傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C07 “Someone Familiar”

Last chapter recap: Jun Luoyu left, and Aofeng formed a covenant with the wolf guardian.


Chapter Seven Someone Familiar

The dots of silver energy gradually faded, and among the snow, a silver wolf the size of the Green-Winged Grey Wolf slowly walked out.

The cold wind ruffled the soft silver fur. The body was elegant and nimble, another pair of wings on its back. The four silver wings had an astounding wingspan at ten meters. The large dark gold eyes shown with gratefulness. The silver wolf bent its head to Aofeng, and reached her feet.

“Liao Ya? 1 You can speak?” Aofeng was shocked for a moment. According to what she knew, spirit magus beasts only possess human-like intelligence and did not know how to speak. Seeing Liao Ya’s present state, she suddenly thought of a possibility. “You levelled up?”

“Yes, Master, under your special magus power, any magic beast that forms a covenant with you will receive some benefits. I was originally a nine-star spirit beast. Because of your benevolence and covenant, I have become a sacred beast.” The four-winged silver wolf’s voice was filled with joy as though forming a covenant with Aofeng was something to be proud of. It looked at her with a respectful and burning gaze. “However, I can only communicate with you. I will only be able to speak the human language after become a divine beast. And only adult super-divine beasts can possibly take human form.”

“I understand.” Aofeng nodded. She sighed inwardly about the wonders of the Magus Divinity Power Source. No wonder the Radiance Magus Church had spent more than a decade searching for it and hadn’t given up. This ability to have magic beasts level up was terrifying.

Suddenly, the dirt under her feet moved, and a furry little thing climbed out of the snow. It nimbly climbed up along the black robe that touched the ground, and only wriggled its behind and then sat down after climbing to Aofeng’s shoulder. It was the nine-star ice mouse that Jun Luoyu had given to her.

Aofeng laughed. This little thing was fortunate to have not been burned dead by the fire. Thinking about Jun Luoyu, her gaze gentled. She chanted the Magus Divinity Spell to form a covenant, and the little ice mouse became a one-star magus beast as it desired. Its dark pair of eyes suddenly had the light of intelligence. Its eyes flickered around, and then it burrowed into Aofeng’s collar coquettishly.

“Alright, don’t play around. You will be called Xiao Bing 2 from now on.” Using her fingertip to touch the little guy whose’ head poked out occasionally from her collar, Aofeng jumped onto Liao Ya’s back. Liao Ya’s silver wings spread and flew out of the Xiangnan Forest.

Seated firmly on Liao Ya’s black, she allowed the wild wind to catch her hair. She only learned that the world was more beautiful than she imagined by looking down from high up.

An endless forest, curved rivers and streams, the green mountains at the edge of the horizon, the vast cities in the distance. Under the cover of the snow, it formed a vast silver picture.

On the road, Aofeng communicated with Liao Ya. Aofeng wanted to understand the Magus Divinity Power Source, but unexpectedly, Liao Ya did not know what it was. Liao Ya only knew that the one he guarded, Chi, had asked him to lure Aofeng. He did not know what Chi’s identity was. However, under the power of Chi’s blood, he was unconditionally loyal. Liao Ya had been a local lord in Xiangnan Forest, and had been wounded by the time he encountered Chi.

After summoning such a great amount of Heaven Fire this time, Chi sank into a deep sleep. He was greatly wounded, and probably would not wake soon. Fortunately, he entered the magus beast space after forming the covenant with Aofeng, and his pursuers would not be able to find him.

“Jun Luoyu’s problem has not been resolved, Chi seems to have some trouble too, all of this would only be resolved with great power. I need to increase my power as fast as possible,” Aofeng murmured. She ordered Liao Ya to land at a place near Qin City and then shrink into a normal silver wolf. She walked back to the city to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Magic beasts above spirit level had a second state that made them appear like normal magus beasts. Many magisters liked to take their magus beasts with them. Aofeng did not need to put Liao Ya away in the magus beast space which would disturb Chi inside who was recovering.

Even though Liao Ya had shrank, they could not avoid attracting the shocked gazes of other people.

Aofeng wore a black robe, her expression beautiful and cold, her bright eyes as black as ink, her long hair pulled into a high ponytail that swung down to her waist. Her cold and proud presence, and her handsomeness made people unable to look at her directly. Liao Ya beside her appeared like a normal silver wolf but his body was still elegant. His sacred beast presence still leaked out. Wherever his gold eyes glanced, many of the magus beasts beside their magisters would drop to the ground. With just this presence, people knew that he was a high star magus beast.

A cool guy dressed in black robes, a magnificent silver wolf, this combo was very handsome!

The young females looked with admiration at Aofeng. The magisters looked greedily at Liao Ya. Everywhere they passed, they caused a furor.

“Heavens, it is Seventh Young Master! So handsome!”

“What Seventh Young Master, it is the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master.” A certain man said with jealousy and disdain from a street corner. He was immediately scorned by the group of young females around him.

“So ignorant. Who doesn’t know that four days ago, Seventh Young Master cut the evil Qin Aoxin in public. You dare say Seventh Young Master is a good-for-nothing? Careful that Seventh Young Master doesn’t cut you!”

The man broke out in a fearful sweat and stole a look at Aofeng. He sighed in relief when he was sure that the other had not paid attention to him. Qin Aoxin was a local despot. He hadn’t expected that this good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master had overthrown him and cut him. The world changed, and fortunes would reverse.

“Ah, it is a pity that Seventh Young Master is being expelled from the Qin Family, his future is worrisome.”

“But Seventh Young Master is a daring and knowledgeable person. Since he dares to leave the Qin Family, he might already have a path.”

Aofeng listened to the surrounding discussion and knew that those with intentions had spread the news that he was leaving the Qin Family far and wide. It was clearly to humiliate the Qin Family. Of those present other than Jun Luoyu and Qin Lian’s group, there was only Roth’s group. Only they would spread the news.

“Hm, Aofeng, how come its you, what are you doing at the Magister Union?” When she arrived at the gates to the Magister Union, Aofeng heard a shocked voice. She turned back to examine this tall youth. She found information on this person from the memories. Qin Jiu. The original Qin Aofeng’s neighbor, one of Aofeng’s few friends.

Behind him, Qin Fei was cowering and looking at Aofeng with a strange gaze.

“I’m about to leave Qin City, and has come to attend the magister test. This way, at least I have a way of making a living while moving on the continent,” Aofeng speculated. Her hand under the black robe flipped and she took out ten obsidians from the spatial ring to shove into Qin Jiu and Qin Fei’s hands. She said in a low voice. “I will most likely not return. I know that you are not in good situations. You have helped me many time in these years, I do not have anything else to give you, accept this.”

Aofeng’s hands were quick and she shoved at a strange angle so that no one saw what it was. Qin City did not lack people who would target those with wealth. Aofeng did not hope to give them trouble.

Qin Jiu and Qin Fei peeked into their hands. A few beams of the blue light came out, and their eyes widened. They felt as though there was an egg choking their throats. Them seemed to hear the drumming of their hearts as they exclaimed softly, “O … … obsidian… …”

A person’s usual annual expenditure was only a dozen or so gem coins. One obsidian was equivalent to one hundred gem coins. Aofeng hadn’t been able to produce even one gold coin a few days ago, when did the other become so rich? Giving away obsidian, did the other dare to be more outrageous?

Qin Jiu was in a daze until Aofeng walked into the Magister Union. Then he stamped his foot and called out, “Aofeng, do not go in! You forget, today is the yearly examination of the Qin Family. Every person in the Qin Family will come here. The enforcer of the Qin Family has been sending people to look for you. You will attract their attention if you go in … …”

“It’s too late,” Aofeng said softly. She coolly looked at the familiar people that sprinted towards her.

These people were the group that usually followed Qin Aoluo. One of them took a step back and then sprinted out. He clearly was going to notify Qin Aoluo, Qin Lian, and the others.

“Aiyoyo, isn’t this our Seventh Young Master who has been so flamboyant recently? You have also come to the Magister Union to attend the examination, am I right?” One of the males who had come with slanted eyes said in a strange stone. He clapped, and said loudly as though he was afraid people could not hear him, “Seventh Young Master finally became a magister? Congratulations, have you come to qualify as a one sword magister?”

Hearing this, the numerous people who came laughed in unison. The scorn in the words was clear. Usually, only magisters four swords and above would attend the examination. There were those that tested as one sword magisters, but those people would usually be categorized as trash that would never achieve anything.

“Aofeng, do not argue with them, leave!” Qin Jiu and Qin Fei said urgently behind her.

“Are you able to leave?” The slant-eyed male snorted and the crowd surrounded Aofeng. They waited for Qin Lian and the others to come. They believed that with their great numbers, it was not a problem to keep this person here.

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  1. 獠牙Liao Ya means fierce/hunting teeth. 
  2. 小冰 Xiao Bing literally means little ice. 
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