傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C05 “Transformation, Choice”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and Jun Luoyu stand together when trapped in a cavern against flames. Aofeng forms a lifebond covenant with Chi Xue, the beast they they had been pursuing.


Chapter Five Transformation, Choice

Cleansed through fire to be reborn!

She heard glass crack. Her body was being refined by hot energy. A milky-white mist like light inside her energy center suddenly ignited, and became even more brighter. This strong white light wrapped around Aofeng’s entire body.

A string of seal glyphs and chants was carried into her mind by a vast consciousness. Aofeng’s mind suddenly had a pile of things that she didn’t know before. What was most clear was the “Magus Divinity Spell” that the consciousness wanted her to remember.

Aofeng did not have the time to organize the complex information flooding her mind. She just felt that this Magus Divinity Spell might be of benefit to her now. She started to chant as her consciousness sank into her core field.

Aofeng’s mind was slightly dizzy and then the scene in front of her came into focus. She saw the state of the channels in her body. She could see the verdant green flows circulating around her body. After chanting the Magus Divinity Spell, the rampaging flows of heat slowly formed a great cycle out of disorganization that was skillfully changing every part of her body. The flows were not painful when they circulated now, and gave her a comfortable and cool feeling.

Verdant green? Aofeng was slightly shocked, and then overjoyed. Wasn’t this verdant green power the magic that Qin Aofeng had worked so hard towards but unable to gather? Did this mean that she could become a magister? Also, this deep verdant green should be the color of a high sword-level senior magister. Had she just ascended into Heaven with one leap to become a senior magister?

This was a freebie coming from the heavens!

Before she could think closely, Aofeng became more puzzled as she continued to observe the internal state of her body.

The white light source in her energy center was a bottomless whirlpool. As she continued to chant the Magus Divinity Spell, it continued to absorb the power that came from the surroundings. The white light filled her slightly weak body. The white light given off from this source mixed into the circulating verdant green magic. Everywhere it passed, the channels which had been scorched by fire were reborn as they healed rapidly to become more resilient and flexible. She was completely transformed.

Aofeng was bewildered by something that suddenly appeared inside of her. Her mind shifted. Someone seemed to have landed next to her, and then she heard an excited voice

“A super-divine beast that can summon heaven fire! I hadn’t thought we would gain so much this time. Even the Magus Divinity Power Source that Archbishop has been searching for more than a decade has been found. Just one of the two will be a great achievement!”

“Yes, the Magus Divinity Power Source is even more valuable than the super-divine beast. Even through we lost so many people, the Archbishop will not blame us. I had not expected this Qin Aofeng hiding such a great secret inside. With the Magus Divinity Power Source sealing her magic, no wonder she was a good-for-nothing before. Fortunately, this super-divine beast’s lifebond covenant accidentally opened the seal. Otherwise, we would still be in the dark.” Another person said hatefully, “No wonder she is so despicable. She is actually the daughter of our enemy, Black Magus Church’s Black Holy Maiden.”

So this was related to Qin Aofeng’s mysterious origins. So her body had been sealed all this time. Aofeng flashed through her thoughts. She eased out of her internal inspection state and suddenly opened her eyes.

Everything above her had been completely blown away, and the blinding light could be seen. She laid in an enormous pit without a thread on her body. Her clothing had been burned away, and the forest wind caused her to feel cold.

It might have been because of the fire that refined her body that the illusory magic ring had temporarily lost its effect. Her curvaceous body flickered in and out of view between the lingering bits of flame that shrouded her. After the refinement by fire, her skin glowed and shone, giving off a feeling of seductiveness.

Aofeng calmly examined her surroundings. As expected, she saw the disheveled figures of the two auditors burnt by the heaven fire. At this moment, the two were staring at her with undisguised greed in their ugly faces.

The two auditors jumped in fright at the sight of the cold eyes suddenly opening. Then, Aofeng struggled up. Her thoughts moved, and the flames on her body seemed to find a target. It flew at the two!

Having seen the power of the heaven fire already, the two auditors immediately panicked and unconsciously moved back. Only when they saw the heaven fire could not go too far from Aofeng, and Aofeng was only standing motionless in the pit did they realize that she could not use the heaven fire well.

“That super-divine beast is still in its infant stage. It probably cost that beast most of its energy to summon that Heaven Fire once, and it will not recover soon. Use this time to kill her!” One of the two immediately raised his sleeve to reveal a crossbow and arrow. He planned to kill Aofeng from afar.

“You want to kill me, fine. Come get it with your lives!” Aofeng smiled coldly but her heart was heavy.

Through the lifebond, she could feel that this person was right. The situation was grave. This magic beast had already been wounded in pursuit already and sank completely into sleep after summoning the Heaven Fire once. It had entered the magus beast space using the covenant and could not be summoned to fight.

At this time, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf that had been hiding for a while suddenly flew out of the corner and bared its fangs at the two auditors in a snarl. After Aofeng formed a lifebond covenant with the super-divine beast, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf naturally became Aofeng’s guardian beast.

“Die!” The auditors were angry at being interrupted. They were top experts of the continent and each of them alone was more powerful than the Green-Winged Grey Wolf. Under the attacks of the two, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf was thrown into the air with a sorrowful whine!

The enormous wolf hit the rock wall behind Aofeng and the strong wind created lifted a lock of Aofeng’s black hair.

The Green-Winged Grey Wolf was wounded. The two murderous auditors coming close again. Under the eyes of the two sky magisters, there was no place to escape.

Aofeng pressed her lips together. She had just managed to escape the gates of death. Was she going to die like this?

“Stop!” Jun Luoyu’s panicked shout came afar as he landed behind the two auditors. He had been closest to Aofeng and received the greatest impact. He just recovered.

Yet this time, Jun Luoyu did not immediately stand in front of Aofeng. He looked directly at Aofeng with an expression so dark it was terrifying.

The sky was filled with dark clouds caused by the power that had charged into the sky. The cold wind of the winter howled, and a storm seemed to be incoming.

“Holy Emperor Daren! You cannot keep protecting her, you also saw that she is the carrier of the Magus Divinity Power Source. Her mother, the Holy Maiden of Black Magus Church, left it for her. The Black Magus Church is the greatest enemy of our god. The Radiance Magus Continent will not tolerate unorthodox disciples. We cannot let her live!”

“Yes, Holy Emperor Daren, even if you were once friends, we have our position! Did you forget the oath you swore under God’s baptism? No matter what, we cannot betray our god! Also, we lost so many people this time. His Excellency the Archbishop will be greatly angered if we return with nothing.”

The two auditors gripped their crossbows and arrows with determined expressions. They kept their eyes on Aofeng as they spoke towards Jun Luoyu who had walked up behind them. He was the direct successor to the Radiance Magus Church and they did not doubt Jun Luoyu’s faith at all. His hesitation and obstruction of them was just an impulse.

“Holy Emperor Daren, you know the terror of a super-divine beast. If we let her go today, when she grows up and becomes a powerful enemy, then it will be too late for regrets! She possesses the Magus Divinity Power Source, she might also be in cahoots with the Black Magus Church, she is the enemy of our God!”

“Holy Emperor Daren … …”

Jun Luoyu seemed to not hear the voices of the two beside him. His eyes could not move away from Aofeng. His white hands were balled into fists, unconscious of how his nails bit into his palms. He soundlessly asked the heavens in anger, why was it her? Why was it her!

Why was she the person who possessed the Magus Divinity Power Source!

Aofeng saw pain and conflict in his eyes

Showing a faint smile, Aofeng’s pitch black eyes stared directly at Jun Luoyu, openly without any terror.

How ironic was it for two people that could stay together to face death in one moment become enemies in the next! The saddest thing in the world was that they were clearly friends and liked each other very much, fate had to play with them so that they were in enemy camps, even if she herself didn’t have any connection to this Black Magus Church.

Some things were inevitable. In this world, many things were not about right or wrong. For example, one’s faith and expelling the disciples of unorthodox beliefs, or having a treasure is a crime.

He was the representative of the god, could he betray the god?

Jun Luoyu’s eyes lit up with an icy light. He took out a sharp sword that flashed with cold light. Aofeng looked calmly at him, her eyes flashing with a deep light.

Bean-sized droplets of rain fell from the sky. The entire sky became blurred.

“I … … I understand.”

The short moments passed like centuries. Jun Luoyu seemed to have made a decision. Determination rose in his eyes. The sword in his hand of extraordinary quality raised high and swung down!

A cold light flashed, and hot fresh blood sprayed onto his face before being diluted immediately by the rain.

Translator Ramblings: Aofeng skips the first rank of magister completely to become a senior magister.

Basic breakdown of power structure:

Magister –> Senior Magister –> Spirit Magister … …

Each rank contains nine levels ie one-sword spirit magister.

Swordsman–> Senior Swordsman –> Sacred Swordsman … …

Each rank contains nine levels. ie. three-star sacred swordsman.

Yes, weirdly, magisters have sword levels, and swordsmen have star levels … …

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