修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty One “Counter-Attack (3)”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty One – Counterattack (Three)

Looking at the waves of fire and roiling black smoke, Shuang Yu decisively ordered, “Retreat!”

Dozens of figures around him quickly disappeared into the night.

The next day, he successively destroyed a third storehouse of Tian Huan. His mission was different from Lan. Lan’s mission was to destroy Clear Sea Storehouse, an important materials transportation hub . His mission was to damage Thousand Sail Sect, including the supply points along the way.

In this situation when the enemy shen power experts had all been called away, Shuang Yu lacked opponents and was unstoppable.

Shuang Yu had no intentions of hiding his strength.

Gu Liang Dao’s faction did not share any borders with Tian Huan, but Mo Cloud Sea was their greatest ally. If Mo Cloud Sea was in danger, it meant that they were also in danger. Gu Liang Dao had hinted to them of Zhong De’s intentions. If that was the case, then the connection between Gu Liang Dao and Mo Cloud Sea would become even closer.

He had to admire Gongsun Cha’s strategy.

In the hidden battle with Mo Cloud Sea, Tian Huan had the absolute upper hand. This came from their thousands of years of management experience. The newly risen Mo Cloud Sea was not a match.

However, Tian Huan was not invulnerable.

With long borders and enormous territory, it was not hard for them to infiltrate enemy lands. An enormous territory also meant that the difficulty of defense was much greater.

It had been too long since the interior of Tian Huan had experienced battle. This caused the wariness of the battalions stationed in the interior to be very low. They never thought that the safe interior would be attacked.

Tian Huan relied heavily on the seal formations, just like Mo Cloud Sea. They also shared the problem that seal formation development hadn’t caught up with shen power development. While Tian Huan’s upper levels had increased wariness after Mo Cloud Sea’s transportation formations had been attacked, Tian Huan’s territory was too vast. Other than sending battalions to reinforce some extremely important locations, the great majority of areas were left the same as before.

Gu Liang Dao was a decisive person. After he decided to kill Tian Huan, he immediately began planning. Gu Liang Dao knew that they would only have one chance. If they could not strike a heavy blow, they would alert Tian Huan and never be given a chance like this again.

In order to obtain the best effect, he decided to message Mo Cloud Sea.

Because Zuo Mo was absent, the one left in charge was Gongsun Cha. After Gongsun Cha heard the plan, he was in agreement. While this plan could not strike Tian Huan at their foundation, it could buy more time for Mo Cloud Sea. Even though top experts like Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng were not present, Mo Cloud Sea still had Qinghua Xue. Nan Yue and the others had also returned from their mission and managed to arrive in time.

Gongsun Lil’ Miss had been very discontent at being suppressed by Tian Huan for a long time. He decided to do something big. Due to this, he even personally went to persuade A Gui’s grandfather. He had originally thought that the old man would refuse, and hadn’t expected the old man to easily agree.

With the two top experts, the old man and Shuang Yu, leading the way, the power behind this plan exploded. In addition, Lan suddenly stepping out of the mist allowed the entire plan to to choose more targets.

For this plan, Gongsun Cha used almost all of the intelligence that Mo Cloud Sea had.

The targets were quickly selected.

These targets were similar. They were not attention-catching, but each was crucial in the transport of Tian Huan’s materials. If they were damaged, Tian Huan’s material transportation would have problems.

In order to accomplish the goal of damage, Golden Crow Camp specially forged one-use talismans. These talismans were based on the fire box that Bie Han had used to burn the main peak of Xuan Kong Temple. The new fire boxes they forged were more powerful, the fire stronger, and could burn nearly anything. More astounding was the black smoke produced by the flames had the added ability of removing ling power. The more ling power a material had the more effective the fire was. Once a high end material came into contact with the black smoke, it would become impotent.

It was perfect to use in causing indiscriminate damage.

Gongsun Cha was gathering power on his side to give Tian Huan an blow they would remember. No one had expected that Zuo Mo seemed to be of the same mind as Gongsun Cha and actually captured Li Xian Er alive.

The situation had changed from them being reactive to being proactive.

The Tian Huan experts were all lured away by Zuo Mo which gave the mission that Gongsun Cha planned the perfect opening.

This mission went so smoothly that Shuang Yu almost couldn’t believe it.

Was Mo Cloud Sea strong to such a degree?



The beautiful and fine ice umbrella pointed.

Boom boom boom!

The enormous dragon of ice and snow broke through the [Sky Lock]. Then, that suffocatingly large body howled as it rammed the jinzhi with its head at a rapid speed.

The great power immediately destroyed all the jinzhi, and an immeasurable amount of snow and ice drowned the fortress.

There was only a mountain of snow in front of Lan, a snowy mountain that completely buried the fortress. Around this three hundred zhang tall mountain that was was an enormous basin that was fifty li in diameter.

Holding the ice umbrella in hand, Lan lightly flew to the top of the snow mountain.

Clear Sea Storehouse was exposed in front of her. Endless rows of storehouses were laid out in neat rows, and mountains of materials were exposed, showing off vast wealth.

A hint of a smile rose on Lan’s lips. This time, Tian Huan would feel pain.

An army of figures flew past land and into the mountains of materials.

Soon, flames danced and licked towards the frozen sky. The flames became so hot even the ice  started to melt. Only the mountain of snow, shrouded in the wind and snow, under Lan’s feet did not show any signs of melting.

The thick smoke quickly disappeared into the wind and snow.

It was not just the loss of the materials. Even Clear Sea Storehouse would not be usable.

Lan looked calmly at the large fire in front of her. Having been through countless battles, her will was as hard as stone.

She turned. Holding the ice umbrella, she disappeared into the wind and snow.

Just like tens of thousands of years ago.




Tian Huan’s battle general shouted angrily. He was forced to the end of his rope. If the Yao Forging Tower was opened, his only outcome would be death. He had never thought that the Yao Forging Tower that had never been attacked before would see this day!

Damn it!

The enemy were an elite force. While they were few in number, each one of them was strong!

Rong Zhi and that group of trash always boasted about their abilities so much. Yet even with the jinzhi, they were unable to withstand the other long enough even with the help of the jinzhi! The battle general couldn’t help but curse inside. If Rong Zhi had managed to delay the enemy, then he would have pincered  the enemy with his battalion. Unless the enemy had the topmost experts, he would be able to wear the other to death with numbers.

Yet Rong Zhi lost control of the jinzhi in the first attack.

The jinzhi of the Yao Forging Tower became a great weapon used against them. Right now, they were being pinned down by the jinzhi and unable to charge close to the enemy.

The battle general had never thought that there would be a day these jinzhi would become the greatest obstacle to stopping his side.

Because of the past incident where yao had escaped, the jinzhi of the Yao Forging Tower had been strengthened. Now, these jinzhi became the nightmare of this Tian Huan battalion.

No one had expected the enemy would use the power of their own jinzhi to strike at them.

In their first charge, unprepared, their fatalities were extremely high! The rain of attacks almost drowned them.

Motherf***er! Whose territory was this?

The battle general couldn’t help but swear. The power that the enemy managed to get out of the jinzhi was even stronger than Rong Zhi’s group.

Were there traitors?

The pitiable battle general couldn’t help but become paranoid.

What he did not know was that in Mo Cloud Sea, learning how to use jinzhi was something that almost every person was required to study. It was rare to have someone like Ma Fan that could use a formation defense line to its limits, but everyone was familiar with seal formations.

The black smoke yao’s photographic memory and his exceptional intelligence helped him refine skills in this area.

Nan Yue was the leader of the orange-haired yao and the others, but the strategic mind was the black smoke yao, this guy was the weakest in the group but had the highest intelligence.

Under the direction of the black smoke yao, the yao Forging Tower was extremely powerful.

Everyone in their squad trusted the black smoke yao’s abilities. All of his orders would be followed completely and without question. This was the classic battle style of Mo Cloud Sea.

The Tian Huan battle general was full of panic. The longer this dragged out, the worse the situation would get. The other was definitely opening the interior jinzhi of the Yao Forging tower to release the prisoners inside!

This could not continue!

“Charge! All of you, charge!”

His angry shout echoed in the air.

However, the effect of his shouting was negligible. The jinzhi attacks of the Yao Forging Tower was too strong, and there were no dead spots. There was almost no possibility of surviving after being attacked by the jinzhi. He also knew that the jinzhi could maintain attacks of this level for a long time.

He thought furiously in search of the almost minuscule possibility of success.

The enemy had the upper hand, and was on defense. Even elite battalions would not have any good solutions stuck in a trench warfare like this, much less a regular battalion like them.

The enemy’s only weakness was their few numbers!

They would do it!

The Tian Huan battle general decided. If the enemy succeeded, he and his men would only have death waiting for him. Rather than that, it was better if he died on the battlefield. At least this way, his family would not be affected.

He gathered the remaining warriors.

“We only have one option left to us. Everyone spread out, scatter, try to spread out as much as possible! We will attack from every angle. The enemy is few in number, if we get close, we will have a chance! Everyone knows our chances. If we die in battle, the higher ups will allow our families to live good days due to our sacrifice. But if we flee, they will be dragged down with us. If the enemy succeeds, and we are still alive, everyone’s families will still be affected!”

Everyone was silent. All of them unconsciously balled their fists. They knew that Boss was right.

“No one pays attention to us, our benefits are lacking, we are just cannon fodder. There is no way about it. This battle isn’t for Tian Huan, just for our families! Everyone, let’s die here!”

The battle general said gravely. His gaze swept across the group with the resolve to die.

There was a deathly silence. No one spoke. Everyone silently prepared. Their presence suddenly changed.

An indescribable pressure covered the battlefield!


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