修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Two “Ming Yue Ye”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Two – Ming Yue Ye

On the mountain peak, Gu Liang Dao sat alone as he stared dazedly in the distance.

“What are you thinking?”

A voice came from behind him. Xiao walked over, concern in his calm eyes. He knew just how difficult this decision was for Gu Liang Dao.

“I don’t know.” Gu Liang Dao shook his head, his voice hoarse. “Xiao, what do you think?”

“No matter what you choose,” Xiao calmly shrugged, “even if you want to destroy Xi Xuan, I will not object, as long as you are happy.”

Gu Liang Dao’s eyes recovered some spirit and he laughed. “Why would I destroy Xi Xuan?”

“Then taking over Xi Xuan is a normal thing to do.” Xiao said with a relaxed expression. “Do not put too much pressure on yourself, you are not the savior. Xi Xuan is fated to die, even if you promise Zhong De. In time, there will be no Xi Xuan left, only Gu Liang Dao.”

Gu Liang Dao’s expression eased slightly. His expression was filled with puzzlement. “Why would Zhong De choose me?”

“I don’t know.” Xiao spread his hand and said helplessly, “You know, as one of the lowest ranked accountants in Xi Xuan before, I’m completely ignorant about high level secrets.”

Gu Liang Dao was amused and laughed. Moments later, he calmed down and his spirit had recovered. “I have already talked with Shuang Yu. He is in Mo Cloud Sea, he said that Lil’ Miss is about to do something big.”

“Mo Cloud Sea is not someone that would swallow and bear it.” Xiao said with a smile, “None of them have a good temper. Oh, what did Shuang Yu say about the offer?”

“The same as you.” Gu Liang Dao smiled, a hint of warmth flickering in his eyes.

“That’s what it should be.” Xiao said as a matter-of-fact. “We were minor characters in the past, what does Xi Xuan have to do with us? Why are you thinking so much? He wants to give it to you, if you want it then take it. If you don’t, just refuse. Do you also want to vie for the world?”

“Vie for the world?” Gu Liang Dao was silent for a moment before laughing. “I do not have this ability. My wish is to not fail the brothers that followed me.”

“Everyone knows this.” Xiao comforted Gu Liang Dao. “Everyone’s families have been brought over. We owe Zhong De for that. If you do not want to accept, we can think of another way to pay back Zhong De.”

“Zhong De’s plan is to give a third of the territory, the area near Tian Huan to Brother Zuo for them to block Tian Huan for us.” Gu Liang Dao’s expression became solemn. “And there will be about five hundred jie that will be given to us. He will help cleanse them.”

“Five hundred jie!” Xiao inhaled sharply, and his expression became grave.

“Would we be able to take it?” Gu Liang Dao looked at Xiao. Xiao was his chief steward, and no one knew their wealth better than he did.

“No.” Xiao shook his head and showed a grimace. “Our foundations are too shallow and we lack personnelle.”

Xiao counted on his fingers. “We know the state of Xi Xuan. The management at all levels are basically controlled by those families. Zhong De will definitely eliminate these people. We can promote some people from below, but Xi Xuan has rotted for so many years. It is not so easy to set up the infrastructure again”

Xiao sighed lightly. “I really admire Little Mo Ge right now. He started preparing for expansion a few years ago. While there isn’t any special talents in their ranks, they have a large group of intermediate ranks that will be useful now.”

“That is a group of monsters.” Gu Liang Dao also grimaced. He turned and asked, “How many jie can we accept at maximum?”

“Just by ourselves, one hundred and fifty jie!” Xiao gave a specific number. “This is only because Big Brother still has a high reputation in Xi Xuan and can pull over many people. However, if we add Zhong De’s support, we might be able to do it, but this will leave behind a great weakness.”

Gu Liang Dao grimaced, but his eyes lit up with sprit.



Due to Kun Lun’s interference, the inner conflict of the yao became even more intense. From the surface, there were no differences in strength between the two sides.

Most of the experts that Ming Yue Ye had were the shen power experts of the new generation. She also controlled the core secrets of the yao’s shen power. Many people also forgot that she also controlled the Genius Alliance, this association that did not seem to be of any actual use in the eyes of the higher ranks.

She controlled the strongest yao shen methodology and had a large group of talented youths under her. She had managed the Genius Alliance until it was impenetrable. And her motivated philosophy was accepted widely by young people.

After focused attention over seven years, Ming Yue Ye’s strength had quickly expanded.

Just like the mo had a hard time when cultivate shen power after reaching marshal level, the yao shen power methods were the same. The power of the sky yao was already fixed, and they were not suited to further cultivating shen power.

When the council of elders realized this, they were full of regret.

But the council of elders did not lack for experts. They still controlled the strongest existences that represented the traditional yao arts, the sky yao.

Looking from the perspective of future potential, the sky yao were not as talented as the geniuses, but in terms of current strength, there was not such a great difference between the two.

One side was the peak existence of traditional yao arts, the other were the genius youths that cultivated shen power.

With the addition of Kun Lun’s interference, the collision between the two was fierce.

Everyone knew that there was no way the conflict would be resolved peacefully. Intense conflicts occurred and both sides suffered heavy fatalities.

Other than the secret battles between experts, the fighting between the two sides were not limited to one area.



Youqin Lie was expressionless. After Nan Yue and the others returned to Mo Cloud Sea, the pressure on him increased.

The Council of Elders and Ming Yue Ye fought and they were also affected.

Everyone looked towards Youqin Lie. Their breathing became rushed. They had a feeling that Boss’ background was about to be revealed.

“We will support Elder Ming Yue Ye.” Youqin Lie said indifferently.

The group all had expressions of realization. So Boss’ background was Elder Ming Yue Ye! Actually, when Ming Yue Ye had mentioned Liang Wei, they had speculated that the power behind Boss was Elder Ming Yue Ye. The arrival Nan Yue and the other shen power experts  seemed to prove this. Weren’t those outrageously young and powerful guys the same as those from the legendary Genius Alliance?

“Hem!” Youqin Lie coughed deliberately. “Everyone remember, we did not do anything before this.”

“Yes yes yes, we did not do anything!”

“Ah! What did we do? We slept and ate every day!”

“I was in seclusion all this time.”

All of the members had expressions saying “I know” “We understand.”

“Hem!” Youqin Lie showed a cruel and ruthless expression. “Our work has been good, the higher ups are satisfied. Everyone needs to work harder in the future.”

Everyone was full of joy. They had managed to launder themselves clean.

Youqin Lie managed to reach out to and form a connection with Ming Yue Ye.

The conflict between the Council of Elders and Ming Yue Ye also affected his territory. He immediately realized that this was a one in a thousand chance, and unhesitatingly sided with Ming Yue Ye, giving up his own territory.

Youqin Lie’s youth and his experienced skills immediately won him praise from the higher-ups.

This was a trait of Ming Yue Ye’s group. They favoured young talents because the majority of them were young. Youqin Lie was so young yet he had conquered such a large territory. It could be seen that he was talented. Adding on that this was a period of time that Ming Yue Ye’s faction was heavily recruiting from other factions, Youqin Lie was immediately deputized as the highest-ranked supervisor in this region.

Youqin Lie took up the burden and immediately started a cleanse the region of the Council of Elder’s influence. With experience from the underground world, Youqin Lie was decisive and skilled in killing. At this time, he was like a sharp knife that fit the hand.

Pu Yao sneaked into the Ten Finger Prison, and faked large amounts of investigation reports on Youqin Lie. His cover was flawless.

The state of the world was turbulent, the yao were all worried. Many people even thought that this inner conflict would continue for a long time, and would even cause the yao into civil war.

Yet no one would have thought that it would finish so quickly.

Ming Yue Ye’s skill that was a step above others and once again showed its effectiveness.

Just as everyone was focused on the inner conflict between the yao, Mu Xi Corps silently started a campaign against Kun Lun!

Yes, Kun Lun, the hegemon of the world, Kun Lun!

With astounding presence, Mu Xi Corps successively took back seven jie that Kun Lun had taken over!

The military was shocked, the yao were shocked, the Council of Elders was shocked, the world was shocked!

That was Kun Lun!

Ming Yue Ye was so daring to attack Kun Lun proactively. She stepped on Kun Lun to display her resolve.

What people felt most incomprehensible was Ming Yue Ye had succeeded!

When the new of this battle was sent back to the yao, everyone went crazy! Ming Yue Ye who had taken back the occupied territory and reached a peak in her reputation. She wasn’t just loved by the people, even the prestigious families that had originally supported the Council of Elders started to lean towards her!

A powerful and united yao benefited everyone!

The situation seemed become one-sided for Ming Yue Ye.

Facing Ming Yue Ye who had won that battle, the Council of Elders shrank back and hid. At this time, fighting against Ming Yue Ye was not wise.

They knew that Ming Yue Ye needed to face Kun Lun’s anger next.

All of Kun Lun was angry!

When did someone dare to attack Kun Lun!

Offense on the dignity of the hegemon could not be tolerated!

Kun Lun did not hesitate. Mu Xuan, the eight ranking battle general of the ten great battle generals, led six battalions as they ferociously pressed towards the yao borders.

A great battle was about to occur!

This great battle between Kun Lun and the yao attracted the eyes of the world.

Everyone wanted to see how Kun Lun, the hegemon of the world, was going to get their honor back. They also wanted to see how Ming Yue Ye, called “the strongest female” would respond.

Kun Lun needed to recover face through battle. Ming Yue Ye also needed continued victories to maintain the support of the people. If she failed, she would be the criminal that started a war. Her reputation would plummet. The situation with the Council of Elders would immediately reverse, and she would receive a destructive blow. People would doubt her. But if she won, she believed that the Council of Elders would not have any chance at all.

Both sides needed victory!

This was fated to be a great and terrible battle!


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