修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twelve “The Chief Tower”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twelve – The Chief Tower

Zuo Mo and A Gui stared into each other’s eyes.

A Gui’s wooden face moved stiffly. Her misty eyes seemed to focus. The feeling that Zuo Mo felt when he saw A Gui’s eyes recover life under his gaze could not be described!

For some reason, a strong warmth filled his heart, and his nose felt sore.

Was this fate?

Zuo Mo looked dazedly at A Gui, and allowed the tears to fall.

“Young Master … …”

A hand reached towards his face and wiped his tears for him. A Gui’s eyes glowed like the brightest of stars, and her murmurs the most beautiful music in the world

“Young Master, don’t cry … … A Gui will forever protect Young Master … …”

The young female’s voice carried a thread of rawness and clumsiness but it was filled with her innocent heart just like in their childhood.

Zuo Mo felt as though he could not control his emotions. Tears blurred his vision. He tried to grin, to make himself look like he was smiling. He used his hands to roughly wipe away the tears on his face. Looking at the figure of the young female in his sight that was still slightly blurry, he said loudly, “Nonsense! Do not underestimate your young master! Now it is time for Young Master to protect you! I’m telling you, Young Master is very very strong now! Kun Lun, Tian Huan, they will be beaten like dogs by your young master!”

A Gui looked serenely at Zuo Mo, her lively nimble eyes filling with warmth and faint bashfulness.

There was nothing that motivated Zuo Mo more than A Gui’s awakening.

Zuo Mo felt as though he was full of energy and power. If Lin Qian was in front of him, he would carry the Anti Dragon Claw and howl as he beat Lin Qian like a dog.

Having broken free of the Undying Shen Punishment’s restrictions, A Gui’s strength reached an astounding power.

Zuo Mo asked A Gui how she had broken free of the Undying Shen Punishment. A Gui had a puzzled expression. It had been too long since A Gui spoke. As a result, in both expression and speech, she was slightly stiff.

As long as A Gui was free … …

So happy he was about to go insane, Zuo Mo was like a wasteland beast filled with energy and unprecedented motivation. He wanted to tear down this entire ocean.

However, not everyone was  wasteland beast. Everyone needed to meditate to recover shen power.

Three days later, Wei Sheng Shixiong opened his eyes. Following him, Ceng Lian’er, Luo Li and the others also opened their eyes. By the time everyone had recovered, five days had passed.

When everyone saw A Gui smiling and standing bashfully next to Zuo Mo, they were astounded.

Was this the same brutal, ruthless, and cold-blooded A Gui?

The strong reversal in personality shocked them for a long time before they recovered. Only the Little Ones came over without hesitation, still close to A Gui.

The seal scripts in the sky above the King’s Forbidden City were much fainter. After being continuously attacked for five days, their expenditure was astounding.

However, this kind of consumption was worth it. Everyone’s shen power had recovered to their maximum, and this caused them to be full of confidence.

Zuo Mo who had been waiting impatiently waved his arm. “Let’s go!”

Everyone formed the formation again and travelled between the storm.

Everyone had learned from the previous experience and were more skilled at passing through the storm.

They flew for seven days.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. He pointed forward and shouted, “Look, there!”

Through the rain and hail, they saw a small black dot in the distance. Everyone became refreshed and they sped up.

When they flew closer, the blurry shadow became clear. It was a set of bronze gates. The gates stood alone above the ocean. The surroundings were calm winds and bright sun. A ray of sunlight travelled through the dark clouds and shone off the bronze gates.

They were finally about to leave this damned place!

Everyone was excited. Who would have thought that they had suffered for twenty three days in this body of water!

Twenty three days!

When they passed through the storm and flew in front of the copper door, everyone had a smile on their face.

Pushing open the bronze gates, a long passageway appeared in front of them.

Everyone was on alert and carefully entered the passageway. Unexpectedly, there were no defenses in the passageway. However, the passageway was longer than they imagined. They walked for a long time before they saw light up ahead.

Flying out of the passageway, a tall tower that reached the clouds appeared in front of them.

“Up there!” The Ghost Mist Child shouted joyfully, “This is the Chief Tower! The shen device nucleus is up there!”

Hearing this, everyone was energized. Zuo Mo said unhesitatingly, “Let’s go up!”

The group flew upwards.

The Chief Tower was tall, so tall it surpass imagination. They flew through the astral wind and still hadn’t reached the top of the Chief Tower. Flying upwards like this took a great amount of shen power.

None of them had flown so high before.

Everyone’s expression became solemn.

Soon, the weakest guards slowed down. They panted and didn’t have the energy to fly upwards. They were about five to six hundred li from the ground. While they had strong minds, they couldn’t help but pale.

Even flying with a sword, no one would fly so high.

The wind was like knives.

The higher it was, the stronger the wind.

Zuo Mo saw this and said, “Go down, and wait for us below.”

Finishing, they continued to fly up.

The wind high up became even strong. Zuo Mo and the others had to use shen power. The wind created sparks when it hit their protective shields. The wind here was packed. From afar, the group looked like a swarm of meteors flying upwards and drawing a tail of sparks behind them.

The faster they passed through, the sooner they would be safe.

Everyone gathered their power and furiously headed upwards.


Everyone suddenly felt the pressure ease. The sparks around them all disappeared. They had passed through the wind layer!

Everyone looked down curiously. The wind layer was extremely thick. Anyone weak would be torn to pieces by the strong wind high up.

Zuo Mo and the others possessed strength but if there was no matter, no one would be so bored as to take a stroll in the strong wind layer.

Void, endless void. In this void, the sun and the stars appeared together. Everyone was attracted by the wondrous scene in front of them. So in the sky up high, it was like this.

Without the wind, everyone’s worries were eased.

They raised their heads. They still could not see the top of the Chief Tower. Everyone inhaled in shock.

“Continue the charge!” Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and flew out along the Chief Tower. The others did not hesitate and followed closely. They continued to fly upwards.

Yet everyone was filled with shock. A tower that was ten thousand li tall!

What great work of labour was this!

How strong had the creator of the Totem Coliseum been?

Fifteen thousand li!

When they flew to a height of fifteen thousand li, everyone finally saw the enormous shadow covering them. That top of the tower was enormous. Everyone became nervous. Even Wei Sheng had a slightly nervous expression. The power represented by a tower fifteen thousand li tall surpassed any sect.

No one knew what was at the top of the tower.

But at this time, no one would retreat.

“Everyone, be careful.” Zuo Mo’s nerves were also tensed.

Everyone slowed down as though they were facing a great enemy. They slowly flew towards the outskirts. The are Ao Feng  the tower was enormous. They had to fly to the edges of the tower top in order to get to the top of the tower.

When everyone flew to the edges of the tower top and then flew upwards, they stretched out their necks.

They were all shocked by the scene in front of them.

This was an enormous and flat stage, a large stage that could hold tens of thousands of people sleeping on the ground. The ground was as smooth as a mirror without any marks. It was smoothly polished as though it was a piece of stone that had been cut open in the middle.

Star lights in the billions gathered on the stage that turned into a thick pillar of light that shot towards the center of the stage.

When they flew up, what they saw was this mirror-smooth stage and a pillar of star light that ung down from the firmament. Star power, counted in the billions, were mostly as thin as hair or invisible to sight. Only a few of the stars formed faint rays of light that came down.

But when these minuscule rays of light gathered in the billions, it was astounding strong!

Zuo Mo was the first to recover from the astounding scene. He could feel the thick power of the stars from far away but his obsession with treasure caused him to quickly refocus!

There was something in the thick pillar of star light!

“There’s something in the pillar!” Zuo Mo shouted. Everyone seemed to wake up and stared at the pillar. There was something flickering in and out of view inside the pillar of star light.

The scene in front of them was so stunning. Every piece represented terrifyingly great power.

Chief Tower, the mirror stage, the pillar of star light!

All of them were masterworks, and needed uncanny skill.

So terrifying.

Seeing their goal in sight, the reverence they felt did not decrease but increased. If someone this powerful set up jinzhi, if they just touched it, they would most likely turn into dust.

Everyone was experienced and knew that at times like this, they had to be even more careful. Looking at the distance, Zuo Mo’s mind shifted, and he turned to ask Qing Xiao for the Green Pulse String.

The Green Pulse String was long enough to reach it without stepping on the stage.

There were too many strange things about this stage. If he didn’t have to step on it, it was better not to.

Zuo Mo’s wrist shook and the Green Pulse String shot towards the central pillar of the stage like a nimble snake.

A strange feeling came from the other end. Zuo Mo was overjoyed.

It worked!

Gritting his teeth, Zuo Mo ignored everything else. The Green Pulse String was pulled, and it shot back at him with what was inside the pillar of light.


Zuo Mo’s action seemed to have poked the hornet’s nest.

The pillar of star light responded to the disappearance of the thing inside. It melted like snow from the end of the pillar of light.

Zuo Mo and the others that were afraid of the effects had moved away long ago.

Crack crack crack!

The surface of the mirror started to crack. Terrifying cracks appeared on the stage.


The cracking did not show any signs of stopping. It headed down destructively along the Chief Tower.

Under the wide gazes and open mouths of Zuo Mo’s group, this tall tower that was fifteen thousand li tall cracked inch by inch and collapsed!


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