修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Two “Counter-Attack (4)”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Two – Counterattack (Four)

The black smoke yao was the first to detect the change in the enemy troops.

His vantage point allowed him to quickly identify the other’s intentions. His heart tightened and he shouted, “Everyone, pay attention. They are about to start an all-out attack! Defend your own areas, do not allow any dead spots to appear! Yue, go high up, I will leave the ones that have slipped through to you!”

“Alright!” Nan Yue acknowledged. She jumped up, and went to the highest point. A bow of light appeared in her hand.

[South Sky Shen Arrow]!

The [South Sky Arrow Art] that had been strengthened by shen power flashed with an eerie purple light. The ruler-straight and thin bowstring was filled with power.

Nan Yue stood in the wind with a cold expression. She was no longer that little girl from the past, one that did not understand anything at all. She had been through hundreds of battles, was experienced, had a strong mentality and was a trusted team leader.

Her attacks had a great attack range.

Everyone had been together for a long time, and worked well together. Hearing the reminder from the black smoke yao, everyone’s nerves tensed. Whenever the black smoke yao was like this, it meant that there was a hard battle to come.

However, the group did not fear this. They were at the age where their spirits were high. They had abundant endurance and strong resolve. After cultivating the many different practises that were unique to Mo Cloud Sea, they had outstanding regulation and iron resolve.

In Mo Cloud Sea, cowards were looked down upon. Gongsun Cha, Wei Sheng, and including Zuo Mo, they were all people with extremely strong resolve. Affected by these leaders, Mo Cloud Sea admired this trait.

Mo Cloud Sea had a saying, you can have no talent, no skill, no high birth, but you cannot be a coward.

Everyone focused and breathed calmly with grave expressions.

The black smoke yao was unprecedentedly nervous. It was the first time he had encountered such a dangerous situation. However, an indescribable excitement rose in his body. He was not afraid.

He repeatedly ran through what he had learned. The group usually had small-scale conflicts and never had experienced a true battle.

Figures started to appear at the edge of his view.

“Attention! The enemy is about to come!” He warned in a loud voice.

His gaze did not waver. When those figures gradually came close, he finally saw the situation clearly. His heart tensed. The other had scattered their forces and they did not seem to be connected to each other.

When he saw the expressions on the enemy faces, he became even more wary.

“They are about to go all out!” The black smoke yao couldn’t help but warn. The black smoke that shrouded his body seemed to reach out tentacles that inserted into the jinzhi around him.

The bodies of the enemy fifty li away paused slightly.

Fifty li was the upper range of the jinzhi’s attack. The enemy knew the jinzhi’s limits.

The black smoke yao blurted unthinkingly, “Kill!”

Almost at the same time, the xiuzhe who had paused slightly gathered their power and charged in unison at an astounding rate!

Almost every person was shrouded in light that drew bright streaks in the sky.

Yet what welcomed them was a rain of attacks. All kinds of light in different colors flooded out of the jinzhi and immediately covered the fifty li range of the jinzhi.

The enemy was clearly fighting to the death. No one retreated, there were no wails or screams.

The people who were hit by the jinzhi attacks were cut to pieces or a disintegrated into dust.

Yet these Tian Huan xiuzhe continued to move forward, furiously dodging and moving their bodies as they faced the rain of attacks. They advanced at the expense of their lives!”

A distance of fifty li was not far for a xiuzhe.

Even though Tian Huan’s battalion was not famed for their charging abilities, a charge like this without any regard for life still gave the black smoke yao and others great pressure.

They were too few in number!

When the enemy’s entire battalion all charged, the scene was spectacular.

Seemingly countless figures wrapped in faint light seemed to pack the sky. There seemed to be no end. Their features were vicious and twisted. You could clearly see their almost crazed and hungry state. They leapt towards you like a swarm of locusts.

When the sky and ground were full of people like this, those with slightly less resolve would have been so frightened they would have turned and fled.

The black smoke yao and the others were completely absorbed in battle!

Each person gave off indistinct howls. Their eyes were wide as they gathered all of their shen power. Their consciousnesses were all pressed to their limits as they controlled all the jinzhi that could be controlled. They opened all of the jinzhi attacks and furiously vented out!

Boom boom boom!

Endless explosions caused people to almost not hear any other sound.

The storm of jinzhi attacks ploughed through the ground within fifty li. The sky was covered by furiously moving figures that moved like moths to a flame.

Standing at the tallest point, Nan Yue changed expression. She was shocked by such a cruel and brutal battle.

Their sneak attack previously had gone unusually smoothly. The Yao Forging Tower’s weaknesses were exposed. However, these seemingly mad people caused her to reconsider Tian Huan.

Fortunately, the shen power of the majority of these people were weak. Most of the lights flashing on their bodies were the lights of ling power.

If this battalion cultivated shen power, if they were a bit stronger, it would not be possible for so few of them to suppress the entire battalion.

Undoubtedly, this was a cannon fodder battalion that no attention was paid for. This could be seen from their weak shen power, and the fact their armor that was still ling armor and not shen equipment. However, the spirit of this cannon fodder battalion was worthy of respect.

Soon, Nan Yue did not have the time to think.

Someone had broken through!

She narrowed her eyes, and her light in her hand that had swung downwards and suddenly disappeared.

In the distance a ruler-straight light penetrated the other’s chest like lightning.

The other’s mouth was wide, they didn’t give any sound as their eyes quickly dimmed and they fell face forward.

Nan Yue was completely immersed in battle. Her attack rate was astounding. Her right hand was a blur of afterimages, long thin arrows of light appearing and disappearing from her hand.

The light arrows were like rain!

None of them missed!

She was like the god of death, ruthlessly and efficiently harvesting lives.

The [South Sky Arrow Art] strengthened by shen power into the [South Sky Shen Arrow] was multiple times as strong as before. The enemy’s ling armor was as fragile as paper in front of it.

The enemy quickly found Nan Yue up high, and they tried their best to dodge.

But no matter how they tried to dodge, the arrows of light never missed. They seemed to be able to pass through space and directly appear in front of them to take their targets.


A spray of blood. The battle general felt a pain at his chest. Something seemed to be pulled out of his heart.

His seemingly mad face calmed down. There was no discontent, no fury.

They could only reach this level … …

Bam. He felt down face forwards, the lights that occasionally passed by in the sky reflected in his gradually dimming pupils.

The death of the Tian Huan battle general was the climax of this battle field’s cacophonic symphony of death. The remaining xiuzhe charged even more madly without regard for life or death!

Not one person retreated.

The sky seemed to be dyed red by blood.

When the last figure fell down, the battlefield became calm again.

Everyone was soaked in sweat as though they had just come out of water. They panted heavily, their twisted features gradually relaxing. No one spoke. Even the endlessly chatty orange-haired yao was silent at this moment.

Their gazes were directed to the completely transformed battlefield. Corpses were spread all over. Nothing was alive.

Everyone lost the interest in speaking. This battalion had been a cannon fodder battalion, their battle general had been average, their soldiers skill level was still back in the ear of ling power, their equipment was terrible. But this battalion had displayed an admirable battle spirit, one worthy of respect. No one retreated, no one fled, everyone charged into the jinzhi knowing they would die.

Nan Yue and the others could not describe what they felt now.

“It really is a battalion worthy of respect.” The black smoke yao was full of emotion. His voice was tired.

Everyone couldn’t help but nod.

“Oh, it seems that you have had a hard battle!” The old man’s voice came from behind the group.

Woosh, everyone turned following the voice. Immediately, everyone’s expression froze on their faces as they gaped.

The old man seemed like a barge hauler as he dragged a golden chain the thickness of an arm. He walked towards the group with the mannerism of an expert.

More than twenty unfamiliar people were tied up in a bunch and being dragged on the ground behind him. The old man walked in alone dragging his spoils behind him.

The old man looked at the group that had turned to stone with a smile, feeling smug inside.

“Ah-hah, there were too many people, I didn’t take much care.”

The spoils at his feet all had expressions of anger, their eyes wide as though they wanted to stab through the old man with their stares. However, the jinzhi on them stopped them from making any sound.

The orange-haired yao’s stunned gaze recovered and he blurted out, “Woah, you are so wretched, you are like a prison warden!”

The surroundings immediately became silent.

The old man’s expression froze on his face, and his murderous rose.

The orange-haired yao had an innocent expression as he turned and asked the others, “Don’t you feel that it is similar?”

Everyone else turned their faces away and didn’t bear to look.

“You’re dead!”

The old man gritted as he glared at the orange-haired yao.



When Zuo Mo received the message from Gongsun Cha, he relaxed greatly. Gongsun Cha’s victories were significant and could draw away a portion of Tian Huan’s attention.

The battle between Kun Lun and the yao were at the fiercest time. Supposedly, the battle between Mu Xuan and Mu Xi was extremely intense. This caused Zuo Mo to sigh in relief. It was good news for him that Kun Lun was delayed by the situation and could not participate over here.

Gu Liang Dao’s battalion was already on the way to Xi Xuan.

Once Gu Liang Dao met up with Zhong De, the situation would be roughly set.

Mo Cloud Sea’s battalions had finished preparing. Other than Ma Fan’s battalion that guarded the defense line, the other battalions had all been recalled. Vermillion Bird Camp had finished gathering and Lil’ Miss could enter Xi Xuan at any time.

Yang Yuan Hao had also finished preparing.

If they won this battle, Mo Cloud Sea would jump to become one of the titans.

Zuo Mo knew he needed to be more calm and careful at a time like this. He put down the [Weaving Girl Shuttle] and focused completely on preparing to welcome the hard battle about to come.

Tian Huan would not suddenly rest. It was likely they would negotiate as they schemed in the shadows.

Zuo Mo became alert. While he had offensive power on his side, Tian Huan was not weak.

As time moved, the Tian Huan envoys came closer, and the atmosphere became heavier.

This was a battle that could change the state of the xiuzhe world!


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