修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Three “Weaving Girl’s Shuttle”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Three – Weaving Girl’s Shuttle

Zuo Mo and Li Xian Er faced off.

“I hadn’t thought that I would encounter Mister Zuo. It is a happy occasion when old friends to meet.” Li Xian Er smiled without any nervousness.

“Yes, yes!” Zuo Mo said with a snicker. He examined Li Xian Er, as though he was seeing a pile, no, a mountain of jingshi

“Last time in the mo territories, I saw Mister Zuo and wanted to experience it myself. How about a battle today?” Li Xian Er’s face was full of spirit.

“Fighting? Of course there has to be a fight, but it is two of us against you!” Zuo Mo said scoundrelly and then moved without any hesitation!

As though she was connected with his mind, almost at the same time, A Gui disappeared from beside him.

Damn it!

Li Xian Er cursed inside. She had originally intended to use words to herd Zuo Mo to get a chance to fight one on one. Usually, in front of a woman, there were rarely any men that were willing to embarrass themselves and gang up on the woman.

If there was a one-on-one fight, Li Xian Er had some confidence that she could handle Zuo Mo. This was her only chance to reverse the situation.

She hadn’t expected Zuo Mo to completely ignore her. She didn’t know if Zuo Mo had seen through her intentions or if he was such a scoundrel.

But she reacted quickly. The Abyss Fiend Jail had a great effect on suppressing power. She had the Chief Elder’s jinzhi to counteract this force, but the enemy didn’t.

She may have a chance!

Her eyes suddenly lit up. If she could kill Zuo Mo, then Mo Cloud Sea was finished!

Tian Huan had studied Mo Cloud Sea in depth. Mo Cloud Sea had many strong people. Wei Sheng, Gongsun Cha, Bie Han and others. All of them were stars in their own right. However, there was one person that was the pillar of the faction, Zuo Mo.

Tian Huan thought hard of to find a to kill Zuo Mo but found in the end it was almost impossible. Zuo Mo’s strength was unfathomable. The only other faction in the xiuzhe world who could reach this level was Lin Qian’s Kun Lun.

But a chance appeared like this!

Li Xian Er’s fighting spirit rose, a hint of determination flashing through her beautiful eyes.

Other than the Chief Elder’s jinzhi, she had something else powerful enough to determine the battle—Weaver Girl’s Shuttle!

Tian Huan’s only shen device raiment!

The shen power inside her body moving, the shen glyphs appeared on her exposed skin like blooming roses. An exquisite pink battle armor appeared on her body. The layers of pink plates were like the petals of pink flowers. No one would think that this beautiful and slightly adorable battle armor was the strongest shen device raiment of Tian Huan, the [Weaver Girl’s Shuttle].

Yet in Zuo Mo’s eyes, Li Xian Er wasn’t adorable at all.

The surging shen power caused Li Xian Er to look like a furious whirlpool. Zuo Mo had to pause. If he charged in now, he would be pulled into the shen power whirlpool.

Zuo Mo knew very well the power of a shen power whirlpool. He, in fact, had a small whirlpool inside his right hand. However, the shen power coming off Li Xian Er was enough to tear him to pieces.

As expected!

Just as Zuo Mo retreated, he heard a “brnng” sound next to his ear.

The seemingly adorable armor plates on Li Xian Er stood on end. A powerful presence immediately rushed outwards like a twister that lost control!

Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly. He reacted quickly, golden light appeared on his right hand. A small axe appeared in his palm. With a shout, he threw the little axe towards Li Xian Er.

Zuo Mo did not stay idle. Three sun shen thorns glided along the ground like nimble vipers that flew silently towards Li Xian Er.

Li Xian Er flicked out a pink ray of light that hit the sun shen axe. The sun shen axe seemed to be frozen mid-air.

Her pink-clad feet lightly tapped and a pink ripple spread. Pia pia pia, the three sun shen thorns were crushed into powder.

In the entire process, she didn’t even look at Zuo Mo.

Snap snap snap!

A burst of explosions sounded above her heads. She was like a blurry purple mist. A Gui was like a ghost that flashed in and out of view. The two were attacking at a rapid rate.

Zuo Mo was astounded. He knew that as the first seat of Tian Huan Li Xian Er was strong. The only person that ranked above her was the Chief Elder. However, he found after fighting her that Li Xian Er was stronger than he imagined!

She was much stronger than the people he had fought just now!

Zuo Mo took a deep breath, and his spirit burned like fire. No matter what, he had to capture Li Xian Er today! Only if he took down Li Xian Er could he realize his strategy.

Zuo Mo did not hesitate any longer and advanced!



Li Xian Er was astounded. The other two was not affected by the fiend souls!

What she did not know was that Zuo Mo and A Gui had spent a long time in the Sealed Extinction Battlefield and they had developed a resistance against corruption from fiend souls. Additionally, Zuo Mo cultivated the sun shen power which was the bane to all things corrupt. A Gui’s Undying Shen Power was the complete opposite, having a strong affinity for fiend souls. She could absorb these yin and corrupt existences. This was the perfect battlefield for A Gui.

Li Xian Er was shocked but not afraid. She was still calm.

The other did not have the upper hand even two against one.

Shen power appeared continuously through the shen glyphs. She didn’t have any feelings of tiredness and was filled with fighting spirit. In the sect, the other shidi were not a match for her, and no one dared to really fight against her.

She had great strength but not a lot of real battle experience.

Of the two enemies, Zuo Mo’s attacks were broad and open, while A Gui’s were unpredictable. The two completely different styles forced her to focus.

However, this caused her to improve quickly. After the initial panic, she gradually calmed down.

The shen glyphs inside her body had an indescribable resonance with the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle. This profound resonance caused her consciousness to be clear and hold every corner of the battlefield in her mind. She could clearly feel the shen glyphs inside her body become more active under the simulation of the Weaving Girl Shuttle. It seemed to be a powerful heart that gave her endless shen power and filled her with strength!

As expected, only strong enemies could cause him to improve faster!

Li Xian Er felt unprecedentedly powerful. Her eyes narrowed sharply!

Some of the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle’s scales started to show exquisite patterns like roses. It was like a sleeping beast gradually waking.

Her attacks immediately became stronger.

As she moved, the pink shen power ripples were filled with fatal danger.



Zuo Mo felt the pressure increase.

The techniques of shen power were not as complex as spells. Most of them were simple, and what determined their power was the strength of shen power!

Li Xian Er’s shen power was becoming stronger. This was why he was feeling the pressure increase.

Yet he didn’t feel any fear. Under the stimulation of great danger, the sun shen power inside his body became unusually active. The golden shen power burned like flowing lava and made Zuo Mo feel as though he was about to burn up.


Zuo Mo’s body flashed dark gold. With a shout, the Anti Dragon Claw he held had a layer of blinding golden energy. He swung towards Li Xian Er as though he was holding a two-handed axe!

At this time, he could not care about something like capturing the enemy live!

The air started to ignite where the Anti Dragon Claw had passed.

The golden axe energy flickered and spat like the tongue of the sun’s flame.

Li Xian Er’s eyes widened. A long pink shuttle flew in front of her. Li Xian Er’s nimble left hand drew in the air lightning fast.

The long pink shuttle moved through the air at astounding speed. In a flash, a pink rose wall took form. Every flower petal could be clearly seen. They were in layers, exquisite and beautiful.

The furious sun shen axe cut hard onto the pink rose wall.


The pink rose wall seemed to be weak. It immediately shattered and flew in all directions.

Yet Zuo Mo’s expression changed. The Anti Dragon Claw seemed to have cut into cotton. Invisible power was stopping it, or wrapping around it, or pulling at it.

The sun shen axe that had been unstoppable was halved immediately in presence.

Zuo Mo did not have time to be startled when he felt a stirring of danger.

He saw pink flowers spinning in the air around him. They had not dissipated!

Zuo Mo was experienced in battle. With a look he knew there was a killing move coming!

Immediately, he waved the Anti Dragon Claw around to protect his body.


The delicate pink flower petals dancing in the wind suddenly tensed, becoming hard, and then shot at Zuo Mo!

Ding ding ding!

Zuo Mo’s Anti Dragon Claw moved and securely protected him. The pink flower petals hit the circle of light like raindrops on banana leaves and caused sprays of sparks.

These seemingly delicate flower petals were astoundingly powerful.

Powerful ripples from the collision caused Zuo Mo’s feet to continue to sink into the ground. In a flash, all of Zuo Mo’s calves had sank into the rock.

The storm of attacks forced Zuo Mo to instinctively wave the Anti Dragon Claw!

At this time, Li Xian Er was fighting fiercely with A Gui.



Li Xian Er could clearly feel that A Gui was more difficult to deal with than Zuo Mo. Other than the unpredictable and erie attacks, A Gui’s grey crystal battle armor was not ordinary.

The grey crystal armor caused A Gui to merge with her surroundings no matter where she appeared. Adding on A Gui’s eerie and unpredictable movements, even Li Xian Er felt a headache.

What shocked her even more was that A Gui’s shen power contained a great presence of death.

Such a great death energy could only appeared on something dead. Li Xian Er almost didn’t believe her eyes.

A Gui saw Zuo Mo’s situation and a thread of purple flame appeared in her eyes.

Woosh, a layer of purple flames appeared on the surface of the [Undying Ghost]. The flames were extremely thin as they silently burned.

Two short bone daggers appeared on A Gui’s hands. The short bone daggers were shrouded in purple flames. The grey [Undying Ghost] spread like the wings of a bird, the purple flames flowing within.

The silent purple flames seemed to be able to consume everything in the surroundings. At the border of the flames was a circle of deep blackness.

Shock suddenly flashed through Li Xian Er’s eyes.

Shen device raiment!

This was a shen device raiment!

While the attributes of power were completely different, she was familiar with the unique presence of the shen device raiment. She was almost immediately sure that this was a true shen device raiment!


Other than [Arsonist], Mo Cloud Sea had a second shen device raiment!


Editor’s note: Poor poor Li Xian Er. Arsonist, Undying Ghost, Zong Ru’s staff, and Lan’s armor have been revealed to some people in the world. But there has not been a true reveal for City Destroyer, Wei Sheng’s God-Killing Blood Sword, Zuo Mo’s Dad’s shen device, and the shen nucleus. Even then Lan’s armor hasn’t had a true reveal. So 4 psuedo shen devices and 4 true shen devices, 8 total. Nine if they capture Li Xian Er and take Weaver Girl’s Shuttle. And the Gravestone Armor too… Hoard much? Greedy greedy zombie.


Translator Ramblings: To discuss WanderingGummi’s point, the shen nucleus can’t be used as a weapon to fight at this point, it’s just a potential shen device. You can use it to make a shen device but Zuo Mo hasn’t managed to forge it yet. The [Ghost] which started off the whole thing with Zuo Mo’s family is incomplete. Zuo Mo only has the pieces from Xi Xuan and Xuan Kong Temple, he’s still missing the Tian Huan and Kun Lun pieces.

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