修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty “Counter-Attack (2)”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty – Counterattack (Two)

The old man’s mission was the Yao Forging Tower

The Yao Forging Tower had been the place that Pu Yao and wei had been imprisoned in. It was a restricted land that the forebearers of Tian Huan had created using their great power. There were eighteen levels in the Yao Forging Tower. Pu Yao and Wei had been imprisoned in the bottom level. Every level was filled with jinzhi. Unless one attacked from the outside, it was extremely difficult to escape. Pu Yao and Wei’s escape had been the result of Pu Yao spending thousands of years and put his all to think of a solution.

In reality, only Pu Yao and Wei had been left on the eighteenth level. The other yaomo had passed away a long time ago. Pu Yao had seen countless powerful yoamo that could not hold against the wear of time, lose their minds, and then turn into dust. This was what had caused him to resolve himself and escape the Yao Forging Tower.

The Yao Forging Tower did not just imprison yaomo, but a large number of powerful people that could be a threat to Tian Huan’s rule. They were not killed due to many various reasons and were imprisoned in the Yao Forging Tower.

The Yao Forging Tower was heavily guarded.

However, in this era of drastic change, for something as gigantic as Tian Huan, they had countless problems they needed to face, and too many places they could not attend to.

The Yao forging Tower was one of those.

Tian Huan need to face Kun Lun’s expansion, needed to face the threatening Mo Cloud Sea, the exchange of power between generations inside the sect, the change from the ling power to shen power system and so on. There were too many problems they urgently needed to resolve. In a situation like this, the defense of the Yao Forging Tower was not a priority.

Just like the transportation formations of Mo Cloud Sea that were attacked, Tian Huan’s shen glyphs and jinzhi were being developed with full support, but there was still a great distance until they were developed enough for widespread use.

The jinzhi of the Yao Forging Tower were the products of the era of ling power.

For experts that were in the era of shen power, they were lacking power.

For safety, especially the safety of the old man, Xie Shan, Nan Yue, and the others were all sent with the old man’s group. None of the group who qualified to go into the Yao Forging Tower was harmless. Even so the old man alone was enough to intimidate the entire group.

If they only released those imprisoned and caused a small degree of damage to Tian Huan, this was an embarrassing waste in the eyes of Gongsun Cha.

For Lil’ Miss, these vicious brutes that had suffered under Tian Huan were great helpers!

At usual times, other than the battalions stationed at the Yao Forging Tower, there were also experts. However, Li Xian Er had been captured, and almost all of the experts were sent to Xi Xuan to negotiate and rescue Li Xian Er. This was the time that the tower was most empty.

The old man was very satisfied at being put in charge of such an important mission.

“Which of you two will go first?” The old man glanced at the orange-haired yao and A Wen out of the corner of his eye.

The orange-haired yao had an expression of smug pride as he patted his chest. “We need to discuss this? Of course it is the most handsome and genius youth first! Good brothers are loyal, seeing how pitiful you are, I will condescend to help!”

The old man’s face turned green “Who is brothers with you?”

The smug orange-haired yao suddenly recalled the old man was A Gui’s grandfather and immediately froze. He reacted and hurriedly smoothed over, “Haha! A Wen! I’m speaking about A Wen!”

The orange-haired yao thought that the old man could not be offended. If Big Sister A Gui learned of this, and then attacked him, he would not be able to withstand it!

A Wen snorted coldly. “Idiot!”

Before he finished speaking, he shot out.

“Hey hey hey! You bastard! You rule-breaker! Unfair! You shameless being, I had a wrong opinion of you, you are a person without a bottom line, you embarrass the name of Mo Cloud Sea … …”

The orange-haired yao wailed loudly as he turned into a fiery red shadow and charged in.

The old man turned his face. “Are the two of them usually like this?”

Everyone nodded in unison.

Nan Yue and the others were respectful of the old man. The old man’s power was enough that they had to look up in reverence. Also, the old man’s unique status was such that even Gongsun Cha had a high opinion of him, much less juniors like them.

With everyone surrounding him, the old man felt unprecedentedly well, and full of spirit. These juniors were mature, obedient and had sweet tongues. They had smoothed his feathers. With a good mood, he did not skimp on teaching them. Soon, he found to his shock that these juniors were not just exceptionally talented, they were all very hardworking. Even the orange-haired yao that seemed unreliable was focused when he cultivated.

Such good children!

The old man sighed. He decided that he was going to attend more events in the future, and show off the glory of an elder.

He pretentiously pointed at the Yao Forging Tower and said with a serious expression. “The person who gets into the entrance first will be taught a secret technique by this old man!”


Everyone’s eyes turned green.

On the trip here, the old man’s unfathomable power and masterful shen techniques caused reverence in all of the juniors. Such a promise immediately ignited the fighting spirit of all of the juniors.

Nan Yue and the others unhesitatingly charged to the Yao Forging Tower. Behind them, the old man strolled slowly with the presence of a master.

The sharp wails of alarms could be heard in the distance as the light of the jinzhi lit up in twos and threes.




It had been too long since Tian Huan itself had been attacked. The guards stationed at the Yao Forging Tower to be dazed for a moment when they heard the alarms.

The enemy came so quickly they hadn’t even entered the jinzhi before the enemy reached them.

The attack lights of the perimeter jinzhi rained down on the enemy but were unable to stop their advance.

Rong Zhi looked in terror at the eerie and dangerous figures, cold rising from his heart.

Ever since that time many years ago when yao had escaped from the Yao Forging Tower, the guards at the Yao Forging Tower and the jinzhi had been improved greatly. However, as war had occurred, the situation became more tense, and almost all of the experts at the Yao Forging Tower had been called away. As the situation calmed, the higher ups seemed to forget about the Yao Forging Tower.

Those left behind to guard the Yao Forging Tower would be transferred immediately when they had a breakthrough in cultivating shen glyphs. Rong Zhi had not improved much in cultivating shen glyphs so he had never left here.

Rong Zhi wanted to leave since a long time ago. Guarding the Yao Forging Tower was thought of as exile, a place with no future. There were no benefits here, and the days were hard. It was also difficult to accomplish something that would attract the attention of the higher-ups. But if they were not careful, it was easy for problems to occur. Naturally, no one was willing to come here. Only those that offended the higher ups would be sent here.

Occasionally in the past, there would be some experts with terrible personalities but were strong that were transferred over. In the recent years, there wasn’t even one such expert. The higher ups had developed a higher tolerance of those with strength than in the past.

Rong Zhi was often too lazy to think about these matters. Guarding the Yao Forging Tower was a hard job, but the benefit was that no one managed them, and they were free. They could occasionally go to the nearby battalion to act as a teacher, and guide the soldiers from the battalion.

The scene of the lights raining down caused Song Zhi to lose focus for a while.


It was definitely elite! From what he saw, every figure was multiple times stronger than himself.

Song Zhi immediately knew the enemy’s intentions. The enemy was targeting the prisoners of the Yao Forging Tower!

Suddenly, he was filled with grief. He knew that he would pay the price for the inattentiveness of the higher ups.




Seeing the juniors were unstoppable, the old man was slightly shocked. The defenses of the Yao Forging Tower were so weak!

He couldn’t help but shake his head inwardly. Theoretically, a place like this was a restricted land for each sect and should be heavily protected. It was time for Tian Huan to taste its own medicine for missing this.

The battle progressed quickly. The guards were cleared out in a short period of time.

The nearby battalion was disturbed by the noise and were rushing over. They had quickly assembled and were hurrying over at their fastest speed.

“How’s the situation?” the old man asked the black smoke yao. In his view, this person shrouded in black smoke was the smartest of the group.

“The jinzhi here are complete and suitable for facing battalions. If our intelligence reports on this battalion are accurate, we can hold the tower for at least twelve hours. However, you have to be fast,” the black smoke yao said without hesitation.

“Good, I will leave this to you.” The old man was very satisfied. He watched as the black smoke yao directed people into the jinzhi to prepare to stop the battalion outside. The fighting spirit inside his chest started to burn.

“I hope the people inside the Yao Forging Tower, do not disappoint me!”

The old man unhesitatingly flew into the Yao Forging Tower.



Lan lightly spun the ice umbrella in her hand and the wind and snow seemed to be disturbed by an invisible hand. The sharp snow and wind were docile and vented in a storm.

Ding ding ding.

Countless blooms of blood appeared at the same time. The enemy that lost the protection of the light shields were fragile. The death of large numbers of their members caused many jinzhi to stop functioning and the light in the sky weakened.

At this time, Lan suddenly raised her face.

In the sky, an enormous seal script ring of light was coming towards her at astounding speed. The sky full of wind and snow seemed to suddenly stop.

Lan’s eyes suddenly lit up with an eerie light.

A reminiscing smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

After sleeping for tens of thousands of years her battle skill had not decreased. As a totem warrior, fighting was a instinct that was engraved deep into her bones!

Ten thousand years ago, the greatest value of any totem warrior was fighting!

She seemed to return to the time ten thousand years ago, in that chaotic and primitive land. Where the ice umbrella passed, it left ice and snow!

She had never lost a fight in the ice and snow!

The ice umbrella in her hand spun rapidly. The tassels that flew up were pleasing to hear with their chimes.

Under the ice umbrella, she lowered her head, her expression was devout and grave.

In the name of Lan, dance!

The wind and snow seemed to hear the summons and spun to gather at the ice umbrella above her head.

With Lan as the center, a whirlwind of ice formed.

The snow that had had built up for tens of thousands of years on the ground crumbled. They flew into the sky and were sucked into the whirlpool of wind and snow above Lan’s head.


The ice and snow gathered like a twister and formed an enormous pillar of icy wind. From far away, it looked like a terrifying dragon of ice twisting and rearing into the air.

There was no longer was any sharp wailing of the wind. What filled the ears were the roars of tens of thousands of horses stampeding towards them at once.

The ground seemed to tremble.

Zuo Fan and the others looked with ashen expressions at the enormous ice dragon in the air that stretched for dozens of li.

The [Sky Lock] could not strike and was stuck in the air. There seemed to be an invisible hand that securely held it.

Under the umbrella, the devout and solemn Lan murmured softly, “In the name of Lan!”

She suddenly raised her face and darkly said four words.

“[Ice Snow Mist Kill]!”

The blue mask flashed with an icy light and cruelty.

The ice umbrella pointed forward.


Translator Ramblings: The Yao Forging Tower finally makes an appearance. If only Pu Yao’s fellows hadn’t died … … this would have been an epic rescue mission.

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