修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Two “Coffin Puller”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Two – Coffin Puller

Just like usual, A Man sat silently as he waited for the appearance of prey.

His body was in the bog with only his head above the mud. His head was hidden by thick branches. In this Cold Nether Bog, there were some strange mo beasts such as the nether-tailed fox that could be sold for a good price. While these mo beasts were not aggressive, they were cunning and it was difficult to catch them.

However, A Man was a skilled hand at this.

He was very familiar with the weather in the Cold Nether Bog. He could enter it, and occasionally harvest some rare nether grasses and flowers.

He did not need to worry that people would steal from him. It was rare to find other people in the Cold Nether Bog. It was surrounded by a dangerous nether mist. If he didn’t have his own methods, he would be unable to enter. Even the mud of the bog he was hiding in contained extremely strong nether energy. This was formed from the corpses of mo beasts buried in the bog.

Suddenly, a strange sound came from the distance.

Woo-splash, woo-splash!

A Man frowned. He had never heard a sound like this before.

His heart suddenly jumped. Had a mo beast from deep in the Cold Nether Bog come out? When this thought rose, his blood seemed to freeze. He was able to enter the Cold Nether Bog, but he never dare to actually go deep into this bog, there were many nether beasts beyond his capabilities there.

His ancestors passed down tales that said the Cold Nether Bog’s depths led to the Nine Levels of the Underworld.

A Man thought if there really was an underworld but if there was,then it wasn’t strange if it really was in the depths of the Cold Nether Bog. With every mile one went into the Cold Nether Bog, the danger would increase dramatically.

The depths of the Cold Nether Bog was the paradise of those dangerous and large mo beasts. Once, he had seen an unknown mo beast rampage its way over. Even when he thought of that vicious and powerful presence now, he felt as though it was a nightmare. He was lucky that time and he was completely immersed in the bog, otherwise he probably would have died.

So when A Man heard an unfamiliar sound, he felt his heart rise up to his throat.

The sound grew closer, and he grew more nervous. The sound came from the nearby bushes. He stared the bushes and unconsciously held his breath. Trying to run away now was the stupidest action. Being able to hear the sound meant that the mo beast was very close. Hiding in the bog right now was the correct choice.

Suddenly, when it appeared in his view, he stilled.

A person!

It was a person!

A man with snowy-white hair appeared out of the thick bushes. He had a few thick ropes thrown over his shoulder. Each thick rope was taut  with their ends extending into the bushes.

The male walked over the mud as though he was stepping on flat ground as he pulled the ropes dragging his burden forward.

The whooshing sound came from the bushes.

Suddenly, five wood coffins were pulled out of the bushes. A Man’s face changed in fear. He had never thought that the white-haired man was pulling five coffins!

In this unpopulated place to see a man with white-hair pulling five coffins, even someone as daring as A Man’s blood froze.

Especially when he saw the other suddenly turn towards him.

His mind immediately blanked.

He had been found!


Finally encountered a person!

Zuo Mo was filled with joy. After struggling and wandering in the endless void for so long, he finally escaped and found another person. His joy could be imagined. Behind him, Qing Xiao reacted even faster. With a shocked exclamation, his hand shook, and the Green Pulse String on his wrist shot towards A Man’s hiding place.

Qing Xiao had grown much bigger. He looked about twenty.

After moving through the endless void with Zuo Mo these years, his strength had grown. With the guidance of a god-level like Zuo Mo by his side, and the experiences of the endless void, he was extremely powerful.

Ten years!

Ten whole years!

They had roamed the endless void for ten whole years!

The endless void, the lifeless world without any people, the endless dangers. They had journeyed aimlessly to arrive back to civilization. Even with Zuo Mo’s iron resolve, he couldn’t help but feel excited, much less Qing Xiao.

Hiding in the mud, A Man felt something tighten around his body. Then a great force pulled him, he spun and flew in front of the white-haired man.

The hair-thin Green Pulse String wrapped around A Man and held him up in the air.

Zuo Mo gave a friendly smile to A Man who was frightened speechless. Then he said, “A Xiao, you are scaring him. Let him down.”

“Oh.” Qing Xiao responded. The Green Pulse String seemed to hear and obediently put A Man down, unwrapping from around A Man and retreating back to Qing Xiao’s hand.

A Man refocused and knelt with a bang, shouting ,”Elder, have mercy! Elder, have mercy!”

Zuo Mo didn’t know what to do. With a wave of his hand, an invisible hand propped A Man up. He said gently, “Don’t worry, I don’t want your life, I only want to ask you a few questions.”

A Man’s heart settled slightly. Looking at the other’s friendly face, they really didn’t seem to want to kill him. He hurriedly said, “Elder, ask whatever you need, this lowly one will not dare to conceal anything.”

A Man was not an inexperienced person. In fact, he was very experienced. While he did not know the origins of this elder, the other was clearly powerful. How could a person that walked out of the depths of the Cold Nether Bog be weak?

According to his experience, the stronger the elder, the stranger their tempers were. He had to be careful.

Looking at A Man’s caution and wariness, Zuo Mo did not care. He asked warmly, “Where is this?”

A Man stilled but quickly reacted to respond, “Daren, this is the Cold Nether Bog.”

“Cold Nether Bog?” Zuo Mo had a blank expression. He had not heard of this name before. He had to ask, “Which jie?”

“Deep Fiend Nether Jie,” A Man responded.

Zuo Mo noticed the word “nether” had come up twice and asked, “Belonging to the Nether Realm?”

A Man hurriedly nodded. “Yes, in the Nether Realm!”

Zuo Mo sighed in relief. He hadn’t thought that he would arrive at the Nether Realm. He was filled with joy. While the Nether Realm was mysterious, it was part of the mo territories, and there would be some way of returning to Mo Cloud Sea.

Thinking of everyone in Mo Cloud Sea, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but become excited. In these years, Zuo Mo’s own state had not been good. When he sealed the five people, other than the loss of his longevity, Zuo Mo’s unstable cultivation that had just reached god-level had almost collapsed. In the years Zuo Mo spent roaming the endless void, he had been recovering all this time.

But his wounds were to the root, and the endless void was not a good place to heal. He did all he could and had finally stabilized his cultivation. However, his power had not recovered. If it was not for Silly Bird’s transformation, the little ones all levelling up, and Qing Xiao’s increase in power, he would have died long ago in the endless void.

His sea of consciousness had shattered which meant that he could not enter the Ten Finger Prison, and could not communicate with Mo Cloud Sea.

The Nether Realm was far from Mo Cloud Sea, but it was within the three realms. He could think of ways to get back to Mo Cloud Sea.

“It has been a long time since this one entering the world, this one doesn’t know of the changes outside. Will this little brother help us get to the nearest town?” Zuo Mo was very polite.

A Man finally sighed in relief hearing the request. The other having use for him meant they would not kill him. He hurriedly said, “Of course, of course, the closest city to her is Little Serene Town. If we walk, it will take about a day and a half.”

“Many thanks, Little Brother.” A red bead appeared on Zuo Mo’s hand which he threw to A Man. “Little Brother, do not refuse this small token.”

A Man took the red bead and his heart jumped. Joy filled him.

The eye of the red-eyed nether wolf!

Faint warmth came from the ruby like bead. There was the thick presence of fire, a pure and serene nether presence, it might be of high quality!

Just this Nether Wolf Fire Bead was more than what he would make in a month!

“Many thanks,  Elder! Many thanks, Elder!” He was overjoyed. This time, he had great luck to encounter a well-tempered and generous elder.

Zuo Mo smiled as he had been doing. “Little Brother, no need for such courtesy.”

This Nether Wolf Fire Bead was nothing to him. It was something they had kill along the way in the Cold Nether Bog. The little ones wouldn’t even deign to look on something of this level.

The endless void was full of danger, but anything that survived there were all hundreds of thousands of years old. The little ones had gained picky tastes. Even Lil’ Pagoda who had never lacked interest in the lowliest materials scoffed at something like the Nether Wolf Fire Bead, much less anyone else.

A Man’s mood was completely different now. Even his voice carried familiarity as he introduced to Zuo Mo the nearby situation.

Zuo Mo had once ruled over a region and knew how management worked. He asked some seemingly disconnected questions and learned all about the area around Little Serene Town.

Zuo Mo quickly formed his own conclusions.

Little Serene Town was a very remote town without a battalion. The population was small and transportation to and from it was difficult. This place was cut off from the outer world. He could hear from A Man’s voice that the great majority of the residents had never left this little town.

But A Man had a clever mouth and mentioned he had left before.

Little Serene Town made a living by hunting in and around the Cold Nether Bog. The nether energy of the Cold Nether Bog was pure and all kinds of nether materials that grew here were of fair quality. The residents of Little Nether Town mostly lived by hunting and gathering materials.

Zuo Mo did not know much about the Nether Realm and listened interestedly.

The Nether Realm had always been relatively closed off. As one of the two realms of the mo, it rarely communicated with the outside world. Even its interactions with Hundred Savage Realm was rare, much less the xiuzhe world.

The so-called nether energy was a kind of energy very similar to death energy. It was filled with cold and yin, and the scent of death.

It could be seen that this kind of energy similar to death was all over the Nether realm. A Man cultivated shen power, and even this was filled with the presence of this nether energy. However, A Man said what he cultivated was not true nether shen power. True nether shen power came from the nether energy.

He could hear A Man’s yearning when he said this.

A Man was not fast as Zuo Mo, but Zuo Mo did not press him. Pulling the five coffins, he followed behind A Man. A Man spoke of all kinds of things in the Nether Realm and it was not boring.

A day and a half later, Little Serene Town was in sight.


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