傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C06 “Slaughter of God”

Last chapter recap: The two auditors want to capture Aofeng for the Magus Divinity Power Source.

Chapter Six Slaughter of God

“Ah!!! Jun Luoyu, you!” A sharp cry sounded into the sky, and then drowned out by a roar of thunder in the sky.

The Falling Snow Sword flashed with icy light, one blow to the waist!

A spray of blood, widened eyes, a gaping mouth, everything told of his disbelief. The man’s throat moved as though he wanted to say something, but he was unable to make a sound. The upper half of his body fell numbly to the floor in a rain of blood. The two eyes bulged and reflected the cold face.

He died with eyes wide open!

Jun Luoyu wielded the word, his black hair dancing, his eyes electric like that of a demon.

After his successful sneak attack and before the other auditor recovered from his shock, he swung the Falling Snow Sword again.

After his fellow fell to the floor, pressed by the sharp sword energy, the remaining auditor quickly reacted by retreating He did not have the time to summon his magus beast due to Jun Luoyu’s attack. He could only aim the Holy Crossbow at Jun Luoyu and pressed the trigger.

“Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!” The terrifying light shot to his chest, but Jun Luoyu did not dodge. He moved even faster, his usually gentle eyes become dark pools filled with murderousness. He knew that he could not allow the other auditor to have a chance to summon his magus beast. Otherwise, they would not be able to keep the auditor here.

Jun Luoyu let himself get hit by the three arrows. He gathered his shamanic power, his presence exploding, and the five point heaven star silver pattern appeared under his feet. The silver light flashed and his body was completely armored. A sacred unicorn appearing behind him. Light gathered at its jade-like horn and a beam of cold light penetrated that person’s body!

“Jun … … Luoyu, you are … … crazy! You … … you betrayer of God, you will … … not end … … well..” The auditor looked at the enormous hole in his chest and spoke with a twisted and malicious expression. Blood seeped from his mouth as he managed to say some words before he fell to the ground with a “bam.”

Cold, decisive, fast, the two auditors fell!

The world immediately became calm. There was only the sound of the rain hitting the ground and water flowing.

Jun Luoyu had been hit with three arrows and his silver armor was stained with blood. However, he seemed to not feel the pain and turned to look directly at Aofeng. His deep silver eyes were a gentle and warm ocean. His warm smile appeared again as he said softly, “It’s fine now.”

They had died, no one will know your secret, no one that wants to hurt you will ever appear.

“It’s fine … …”

The rainstorm washed away the blood on the ground, and formed a shallow pool of blood in the center of the hole created by the explosion. The scent of blood and dirt mixed together and floated into the air. It filled Aofeng’s nostrils and told her that everything was not a dream.

Aofeng’s usually cool face showed shock that would not dissipate. Her eyes were bright like jewels. Jun Luoyu had killed two Radiance Magus Church auditors! His choice was … …

In this moment, Aofeng was filled with pleasure, but Lun Luoyu’s expression made her unable to be truly happy.

A long time later, she asked, “Why?”

“A long time, because I was not able, I lost my most treasured person. It was an indescribable pain. Today, I have great power, so I am not willing to have a loss like that again!” That bone-aching pain appeared on Jun Luoyu’s face again. His silver eyes filled with grief. He raised his hands and looked at them, his voice filled with steely determination. “This time, I will use my hands to protect what I treasure, no one can harm them! Even if it is God, I will kill them!”

“Aofeng, I said that I will protect you, even if I give up on the god of my heart!” His hands slowly curling into fists, Jun Luoyu smiled faintly at her again. But that smile was filled with sorrow, and the low murmur was strange, “At least, I hope you can achieve happiness … …”

Aofeng’s mind sank into great shock. In this moment, the coldness and murderousness that Jun Luoyu showed completely upturned her impression of him. She could not imagine that the gentle him, the honored him, would have such a crazy side, and such a fragile and heartsore side.

She was almost sure that there was a poisonous tumor in his heart that was still not eliminated and constantly wounded hi.

“Jun Luoyu … …” Aofeng stepped forward and called softly. She found Jun Luoyu’s silver figure was flying higher.

“Do not let anyone find out you are female. The Magus Divinity Power Source can only be carried by females. Take the two spatial rings of the auditors, let your guardian beast eat the corpses, it will be of benefit to its wounds.” Jun Luoyu’s gentle voice came from afar but he was unwilling to take a step closer.

So this was why. No wonder Big Brother warned her repeatedly to not expose that she was female. That was also why they were not shocked when they saw her body.

Aofeng raised her face to look at him, her brow lightly creased, “You are leaving?”

She knew that he had to go back to report to prevent the Radiance Magus Church from sending reinforcements that would find her. However, he had not completed the mission given by the Divine Bishop and lost so many people, including two sky magister auditors. This would not be easily taken care of.

Standing in the sky, he was still able to see that pair of bright black eyes that outshone the stars, and the flames that could not be extinguished by the storm. Jun Luoyu looked down at the heart-shakingly beautiful young female. The true her was such a beautiful woman.

At the start, he only felt that she was like that figure of his memories. Since he saw her eyes when she had the duel with Qin Aoxin, everything changed. Other than that memory in the deepest part of his heart, he also wanted to protect the true her. It was a pity that he had run out of time.

A sorrowful sigh came from afar. Jun Luoyu turned and flew away in the end, his voice growing fainter. “Aofeng, do not come near me, I will only bring calamity to you. In truth, I am not as good as you imagine, and not as light as you imagine, truly … …”

Watching the figure disappear into the horizon, Aofeng jerked her lips.

Jun Luoyu, so what if you are not that good? Am I, Qin Aofeng, a saint?

Ever since I came to this world, you are the first person who did not laugh at my identity, the first to lend a helping hand to me, and the first person I trusted with my life. You revealed your sword, I did not dodge because in the cavern, you did not abandon me. I decided that if I came out alive, I can do anything for you, even if it’s my life.

Yet between the god in your heart and me, you chose me again. Therefore, I cannot abandon you.

The present me might not be able to help you. I will listen to your suggestion and not add trouble for you now. But I will become strong. One day, I will become stronger than anyone else. At that time, I will definitely find you, and take care of that poisonous tumor in your heart for you. No one can stop me!

The cold winter wind caused the temperature to drop. The rain slowly stopped and downy snowflakes floated down from the white sky.

Aofeng did not like to linger on her sadness. She preferred to take the time to increase her strength and adjust to this world.

After a short rest, the Heaven Fire around her gradually retreated. Her reconstructed body was flawless, and had terrifying power. A bare punch could drop a tree. She had benefited greatly from the fire of her lifebond covenator super-divine beast.

Following Jun Luoyu’s words, Aofeng took the two spatial rings from the auditors. They were plain and old-fashioned in style. Then she threw the corpses to the Green-Winged Grey Wolf who had been resting on the side. The mental imprint on the rings had disappeared with the death of their owners. Aofeng immediately dripped blood on the rings to take them as hers, and then explored what was inside.

Both rings’s spaces were about the size of a house with some scattered obsidian, gem coins, a few good weapons, and some sets of clean clothing. Aofeng found a simple black robe and then turned the illusory magic medium ring. Her body immediately changed slightly, and she once again became the handsome youth. With the magister seal broken, her black eyes became even brighter, and her skin even more radiant. She exuded a mysterious and cold charisma.

Spatial rings were treasures, difficult to buy with gold on the continent, and could conveniently carry things. Aofeng naturally put them on her hand. After thinking about her future direction, she decided to first go back to Qin City to test her magister level before going to the imperial capital. She would find her big brother and ask him about her identity. She kept on feeling anxious about Qin Aofeng’s identity as though there was something that would pop out at any moment that would be detrimental to her. She did not like this feeling.

Noon on the next day, the Green-Winged Grey Wolf had half recovered after eating the two auditors. Aofeng studied the Magus Divinity Spell for an entire night, and found that there was something special about it. The spell could increase the number of bonded magus beasts. A normal magister would only be able to form a covenant with one magus beast, but, with the Magus Divinity Spell, the number would increase with one’s power, and their potential would also grow.

In other words, Aofeng could possess a magus beast team, or even a magus beast army. Aofeng felt great anticipation about this.

“Are you willing to form a covenant with me?” she asked the Green-Winged Grey Wolf. The other did not show any resistance. Aofeng nodded slightly and chanted the spell. The Green-Winged Grey Wolf was immediately covered in verdant light, and a silver energy shot from the middle of the light towards the sky.

This took a long time. Just as Aofeng was getting impatient, a wild and deep male voice sounded in her mind.

“Liao Ya greets Master! Thank you, Master, for your benevolence!”

Translator Ramblings: And I think these two count as part of the death score. Two enemies died as a direct result of Aofeng and they did fight briefly.

Present Score:

Dead: 2

Alive: 2

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