修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Two “Zuo Mo’s Heart”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Two – Zuo Mo’s Heart

Seeing the sun thorns miss, Zuo Mo was shocked but reacted quickly. He advanced instead of retreating, and swung the Sun Shen Axe in his hand at the enemy!

His speed was lightning fast.

Nie Chen just saw a blur and golden energies suddenly flashed in front of him.

At this time, Nie Chen was in a wondrous state, and his reaction was fast. His right hand beckoned and the flying sword pointed at Zuo Mo’s waist like a snake.

This move bet on the fact the other would have to save himself!

The Sun Shen Axe’s sharp edge was almost at his face but Nie Chen’s face was calm and his crystal-like eyes did not flicker at all.

It was a long time since Zuo Mo had encountered such a troublesome opponent. The other’s move was vicious. If he cut the other in half, then the other’s sword energy would slice through his waist.

He immediately blocked with the shen axe in his right hand.


An enormous sound and then the sparks flew!

Zuo Mo and Nie Chen both retreated at the same time.

Nie Chen finally showed shock. The other’s strength was so strong it almost surpassed his imagination. But what shocked his even more was that he guessed the other’s identity.

“I had not expected to encounter the Master of Mo Cloud Sea here.”

Nie Chen stared at Zuo Mo and said slowly. His mind was in disarray. He had never thought that he would have an opportunity to fight against Zuo Mo! If it wasn’t for the other’s unique sun shen power, Nie Chen would definitely never have guessed it.

Mo Cloud Sea’s territories were not large, but no one dared to underestimate their power. Zuo Mo was presently of high status. Nie Chen found it hard to believe that he would explore a ruin personally.

Yet what shocked him even more was Zuo Mo’s strength.

It had long not been a secret that Zuo Mo cultivated sun shen power.

Yet when people listed the many experts of Mo Cloud Sea, they would, for some reason, exclude Zuo Mo.

In everyone’s view, how could Zuo Mo, now the master of Mo Cloud Sea, fight on the front lines like in the past?

When people judged Zuo Mo, it was usually along the lines of a natural leader, the brain of Mo Cloud Sea.

His talent in seal scripts and mo matrices shocked the world. He had caused Mo Cloud Sea to become a rival for Tian Huan in seal formations and talismans. His unique inscription art could allow xiuzhe to possess the great power of mo matrices. His bloodline-awakening technique caused countless mo experts to be created under his command. Mo physiques were common in the present Mo Cloud Sea. He had forged the first pseudo-shen weapon, and created the concept of shen device raiments, a unique shen device that had never appeared before. Just as everyone had been trying to forge shen device raiments, he forged the first battle general shen device raiment.

He was a person had to grasp. He was filled with the greediness and worldliness of the common folk. Many times, people would feel that he was just a minor character. Yet he possessed astounding charisma and countless geniuses loyally followed him.

Under so many halos, his individual strength was not so eye-catching.

But … …

Having just experienced it personally, Nie Chen was astounded.

He suddenly thought of a person that was so similar to Zuo Mo.

Eldest Shixiong, Lin Qian!

No, now present sect leader Lin Qian!

Lin Qian who also possessed talent in all fields, Lin Qian who as also individual strong, was so similar to Zuo Mo!

Nie Chen unconsciously shook his head. How could this guy compare to the talented eldest shixiong?

He focused and threw out the stray thoughts. The shock disappeared. His mind returned to calmness. His eyes suddenly lit up. He suddenly realized that this was a chance from the heavens!

In front of him was the master of Mo Cloud Sea!

If he killed Zuo Mo, Mo Cloud Sea would end up a headless snake. For Kun Lun, this meant that they would be relieved of a great worry!

His gaze became hot. Strong belief filled his heart. His flying sword seemed to feel his thoughts and secretly flew back into his hand.

He gripped the flying sword and shouted inside

–Kun Lun!




Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. The guy in front of him suddenly seemed to be burning, all of his power being released!

He was burning without any consideration for the consequences!

In a blink, Zuo Mo understood the other’s intentions. He couldn’t help but feel some respect. Among all the opponents that he had experienced, Kun Lun was the most troublesome and the strongest!

These fanatics were a group of madmen!

Zuo Mo’s expression was solemn, his killing intent undisguised. He thought of the sect leader, thought of the shishu. Pain spread through his heart and his murderousness increased. Everything about the Zuo family past seemed to be scenes he saw through a veil of mist, he always lacked an emotional connection to them.

Except for A Gui.

Yet to him, the years at Wu Kong Sword Sect had been real and he had truly lived them. The care that the sect leader and the shishu had given him flashed in front of his eyes. Those lively figures, those seemingly stern but concerned scolds would never appear again!

Yes, Kun Lun was worthy of respect!

But so what!

When they caused the deaths of the sect leaders and the others, the grudge had been set. No matter if it was him, Eldest Shixiong or Luo Li, there was only one path with Kun Lun, fight to the death!

Destroying Kun Lun was his fate!

The killing intent in Zuo Mo’s body had never been so strong. He finally understood why he never liked Kun Lun, even without the incident of Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Because this Kun Lun that was so worthy of respect, they only had Kun Lun on their minds!

Even in the past, as the head of the xiuzhe, Kun Lun only thought of Kun Lun. Everything else in their eyes were ants. They would be sacrificed, and wounded. Their so-called Kun Lun was only that little group of core Kun Lun disciples on Kun Lun Mountain. For Kun Lun, they could sacrifice their familial feelings, they could sacrifice everything.

They were a group of madmen!

This was a group of madmen, prejudiced madmen that had sank into their glory.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo felt that this Kun Lun was not worthy of being feared.

His gaze suddenly became cold. The fury just now disappeared. An enormous dragon claw appeared in his hand.

Anti Dragon Claw!

The infamous sky mo weapon that had dominated the world was being held in Zuo Mo’s hand and pointed at Nie Chen.

A peerlessly vicious presence slammed in all directions.

The Anti Dragon Claw that had been revitalized, once again recovering the aura of its past and showed its glorious appearance.

It did not have the vast presence of the shen device raiments yet the unique vicious and cruel presence of the Anti Dragon Claw still made it an astounding weapon.

Zuo Mo had thought about reforging the Anti Dragon Claw but he found that the energies of the Anti Dragon Claw were melded together and the difficulty of a re-forge would be great.

The Anti Dragon Claw was still one of the strongest weapons outside of shen deivces.

Zuo Mo did not choose the Green Pulse String but the Anti Dragon Claw because only it suited the killing intent he felt now.

Nie Chen did not retreat, his gaze burning and mad!

The rebellious Anti Dragon Claw was unusually obedient in Zuo Mo’s hands.

The present Zuo Mo was far from the Zuo Mo of the past.

His shen power rippling, Zuo Mo held the leg bone of the Anti Dragon Claw. His body suddenly gave off great golden light. He was like the sun, unable to be looked at directly.

For the first time in several years, Zuo Mo burned his shen power without any reservation!

No one knew how strong his shen power was now.

People only saw him going to Golden Crow Camp and managing the affairs of Mo Cloud Sea. No one knew that his daily cultivation had never stopped.

His right hand could constantly provide shen power to him.

The growth of his shen power was almost unimaginable.

He refined his shen technique again and again. He studied the various skills recorded on the sun gold leaf. He knew how his present accomplishments had come about. He treasured this. He knew that he was not a genius, and if he wanted to get in front of others, he could only work harder than others.

No one knew that the sweat and effort  he put in surpassed normal people.

Under that laughing and cursing face, he had powerful heart.




Big Sister Bird was very angry. The consequences would be serious. For the little ones, this was an absolute rule. While Big Sister Bird seemed to be sleeping everyday as though this would continue to the end of time, that undefeatable dominance still showed from her great sleeping posture.

As the big sister of the little ones, Big Sister Bird was magnificent. While the other little ones were trying to gain favor with Zuo Mo, Silly Bird had seen Little Mo Ge’s nouveau-riche behaviour numerous times.

One needed qualifications to be proud.

But what made the little ones really respect her was Silly Bird’s conduct.

Domineering, direct, Big Sister Bird never talked reason, only with strength.

Even a person as proud as Tenth Grade would docilely go up and fawn in front of Big Sister Bird.

But right now, Big Sister Bird’s authority had been challenged.

A feathered bastard!

Killing intent formed a storm in Silly Bird’s narrowed eyes. Raising her head, Silly Bird thought back. How many years had it been since she had encountered such an idiot.

Silly Bird focused on her reminiscing and didn’t even look at the gaping Tan Xu.

Time was really a butcher’s knife!

In the past, I was still at a pure, and tender age … …

Feathered bastard!

Silly Bird’s eyes twitched. Her reminiscing was interrupted by the words. Almost tangible killing energy shrouded her body like mist.

For some reason, Tan Xu suddenly had a feeling that the other’s figure seemed to grow much bigger and looked down on him.

Shrouded in the shadows, the face could not be seen. Only a pair of bloody red eyes lit up in the dark.

An enormous pressure rushed at him and he felt his breathing stop.

Unconsciously, cold sweat soaked his back. Blinking, he forcefully shook his head and the illusion in front of him disappeared.

As expected, it was an illusion!

For some reason, he sighed in relief. He couldn’t help but mock himself. It seemed that he was too nervous. Was it because it as the first time he encountered such a powerful ling beast?

Then he felt ashamed for his timidity. He actually felt afraid of a feathered bastard, it was laughable!

So laughable!

What he did not notice was that spiraling flame mark on Silly Bird’s beak had not disappeared.


Translator Ramblings: Silly Bird does not like getting interrupted.

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