s face blushed red. She was slightly embarrassed. “This one has lost composure.”

Nie Chan smiled understandingly and then reminded with a serious expression. “The path ahead is full of danger, we need to be alert and careful. The people from Mo Cloud Sea are not easy to deal with.”

“Humph! I think the rumors exaggerate!” Tan Xu snorted and said proudly. “It is a pity we did not encounter them now. Otherwise, I will kill them all and hang their heads on Mo Cloud Sea’s transportation formations.

Nie Chen smiled helplessly. Tan Xu Shidi usually looked down on people, and he was too lazy to say otherwise.

But Zhen Ling Meng became alert and her stray thoughts disappeared. Nie Chen nodded inside and said, “Let’s go. After the Rain Hall is the gates of the four palaces. After going through the four palaces, we will be able to find the shen device nucleus.”

“That isn’t interesting!” Tan Xu’s eyes flashed viciously. “How about we set up an ambush in front of the four palace gates and take the wind of Mo Cloud Sea’s sails. Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?”

Nie Chen’s mind moved. He felt that Tan Xu’s idea was plausible. With their strength, if they wanted to ambush someone, there would be pitifully few that would be able to dodge.

“Would there be people faster than us?” Zhen Ling Meng suddenly asked.

Nie Chen and Tan Xu stilled. The murderousness on Tan Xu’s face disappeared, and he became thoughtful. He was proud but not stupid.

“Most likely not.” Nie Chen said seriously. “We have a good grasp on the situation, and we have not encountered any strong enemies, we had an open path. It probably wouldn’t be easy for people to be faster than us. However, we have to be alert. If the enemy does this, it will not be good if we fall for it.”

The three exchanged looks and all had grave expressions.

“Let’s go, be careful.’ Nie Chen warned again.




Zuo Mo’s ambush plan was very successful.

They had successively killed a few people without any real effort. These people had never thought they would be ambushed. Zuo Mo and the others were fast and vicious in their attacks.

However, these people were average in strength and didn’t have anything good on them. This disappointed Zuo Mo slightly. However, thinking from a different angle, they were all his enemies. With each death, his hopes of getting the shen device nucleus would grow. He immediately felt better.

Suddenly, the Ghost Mist Child warned. “Three incoming!”

After a few rounds, everyone worked together well and did not need to call to each other as Ghost Mist child told the positions of the three to Zuo Mo and the others.

Three people!

Due to the positions, the ones that attacked were Zuo Mo, Tenth Grade and Silly Bird.

Little Mo Ge’s little axe faded into the mist and silently sliced to one of the people.

Tenth Grade’s little moon crescent was tiny to begin with. It was impossible to perceive it within the mist. Possibly due to being with Zuo Mo for such a long time, even the battle-hungry Tenth Grade became devious and cunning. This attack came without any sound.

In comparison, the proud Silly Bird naturally disdained Zuo Mo’s devious moves. She stood proudly, and her bird bead suddenly pecked. The sharp bird beak brushed against the air and caused a spray of sparks. The tip of the bead was like boiling iron!

The Ghost Mist Child who was paying attention to the entire situation saw Silly Bird’s peck. He felt sympathy and the mist around him couldn’t help but shake.


Zuo Mo’s sneak attack was stopped.

Tenth Grade’s little moon crescent was thrown back with a chiming sound.

Silly Bird’s peck was the most effective. The domineering and sharp power penetrated the other’s shen power defenses. Even the shen equipment was not effective and a little hole was left behind.

None of the three had succeeded!

Zuo Mo immediately understood they met a hard opponent!

He was experienced in battle and knew that at this time, he could not give the enemy any time to think. He unhesitatingly moved forward, the Sun Shen Axe in his hand howling as he sung with a ferocious presence!

Zuo Mo silently released three Sun Shen Thorns.





The sound of the collision that shook the entire field. The mist in the surroundings was split apart and the two stared at each other.

Nie Chen’s expression changed. The other’s axe swing just now was extremely heavy. His entire right arm was trembling right now, so sore he could not raise it. Yet what caused him to change expression were the three Sun Shen Thorns hiding towards him!

The dark gold Sun Shen Thorns flashed with sharp cold light that iced people’s hearts.

He had blocked the other’s axe just now, and his shen power was surging. With just the shen equipment, he definitely could not stop these three sun shen thorns.

Under the threat of great danger, Nie Chen’s mind was unusually clear. Without thinking, the fingers on his left hand flickered out.

Brrrng brrng brrng!

Seven blinding sword energies suddenly shot out of his left hand.

The sword energies howled as they tore the air.

[Finger Sword Wave]!

This sword scripture was one of the sword scriptures he had been most familiar with in the past. However, it was not among the ones that the elders had modified. After cultivating it for so long, it almost became instinct to rely on it. As a present Child of Kun Lun, Nie chen’s understanding of sword essence now was nothing like what it was when he had been uneducated.

His used shen power to cast [Finger Sword Wave] but did not feel any rawness but unprecedentedly free. In the past, his skill with this sword scripture had been great and he had been able to control it to a fine degree. Now, it seemed as though that paper thin window had been broken and he seemed to comprehend.

The most dangerous and terrible times, people’s potential was the easiest to uncover.

Nie Chen was in an indescribable state.

These seven swords could be said to be so skilled it reached the summit.

They cross, and like rain, they hit the three sun shen thrones from different angles. None of them missed.

Ding ding ding!

With a wave of clean and clear explosions the three sun thorns were deflected and brushed past Nie Chen’s face dangerously as though they had been lightly flicked away by an invisible hand.

The sun shen thorns touched Nie Chen’s face and that intimidating hot presence caused his heart to shudder.

He had missed! Zuo Mo was surprised. The sneak attack that he had thought could not fail had actually missed!

This was an expert!

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up.


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