修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty One “Unexpected”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty One – Unexpected

Mi Wu and Jin Xiao Yu were a level stronger than the others and immediately retreated but the four ring masters that had come along were not so lucky.

Wu Zhen was one of the ring masters under Mi Wu’s command. He had a firm foundation, was both skilled and  experienced in battle. He never feared a hard fight. He was just slightly weaker than Mi Wu. Expecting a hard battle, Mi Wu had taken him along this time.

From the start of the fight, they had the initiative on the battlefield.

Everything had gone smoothly according to plan. If the enemy was not prepared, A strange things like the [Silver Light Flashbang] made it likely they had a one in two chance of success on the first strike.

Wu Zhen had sneaked towards someone near Zhong De. He could see that this person was of high status.

In the white silver light, he moved closer like a ghost.

The other was about to enter his attack range. If he went a bit closer, he could strike for the kill!

At this time, he had a feeling and he unconsciously flashed to the side.


A streak of fire brushed past his body.

Wu Zhen’s heart jumped. Did the enemy have people that were not affected by the [Silver Light Flashbang]?”

Before he could think, another dot of fire lit up.

Wu Zhen did not retreat at this time. Shen glyphs appeared on his hand, and he pointed fearlessly at the streak of fire!


He felt a burning flame burrow into his body through his finger!

Hiss, he inhaled sharply. The shen glyph lit up, and his shen power expanded dramatically to force this fire out of his body. Then he finally saw the attacker, the ambusher was a bird!

Wu Zhen’s finger had contained the power of Tian Huan’s shen glyph. Silly Bird was also affected and took a few steps back.

These steps looked normal but infuriated the usually proud Silly Bird!

When had Bird-jie ever been defeated like this!

She spread her wings as though she was about to take off. With a bright crow, bright red flames were sprouted from her mouth.

Wu Zhen instinctively felt the danger of the flames. He ignored everything else and retreated.

Silly Bird’s wings flapped even faster. The flame seemed to leapt towards Wu Zhen as though it was alive.

The flames were extremely quick and drew out a blinding streak of fire in the air and caught up with Wu Zhen in a flash.

Wu Zhen took a deep breath. The shen glyph appeared. His hand raised and sliced down suddenly like a knife!

The fire line that was flying towards him was cut in two and flew past him on both sides of his body. Wu Zhen’s worries eased slightly. He didn’t know what kind of yao beast was this strange bird for it to be so strong!

Then, in his peripheral vision he saw that the two lines of flame suddenly arc in two curves and form a circle!

This was … …

Wu Zhen was startled. Before he could react, his body suddenly froze!

He was trapped in a strange force field!

This fire was strange.

Wu Zhen’s heart continued to sink.

At this time, the shouts of Mi Wu Daren came from his mind. “Retreat! This is Mo Cloud Sea! This is a trap!”

Wu Zhen could not maintain his calm and changed expression.



The white light dissipated, and Zuo Mo’s vision returned to normal.

But Zuo Mo had never suffered a great loss. Looking at the figures that were growing further away, his heart burned with fire.


Lil’ Pagoda appeared in Zuo Mo’s hand.

The blinding golden sun shen power covered Zuo Mo and Lil’ Pagoda

Zuo Mo breathed and his power surged. He seemed to be swinging an axe heavier than himself and his entire body was swung up!

Exhaling, he used all of his strength and threw the chubby Lil’ Pagoda into the air!

“Good son! Your turn!”

Covered in golden light, Lil’ Pagoda was like a blinding golden meteor that roared as it flashed towards the fleeing people like lightning.

“Yi yi ah ah!”

Covered in sun shen power, Lil’ Pagoda appeared mighty as its top pointed forward. Its chubby eaves were tightly pressed to its body as it produced incomprehensible sounds.

Zuo Mo’s throw was so powerful it was almost unimaginable. One could not forget that he had cultivated the Great Day mo physique in the past, and the results of ancient shen power on refining the power was even more outstanding.

Wu Ru heard the sharp howl coming behind him and was astounded.

He was a ringmaster under Jin Xiao Yu. He was a clever person so when he received Mi Wu Daren’s order, he did not hesitate before moving out.

While he was slightly disheveled, he was not wounded. He was slightly reassured.

When he heard the sound of something splitting the air behind him, he turned his head and saw a bright ray of light flying towards him.

So fast!

His pupils suddenly contracted. In a blink, the golden light came close to him and there was no time for him to dodge.

He snorted coldly. He raised his right arm lightning fast. Threads of shen glyphs lit up and covered his right arm.

That ball of golden light grew closer and Wu Ru finally saw what was covered by the golden light. He couldn’t help but freeze slightly. What was that … …

However, he reacted quickly. With a shout, he punched towards the ball of light!


A fist energy that was formed from shen power left his hand and headed for the ball of light!

Just as the two were about to collide, Li’ Pagoda suddenly somersaulted.

The ball of light made a strange change in direction and dodged the fist energy!

“Pagoda Pagoda Back Throw Skill!”

An even stranger event occurred. With this somersault, Lil’ Pagoda threw out all of the golden light that covered its body. The golden light that was cast out turned into a sun shen axe!

The sun shen axe flew towards Wu Ru’s face.

Wu Ru’s expression changed. He could not do anything except unconsciously use his right arm to protect his face.


The shen glyphs on his right flashed as his arm flew into the air with a spray of blood. Wu Ru flew backwards as though he had been struck by a heavy mallet.

It was a pity that he could not see Lil’ Pagoda swelling up like a balloon, its two small eyes almost disappearing due to the swollen flesh.


Mist rushed out of Lil’ Pagoda’s mouth like a herd of horses!

No one could imagine such a great tide flood forth like water from an enormous dam from such a small body.

In a blink, the surroundings became a sea of mist. Not just Wu Ru, even Jin Xiao Yu who was close was swallowed by the mist that surged out.

With this, Lil’ Pagoda spat out all of the mist it had consumed in the Mist Hall.

When he threw Lil’ Pagoda out, Zuo Mo had summoned the Ghost Mist Child.

In the area covered by the ghost mist, the Ghost Mist Child was king!

The Ghost Mist Child waved his hand the mist sea suddenly flew towards Zuo Mo carrying Wu Ru and Jin Xiao Yu.

The Ghost Mist Child who had wanted to give a good display felt heated at such a good opportunity. His figure changed and an ancient mist giant the size of a mountain appeared in people’s views.

“Mortals! Tremble!”

The thunderous bellow of the mist giant caused people to shake.

In this moment, even Zhong De’s, usually expressionless, face twitched when he raised his head to see the astounding big body of the mist giant.

What kind  of monsters did this guy raise?

Jin Xiao Yu recognized the danger and didn’t dare to hesitate. With a muffled grunt, a shen glyph at his chest split. Furious shen power filled his body. His six senses immediately multiplied in sensitivity. He immediately found the heavily wounded Wu Ru.


His body disappeared and he appeared almost at the same time next to Wu Ru. He grabbed the nearly unconscious Wu Ru and with a few flashes, he disappeared.

The mist giant that was waiting to attack froze where he stood.

The cooked chicken flew away!

Zuo Mo and the others prepared to give chase when Zhong De suddenly shouted, “Quick, to the Abyss Fiend Jail!”

Zuo Mo’s mind immediately became clear and he shouted, “A Gui, come with me. Everyone else, protect General Zhong! Silly Bird, do not let them escape!”

Then he grabbed Shi Pei, “You, lead the way!”

Shi Pei seemed to be made from the same mold as Zhong De. Even while wounded, he was still expressionless. He pointed towards a direction and said, “There!”

Zuo Mo and A Gui rose into the air and flew at full speed in the direction Shi Pei pointed in.

If they could capture Li Xian Er, they would have an absolute advantage.

Zuo Mo’s despondency was swept away and he was full of spirit.



Li Xian Er sat and curiously examined the surroundings. “So this is the famed Abyss Fiend Jail!”

Ban Xia did not dare to underestimate this fragile-looking female. If the Abyss Fiend Jail did not suppress power, the other would be able to kill him with a finger.

Li Xian Er did not seem to be worried for her own safety and was curiously and idly examining the surroundings.

The Abyss Fiend Jail was a restricted land of Xi Xuan and rarely known to outsiders. Even the great majority of normal disciples in Xi Xuan had not heard of it.

It was a great opportunity to come to the restricted land of Xi Xuan and personally study it.

Li Xian Er knew a bit about the Abyss Fiend Jail.

When Xi Xuan found this place, it was filled with dangerous fiend souls. However, because the position of the Central Plains were too good, the Xi Xuan of the past decided to set up their sect here.

This dangerous deep abyss was changed into a jail to imprison their powerful enemies.

In the Abyss Fiend Jail, any person’s power would be suppressed to a very low level. The place was filled with jinzhi and could not be avoided. Even so, because this was an important area of the sect, no one dared to slack off. The Abyss Fiend Jail still had a battalion stationed there.

The battalion that was stationed at the Abyss Fiend Jail were comprised mostly of criminals. They needed to destroy their cultivation and then enter the abyss before starting cultivation from the beginning. Because this place was filled with extremely dense fiend wind, they need to absorb the fiend zephyr into their body and turn it into their power.

This meant that they would not be suppressed by the fiend wind.

Red fiend zephyr floated in the wind. These zephyrs were extremely dangerous like poison. However, Ban Xia had prepared. He had consumed the special lingdan. As to Li Xian Er, that wasn’t for him to worry about.

These red fiend zephyrs shot into the air from the unfathomable abyss.

From far away, it looked like a red waterfall flowing in reverse.

Of the fiend zephyrs that charged out of the abyss, there would occasionally be one or two immature fiend souls that came out. When these fiend souls came out, they would be crushed by the jinzhi.

Li Xian Er imperceptibly frowned. These fiend souls were too weak and this was why the jinzhi were able to destroy them. She had a great understanding of formations and she could see with a glance that these seal formations were not just limited in power, they were old and lacked maintenance. The power they had was not great.

She stayed there silently and waited for the mission to start.

Suddenly, the shen glyph at her forehead lit up and Mi Wu’s urgent voice suddenly sounded. “Xian Er, run! It’s a trap!”

Li Xian Er’s eyes suddenly opened.

Ban Xia detected this and hurriedly opened his eyes. “What is it? Miss Li?”

Li Xian Er did not seem to hear him. A shen glyph suddenly lit up inside her body. A vast presence surged like an unsealed ocean.

She had activated the jinzhi that Chief Elder had set in her body personally!

Li Xian Er was the future sect leader of Tian Huan. For safety, the chief elder had placed protective jinzhi in her body and also told her the shen methodology to activate them. This was adding a lifeline  for her.

The fiend zephyrs in the surroundings were pushed aside by an invisible force. The hampered shen power started to flow, and the familiar power came back inside her body.

Looking at Ban Xiao in front of her, a hint of murderousness flashed through Li Xian Er’s eyes. The shen glyph flashed.

A bloody hole suddenly appeared at Ban Xia’s forehead.

Ban Xiao’s terrified and puzzled expression froze on his face. Before he could make a sound, he fell over face first.

“Hey, again. Funny to see you here!”

A familiar voice came from the exit.

When she saw the incomer, Li Xian Er’s pupils suddenly contracted.

“Zuo Mo!”


Translator Ramblings: The mist giant should be a steam giant so it is entirely made out of hot air.

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