修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Five “Breakthrough”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Twenty Five Breakthrough

Mi Wu’s face was black.

Inside Tian Huan the relationship between his family and the group led by the sect leader was tense, but this did not affect the friendship between him and Li Xian Er.

Li Xian Er was mischievous from childhood, but was an honorable and honest person. He had suffered greatly due to her antics in childhood but childhood friendships were so wonderful. The two did not grow apart but became even closer.

In the era of ling power, Mi Wu’s talent was not as outstanding as it was now. However, Li Xian Er dismissed him due to this and always motivated him.

This time, Mi Nan Daren had agreed to send Li Xian Er here. Mi Wu had been very angry, but he could not rebel directly against the true leader of the Mi Family. Consequently, he requested to take part in this risky mission.

Unexpectedly, Mi Nan Daren did not object.

The relationship between the four seats was not bad. Other than Sang Dong who was more of a recluse, the other people had small flaws but were within the limits of normality.

They had grown up together as children and trusted each other.

He and Jin Xiao Yu had led the assassination accompanied by four ring masters. He had thought that they would absolutely succeed with such a powerful team. However, the development of events surpassed their predictions.

In a meditative trance, Jin Xiao Yu’s body shook, and Mi Wu hurriedly threw away his stray thoughts.

Jin Xiao Yu opened his eyes. Seeing Mi Wu’s concerned gaze, he grimaced, “Terrible, the shen glyph has been severely damaged. It will take at least three months to fix. I only have six-tenths of my battle abilities.”

Mi Wu felt bitterness in his mouth. What Tian Huan disciples feared the most was damage to their shen glyphs.

The use of shen glyphs among top disciples like them were completely different from the normal disciples. Their shen glyphs were the spring that their shen power was produced from. If the shen glyph was damaged, both the production and use of shen power would be greatly obstructed.

This was the newest method that Chief Elder had created. Tian Huan’s shen glyph scripture had reached a completely new height.

However … …

“How are Wu Ru’s wounds.”

Jin Xiao Yu’s voice interrupted Mi Wu’s thoughts. Mi Wu comforted, “It has stabilized. But the possibility of the shen glyph recovering is not high.”

Jin Xiao Yu was silent, a flicker of pain flashing through his eyes. He had personally picked Wu Ru to be a ringmaster, and the other had followed him for a long time. He never thought … …

Mi Wu was silent for a moment before he said hoarsely, “Wu Zhen also did not come back.”

Among the twelve ring masters, Wu Zhen definitely ranked in the top three for power. For Mi Wu, the sacrifice of Wu Zhen meant that his strength would be greatly reduced.

Jin Xiao Yu sighed and said, “This trip, we really made a great misstep!” His expression was bitter. The cruel battle had cleared his mind. He asked, “Have you managed to get into contact with Xian Er?”

“No.” Mi Wu bit hard on his lips that looked as though they were about to drip with blood.

Jin Xiao Yu’s mouth was open, but he was speechless. Moments later, his face was dispirited.

Both of them knew they had completely failed the mission this time!”



“Why?” The sect leader of Xi Xuan glared at Zhong De like a wild beast at the end of the road, his eyes bloodshot.

Zhong De was expressionless. “You do not have the capabilities.”

“No!” The sect leader of Xi Xuan seemed to be mad as he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Who says that I do not have the capabilities? Based on what? Based on what do you say I am not able! If you consent to Tian Huan’s demands, we would have ten years of time. Ten years! With these ten years, Xi Xuan will rise again in my hands … …”

Zhong De’s eyes did not even move. “Your Xi Xuan and the past Xi Xuan will not be any different.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” The sect leader of Xi Xuan looked in disbelief at Zhong De as he howled. “How strong was the previous Xi Xuan!? One of the four titans, no one dared to go against us, we were high up, and experienced the greatest power of the world … …”

Zhong De said coldly, “Therefore, Yun Ji died, and I was sent to the Abyss Fiend Jail.”

The howls of the Xi Xuan sect leader choked off. He looked dazedly at Zhong De. A moment later, he said furiously. “No! You cannot do this! You madman! You want to ruin Xi Xuan … …”

Zhong De was expressions. “The Xi Xuan of the past should not exist.”

Finishing, he turned and walked away.

“You cannot do this! You cannot do this!” The sect leader was incoherent. He trembled. Terror surrounded him. He suddenly seemed to find a life-saving tether. “You cannot do this! You owe my father! You owe my father!”

Zhong De stopped walking. Without even turning his head, he threw down.

“I said to you before that I already repaid his favor.”

Finishing, he left and did not linger.

“You cannot do this! Sob sob you cannot do this … …”

The loud screams suddenly stopped.



When Mi Wu and Jin Xiao Yu’s reports were passed back to Tian Huan, the higher ups of Tian Huan were astounded.


This was definitely a trap.

Mo Cloud Sea unexpectedly sent all of their top experts to set up such a trap! Tian Huan suffered great losses, and now Tian Huan was in a state where they had lost the initiative.

They tried to use all kinds of methods to get in contact with Li Xian Er but they all failed. All the signs pointed that Li Xian Er’s situation was not good.

For Tian Huan, this was an unacceptable result.

The upper ranks fought fiercely. One side thought they needed to use all of their power to rescue Li Xian Er. The other side thought they should start negotiations with Mo Cloud Sea to ransom Li Xian Er back.

The side favoring negotiation quickly gained the upper hand.

The reason was very simple. Mi Wu and Jin Xiao Yu’s reports had come back to Tian Huan. There were many problems that had been exposed by the battle this time. For example, Tian Huan disciples lacked combat experience. This was especially evident during battles.

Mo Cloud Sea’s experts all were experienced in battle, and the experts on Tian Huan’s side were mostly youths that had been promoted due to having outstanding talent at cultivating shen glyphs these past years. Many of them had been unknown before the era of shen power had started, and no special attention had been paid to them. After entering the era of shen power, their talent at cultivating shen glyphs were uncovered and attracted the attention of the sect.

They all worked very hard, and with the great investment the sect gave them, it created their strength. However, their experience in battle could not be made up so quickly. These years of time was only enough for them to work on their cultivation.

They were on a completely different level compared to the lawless bandits from Mo Cloud Sea.

The two sides had similar numbers of experts but they were unable to win.

And sending a battalion was not the best plan. If they angered Zuo Mo, Xian Er would be in danger.

After fierce fighting, the Tian Huan envoys travelled day and night to get to Xi Xuan at the fastest possible speed.



Zuo Mo slowly opened his eyes. The surging shen power in his body gradually calming like a furious sea becoming peaceful. He exhaled, and a ruler-straight gust of air flecked with gold appeared.

His dark gold eyes were like two small golden suns.

The sun crystal seed in his body slowed down in its revolutions. His shen power also calmed down. Burning flows continued to erupt out of the slowly spinning sun crystal seed. These burning flows were not shen power but it could perfectly meld with shen power.

In Zuo Mo’s eyes, the sun crystal seed had always been a very powerful treasure. When the strange corpse had given it to him, he had said that this was something passed down by the Sun Tribe.

While the strange corpse had sealed it so that Zuo Mo could take it, Zuo Mo had never found the correct way to use the sun crystal seed.

Until today.

Zuo Mo’s shen power suddenly moved, and a sun shen axe appeared on his hand.

Yet this time, the sun shen axe was clearly different than before. On the axe made from golden light, crimson red burning flames wisped. The already domineering sun shen axe became even more savage, and an indescribable burning presence spread.

The sun crystal seed was the seed of a sun. It already contained the power of the sun, and it perfectly matched with sun shen power.

In other worlds, the sun crystal seed was the best amplification device for sun shen power.

Zuo Mo’s hands moved and a sun shen spike appeared in his hand. Unlike in the past, there were crimson red rings around this sun shen spike. The sun flowing flames were segmented on the sun shen spike.

So devious!

If the enemy was inattentive, the sun shen spikes would explode in segments and the sun’s flowing flames inside would spray everywhere. These flowing flames that came from a true sun would burn someone until not even their bones were left.

As Zuo Mo sighed over this, he was overjoyed. Deviousness was great!

The shen power inside his body also had large amounts of sun flowing flames mixed within. With every circulation, they slowly refined his body.

This was not of visible effect in the short term, but over time the accumulation would be astounding.

He shook his head. The revolutions of the sun crystal seed, and the endless sun flowing flames could make his attacks stronger, but they could not increase his shen power.

Zuo Mo’s mind suddenly moved. Theoretically, Li Xian Er was unlikely to have cultivated shen power faster than him, but the battle just now showed that Li Xian Er’s shen power was stronger than his.

Had Tian Huan found a special method?

Zuo Mo’s eyes unconsciously landed on his spoils of victory.

A Gui had taken the Weaving Girl Shuttle that Li Xian Er wore. Other than clothing, almost everything else had been stripped off. A Gui had been with Zuo Mo for a long time, and learned all he did.

Coming out of his sudden excitement, Zuo Mo looked at Li Xian Er and immediately had energy.

He unconsciously swallowed.

Li Xian Er’s status in Tian Huan could match Lin Qian’s past status in Kun Lun. Zuo Mo completely ignored Li Xian Er’s beauty, his eyes staring straight at the pile of spoils at Li Xian Er’s feet that A Gui had taken off.

The pink Weaving Girl Shuttle had been placed on the ground. The rose patterns were exquisite.

There were other things such as rings and bracelets. Oh, A Gu, you are too bad, you even took off her boots … …

Ooh, good job!

While the combat boots were slightly damaged, they could be seen from the patterns that they were exceptional.

Little Mo Ge’s breathing suddenly sped up, only one thought in his mind.

They had struck it rich!

Translator Ramblings: The Xi Xuan sect leader is like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Going to be traveling for 13 hours if lucky. If not, longer. Next chapter will most likely be later than usual.


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