修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Four “Zuo Mo’s Fury”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Four – Zuo Mo’s Fury

The appearance of A Gui’s [Undying Ghost] was a great blow to Li Xian Er.

A Gui immediately grabbed the other’s momentary lapse in concentration and her body moved.

Almost at the same time, two purple dagger shaped energies silently appeared behind Li Xian Er like spitting snakes.

Li Xian Er detected the danger, and regretted her distraction. She lacked battle experience to have lost concentration in front of such a powerful opponent.

The Weaving Girl’s Shuttle nimbly curved, and wove shen glyphs to stop A Gui’s attack.

Yet A Gui’s attack was fast. Li Xian Er lost the initiative when she lost concentration. The Weaving Girl’s Shuttle had only woven half of the shen glyph when the two purple daggers hit the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle.


Li Xian Er’s heart shook and her inner energies roiled.

The Weaving Girl’s Shuttle was blown back. An extremely thin strand of purple energy permeated the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle. At the same time, a dense shen power with the presence of death silently burrowed into her body.

As Li Xian Er was pulling back the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle she felt a wave of coldness along her neck. She was astounded. Shen glyphs lit up on her pink boots and she suddenly disappeared from her spot.

An eerie purple energy sliced past where she had been standing. If she had been a sliver slower, the dagger energy would have easily cut her neck in half.

Li Xian Er appeared twenty zhang away, her face ashen, and startled. Several strands of hair had been cut by the dagger energy and were dancing in the wind.

In that moment, she seemed to hear the breathing of the death god. The shen glyphs on her combat boots had spiderweb cracks. The only reason she had escaped with her life was because of the life-saving shen glyphs of the shen device raiments.

The [Weaving Girl’s Shuttle] had three life-saving shen glyphs, each with different effects. There were only two left.

She was a genius and strong. However, she lacked the tempering through blood and fire, and her resolve was much lower than people like Zuo Mo and A Gui.

She gathered shen power to exterminate the purple energy that had burrowed into her body.

She suddenly felt that today was dangerous.



Zuo Mo felt extremely irritated today. He was being suppressed by Li Xian Er!

It was rare for this situation to occur in his battle history. However, the other’s shen power was very powerful, and the shen device raiment she wore was also extraordinary. The two together immediately caused Zuo Mo to be put at a disadvantage.

Zuo Mo had always been confident in his shen power. The shen power whirlpool in his right hand could produce endless shen power. While it was not a lot, the amount was significant when accumulated over time. He was also very hardworking and his shen power had always continued to grow.

In all of Mo Cloud Sea, except for the two freaks A Gui and Eldest Shixiong, no one else’s growth could rival his.

Zuo Mo still didn’t understand A Gui’s situation. But Eldest Shixiong was tempering and absorbing the power of the God-Killing Blood Sword. This ancient shen sword that could rival the Immemorial Shen Sword contained a terrifying ocean of power.

Zuo Mo actually felt sympathy for Eldest Shixiong. Everyday, he had to struggle in that ocean. That would not feel good. Normal people would not be able to endure such pain. Zuo Mo had tried once, and collapsed for three whole days after coming out. Eldest Shixiong received this method of cultivation that was like self-torture everyday. Consequently, Zuo Mo was not jealous of Eldest Shixiong’s strength at all. No one knew better than he did how Eldest Shixiong’s power had come about.

Under the motivation of the powerful and inhuman Eldest Shixiong, lured by a beautiful future full of mountains of jingshi, Zuo Mo also worked unusually hard on his cultivation.

He had cultivated for every drop of his shen power.

The whirlpool in his right hand could only be considered an aid for him at present. He needed to spend more time on cultivation. He had completely memorized the Sun Shen Methodology.

Zuo Mo was a very pragmatic person. His personality was slightly indolent, he had  a bit of talent, but if he didn’t have any pressure, he would be a wastrel. But if he felt pressure and danger, he would furiously move forwards to get away from the danger as fast as possible.

Mo Cloud Sea seemed to be prospering but it was surrounded by wolves. Danger was never far from them, and the pressure never disappeared from him.

There was also A Gui.

The present Zuo Mo had a strong belief he needed to protect A Gui, protect Mo Cloud Sea, and to get revenge for Sect Leader and Shishu!

Zuo Mo who did not waste any time was filled with confidence in his own strength. Yet today, he was being suppressed by someone else, and it was also a woman!

A feeling of suffocation he never had before was like a ball of fire burning inside Zuo Mo.

Blood filled his eyes. His features twisted, and his breathing was like fire!

If … … if he was so weak … … how could he protect A Gui … … how could he protect everyone … …

There seemed to be a voice echoing in his mind.

Countless scenes flashed through his mind.



In a dark cave.

A Gui’s pale face gradually became wooden and expressionless, her sad eyes gradually turning dull. Her flawless face started to grow marks, and a dark and grey vitality spread from her body.

The gradually emptying eyes seemed to form tears.

A cold pair of hands lightly touched the face of the unconscious youth.

Everywhere the hands passed, the youth’s face started to transform completely. He seemed to struggle but quickly calmed down.

The void and grey had already taken over half of the young female’s face. The terrifying marks grew from her forehead to her nose.

She suddenly bent and pressed the remaining half of her smooth face to the youth’s face and lightly rubbed.

“A Gui will find Young Master. Definitely!”

The young female’s determined voice echoed in the cavern. A teardrop landed on the face of the unconscious youth.

When she raised her head, the terrifying marks had covered two-thirds of her face, and her eyes were almost completely taken over by the grey dullness.

She did not hesitate and stood. She took a deep look at Zuo Mo and disappeared.

There were no tears in her grey and empty eyes.



“We will follow Boss … …”

“Of course we will follow Boss … …”

“We have such a big territory, we need to have a name.”

“Oh, how about using Boss’ name?”

“Good idea! Zuo Mo Cloud Sea?”

“Please, have some skill! There is nothing poetic!”

“Well you do it!”

“Oh, then let it be Mo Cloud Sea!”

“Poetry is just having one word less?”

“It will be Mo Cloud Sea!”


“Seriously agree!”

“Woah-oh-oh, great!”



“So if he really is a yaomo?”

“Send him away, it will be better than him ending up in the hands of Kun Lun. We watched him grow up … … we cannot rebel against the orders of Kun Lun … … ah … …”



Curse it! Damn it! Bastard!

The fire burning inside Zuo Mo grew even hotter, so hot he felt as though he was about to combust. At this time, he was filled with a strong fury, one against himself!

His shen power could not compare to that woman!

How could it be possible!

How could it be possible!

A furious roar reverberated in Zuo Mo’s chest. The burning fire inside his body suddenly exploded and swallowed him.

All of his intelligence turned to ash in this instant. He only had instinct, only dissatisfaction, only fury!

Countless flames erupted from his body and covered him completely.

The sun crystal seed that had been sleeping in his body suddenly woke up. It started to spin slowly. The sun crystal seed seemed to feel Zuo Mo’ s fury. Waves of crimson red heat floated out of the depths of the sun crystal seed.

The crimson red flot turned into deep red flames once they floated out and circulated around Zuo Mo’s body.

When the burning current encountered shen power, boom, golden flames flashed like the enormous solar flares rising from the surface of the sun. Vast surging shen power, like a volcano erupting, filled Zuo Mo’s body in an instant.

The angry golden flames covered Zuo Mo. The snapping of the flames were clear to hear.

As the flames spat, golden ripples formed and extinguished.



Li Xian Er was startled. She turned around and was shocked when she saw Zuo Mo within the flames!

A pair of peaceful eyes that did not have any emotion and was indifferent to their surroundings like that of a deity.

Astounding presence spread outwards in waves from the spitting flames. Golden ripples that could be seen with the naked eyes formed and died out.

Each golden ripple was much weaker by the time it reached Li Xian Er.

But even this thin golden ripple caused an explosion and a tongue of flame shot out when it touched her presence.

Li Xian Er felt a burning heat pass to her. Her heart couldn’t help but shake.

The Zuo Mo in front of her seemed to be a completely different person.

But … … he didn’t have shen equipment!

Li Xian Er’s mind was filled with terror. The shen power that Zuo Mo displayed now was so strong it almost surpassed the imagination.

Zuo Mo suddenly disappeared.

Shocked, Li Xian Er’s Weaving Girl’s Shuttle flew in front of her. In an instant, a complex shen glyph took form.

Almost at the same time, a blurry golden figure appeared in front of the shen glyph.

Zuo Mo was so fast that Li Xian Er could not see him with her eyes. She could only see a blurry figure.

The blurry figure quickly became clear.

–Because Zuo Mo stopped in front of the shen glyph.

Without even shifting into an attack posture, his right hand, wrapped in flames, punched the shen glyph.


Like glass cracking, the hard shen glyph turned to powder.

The fist that still carried momentum suddenly opened and grabbed the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle!

How was it possible … …

Li Xian Er’s mind was completely blank and she was stunned where she stood. The scene that was occurring in front of her surpassed the limits of her imagination!

The golden flames wrapped around the Weaving Girl’s Shuttle. The Weaving Girl’s Shuttle trembled violently as though it wanted to break free of Zuo Mo’s hand. Yet no matter how it struggled, it was unable to break free.

A Gui’s hand appeared at the back of Li Xian Er’s head.

Li Xian Er shook but before she could react, she felt something tighten around her neck. A hand covered in purple flames seemed to appear out of nowhere and grab her neck.


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