修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty “Trap”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty – Trap

A layer of complex shadowed scripts appeared over Mi Wu’s eyes. The strong white light was filtered by the shadow script, protecting his eyes. He could clearly see every detail.

Mi Wu of the Mi Family was the most talented member of his generation. He had talent that was to be admired, and he did not waste his talent. From childhood, he worked hard. As one of the great families of Tian Huan, the Mi Family naturally raised him in a good environment.

The Mi Family was overjoyed to have produced such a genius. Even the top battle general of Tian Huan, Mi Nan, paid attention to him.

The Mi Family’s teachings, his own hard work, and outstanding talent combined to create a stunningly skilled youth.

Of the top experts in Tian Huan, the most famous were the four seats and the twelve rings.

The four seats were the first four discipels of Tian Huan, Li Xian Er, Mi Wu, Sang Dong, Jin Xiao Yi.

Under every seat were three ring masters. Each ring master controlled an elite force.

The four seats and the twelve rings represented the highest combat force of Tian Huan, especially the four seated disciples. These four seats were the genius youths that Tian Huan had trained over the past few years. They were even stronger than the elders of the previous generation. If Chief Elder was said to be a supreme existence in Tian Huan, then the four seats ranked just below the sect leader, Mi Nan, and Mu Shuang.

Li Xian Er would become the future sect leader, and the other three members would become prominent elders of Tian Huan.

Mi Wu’s fighting method was unpredictable like his name, like the ancient shamans. He had a quiet and thoughtful personality. While he was from a prestigious clan, he did not have excessive pride.

His pure-white robe was untouched by dust.

The blinding white light was Tian Huan’s secret [Silver Light Flashbang]. It did not have any offensive power, but it could blind people with its almost unimaginable brightness. Even if one had shen power, they would not be able to avoid its effects. The most terrifying effect was that it could cause all of the energies in the area to become chaotic.

The seal scripts on Mi Wu’s eyes allowed him to avoid the effects the silver light.

Zhong De!

Mi Wu’s pupils contracted slightly as he cast the shen methodology. The shen glyph on his hand lit up slightly. Suddenly, the shen glyph on his palm seemed to come alive. It became three-dimensional and spun.

Six imperceptible lights suddenly flew out of the energetically spinning shen glyphs. They were like six nimble snakes that silently flew towards Zhong De!

Mi Wu had absolute confidence in this mission because all of Tian Huan put great importance on this mission.

Three of the four seats had come!

Other than Li Xian Er who had come to be the hostage, there was Mi Wu and Jin Xiao Yi. Other than this, there were also other experts, and four ring masters. The composition of their team was so grand that Mi Wu felt there was no reason they would not succeed.

Jin Xiao Yu’s shen glyph flowed. Little arrows floated in a dense group next to him. Every little arrow was made from shen glyphs was astounding in power!

These little arrows vibrated minutely and murderousness filled the battlefield.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by these murderous little arrows.

Zhong De did not have any strong experts with him. There were no experts of their level in Xi Xuan. If they could find Zhong De, and avoid the defense of the battalion, the possibility they would succeed was high!

Creating chaos, Jin Xiao Yu and the other people would attract the attention of the enemy and Mi Wu would deliver the fatal blow.

This was their strategy!

Shi Pei’s expression changed dramatically. He advanced rather than retreating, a ball of bloody energy forming in his hand that he threw forward.

A shen glyph hit the bloody energy.

The shen glyph suddenly lit up with a strange light. In a blink, the blood energy was completely absorbed! The shen glyph turned into an eerie bloody glyph. It trembled and then continued to shoot at Zhong De.

Shi Pei grunted and flew out as though he had been hit with a hammer!

Mi Wu was unaffected. The other was just a battle general and was insignificant compared to a top expert like him!

The six shen glyph snakes were locked onto Zhong De. Without any more obstacles, they shot in front of Zhong De.

Mi Wu’s heart finally stirred. Zhong De was going to die!

Just as he thought Zhong De would die to the six shen glyph snakes, a withered hand appeared without warning in front of Zhong De.

A thin Dhyana xiu with closed eyes appeared in front of Zhong De out of thin air. His withered hand was like a fragile flower.


Mi Wu’s eyes widened as he looked in disbelief at the scene occurring in front of him. No one could see under the [Silver Light Flashbang]! Even they themselves were helpless if they did not prepare beforehand. Even Dhyana xiu could not do it. The consciousness was useless!

Who was this person?

Mi Wu’s heart suddenly sank. How could there be such a strong expert around Zhong De?

Their intelligence was faulty!

The hand formed a seal and six grey sutra characters flew out of Zong Ru’s hands to face the six shen glyph snakes.


The sutra characters encountered the shen glyph snakes and exploded like smoke. The grey mist shrouded the shen glyph snakes.

The shen glyph snakes were covered in a layer of grey.

Mi Wu’s expression changed slightly. Wish power! Such strong wish power!

The left half of his body started to feel slightly numb. An ugly grey mark appeared on his left shoulder.

Was this a survivor of Xuan Kong Temple? The Nine Great Dhyana Sects did not have such a strong Dhyana xiu! Countless thoughts flashed thring his mind. He did not dare to slack off. The shen glyph in his hand spinning urgently as his shen power surged.


His left shoulder suddenly exploded, and the grey mark was destroyed. The terrifying feeling of numbness finally disappeared. All this happened in flash yet the amount of shen power used surpassed his predictions.

Mi Wu’s expression became grave.

He could detect that the other was just as strong as any of the three ring masters under his command! Adding on the unpredictable and eerie shen power, this was a troublesome person!

However, the other was delusional to think that they could stop him with just this strength!

Mi Wu brimmed with murderousness.

But when his gaze focused on a three flanged Dhyana staff on the other’s hand which had suddenly appeared, his expression froze on his face.

This vibration … …

Shen device!



Jin Xiao Yu was acting as planned.

Every little arrow was vibrating violently as though they were hungry and hornets waiting to move and consume. The sword essence just now made him feel a sliver of fear but he quickly recovered.

He was just slightly puzzled. Did Zhong De have someone powerful hidden away?

But he knew his duty. What he needed to do was distract the attention of the enemy and create chances for Mi Wu.

He was very successful!

He was so successful that he poked the hornet’s nest!

Zuo Mo and the others who had been blinded due to the [Silver Light Flashbang] suddenly felt ferocious murderousness. Without even thinking, they threw out attacks in the direction of the source!

Zuo Mo’s hand swiped and the sun axe appeared in his hand. He ignored the white nothingness he saw and threw in the direction of the murderousness with a loud shout.

Almost at the same time, Wei Sheng and Luo Li attacked!

Jin Xiao Yu felt a great sense of danger. He paled and didn’t dare to think carefully. The little arrows around him rained on the group.

He did not look at his results. He put all his power into retreating!


An enormous explosion sounded behind him, and then a wave of air as tangible as a wall hit his body.

He reacted quickly. Shen glyphs lit up over his body. He was like an untethered dry leaf that was thrown outwards with the wave of air.

Inside, Jin Xiao Yu’s mind was in uproar, his limbs cold!

If he hadn’t escaped quickly from the attack just now … …


This was an ambush!

He was in the air at present and could see the scene under him. His heart continued to sink.

The four ring masters were also engaged!

One was fighting with a bird, another with a dark gold mo puppet. The third had an even stranger opponent, it was a little person dressed in black that was smaller than a hand.

But the one that was in the worst state had a female opponent! This female’s figure was unpredictable and ethereal. She did not give any signs of attack, and completely dominated this ring master.

Jin Xiao Yu almost didn’t believe his eyes.

How could so many experts pop up? What group of freaks was this?

If he had just a guess before this, he was sure now that this was a planned out  trap!

When he saw the appearances of Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng, his face paled.

Mo Cloud Sea!

No wonder there were so many experts. It was Mo Cloud Sea!

Jin Xiao Yu was decisive. The shen glyph at his forehead flashed and his panicked voice sounded in everyone else’s minds at the same time. “Retreat! It is Mo Cloud Sea! This is a trap!”

Everyone’s’ expression immediately changed!

Mo Cloud Sea!

Ever since Tian Huan targeted as Mo Cloud Sea they had increased their efforts on spying on Mo Cloud Sea. They gradually learned the power of Mo Cloud Sea.

If one had to say what part of Mo Cloud Sea gave the strongest impression, it was not forging, not wealth, not their turtle-like jinzhi, but that list of names that could not be dismissed. That list was one that even a titan like Tian Huan was jealous of!

They had so much talent that it was incomprehensible. That tiny place had so many strong people!

It was a gathering of monsters!




When Mi Wu heard Jin Xiao Yu’s shout in his mind, he finally remembered who this emaciated Dhyana xiu was!

Zong Ru!

The strongest Dhyana xiu of Mo Cloud Sea, the one who caused an apparition to appear when he came out of seclusion, Zong Ru!

No one knew how strong Zong Ru was. Mi Wu now had some understanding after the fight today. Zong Ru should be stronger than the ring masters but a step below the four seats.

However … …

Mi Wu stared at the Three Manifestation Treasure Staff in Zong Ru’s hand with red eyes. When was a child of the Mi Family ever jealous of other people’s equipment because it was better than theirs!

Born in luxury, for the first time, Mi Wu felt he was poor.

He could clearly feel the power of this Dhyana staff!

Even if it was not a shen device, it was not far off!

Mi Wu’s heart bled. He was furious and sad. Zong Ru was not among the top ranked experts of Mo Cloud Sea, yet even he could have a Dhyana staff of this level!

Was Mo Cloud Sea rich to such a level!

With the Three Manifestation Treasure Staff, Zong Ru’s strength was increased greatly. The difference between the two shrunk. With the staff, Zong Ru was able to keep him engaged, unable to retreat!

Heart dripping blood, Mi Wu took a deep look at Zong Ru. The shen glyph on his body flashed and he disappeared.

Jin Xiao Yu and Mi Wu’s thoughts of retreating were correct.

But sometimes, knowing the right action was not enough.


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