修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Three “Solitary Dance the Great Dark Wheel Phoenix”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Three – Solitary Dance of the Great Dark Wheel Phoenix

Silly Bird’s wings spread wide, her figure disappearing. In the next moment, she appeared in front of Tan Xu.

So fast!

Tan Xu’s pupils contracted, the air in front of him twisting as a red shadow charged towards him with a thunderous presence.

The bird beak suddenly released a dot of fire.

A strong feeling of danger suddenly rose.

Tan Xu’s expression changed slightly. Without any hesitation, the flying sword in his hand shot out a ball of fire. Like lightning, it headed towards that incoming  foreboding flame.

Unlike before, the sword flame right now was dark red.

[Sword Flame Death]!

The tip of the flying sword seemed to be ignited. A streak of flame headed for Silly Bird’s beak.

The two dots of fire collided in the air.

The dark red flame suddenly exploded. One hundred and twenty sword energies instantly exploded.

The [Sword Flame Death] was the upgraded version of the [Sword Flame]. It compressed three thousand and six hundred sword energies into one hundred and twenty. Each Sword Flame Death energy was made from thirty sword energies!

Every sword energy of the Sword Flame Death was deadly!

After being compressed, the sword energies of the Sword Flame Death were a dark red and rippled with sword essence.

“Die! Feathered bastard!” Tan Xu roared with laugher.

This killing move was astounding in power, and also astoundingly difficult. With his present strength, he was not able to successfully complete [Sword Flame Death] every time. The joy in his heart at being able to successfully execute it at such a critical moment could be imagined.


Looking at the dark red sword essences exploding on Silly Bird’s beak, he knew he won!

No one was able to stop this move!

Feeling reassured, Tan Xu looked on with anticipation. One hundred and twenty sword energies of the Sword Death Flame would tear apart this horrid feathered bastard.

Everything was finished!

Suddenly, he saw a swirling pattern suddenly light up on Silly Bird’s beak. His heart couldn’t help but jump. Wait … …


The flame mark exploded and turned into a pillar of fire that headed straight towards him.

The blinding fire shot into the air. All of the dark red sword essences were immediately swallowed by the erupting flame.

Tan Xu’s mind was blank. All he could see were red flames that were twisting and turning.

Before he could react, he was swallowed by the spiralling tower of flame.

Damn it!

Tan Xu shook. He was trapped in a world of fire. If he didn’t have shen power protecting him, he would have been burnt to ash long ago. However, even with the support of shen power, he was not safe. His shen power was being expended at an astounding rate. This kind of red flame was unusually hot. Even through the barrier of shen power, he could feel the astounding heat.

A thread of fire rose.

What kind of flame was this?

How could it consume his Sword Flame Death’s sword energies?

That was impossible!

His mind was a complete mess but he knew that this was not the time to consider this. He had to first flee for his life. Tan Xu’s urge to fight disappeared. There was only one thought in his mind. Flee, flee as fast as possible!

Was this feathered bastard an ancient beast?

The flame that had erupted without warning was something that even the sword energies of the Sword Flame Death could not avoid. What was this bird?

The Ghost Mist Child’s originally snowy-white face paled even more as his little heart shook.

Lucky … … lucky … …

He had seen how Silly Bird had spat out a wave of angry red flames that had consumed the other’s sword essence and body. As an ancient warrior, the Ghost Mist Child had seen people spit out flames countless times before. So why was he so shocked?

The Ghost Mist Child was knowledgeable. This completely red flame looked ordinary but it had great origins!

Phoenix Flame!

He had guess before that Silly Bird was a phoenix and now he was even more sure. The Phoenix Flame was unlike any other flame. Its attributes were unique. Even in the ancient era, the Phoenix Flame was something that would cause people to pale upon hearing the name.

More importantly, this was his natural enemy!

So scary!

He was actually on the same side as his bane. Thinking about his future days, the Ghost Mist Child suddenly felt that life was not as good as he imagined.

Silly Bird detected that Tan Xu, trapped in the flame, wanted to escape. Her magnificent eyes became half-lidded as her spread wings lightly flapped.

If other people were watching as bystanders, they would feel that the flapping of the wings was nonchalant and careless. Yet the Ghost Mist Child who had been paying attention all this time watched closely.


Silly Bird’s wings were flapping at an indescribably unique rhythm.

This was definitely some powerful shen methodology!

When it affected his own situation, the Ghost Mist child watched closely. Silly Bird seemed to just have flapped her wings a few times but in reality, her feet had imperceptibly moved position a few times.

When people reached this level, any seemingly normal movement would contain mysteries.

The Ghost Mist Child thought hard to search his distant memories. He seemed to think of something.

The flames were like a cage. No matter how Tan Xu charged and fought, he could not break out of the flames. An invisible field of force spread as Silly Bird flapped her wings and moved her feet.

Tan Xu’s sweat dripped from his head as he panicked.

Red flames were all around him. He seemed to be situated in an endless sea of fire. No matter which direction he charged in, the flames seemed to be extend without end.

This was strange!

There was something going on!

He knew that he was definitely in the enemy’s trap. That ball of flame had definitely been a trap!

No matter how he channeled shen power, his sword scriptures would enter into the flames and disappear.

His shen power was being used up at an astounding rate. If this continued, he would soon be unable to hold up.

Without the protection of shen power, the flames would burn him to ashes.

Was he going to die today?

Strangely, this thought suddenly flashed through his mind. He couldn’t help but still.

Silly Bird with her half-lidded eyes moved in small steps like that of an old lady out on an after meal stroll. She would occasionally wave her wings a few times nonchalantly.

The bright red flames twisted and moved like a monster. Anyone who watched it felt fear.

The Black Gold Seal Soldier swallowed and said hoarsely, “Is this the [Solitary Dance of the Great Dark Wheel Phoenix]?”

He knew that if he was within this ball of flame, he would have been melted into liquid. He really could not offend Big Sister Bird! The clever Black Gold Seal Soldier wondered if he should give up more food as tribute to gain favor with Big Sister Bird.

Sunshine sighed and said sympathetically, “So pitiful.”

The Phoenix Flame was just a little more than a zhang in diameter, yet no matter how Tan Xu fought, he could not escape.

Too scary!




With the Anti Dragon Claw in his hand, the killing intent inside Zuo Mo exploded as though the flames were fanned by wind.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed coldly. Gripping the Anti Dragon Claw with one hand, he leapt into the air and swung downwards at Nie Chen as though he was holding a large axe. A suddenly layer of golden light appeared on the Anti Dragon Claw and the enormous axe of light formed from the tips of the Anti Dragon Claw.

In a blink, the sun shen axe turned from a one-handed axe into a two-handed axe.

The axe was thousands of catties heavy!

Everyone heard the piercing howl. The Anti Dragon Claw was a vicious item to start with, and after being fed with shen power, it was peerless in its viciousness. The wind it created, as it cut through the air, was like the howling of ten thousand ghosts. Even the sky started to darken.

The ghost mist in the surroundings melted like snow in hot water.

Shen power and killing intent mixed inside. Zuo Mo threw all of his strength behind this blow!

Nie Chen’s expression changed but then he recovered his calm. This blow was the perfect melding of dominance and killing intent. The world changed. It was just one axe but it seemed to take over the entire sky.

Suddenly, Nie Chen seemed to see a mountainous and ancient hero towering over the world.

Under this axe, all shook!

It was the first time he felt he was as minuscule and insignificant as an ant.

But he was a mentally strong person. His mind shook but then recovered.

In front of such a peerless blow, Nie Chan’s pride was stimulated. The flying sword in his hand suddenly lit up with dazzling light. An astounding amount of shen power was channeled in. The flying sword was unable to tolerate it and started to melt on the surface. The seal scriptures were being damaged.

But he did not seem to mind it. His expression was solemn as he looked at the astounding blow.

The flying sword quickly turned into liquid metal but, for the moment, it stilled maintained the shape of a flying sword. Blinding light quickly dimmed. Nie Chen gripped the long rod of liquefying metal.

Nie Chen’s eyes were wide in anger as he shouted.

“For Kun Lun!’

The liquid metal in his hand hummed and shook. Like a bolt of lightning, it shot out upwards!

Hearing the words [Kun Lun], the anger in Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly erupted. Unprecedented killing intent and anger immediately swallowed him like an erupting volcano.

Every fibre of muscle was shaking, every hair standing on end. Zuo Mo felt as though there was a raging fire inside his body.

Those scenes that he would never see again appeared in fragments through his mind. Wu Kong Mountain, Sect Leader, Shishu, Shidi, Shimei … …

Zuo Mo felt as though there was a stone on his heart.

In the end, this kind of discomfort reached a threshold. All of the anger and killing intent rushed through the threshold and erupted.

“[Kun your mom!]”

A furious bellow thundered out. He did not notice that tears were streaming off his face.

The berserk Zuo Mo was like a god.

“Not good!” The Ghost Mist Child exclaimed as he paled.

Blinding light suddenly lit up in the sky. The energies were like rain droplets that hit Zuo Mo’s body.

Jinzhi! The Totem Coliseum’s jinzhi were activated!

The Ghost Mist Child paled and went to leap towards Zuo Mo in the sky with the intentions of blocking the jinzhi for Zuo Mo!

Daren actually … … actually was strong enough to activate the jinzhi of the Totem Coliseum … …

The stunned Ghost Mist Child’s pupils suddenly contracted and his body froze where he stood!

The energies hit Zuo Mo’s body but Zuo Mo did not seem to feel it. The light coming off his body suddenly grew and formed a ball of light multiple times bigger than Zuo Mo!

How was … … it possible!

The Ghost Mist Child gaped, his mind blank.

More lights appeared in the sky as though stars were being ignited. The light energies rained down on Zuo Mo in the sky from all directions.

The berserk Zuo Mo did not feel it. He glared, his face twisted, every muscle tensed!

An enormous ball of light covered him. Lightning flashed, fire burned, and ice cut within the ball of light … …

In the ball of light, the Anti Dragon Claw was so excited it shook!

In the sky, there was only this figure!

In everyone’s eyes, there was only this shadow!

The shuddering howls of the Anti Dragon Claw could be heard through the entire battlefield. With the terrifying and vast power of the enormous ball of light, Zuo Mo rushed down at an astounding speed!

Crashing down!

The trembling power spread, and the ground of the entire Totem Coliseum uncontrollably vibrated.

Like an enraged ancient beast, Zuo Mo was like a god descending to earth with a vicious and domineering presence conquering all around!

The axe swung down!


Translator Ramblings: I didn’t realize it until now but Fang Xiang didn’t do anything with personality types and elements. The typical hot-headed fire user and the icy aloof ice user etc etc didn’t really appear in this story.

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